25 Affiliate Marketing Secrets You Should Know

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25 Affiliate Marketing Secrets You Should Know Before Starting Your Home Business

25 Affiliate Marketing Secrets You Should Know Before Starting Your Home Business

With an industry failure rate of 85%, you need a heads up on what works and what doesn’t and a firm understanding of how people fail in affiliate marketing businesses. I have compiled below a list of 25 affiliate marketing secrets to help give you an edge when it comes to finding your place above that 85% mark on your way to becoming a top 3% earner.

Why do people fail to make money as an affiliate marketer?

The real number of actual failures may never be known because most people who consider their business failed simply gave up on finding the affiliate marketing secrets to unlocking their success story. They started with a time frame in mind. They decided to work their business too few hours a week. They have Drawn a line in the sand to how much they were willing to invest and for how long. This is affiliate marketing secret number 1, don’t give up, don’t plan to fail.

woman whispering 25 affiliate marketing secrets

Affiliate Marketing Secret Two: Finding support in your niche.

If you ever noticed the So-Called Guru’s tend to run in packs and support each other when a product launch occurs. These leaders trade knowledge and share insider information, and constantly fine-tune marketing ideas with the help of small communities of 4-5 members. They understand it takes a tribe to build a marketing success story. Likewise, blog-based affiliate marketers need to find an inner circle in their niche of people to work with.g affiliate marketers need to find an inner circle in their niche of people to work with. Call it Co-Reg, or Collaboration it is still the same, two or more people sharing success steps and content or product ideas.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog: Affiliate Marketing Secrets Number 3.

A Blog or weblog is a place to call home on the Internet. If you are using replicated sites from affiliate programs the company keeps all leads and if you change companies you must start all over generating new leads and traffic. When you have your own website you can use tools for automation like an AutoResponder to capture subscribers and those subscribers may buy more than one related product or follow you into more than one program.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Tactic 5: Build a customer Avatar

Your customer Avatar is a picture you draw of the ideal customer for each product. What is their interest, are they young, old, middle class, business professionals, are they interested in certain hobbies, where are they at in the buying cycle? The answers to questions like this help you discover ways to get the ideal customer to pay attention to your blog post and help build trust by speaking directly to people like them. If you have no idea who your customer is you will work 10 times harder for 1/10 of the results.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets number six: Know Your Role as an Affiliate Marketer.

As an affiliate marketing professional, you are not a product owner, your job is not to SELL but to merely get the right people to look at the right product. To do that you must broker information such as product reviews that are honest and in-depth and let people who are truly interested in the product click through your link and find the sales page where the product owners will do 100% of the actual selling.

So Many people drop out of affiliate marketing because they don’t see themselves as salespeople or try to be and they fail at it but the fact is they don’t have to sell anything, just be the middle man between the traffic and the seller with information to help forward the sale.

Keywords and Search Terms

Number 7: Keyword Research is a Must For Sales

A Keyword is a search term used ion Google, Facebook, Bing, or another search box to find products and interest. If you set up your customer avatar right you have a couple a dozen ideas by now of whom you are targeting and what they need so you need to figure out what questions they are asking and get between them and the companies selling the merchandise. Just as we are targeting people looking for secrets in affiliate marketing with this post you have to know what your customer is looking for and answer their questions.

Have a Plan For What your Customer or Lead Will Do On your Site – Secret 8.

You need to know that once you have that keyword in place and are using it to generate free and paid internet traffic exactly what kind of actions a potential customer is going to take. Are they reading an informational training post or how to article or are they getting information from a product review? Are you offering a means to get more information if they join your list or are you just focused on sending them to the seller to close the sale? You need to dictate the flow so learn tactics to do exactly that.

Understanding The Role Of Traffic and Clicks Affiliate Marketing Secrets Number 9.

The role of bulk traffic and purchased clicks is not to buy the product but to give you a chance to inform the potential buyer and weed out those not serious. Too many people get into paid traffic not realizing that only around 3-6% of the visitors will actually buy something. Thus, they overbid and spend more money than they make online. You need to figure things out like your total commission on a product, the amount of that commission you desire for profit, the percentage you are likely to convert to sales and the average you can pay per visitor to stay in this budget.

What is SPAM and How to Avoid It – Number 10.

Before we can go into social media, e-mail marketing, or talk forums you must understand that SPAM or Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Messaging is a serious crime and the fines can reach the millions of dollars. If you don’t have a relationship with the potential customer such as them requesting more information about your company or product you can not solicit a sale from them. The customer must make the first contact and give you permission before you can inform them of your product.

