10X Best Network Marketing Tips That Bring Success

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Think 10X. That’s ten times the power of any single set of network marketing tips you will receive today. I call them 10X Super Tips for Network Marketing because they are powerful life changers but are also so simple to learn and implement. The fact is many of them are Golden Rule reminders, and others are unlocking powers within you.

The best Network marketing Tips That Bring Success are proven secrets even the biggest pros used to gain leverage and eat up the leader boards in a company after company but they only call them secrets because the formula is living all of these network marketing tips as a lifestyle. Making them a part of who you are, how you are, and applying them where you are.

10X Best Network Marketing Tips That Bring Success

What is Network Marketing?

To really do you justice, especially if you are new to Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or Multi-Level Marketing is to give you an idea of how network marketing works.

Network Marketing is a hybrid of the MLM pay-plan with the free to join nature of affiliate marketing. With most Network Marketing programs, you also enjoy unlimited width recruiting instead of a Pyramid shaped matrix that often scares people off regardless of legal or not because the news never clarifies what constitutes a Pyramid Scheme and what makes a business legit.

In Network marketing you are product-focused which is huge. With MLM you will spend 45 minutes of an hour meeting talking pay plan and 15 minutes talking product placement. In MLM you have to buy the product so sales are guaranteed if you get people hooked on the business opportunity so it really doesn’t matter what a product cost. With Network marketing retail sales drive your income because nobody has to buy products in order to earn an income, thus product prices are in line with regular retail pricing.

Here is my list of the 10X Best Network Marketing Tips That Bring Success

No home business is a guaranteed success, but there are tips and tricks that can make anyone success in a home business. The biggest of these is to get you right in the head before trying to recruit. You have to see your why, know your power, and know your business for example.

Tip 1 – Know Your Why.

I apologize if you tuned into yesterday’s post and find some of this repetitive but this is by far the biggest Network Marketing Tip or rather a super tip for any home business. Your why is the core of what drove you to start your own business. For me it was my desire to set my own hours, be free to take more time with family and to not be tied down to an income-based on what a BOSS decided my time was worth. I needed to take my real-world skills and stop making other people millionaires and see exactly how far Andy Anderson could go. Combine that with my passion to help others and help them find success using unlocked skills they already possess and the formula for Affiliate 3 Percent is born.

Is family your why?

Tip 2 – Know your power.

I should say unlock your superpowers because the biggest thing that will hold you back in network marketing or actually anything you do online or offline is your fear factors. People fear change, fear the unknown, fear success, and fear failure. Fearing success sounds funny but have you ever wondered what your life would be like had you won the lottery and thought about would this change me?

I mean many see greedy relatives coming out of the woodworks, people we would give $50 to buy gas but not $50,000 to start a college fund or put a down payment on a business opportunity. Have you thought of the changes you would have to make to how and who you deal with and decided it may be too much hassle? Don’t be afraid you are not along and most people do this without remembering but it lies there often mistaken for a fear of failure. The two ingredients are part of a fear of trying.

Fact is you have always been afraid, but fear can be overcome. A Baby has to have an extreme fear of falling and getting hurt but learns to walk and then to run. You will know fear when you hit a tree or crash your bike into a mailbox but you can overcome that fear and ride a bike. Most of you swim, some fly in planes or at least drive cars and a few have jumped out of an airplane with a parachute and a prayer to feel freedom and feel alive.

We are afraid of the opposite sex in our teens and for most of us our entire lives. Will she say yes, will he be mad, will the baby be healthy? We know fear buy have an amazing power to move in spite of it and accomplish great things. We watched rockets and spacecraft explode on the ground and in low-level tests yet still found the courage to visit the moon. The power is in you.

We move mountains, build skyscrapers, and fight fires. We take the risk and reap huge rewards driven by passion and in spite of fear so why not face the fears of trying and learn new skills to start a business of your own. Know your why and then attack your fears.

Tip 3 – Be ready to Sacrifice for your business.

A home business may not have costs like a storefront or inventory, there are no employees to account for paying or insurance cost upfront but there will be cost involved. There are product costs if you choose to experience the products you sell or like to have some on hand to show people in your warm market, maybe even samples to give out which is a highly effective sales tactic.

