2020 New Year Resolutions for Affiliate 3 Percent

2020 New Year Resolutions for Affiliate 3 Percent

The story of great success begins this decade. Not just for Affiliate 3 Percent but for the followers of this blog as well. Success will happen because we will all make a commitment in our 2020 New year Resolutions to put action into training as it happens. No more I’ll do it later we will succeed now because we owe it to ourselves to become a success story.

Success Begins With Our 2020 New Year Resolutions for Affiliate 3 Percent And The Words Action and Go.

A summary of the 2010s is in order for my family it was a decade of substantial loss.

We lost my wife’s mother and father, and my dad in short order over a span of 18 months. We then lost two of her younger brothers over the following 2 years and I had a nervous breakdown nearly 7 years ago that cost us a business partnership in a website averaging 3 million page views a month on 600K+ unique visitors and my first mega-blog which was closing in on a million monthly views itself.

Life for us went from easy to hard in a heartbeat and I am still in recovery with Bi-Polar and debilitating Social Anxiety issues so the challenges of getting back on top have been monumental.

Success in 2019 was measurable thanks in part to my brother Martin’s gift for my birthday in 2018.

On September 24th, 2018, a day before my birthday my brother made an offer I couldn’t refuse for getting me back in public in a BIG WAY! Since the team’s inception, I have been an Arizona Diamondbacks fan, but for the prior 5+ years, I had barely left the house because of my Anxiety issues. I couldn’t go shopping without chest pains and even small groups of people as in 2-3 would have me in panic mode.

Happy New Year 2020 Champaign Toast Image

Still, my brother took a $300 leap of faith and rented a car, and bought 3 tickets to go see Arizona play for the first time.

That day there were over 33,000 in attendance and I was scared to death. By the 3rd inning though I had to be the loudest fan in our section if not all of Phoenix and it felt like old times with just our local softball teams etc. We clinched a Wild Card Birth that day. Coming back we ate in restaurants, something I hadn’t done more than once a year since the breakdown. I felt very little anxiety during the whole trip.

Since that day I have felt a decreased amount of stress in doing things like attending my therapy groups, getting back involved in Wealthy Affiliate, involving myself in IM chats with referrals. I have even recorded videos a couple of times this past year and am I going to the store on a regular basis. I still get anxious there but no chest pains in a long while. I have also scrapped my last blog to revamp it later this year and started this blog back in May and have written more than 65 posts so far for it.

Now for 2020 New Year Resolutions for Affiliate 3 Percent and Myself as a Business Owner.

Affiliate Marketing has been a huge part of my life since 2003 and we will continue to be very active training tomorrow’s super affiliates as I myself am going through a Super Affiliate Challenge to retrain skills I lost and build skills I never had like the expert level video as is our quest this month. You, our valued readers will see my face or at least hear my voice far more often until it becomes easy for both of us to hear me speak in front of thousands again.

In the process, big things will happen. we will stop procrastinating and letting others take action on my training and win while I stay static. we will take the ball and run with it and will introduce 100 Paid Members this year to Wealthy Affiliate on a goal of 300 for the year I should blow that away.

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Andy Anderson
Local Search Engine Optimization

We will also be opening my dream business a Local Search Engine Optimization company on the domain I am building dotLocalSEO.com which will service Western Arizona at first and then move forward to other areas as well. I have big plans for this offline company and have never been more serious in my life. Because of my love for SEO and all things Marketing and am a decent website designer for the WordPress platform.

The 2020 New Year Resolutions.

1. To remain faithful to my affiliate 3 percent readership and expand our training library by 100 Posts.

2. Do more videos, and improve my video skills.

3. Do more product and program reviews.

4. Start my Local SEO Business.

5. Finish developing my Bitcoin and Early Retirement blog at https://retireearly.pro adding training and covering our story of exploration and growth in both worlds.

6. To set a goal of 300 paid team members in Wealthy Affiliate by December 2020 with a minimum goal of 100 new friends in the business. ( Note that each referral is worth up to $23.50 per month to our earnings so this would put us into serious growth mode for all of our 2020 goals and resolutions.

