10 Great Sports Hobbies That Make Money I love Number 4.

Today we are going to dig deeper into affiliate marketing and more importantly how to make money with blogs in your very own niche websites. I chose 10 Hobbies that make money as a topic today because of a focus you will find on this blog with finding your passions and monetizing what you already love to do.

10 Sports Hobbies That Make Money With Product Ideas

Loving what you do will increase your odds of starting a successful money-making blog. It will help you write more posts, more often. The passion will not only guide you to write for years to come but will cause buy in reactions from your readers. A Buy-In reaction is when a person decides to read more than one page, click social share buttons, social subscribe button, or join your email list. All of these actions can be pure gold to you as an affiliate blogger.

10 Sports Hobbies That make Money

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In these 10 Hobbies that make money, we will be including some niche ideas and related products in your niche. Many people don’t think something fun they do to release stress is a good business or one they can do with little to no cost but you can make money with any interest or as we call them a niche.

Sports Hobbies that make money online.

SPORTS is a hobby that is big money. Sub niche ideas are Running, Golf, Baseball, Darts, Pool, Football, Biking, Swimming, Fishing, Gymnastics. There are common products to be had like the following mini list and then we will break down by sport some additional opportunities.

General products in all Sports Hobbies that Make Money

  1. Water bottles
  2. Ankle knee, and back braces and supports
  3. Muscle runs and joint care items
  4. Vitamins and Supplements
  5. Training Videos
  6. Off-Season Camps and Coaching Offers
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Tickets to Professional Sports Events
  9. Subscriptions to Sport Specific Channels like NFL Network, MLB Network, Golf Channel, and more.
  10. Local Ads for Events and Services like Doctors specializing in Sports Medicine.
  11. Books and guides or how-to videos.

How to make money with a Hobby Blog

You may be an avid runner or just starting the sport and make money telling your story and helping others follow your footsteps. Every time you learn a tip write down what you learned and when you have a new milestone in your progress write that down too. These are going to be your interest pieces you will use to fill space between reviewing the products you use and the products Same with weight lifting, baseball, pool, or any sport’s hobby.

Start thinking about the various products you have bought and the ones you are looking to buy. Do the research and read other people’s reviews for ideas. Learn everything you can digest about your sport. Don’t be afraid that you are not an expert now because everyone starts out not knowing how to talk, walk, or feed ourselves and we were all born NAKED.

Here are some Sports Niche-Specific Product Ideas.

Running Sports:

Items to promote and sell: Shoes, towels, starting blocks, stopwatches, sweatbands, compression socks, shock-absorbent insoles for shoes, sweat pants and t-shirts, energy drinks, personal trainers, advertise local events like 4K runs and Marathons. Motivational materials like posters.

Golf and Golfing Niche Sports Blogs

Golf niche products that make money

Shirts, Visors, Hats, Pants, Cleats, Golf balls, Golf Clubs, Golf Bangs, indoor driving ranges, indoor putting greens, local golfing event tickets, golf club memberships, On the green Real Estate advertisements, digital swing meters, Kinetic tape, golf tees, Pro Sessions, Driving range time, mini-golf passes, kids golf items, and even flag poles and golf carts.

Baseball items to sell on your Sports Hobby Blog

Jerseys, sweat pants, uniform pants, protective pads, jockstraps, absorbent underwear, catchers mask, gloves, balls, bats, batting cages, tournament entries, sponsorship for local teams (advertise for the teams to recruit sponsors), field time, pitching machines, pitching screens, sport’s cards and memorabilia, season tickets, training sessions, compression socks, cleats, baseball shoes, advertise sport’s injury clinics.

Competitive Darts related products

Wrist and finger tape, dartboards, dart shafts, dart flights, o rings, protective screens, dart cabinets, dart cases, trophy cases, niche clothing (Who Dares Wins, etc…), drat tips, dart sets, wrist bans, hats, athletic shoes, steel tip darts sharpeners, advertising for clubs, events, and local pubs and bars.

Pool or Billiards related products you can promote to make money online

pool table billiards table

Billiards or Pool is a very lucrative niche by the way with cues ranging into the several hundred dollars and tables costing as much as $7500 or more. Gloves, bridges, standard cues, breaking cues bridges, custom cues, replacement tips, tip tools, chalk blocks, chalk cubes, finger bridges, ball sets, triangles, felt table-top material and replacement kits, pool table lighting, neon signs, home bar accessories, pool tables, pool-related apparel. Advertise local tournaments and pool halls. Videos of professional events and tips for the player of all levels.

