2019 Affiliate Blogger New Years Resolutions

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Turkey’s gone, giblets memories are fast asleep if you’re lucky you have no hangover and fond memories of last night’s Fireworks but because you work from home it is time to write your Affiliate Blogger New Year Resolutions for 2019. These resolutions should not be the lose 30 pounds type you never keep but instead be goals for your business. In the page below I will list the things I wish to accomplish this year while reminiscing about the year past for just a bit.

Affiliate Blogger New Years Resolutions

Last Affiliate Blogger New Year Resolutions and where I am now.

While it is unfair to you or me to disclose numbers I will say my income goal last year was to raise my business earnings 300%, and my actual increase was over 400% from last year so Resolution became a goal and then a success story. I did, however, plan on adding a new advertising coop that never got off the ground for one of my programs due to lack of interest. We did recruit over 500 free members but only 2 coop membership sales did not allow me to pay the bills each month much less deliver the advertising I dreamed of so the doors shuttered on SFI Advantage Team Coop.

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I did return to Wealthy Affiliate as planned and have had a great deal of success growing my business there but I did not come close to my goal of writing 100 posts for my blogs this year because I have been largely writing content for others and battling health issues that forced many missed weeks to start the year and a sluggish finish to 20018.

I planned to have our traffic exchange program built and had one up in Beta but had bought the wrong script for its success. I now have the script I wanted and am waiting for some funds to buy add-ons and pre-pay the hosting for a year to ensure its chances of success. At this pace, we are hoping to have it ready to launch about April or May. I planned on starting a new e-mail list and recruiting 200+ subscribers. I have a new e-mail marketing list with 193 subscribers so a close miss but enough blog subscribers to drive a fair amount of traffic to the new post.

Other smaller goals were reached on my 2018 Affiliate Bloggers New Years Resolutions. So next we will talk about two thousand nineteen.

My 2019 Affiliate Blogger New Year Resolutions are as follows.

We can and will hit the 100 blog post starting with this one.

That’s just 2 posts per month to the blog and will be easier to do focusing largely on one blog instead of 4 blogs and two websites. I was overwhelmed and now I have simplified things to just 3 main sites. I have been writing a 3-4 post a week for clients and my social media marketing and will step up to a pace of around 5 posts a week, more if I take on new ghostwriting clients.

Step up post size to 1,000 words.

Blog post of fewer than 800 characters are lower ranking than those in the 800 to 1200 word post now that Google has been focusing more on quality and informative content and less on Keyword optimization. The goal is to open more doors to more locations on the web. Each search term research in Jaaxy will be a new street and each post a new door now that we are back to getting our foot in the door.

Ranking post is getting easy again but hitting page one on more terms is a vital change still needed.

To do this I now use the RankMath WordPress Plugin from MyThemeShop which has far more metrics and test to improve search engine rankings majorly. I will put it above Yoast, All In One SEO and even Squirly but it’s built for SEO geeks like me and not really newbie friendly so if you add the plugin plan on taking a few days to learn to use it. I will be writing a full review once I have used it a couple of months as it is new for 2019 and I am still updating the old post.

Income Increase Resolution.

Girl with Sparkler 2019 New Years Resolutions Affiliate Bloggers

Last year was a goal to raise 300% and we hit 400% increased growth. I will aim this year for 400% income growth and will do this in large part through content focused traffic generation and promoting higher ticket affiliate promotions. I now know that being theFreeGuru was earning more commissions of 100% on Zero Dollar Sales. I need to focus on you, the serious marketer who knows that you need to invest in your business and steer you to the products and programs I have used for years and new ones I find that work. I invest over $2500 a year in my business and have nearly $36,000 in it and have made a profit in my business though it has been a bit thanks to my health since seeing my income highs.

Turn my Bi-polar and Social Anxiety into opportunity not handicap.

I am gaining my freedom and old life back through online communication and the power of blogging. I will introduce more shut in disabled people to earn a living online through programs like Wealthy Affiliate where anyone with any state of health and condition of finances can build a full-time income online.

I will Make the trip in the year to e-book author.

Writing the 7 Steps to Building a Full-time Income Online I found that I can include so much more information in a book over a free report and that Amazon is a channel that will allow explosive growth while keeping the price low for members. I have been asked for years to write an e-book and have started several times but now is a time in my life I feel it most appropriate to show people how to go from first-day new affiliate to internet success story though leveraging content

I will develop at least one Multiple Author Blog this year.

The first one planned for my RetireEarly.Pro domain that was placed on the side burner for the last year because my stress levels were getting too high again. The plan is to have 5-7 writers or more write at least one post each and share in the revenues of the site so if you think you can write on a 1 post a week basis on the topic of early retirement, retirement, or finance let me know on our contact us form. I would love to launch about May or June.

2019 Affiliate Blogger New Year Resolutions summary.

While I could probably write goals for days I will tell you my new content calendar will be huge in making this happen. I will also be scheduling the time to work and will continue to do things to reduce distraction. One thing will help is my kids and wife in school and hopefully, my wife will be able to get her drivers license this year to take some appointment trips off my middle weeks. With 7 kids and parents with health issues, I do a lot of driving and waiting as well as my own therapy and psych visits.

Turn your passion into cash

Affiliate bloggers rock, we can truly own our destiny in 2019 and achieve all of our affiliate blogger new years resolutions because of training we have received like the training I get and support I have found with Wealthy Affiliate. Not to sound salesy but it is because of them I quadrupled my income in 2018 and am looking to do that again in two thousand nineteen.

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Andy Anderson

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God Bless and Happy New Year,

Andy Zeus Anderson

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2 thoughts on “2019 Affiliate Blogger New Years Resolutions”

  1. Hi Andy,

    Happy New Year! Congratulations on everything you achieved in 2018 and good luck with your goals for 2019.

    I think it’s a great idea to turn your own experience of health issues to your advantage by using your experience to reach out to others through your blog. It’s a win-win for you and your audience.

    • Thanks David. Mental health is usually the elephant in the room. Nobody wants to talk about it and it is tough to discuss because some people think less of you. Fact is they think less because they are uneducated about those of us with mental health issues. Most of us lead fairly normal lives in the best manner we can. I have turned my blogging into therapy and it has reintroduced me to the world. I now get out of the house again and am working towards a swap meet stand my brother and I will open early next month. Can’t get much more public than that.


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