No more Starbucks Save Money For your Business

You will need a place to call home like this blog is for me. With that requires some training your network marketing program may not provide. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for Managed WordPress Hosting and the world’s best affiliate marketing training. This will be important because you don’t want to pay for advertising for life and having your own blog will let you get unlimited, highly targeted, and FREE Search Engine Traffic. Cost around $50 a month just for this.

You will need to advertise or buy the fruits of other people’s advertising. You can spend a couple a hundred dollars a month on leads and advertising in a hurry in any online business and will do so readily if you want huge success without waiting half a decade to break even.

There is more cost but I am betting you are already wondering how you are going to afford this and the secret is giving up the waste in your life. Stop driving if it’s under 2 miles away and walk, or ride a bike instead. Do proper maintenance on your car to get better fuel mileage. Change the bulbs in the house to CFL or LED, turn your air conditioner up two degrees and your heater down 1-2 degrees. Install solar panels, reduce water use, may your home all energy star electric and cut out the gas bill while saving money on electricity. No movies in the theater, no Starbucks, Stop eating out, no Fast Food, pack a brown bag lunch instead.

Some of you may even take a part-time job to pay for the business cost. You sacrifice what you need too now to live the life of freedom tomorrow. ALL Entrepreneurs do it.

Click here to and Join me at Wealthy Affiliate Now! Upgrade Today to Receive My 3 Million Monthly Visitor Formula as a Bonus!

Tip 4 – Choose Your Passion over what you think will make you money.

I see people make a huge mistake all the time. They join a vitamin peddler or cosmetic company knowing other people are making money but have an interest in the money instead of passion for the business. They fail because it always seems like work and never seems like the business of their dreams because it’s not. All you have changed from a JOB search is the potential to be more than Just Over Broke and that potential is slim because passionate people are sellers and people who are just doing this are not effective.

I recently as in late June chose a new product line in a company I believe in with a product I am passionate about. If you read yesterday’s post you will know that I joined CTFO, a CBD Hemp Oil Products company with a ton of tremendous compensation opportunities but did it because it will really impact the lives of customers, not just independent affiliates. I could see myself using the products for a discount and selling the products to friends, family and everyone I meet online or off for the rest of my life because I believe in the product and that is liberating.

I am so excited I am building a new blog to inform people of the benefits of healthy CBD and will soon have a full company review on these pages because I love this company and am a fanatic for the leadership. I joined 5 days ago and spent 3 days in videos and training on-site, 3 hours in webinar replays, and have been reading up on CDB Hemp for another 2 days. I’ve lost sleep thinking of how this fits so well with my why and moving the pieces in place to make this my next successful Network Marketing business.

CTFO Independent Affiliate

If I were not passionate about it I might have just grabbed a link and went off without knowing half of what I know now and would never have been happy. Doubt would cloud my every move and I would likely quit inside a year.

Tip 5 – Know Your Business

I can not stress enough that passion can also cause mistakes. If you love your business opportunity and have found the best possible network marketing products you need to know everything you can about the system. Even those boring terms of service pages and the privacy policy, and you need to understand where your money comes from because it sucks spending countless hours doing an action to find out you didn’t make a dime from it and likely never will.

Knowing the product and knowing the founders, even knowing the industry are nothing if you don’t follow the system and follow the rules. Ignore your terms of service and privacy policies and you could find your dream business kicking you out for errors you could have avoided. A Good example is with CTFO. I can save an amazing amount of money buying in bulk for offline resale but I can not put those products up on Amazon or eBay, Etc… without losing my license with the company. This is because they want to protect each associate from the big fish and have sales flow through the company instead of Amazon.

Rest assured you will never know everything about your business or your niche but know enough to stay compliant, follow the plan, and answer basic questions without uncertainty. You will have to be an information bridge between the company and the world at some point.

Tip 6 – Know Your Customer

Know your Customer Avatar

In e-commerce, the customer is a very small piece of a very large body. That piece is a niche and that niche is an interest, and that customer is someone who has that interest and they look like someone. You could be selling craft items, and your market could be females in their late 20s to mid-40s who are staying at home moms. That is your first part of the customer avatar you need to paint. It is a portrait that includes such brushstrokes as age, sex, race, income, hobbies, political affiliations of thousands of demographics but the better you understand your customers and your prospects the better targeted your advertising and blog content will be. Do this well and you will be a top seller in your company.