Football – American Football

Jerseys athletic supports, helmets, shoulder pads, leg pads, uniforms, face mask, field chalk or paint, eye black, protective glasses, visors, team logos, fan signs, foam fingers, team jersey, pennants, mouth guards, football cards, kickers tee, finger tape, Playbooks, instructional videos, personal coaching, tackling dummies, fantasy camps, fantasy sport’s memberships and betting pools where legal.

Biking or Cycling Sports Hobbies that Make Money

Bikes, tires, tubes, shorts, socks, breathable shirts, water containers, drink coolers, fanny packs, helmets, sun gear, rain gear, bike parts, reflectors, reflective tape, light kits, bike tools, bike chains, athletic shoes… Think of more be sure to comment below.

Swimming Sports

Shorts and trunks, bathing suits bikinis, goggles, home pools, pool steps, floater, swimming lessons, water park passes, public pool access, home pool contractors ads, swimming lane guides, pool paint, pool filters, pool cleaning supplies, nose clips, video techniques, and bio pictures. Motivational aids, paddleboards, lifesavers, and Lifeguard chairs.

Fishing Sports Hobbies that make money

Sports Fishing – Another very lucrative sport’s blog niche

Billiard may sound funny but the last thing most bloggers think of in the fishing niche is selling boats but companies will pay big for buyer leads or advertising on a popular fishing blog. In addition, consider these products as evergreen meaning they sell over and over because so much of it wears out, gets lost, or is perishable. Crankbaits, worms, plastic worms, prods, reals, dip nets, minnow nets, live bait kits, live wells, stringers, filet knives, cleaning boards, recipe books, smokers, camping gear, RV supplies, wading gear, rain gear, tackle boxes, magazine subscriptions, worm growers kits, bait boxes, fishing trips, fishing guides, trolling motors, boat motors, depth finders, fish finders, marine radios, weather radios, oars, life jackets, boat seats, anchors, etc…

Gymnastics products that sell

I will probably be short on ideas here as I have only one child into gymnastics as interest and none active in the sports. Padding, equipment like a saddle horse, parallel bars, mats, twirling ribbons, leotards, braces, time clocks, scorecards, training videos, coaches guides, rule books, gym memberships, event entry fees, event tickets, video recording, workout gear like stretch rails and ankle or wrist weights, finger tape, and wrist supports.

Summary of or 10 Sports Hobbies that make money and the products that go with them

Keep in mind that for every product there are dozens of manufacturers and styles of equipment. There are hundreds of sports and hobbies to explore. Sports are fun and athletes are passionate and excited about their niche. When you are passionate about your niche blog you will make money as an affiliate, the writing will come easy and you will soon find a lot of money coming your way from people sharing your passion who love your dedication. Turn what you love into business with training from Wealthy Affiliate (links below)

That concludes our list of 10 Sports Hobbies that Make Money Online if you have other sport’s hobbies and will accept my challenge list your hobby and 10 items in that niche in the comments below. Above all tell a friend and click our share buttons.

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Andy Anderson

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32 thoughts on “10 Great Sports Hobbies That Make Money I love Number 4.”

  1. Hi Andy

    Great article and summary. None of these sports surprise me except…DARTS!? Really? Wow!

    I used to play competitive (drunken) darts in my younger days, and I’ve watched some professional darts on TV, but…wow…and….cool!

    Billards is a close second for me in the wow effect. 🙂

    Swimming is, I think, the only other sport that kind of surprises me, mostly since there are no balls, or special gear…and the swimsuits are best tried on in real life.



    • The one I love is how lucrative Fishing is. I also love the Pool and Billiards niche because I love playing and know how much my McDermot Cue is worth. I am thinking of starting a niche blog on Pool tips and tools once I get past this Super Affiliate Challenge or reach a point I can scale up and free up more time for additional blogs.

  2. I really like the clear way this blog  is written and presented. I have learnt a few lessons already on monetizing products related to my own blog. I also love the table of contents format…I need to learn how to do that!

    But with reference to the various sports, my interest is swimming. I didn’t really consider all products related to swimming! And it was true that I have bought many of those items myself! Thanks toyour post, I have a clearer understanding of what products to look for and align with my written work!

    • Hi Liz,

      I am glad we could help your correlate the opportunity in a personal interest to a marketable business for you. Every passion has a following and the people in that group need all sorts of stuff to make it work in their lives. You could name just about any niche and I can boil down a minimum 10 products it takes to make the interest interesting within 30 minutes or less. Google is a powerful tool, to say the least.