7. Take Action and move forward or Go forward on all training. Don’t just pass it on and pay it forward. Reaping the rewards for yourself and your family.

8. Get back on track with your Weekly Schedule including the weekly Newsletter.

9. Build a content calendar for 3 months in advance instead of just a month. Mix up ideas but stick with your research. Huge rewards come for a consistent plan and viable action.

10. Continue to get out, get public and talk to people. You have to get out of your comfort zone.

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Summary of 2020 New Year Resolutions.

Most of my resolutions all depend on taking action and going into new territory. They involve realistic obtainable goals. This blog is already seeing 600+ unique visitors and 1600 page views a month. Before I had to shut down my e-mail list for a 2-month period we had over 100 new subscribers to our e-mail list and we are continuing to regrow lost income.

We are a ways away from comfortable. The fact is we have lots of things to get back on track financially and if not for the kindness of family and love and support of my wife we would be further yet from these goals. We are no longer in debt and are starting to make money again, but the goal of 100 minimum paid referrals for Wealthy Affiliate will put us back to 100% self-sustained and help my new business growth as well.

You will be a big part of it because we will be teaching you everything I can. You will add action and go forward to building your own success stories. We will grow together as my success largely depends on what you tell your friends about the training and reviews on this site. Thank you for being a huge part of our future.

Happy New Year,

Andy Zeus Anderson

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10 thoughts on “2020 New Year Resolutions for Affiliate 3 Percent”

  1. What a great New Year’s resolutions you set for yourself! I love how you stated that they are obtainable and realistic. Sometimes we can get carried away and set resolutions that are out of reach – skipping a few steps – and then we get disappointed.

    All the best in your 2020 journey, I am sure you will report successful completion of your resolutions at the end of the year!

    • Last year’s goals were 100% completed, most of them before June. I will have you hold me to completing these ones Katja.

  2. Hey thank you for the awesome post and sharing your story with us!  This is absolutely beautiful, and it is so nice to see you were able to overcome such great losses!  Your New Year’s resolutions look great, and they are amazing goals to set for yourself!  I was just talking to someone yesterday, and I was telling them to set goals for the New Year’s, and post those goals on social media.  Have the people hold you accountable and it works so much more effective than not having a support team!

    • I agree with you Jessie. By putting mine on a blog each year I tend to hold myself accountable as well because I do my best to live a life of virtue and honesty and these are like promises made both to me and to my readers. Last year’s list was 100% completed by the way. I shared the personal stuff because I know a lot of people, especially those working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet and pay off debts are burned out and near collapse. If my story can get those people to trim just 1-2 hours off an average day or stay home 1 day a week we will have fewer issues with mental health. If you are already hurting it is vital to get help.

  3. Hello Andy, I must say that this article is very helpful and inspirational. I plan to make this 2020 year the best one for me when it comes to finances as I plan to create an online business and finally buy a house for me. You motivated me and inspired me to keep going and never give up. Happy New Year!

  4. Wow, have you been through a journey! I am humbled and impressed that you have fought your way through such difficult challenges and still come out doing well. You have taught me some great lessons in my own business, and I’m so glad you are back on top and hope you continue to progress and do well. It is folks like you who will help the rest of us to overcome our obstacles and move forward. Thanks so much for being there, Andy, and may your good work continue.

    • The saddest thing I have ever experienced is trapped potential and I openly share my journey back because others have such potential and are still trapped inside themselves. They need hope and if I can help then job done. I enjoy helping others as you have seen from the help I have offered on your projects. It’s one of the most therapeutic things.

  5. Hi Andy,

    You’ve been through a lot and kudos to you for your strength! That’s a wonderful plan and a great new year’s resolution. Your goals are ambitious and yet very reasonable. They will require hard work and I believe in you – you will be able to accomplish them. I’m happy for you for having such a supportive family.

    Wishing you a healthy and prosperous year 2020.

    ~ Julia


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