Tip 7 – Care About Your Prospects.

People are not numbers, not you, not your prospects. Instead of seeing people as leads and volume see them as prospects, people, customers, guests, and you will actually see them. Learn about their needs and desires. Learn what their why is and learn about their goals. Help them meet challenges, learn the ropes, and be a success and you will find everything given returned tenfold.

Tip 8 – Don’t Get Defeated By The Word No.

This business is not for everyone, neither is every product for everyone. You will be told no way more than you will ever be told yes in this business and that’s OK. Wal-Mart stores for a good example knows that you need a lot of things to satisfy a lot of people. If you have only one thing you will not satisfy a lot of people but you can do your best to satisfy that one customer. Whether you have one thing or a lot of things it will take a lot of people to build a business.

Remember that 85% of your customers will have no interest in the business opportunity and likewise, 85% of the opportunity seekers will be looking for money not to spend money. Keep those two ends of the business in mind when talking to people and ask questions like this one I might ask someone related to CTFO.

Healthy CBD

” Have you heard about CBD from Hemp Oils? I’ve heard it works wonders and there is money in it.” If the prospect tells me they have been looking to try some for pain relief and says nothing more I would not likely gain a ton of ground telling them about the pay plan would I? Nope, instead, I can direct them to information about pain relief and show them the products CTFO has to offer in that regard. When I do this I can get a yes or get a no but I will definitely get the opportunity to get that answer.

Some call it a numbers game, I call it a people game. The more you know people the less you will hear no but don’t quit just because the product or offer was not right for even the first 100 people you talk to as person 101 could change your life forever.

Tip 9 – Share and Tell But Never Sell.

I know it sounds corny and maybe even a bit counter-productive but MLM and Network Marketing Companies spend millions of dollars on copywriters and behavioral studies and have the science of selling down to the color of the site and they often know exactly which e-mail in an auto-responder will be the one where the prospect will most likely join your team. Why do their JOB if they are already doing it for you?

Fact is you don’t have to be a good salesperson, you just have to be a good persona and share a few things you know, get a person to give the company an opportunity to develop that relationship, and just be there for any questions and to steer them through next steps.

Tip 10 Be a Product of Your Products.

The best evangelicals of a business opportunity are the companies own customers. You can always speak from experience if you have experience but it is impossible to share an experience you don’t have and feel good about yourself tomorrow. I just told a potential customer tonight that I haven’t tried the CTFO products yet but would be placing an order on the 18th and would gladly share my results. I invited them to join me in trying the products so we can give each other vital feedback. I also told him about a couple of people I know who have been using CBD oils and creams and showed a couple of studies. He may just join me in the test because I was honest. If I had lied, either he or I would have been disappointed in me.

Summary of your 10X Best Network Marketing Tips

Imagine yourself a broker of information. A person who answers questions and provides solutions for people who already need what you are offering. This is the essence and if you are confident, and informed you can help anyone. The MLM or Network Marketing firms you choose will have a sales process in place, will have a marketing plan in place, will have training for you, you just need to take advantage and learn to bring in the right people to start a conversation with.

You don’t need to be a salesperson, you will never have to sell anything because that’s not your job. You need to develop people skills, care for your prospects and customers, and identify who in your list of contacts is. You will work out a customer avatar and learn to attract more people like that ideal customer, and you will simply answer questions and offer a guiding hand. All of this is aided and driven by passion and experience.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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26 thoughts on “10X Best Network Marketing Tips That Bring Success”

  1. This was a very positive article with 10 useful tips for marketing that will bring the action-taker results and success. I was impressed by how you differentiated between an MLM (which many people do not want to do/be involved in)…The focus of the network marketing that you highlight is also somewhat controversial (but not that much these days)…

    The CBD industry is booming and many companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Too many are using the MLM model which I also do not like as I do not believe it is sustainable. The company that you reference (CTFO) does not have that model and this is where the network marketing tactics you have listed come into play.

    As it is a growing market (CBD) and this is a company that has a lot of potentials and is not an MLM business model that they are using, I will check into the opportunity more. I have been looking for a good one to promote, and I do think that the right one will take me far. 

    Thanks for the network marketing tips and I wish you well with your promoting the CTFO company. It seems to have lots of promise and the tips will come in very handy as you progress.  