  3. Hello and thanks so much for the informative post, it is so good to know that one can make a living and a good one at that with that what interest them. The sports world is one where a huge amount of money can be made because of the interest that people have. The sports world is surely a money making a niche.

    • Thanks, Norman for commenting. Sports are nearly infinite and definitely evergreen as a niche area. It is also one I love to go to when talking to people about turning a passion into an affiliate marketing business instead of trying to force yourself to write about something you think will make money. If you have to force yourself to do it and it’s too much like work you’ll be back in a JOB in 2 years or less.

  4. You know, this your article is an interesting one that indicates that everyone can make money no matter what they are doing. Including hobbies and what you find passion in. It is all about being creative and learning how to do a few things. Of which wealthy affiliate has created that platform for us to achieve that. Sport is one of the tops leading source of income in the world and one if the fields that almost everyone in the world is doing something. Everyone can’t be a doctor or an engineer but you will see that people are either involved with either at a professional level or local level. Either indoor or outdoor. Someone out there is involved with sport. So, monetizing your blog post become so easy for such people.

    • You figure the average Baseball team in the MLB makes over 500 million dollars a year in gross revenue. While advertising and TV deals are a large portion of that the next highest ticket for them is the sale of licensed products. There is no reason you can’t be one of the people referring those sales.

  5. Very great article you have up here. Thanks so much for this post. This is what I need exactly. I wanted to major into sport but didn’t know how to monetize it before reading this post. But I was amazed at how lucrative billiard could be though I wanted to major on golf. Golf has been my game since the high school days and I’m glad I got the ideas on how best to maximize the opportunities open in this niche. Also, I was really shocked to see fishing on the list. It felt somehow funny though but altogether, this is an eye opener. Thanks

    • Billiard or Pool is a niche I am passionate about and I think industry leader Meuler pays around 8% for new sales. Do that on a $2500 pool table it’s $200 a sale. Granted you won’t sell as many tables as you will cues and accessories but it all adds up and it’s fairly easy to see an average ticket of $500 and average commission of $40 per customer making it one of the most highly potential lucrative sports niche.

  6. Hi

    I really like your post. It gave me lot of ideas on what to market for a sport niche website. And I agree this can be very lucrative. I wanted to write about swimming sport but I did not know how to monetize my blog, Thanks to you I now have plenty of ideas. But you have already listed almost everything.

    But I will go with first favourite, football. I can promote balls, crampons, goalkeeper’s gloves, goal net, jersey, photos of the players, figurines of the players, wristband, club flag, socks with the club’s stamps or name. Am I good?


    • adyns68 Great Niche Selection. We call it soccer here in the US but the sport is one of the worlds most played and the fans among the best in the world. Good luck starting your passion blog in the sports niche.

  7. For affiliate marketing to seem easy it is always advised to focus on a passion or an interest and although I don’t physically participate in any sport I was still able to create a blog that was about a sport I was passionate about. It was actually about football and because I am very interested in it I have found out that writing comes pretty easily.

    To make it targeted I did kind of narrow it down because football as a whole niche is kind of big so I just went for a particular some section of it. Monetizing it is not that difficult although I have not yet started to see insane profits.

    The 10 sports hobbies listed here are really amazing and anyone that takes any of these would really be on to something amazing. Maybe I should consider starting another sports blog using one of the sports on this post. I would have to think about that.

    • Hi Jay,

      Narrowing down on a sports niche can be simple as well, like choosing Dolphins fans or Jaguars football. You can also focus on say a certain type of memorabilia, or fantasy sports on Yahoo, etc…  While you are not seeing insane profits yet as you scale up your efforts you will be able to find them without fail. Just stick with it, add new content 2-3 times a week, and promote your content with a portion of your profits.

  8. Hello Andy :), what a great post! I enjoy physical activities and i am good at a few sporting ones too. Swimming and Running are my favorite. It is amazing how you have brought out something that one can market in every hobby you have listed. You really can make money doing what you love. I would be sure to share this with friends.

    • Thanks, affiliate_ghost I was hoping to stoke the imagination of a lot of people and set fire to the passion and bring about better blogs. So far this post is resonating with my audience really well. Your social shares are appreciated as is your comment.

  9. This was very helpful. I have been contemplating adding fishing to one of my online ventures but didn’t know what to promote outside of the fishing rod and line. You have given me a ton of options to pursue. So my next question is, aside from Amazon which I’m trying to get away from, where else can I find affiliate programs fishing gear/items?