This is another reason having a blog is vital to business is it gives you a means for people to find you who have that interest and are willing to give you a chance to inform them. Click here to see the FCC Definition of Commercial SPAM.

Number Eleven of your Affiliate Marketing Plan: The Basics of Social Media

Social Media is a selfish beast. People don’t want to hear your voice they want approval for their thoughts and opinions and they want answers to their questions so the path to success is in answering questions. When you answer people’s questions and do it in a manner that acknowledges their voice and opinion you will build a following. This is your role in social media.

Number 12: The Facebook Success Formula Mini Version

Your flow in Facebook should be Questions via search meet answers via a Facebook Page and redirect to either a lead capture page or your blog. Doing this effectively starts on your blog by writing good content that answers potential customers questions. You then share it to your Facebook Page and from there use a combination of Hashtags for Facebook Search to find your answers and paid Post promotion. Facebook Ads are affordable as a means to reach people looking for your content and the offers related to it.

Facebook groups can help you find interested parties by sharing those posts and content as well or sharing your Facebook page with people you friend along the way.

Number 13: Building Traffic Through Twitter

Instagram and Pinterest marketing

Twitter works similar to Facebook in the fact you need to use Hashtags to be found in search and need great content to increase sales but you do have a chance to mix directly to product links as well if you choose to potentially lose leads. This is a great system for those who do not yet have a website or blog.

Number 14: Graphics Rich Marketing on Pinterest and Instagram

I prefer Pinterest as a blogger because you can have a link in every posted image to the article it comes from. This allows me to best direct traffic on my site by interest. With Instagram, you only have one link and it is on your profile not on the image page where you can even guarantee a potential visit. Either way, you need to focus on imagery related to your niche that is undue to your site. You need to have memorable and share the ready post so people will tell their friends. The Meme works wonders here as the two large images in this blog with our Post title on them.

Have a Plan for Webtalk and other New Social Media is Affiliate Marketing Secret Number 15.

Webtalk is brand new, still in Beta Testing at the time of this post and nearing 3 million members. The thing is it is among hundreds of smaller networks you can get involved in where competition is less fierce, the cost is lower to market to, and you can get established as a thought leader. Fewer voices lend to the ability to become a leading voice or social media influence in a short period. Click here to read more about Webtalk and accept my invitation to this invite-only Beta Launch.


How to Understand YouTube: Affiliate Marketing Secrets Number 16.

YouTube has strict policies against SPAM and promotion of Affiliate Links so you need to have videos that Explain a product, review a product, show people how to use a product, or entertain people while offering a paid product placement. You then link to a related post on your blog or website and inform people even more there for success. Thus, the role of YouTube is as a traffic generation tool with no final sales value. Handle the promotion on your site and handle spoon-fed information people need to follow to complete on YouTube for success.

Raising Money to Cover Expenses and Invest In Growth: Number Seventeen.

Most people getting into affiliate marketing are those looking for extra income or need money now. The problem is there is no overnight success story that works without money to spend to make it happen. If you notice the Guru plans for overnight success all starts with having to buy their product to get to learn about free income programs. If you do buy the product they tell you about affiliate marketing and then teach you to spend a lot of money you don’t have for Paid Advertising. Do this and you could see your first sales in as little as one day and profits as soon as one week after buying the program.

If you don’t have a ton of money to spend you need to build your blog with a plan to get plenty of free search engine traffic. This takes time to learn, time to build content, time to gain traction, and make money. Some will have income in as little as 30 days and make their first decent affiliate check in as little as 6 months but unless you are buying a ton of paid traffic you will not see an overnight explosion of sales.

Compound Your Income to Achieve Desired Results

So getting the training will be our first focus and covering certain basic expenses like a domain name and hosting. Lucky for you there is Wealthy Affiliate which offers state-of-the-art over the shoulder training with stellar hosting, a word class keyword research tool, and content development suite. Outside of Wealthy Affiliate, you will only need around $13 for a Domain Name preferably .com, and $20 a month for RocketResponder’s automated email marketing system.

All tolled your cost will be under $100 a month so let’s figure out ways to raise this money without borrowing. First I advise to use CFL or LED bulbs in every light inside and outside the house. Turn your AC or Heater up or down by 1-2 degrees, and turn off every unused light for electricity savings. Most people can save up to $40 a month doing this alone. You can fix drippy faucets, place a brick in older toilets, and shower by turning the water on and off between wet, lather, and rinse cycles. This cuts water bills as much as $25 a month.