    • Hi Dave. I think you will be pleased because the system starts with a free direct sales atmosphere where you can build a core team of 10 business builders and have unlimited customers before you even expand your back office CRM. I won’t deny that on the 18th when I get paid from another company I am upgrading my back office to include room for more than 10 business builders but that’s something entirely optional. A lot of people will not find 10 business opportunity seekers for months and will be able to even go a year or more before ordering the larger Customer Retention Manager system.

      If you generate sales volume you can unlock the whole system from profits very fast and get paid in the direct sellers 5 tier commission structure, an override system based on total team commission volume, and once you climb the ranks a total company profit share kicks in as well. There are some MLM flashes in the pay-plan but every move and every dollar is optional and there are free members making major incomes because they built up their profits and used profits to expand and scale-up.

      Network marketing is not for everyone but with this kind of massive growth potential and such a great company and concept  I can definitely put far more than 10 active business builders in before the end of the year. Some will, some won’t, so what, who’s next?

  2. I’m simply wowed by the depth of this article and truthfully, it is very engaging and enlightening. Firstly, I would say this in truth, is like a blueprint to success as a network marketer. I have never crossed such detailed information in just a post before. Like you said in this, I have the fear of failure and I can say that is limiting me in a great way. Though I have the passion to help but then, I always feel incentives should also be a great factor to be considered. I’m a struggling affiliate marketer who wishes to make a breakthrough and definitely, I got a lot of information from this post and I think I should be able to figure out where I’ve gone wrong. Thanks

    • Thank you RoDarrick. The big-ticket is unlocking you in your business. That’s why over half the tips pertain to getting past mental hang-ups like the fear of success or failure. Most people who fail either never tried or quit and that has nothing to do with any program, product, or system but those same people blame all of the above because it’s easier than saying I wasn’t ready for success.

  3. Dear Andy,

    I must say I found your post highly uplifting & educational and I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this post.

    Once I read, Your Network Is Your Net Worth!

    Indeed, our “WHY” needs to be bigger than our “HOW”. We can turn our Passion into Profits, there is no greatness without a passion to be great. Following our passion is the key! Oprah Winfrey put it well – Follow your passion. It will lead you to your purpose.

    Helping people and adding more value to their life is the main thing and making money is the byproduct.

    May I not congratulate you on your persistence in providing great value via your post. Any man who devotes that much time must of necessity make discoveries of great value to others.

    I am sure many are going to benefit from this informative post.

    Keep Up The GREAT Work!

    Much Success!


    • Thanks, Paul.

      I have been in Affiliate and Network marketing since January 3rd, 2003 and these secrets are more constants than really secretive. The only real secret is it takes all of the ingredients to make a network marketer out of those entering the business for the first time. Some people take years to learn this, some never do and stop trying before success can happen but paramount is knowing why you are doing this because that is your reason to stay.


  4. Great tips Andy. Many of these can be applied to more than just network marketing. Anything you want to excel in can be enhanced and strengthened by following this guidance. But when it does come to wanting to make money as your own boss knowing your “Why” is quite important.

    I feel that by knowing your “Why” will help to fuel your passion for the niche you will to promote and also help to guide your path and determination to succeed. I personally have a lot of knowledge in the arena of natural health and wellness, after 25+ years of living that lifestyle and beating cancer and West Nile Virus in the process without drugs.

    This is why I knew what my “Why” was back in 2014 when I became an affiliate of one of the original leading CBD Hemp Oil companies. Once I tried their products and had seen how effective it was at taking away my chronic lower back pain I immediately signed up as a free affiliate and began to promote the products based on experience and passion.

    Like you I have seen the benefits of CBD and how something natural that can help so many people is a great way to reach our “Why” and help people at the same time. For me helping people is a great way to gain the trust of potential repeat customers and build strength to dismiss the fear of failure. Thanks for reinforcing this with your tips.

    • Robert, I couldn’t agree more. While CBD Hemp Oil has spoken to my soul like a calling I know people in all sorts of niche with deep passions for other things and no passion for CBD at all. In fact, I was inadvertently called a drug loving hippie by an elderly male the other day while in another forum.