    • Oh yes, Marlinda there are tons of places that offer affiliate programs like Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Fishermans Warehouse, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Ali Express, Gearbest, and a ton of smaller companies too.

  10. That’s an awesome post. You have explored wonderful area to earn money. It’s too interesting to learn about it. While I was reading your post, I went into the thought process about Cricket equipments. It would be too lucrative in my area. I’ll surely consider this. 

    My only concern is getting good quality content on a regular basis. How do you get good ideas regularly? Have you ever felt that you still have to learn further to write more about your niche? 

    But, I’m sure once we get into the game, we have to work whatever it takes. Your article will be beneficial for many. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information. 

    • akshaysaxenathat is part of the fun. Just follow the rule to learn something every day and teach something every day and you will find your filler content. The filler content is the interest pieces between your product reviews which will be a large number of post you do. If you truly love Cricket then you won’t find it hard to study the sport, follow teams, and write beautiful content.

  11. I have benefited greatly by reading your article.You discuss in your article about 10 Sports Hobbies That Make Money. You also said  10 sports names and how income money through these sports. After reading your article i have learned in this topics  clearly. I think your article is an informative article. So, Thank you very much for sharing your article. 

    • Thanks, mohammadahm1 I hope you get something from it that speaks to you and helps you improve your work/life balance. Too many of us work too hard and a hobby blog like these sports niche blogs doesn’t seem like work at all once you get posting.

  12. Thank you for presenting a great article on sports niches Andy.  You have outlined 10 great sports ideas to monetize on a website. and there are probably plenty more but that is a good spring board for anyone wanting to focus on the sports industry like horse riding,  polo cross, dressage, badminton, cricket, hockey, skiing, ice hockey, fencing and wrestling. There is another 10 for you.  

    There are unlimited possibilities and you have just opened a Pandoras’ box with the 10 you have listed.  

    Do you think it is necessary to have a passion for or involvement in the niche yu choose?

    • I think a passion is the main reason you will stick with a niche the months and years it takes to become a top earner in it. When you enjoy your niche you will write more content and the passion shows in your writing. You should be able to tell by this article that I absolutely love what I do.

  13. Andy – what an incredible read! What I absolutely love about this post is that not only did you provide a board topic “Sports”, you broke it down and called out the various sports. And not stopping there, you also included various sport themed items to go along with the sport of your choice. This post clearly shows that that you can enjoy what you do and quite frankly really not run of things to blog about as there is an abundance of products and services relating to your niche, which you have clearly showed in your blog. 

    Another great thought (which we all have to remember), that we don’t have to be expert. We were all indeed born naked as you mentioned. We definitely need more posts like this to really show those thinking about affiliate marketing, that you can truly find something that you are passionate about and turn that passion into profits. 🙂

    • Hi LT. You hit the nail on the head. The take away is to turn something you love into money not money into something you love because trying to write to a niche because you think there is money in it sucks if you don’t really love the niche. It’s no better than your Just Over Broke you are trying to leave.

  14. Hi Andy,
    This post on sports hobbies that make money is well thought out and it’s very easy for me to relate to this. As an affiliate marketer for three years, I can attest that it’s essential to follow your passions in creating an online business. Persevering without passion is a nearly impossible feat.

    Sports of all kinds open up a ton of possibilities because the potential target market is huge even when you really niche down and focus on a narrow group of sports fans. There will always be an element of the broader niche that’s underrepresented.

    My personal passion is golf and when you consider there are roughly 24 million golfers in the US, you know a quality blog will be lucrative. One day soon I plan to launch a site that addresses the needs of senior lady golfers.

    Golf is such a super choice for making money because we’re all convinced that the latest and greatest technology or training aid is going to make all the difference and shave a ton of strokes off our handicaps.

    Everything from more flexible driver shafts, softer golf balls, smart watches with golf GPS technology and the latest and greatest putter are in demand. Yes, enthusiasm and passion drive profits!

    • Yes there are millions of products to sell and millions of passions both in sports and in other areas of life to explore but the fact is if you are not doing it because of love your post will sound robotic and forced. They will not resonate with your audience, you will capture no interest, and you will likely fail. Here’s to your success, be sure to come back and share your link when the new golf site is ready, just use the contact us form and I may even review your new site.

  15. Thank you for write a great article on best sports niches Andy. You have wrote 10 great sports niches to monetization . Probably i like mostly outdoor games like cricket , hockey , football, horse riding , rugby etc.


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