Eating out is costly so dine in with new recipes for savings. No more Starbucks, no smoking, no drinking until your business is where you want it to be. For more ideas read my post on 24 ways to save money for your home business.

Doubling Down Until You Reach Financial Goals: Secret Tactic 18.

When you start making money use the money to increase your results until you are making the monthly income you desire. If you need $3,000 a month to be able to quit your day job you need to reinvest in paid traffic purchased content, and things like professional automation tools to make more money until you can safely pay yourself $3,000 a month and still invest in your business and its growth.

Affiliate Tactic 19: Don’t Be Fooled There Is A Difference Between Being Rich and Being Wealthy

You can make money online and make it fast if you have money but the process of getting rich is a limited time effort. You can raise a million dollars by winning a lottery but if your money is not making you money your expenses will soon leave you broke again so develop a plan to build sustained traffic, long term sales, and residual income from day one. Money that makes money is the secret of wealth. Pay yourself out of profits instead of living a life of fast money in equals fast money out.

Never Stop Learning: Affiliate Marketing Secret Number 20

A well-built mind is one trained every day with new knowledge. As Jim Rohn says, “To increase one’s worth one must increase one’s value through knowledge”. You will never know all you need about marketing because the tools are always changing and so are your customers. They get smarter all the time and so does their technology and you have to remain in a position to offer the information they can;’t get elsewhere. Once you have knowledge teach it every day to people who have a need for what you know and you will become an expert in your field, a trusted source people will buy through.

The Money Is In The List: Number 21

Be it your social media following or an Autoresponder like Rocket Responder you need to look at the building as many followers as possible. If you are counting on someone to visit your blog once and buy something then you are likely a fool. In most cases, people will need more information and time to build trust in you before they buy but once the trust is former they will buy product after product through you. Offer a gift, to add people to your newsletter or e-mail list and they will keep coming back and give you more opportunities to generate sales and trust.

Never Giving Up or How to Stay Motivated Number Twenty Two.

You have to be willing to give your business a minimum of 2 years to start living up to your expectations. If you give an arbitrary date or line in the sand you are already planned for your failure. My advice is if you plan on failing in less than 2 years don’t start until you mature and get realistic about your business.

25 Affiliate Marketing Secrets You Should Know 1

Understanding Rejection and How to Face it – Network Affiliate marketers Number 23 is For You Especially

People don’t reject you in most cases. They don’t reject the person bearing the information unless you give them a reason to not trust you or sound like a canned sales pitch. If you are honest, caring, and relate-able then people will give you a chance but they often don’t understand the product or offer and that is because we tend to give too many details up front. Instead, give them a reason to let you or your company contact them more and spoon-feed smaller amounts of information.

Still even with all of this 96% of all people you contact will not join your program and another 77% of those who do will never be serious about their business and generate profits. It’s not you. It is the fact they are not ready for the program yet. As Gery Carson of Strong Future International says, ” Some will, some won’t, so what, who’s next?”. That is a great thing to remember is there are over 3billion people online and over 800 million of them are actively seeking a way to make extra money online.

Number 24: Being a Good Sponsor in Network Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing Secrets 24.

Remember the day you first started your business forever You were green, had no to low information, and scared to death. You need to be able to answer questions for others the same as someone answered them for you. If you don’t know an answer never say so just find an answer and get back to the member under you or your sales prospect in 24 hours or less.

The 4 Secrets to Success is Affiliate marketing Secret number 25

Strong mind, never stop learning and teaching. Strong Body, maintain your health so you can put in the hours needed to make your business a success. True heart, be honest with yourself and share that honesty with others. Faith, believe it is in your power and in your destiny to be a success and reach your dreams and shatter your goals.

Summary of Our Affiliate Marketing Tactics.

Affiliate marketing secrets really aren’t that secret. It’s more common sense and knowing where to look for information. Google is a tool you need to know and use. You can do anything you research because other people can and are doing it. Sure some things seem hard but remember you once could not walk, talk, read, ride a bike, swim, find a date, find true love, get someone to marry you.

You have been given jobs, learned how to do reports on events hundreds of years ago, and you are not done learning. Just give yourself time and don’t let a steady stream of information feel like you must know everything now. Slow down and enjoy your journey.