      He had no understanding of Hemp versus Marijuana and no desire to try to understand the difference and didn’t care legal or not. You just smile, scratch the head, and say next please. My post will work if you are a used car salesman, just share what you know and when the time is right get the closing specialist to finish getting the buyer signed up.

      BTW amazing story beating Cancer and West Nile, your challenges have made you strong and your reward is success my friend.

  5. Hi Andy – thanks for writing this – it was interesting to read and there’s some great tips in here.

    I already practice a lot of them but it’s always good to have a reminder about WHY I do certain things.

    One of the tips that jumped out at me was “Share and tell but don’t sell”. I so absolutely agree with this one. I absolutely HATE websites that write copy that’s clearly designed to sell me something. I usually leave very quickly because it’s so obvious the writer doesn’t care about me at all.

    I believe that if we invest our time and skills in our readers and they feel they get something useful from our writing, they will want to click on any links we provide because we’ve shown we care. If our readers know we care, they’ll trust us not to recommend rubbish to them.

    • Hi Phil, Couldn’t agree more. People invest billions of dollars in ad blockers and will practically throw grandma on the floor to avoid a store salesperson. Ever drive by a car dealership at 3AM and see the people checking out their future autos before the pressure begins? That is how bad we hate being sold but we love being informed.

  6. It is very true what you say about fear. People fear change, and they even fear success … But despite the fears we keep on going. I loved that quote about the fear of exploding rockets and still being able to go to the moon. It illustrates it perfectly 🙂 

    I very much agree with tip nr. 4, choose your passion. A lot of people don’t, because – as you say – they look at what will make them money. But how can you sell something you’re not enthusiastic about? If you love something, you will attract more people, right? 

    Knowing your why is also important, but I think that one is a little hard for most. I have found my why’s, but it took me a little while to get there. 

    The one thing I still need to work on is knowing my customer. Although I built my website for a specific audience, I do not know what audience my website gets 😉 So, I still need to learn more about that. 

    How is the CDB oil business working out for you? I was also asked to join in a similar program (also CBD oil), and I may do it. It’s so highly beneficial. There will be a presentation about this in my hometown soon. I’ll know more soon, I hope. 

    • Hi Christine, I love the fact you found that rockets quote so helpful. I wrote it and felt compelled to tweet it before the rest of the post was completed but had entirely forgotten by the time it was done. Not to self: Tweet this post. Passion is like nothing else, you can like sex but not be passionate about the one you are with as my dad would tell me. Anything you do without passion will always seem like it’s only half completed.

      Your why is your greatest motivator. In times of fear your why is like riding in on a tank. Your avatar can develop over time, the fact you give effort and concern is good, it means you will resonate with your readers. As to CBD Oils I have just finished training and am setting up my blog at https://healthycbd.affiliate3p… and I will start adding articles probably this weekend. Thanks for stopping in.

  7. It’s true what you are saying above. You have to have a passion for this line of business and hard work and dedication needs to be put in.

    There will come a time when you have to sacrifice for your business yes. Choosing to invest might seem like a big sacrifice, but in all honesty, it’s not. Those investments can be made up over time and you will see them coming back to you. You just have to let your business grow. 

    let your business grow in Wealthy Affiliate. It has many things to offer.

    Thank you for this post and all the best.

    • I believe that there is a ton of truth to the skin in the game theory where an entrepreneur who is successful is one who puts more into their business both financially and in sweat equity than the competition. I also believe that Theodore Roosevelt was a genius when he gave his Man in the Arena speech. The person who has nothing in the game will not be in the game for long. Thanks again Aabidan.

  8. Hi, Thanks for sharing this. I have been on affiliate marketing for quite some time and I always want to read articles like this because it makes me a better online marketer. I appreciate tips and advices, it’s nice to learn from other online business marketers as well. 

    I couldn’t agree more with your “know your why”. It’s really important to reflect on your whys. Our believe our reason will drive us to our goal. As for me, my why is first my family, my kids. I want to spend more time with my family and give back to my community that is why I started afgiliate marketing in the first place.

    A good article to read, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Gillian, I do hope there is me in your why though as your desires are equally important to your success. I love my family and love giving back to the people around me, but I want my business because I don’t want to spend 40 years building someone else’s dreams and I love my freedom.

  9. I love the depth you go with each tip. Knowing your why and your audience really resonated with me. For me, my why and my audience go hand in hand. I created my own business because having lupus forced me out of teaching. And, I know that other lupus sufferers experience similar issues, so I created my website to help them.

     As for a customer avatar, I went as far as to give her a name, and I write each post like I’m talking to her. It really makes my post personal. I talk to her about problems we have in common and share the solutions I’ve discovered. And, you’re right. It’s better to show than tell and way better than selling. 

    • Excellent tip Chris. I too write like I am talking to the person created in my avatar, but since my audience is split almost evenly between stay at home moms and men nearing retirement I haven’t felt right giving a name to the avatar. I do change the voice though article to article so hopefully I give each equal air time. Lupus is tough, glad to hear you are being a warrior and fighting back instead of letting it debilitate you and stop your momentum. I have friends with MS, and Palsey and they find liberation in blogging. I hope you find a ton of success.

  10. This site was super helpful to me I’m just getting started as a network marketer and I really needed the advice. Thanks for your 10 tips it was super helpful. Do you have any advice? I’ve been writing keyword rich blogs non stop and getting comments but my rank isn’t improving, but my site health is pretty good. Do you got any quick tips as to what I might be missing.

    • Time: It’s like this blog I have just reached 38 articles for and 4 months in so it’s seeing a few SERPs related visitors but mostly Social Media traffic and direct referrals from other sites I own or am part of. The big thing is it takes even an experienced blogger like myself 6months to a year to fully establish their presence online. Keep at it.

  11. Wow.   This article if packed with a lot of great information & networking tips that will bring success.  Well, that is if we actually will take the time to do what you suggest.  

    I know there are people out there that make money doing things they are NOT passionate about.   Yet, I agree with your comments.   Earlier today I met some one that was incredibly passionate about his job.   He was excited.   He loved what he did and the people that he helped.   He is becoming more and more successful as result.   

    Yet, I also see many people every day that are sad, depressed and defeated.   They do not know their why.  They are not working at a job or business that gives them any pleasure much less passion.  

    I hope that the CBD products that you will be testing do not disappoint you.  Best wishes.  

    • Thanks, Sondra. I love what I do and it shows in everything I write is what I have been told. I can’t see going back to making millions for others and their dreams just for a steady paycheck. I would rather be just over broke for me than successful living someone dream that is opposite mine. CBD has me excited, the more I read the more I am ready to start writing and will soon as this is going to be a huge factor in business moving forward. Thanks for stopping in.

  12. I absolutely love the light-hearted tone of this article!  That being said, it is truly very informative.  Comparing MLM and pyramid schemes to WA to highlight the benefits of WA very much works.  Its also an excellent way to segue into CBD oil.  Two great products on one page.

    The tips you give are solid and you are very right when you say that its part of how you live your life, not just run your business.  If a person honestly wants to help others and has an excellent knowledge of their product, they are head and shoulders above most.  I’ve bookmarked your page, in fact, due to the excellent information and suggestions here.

    I view this article as a blueprint for success.  Follow each of the 10 points and there is no way to go wrong..  Well written!

    Best of luck with the CBD business end as well!

    • Thank you Feochadan for a great comment. There is a huge difference between MLM and Network marketing and another difference between either and Pyramid Schemes. Everything including like in a JOB is a pyramid, a pyramid is just a shape but a scam is found by either lack of product or massively overpriced product and a forced pay to earn aspect that is purely cash for cash. If you can’t say I would pay that for the product even if there wasn’t a payment plan then it’s a scam under law. Example: $30 for a $7 bottle of shampoo.

  13. Hey there, Andy. I agree with others who are saying this is a great list of tips. Very solid and insightful. I recognize you probably didn’t organize these tips in order of priority/importance. Or maybe you did. If so, I’d probably quibble with Know Your Customer being at #6. That’s gotta be in my Top 3, but I’m interested to know if you disagree. Sometimes, I do think that the advice to Know Your Customer is overblown to the point that other things, including things on this list, get ignored. Thanks for the article and discussion.

    • While I was torn about placing 5 before 6 I know that without the core 4 you can know all the customers you like and still fail miserably. You have to have the mindset for business to make it work, or the rest is wasted research. I always put my customers as number one when it comes to service and my mindset as number one in planning so I can serve them better. Thanks for some wonderful questioning Matt.


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