Your assignment now is to share your thoughts on affiliate marketing in the comments below. Tell me if there is anything you really need to learn and you might see it as a future post. Like our information then accept our gift at the top right of the page and join my weekly newsletter.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Andy Anderson

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23 thoughts on “25 Affiliate Marketing Secrets You Should Know”

  1. Excellent tips, and Tip One jumps out at me the most. I can’t tell you how many people state they want to see success and earn a full-time living from home in just six months or they simply ax their business. In the affiliate world, if you’re making a full-time income in a short timeframe, you have a 1 in 100,000 website, since for many of us, it will take time, at least a year, if not more. I think you were right to place why would-be marketers fail at number one. 

    • Thanks Todd. As I said, a plan to make money in a set time frame is a plan to fail at a set time. You have to be ready to do whatever it takes to be a success. Men like Thomas Edison took entire lifetimes to do the things they became successful over and to think this is a business one can do in a few weeks, few months, or even a year with little to no investment is utterly foolish.

  2. Just excellent review. This is my favourite post on explaining how to be successful in Affiliate marketing. I read each number one by one and didn’t want to miss a thing. I learnt a few things from your list. I did know about email lists, but never heard of rocket responder, so I may check that out. Really an excellent job.

  3. WOW! this is an excellent article. I am an affiliate marketer. My favorite in your list is #1, #6, #17 and #25. 

    #1. We will not fail unless we quit. 

    #6. We can not just call ourselves a business person. We have to be our business, and again this is a mindset. 

    #17. So many affiliate marketers do not understand the need to invest in their business. There is no profit until you have invested back into what you are building.

    #25. Trust, integrity, and the right mindset can carry us through the down times. 

    Thank you, I enjoyed this read to the end. 

    • Thanks, Laura, glad so much of it resonated with you. It seems more people are reading to the end than I imagined because it’s one of my longest if not the longest post I have ever written ad over 3100 words.

  4. Hi Andy

    Such a helpful and informative article this is about affiliate marketing secrets. Actually I am an affiliate marketer. So I read this article carefully and it really help’s me to understand properly about to be a successful affiliate marketer. I think customer care and customer priority is more important for an affiliate marketer. Research is must to sell a product in my opinion. Moreover, how much time do I need to be a successful affiliate marketer?

    I think every affiliate marketing lover people should read this article. Best wishes


    • Touhid, thanks for dropping in. As to how long it takes we are all different. Some learn faster than others, some apply what they learn as they learn it, others learn then apply what they learned later, and some never fully get over the 9-5 mentality. I will say that those who learn daily are far more prepared for success and tend to reach it quicker.

  5. I really liked your article,

    I am an affiliate marketer trying to market to affiliates.

    I found your 25 secrets to be exactly what I write about but I really liked how you divided into short concise points. It made reading your article easier for me to follow.

    When I started I was looking desperately for a get rich quick method. I spent a couple of years of always looking. Those were years I should have buckled down and committed to affiliate marketing. I know now that it takes time and a lot of effort to be successful.

    Your 25 secrets cover it all good job and thanks for writing your article. There are a couple of things I will get back to now that I had forgotten about.

    I am going to check out Webtalk for sure I will follow your link.

    • Thanks, Michael. I did the program hopping bit myself having to learn the hard way that it takes money to make money with a program launch, buzz riding don’t last, and then you need to reinvest 80-85% of your earnings from the last launch to have a next launch just as big. I had a blog but no list because Autoresponders were so expensive at the time. Instead, I built a following in forums and later launched my own social network for affiliates. I made money but it wasn’t lasting. Glad to see I am not the only one to travel that rode and survive smarter.

  6. Hello, you wrote an incredible post with tons of quality information. I agree with you that there are a lot of different tasks you have to perform to be successful in your niche like collaborating in your niche; now your customer; dictate the flow once they are on your site.

    Just like you, I prefer Pinterest above Instagram because of the direct link per pin to your website or relevant URL in your website. Pinterest with his tribes is also an interesting technic to find the right people for your product. 

    • Thanks, Jacob. Pinterest is a powerful tool when used with diligence and understanding. Instagram is bigger but bigger markets don’t mean better fish. Ask any fisherman and they will tell you about this little spot they found not this massive lake.

  7. You got my attention right from the start when you said there is an industry failure rate of 85%. Wow. Well, I’ve had sites and times that maybe fell into that but luckily I’m stubborn, which is another way of saying what you advise.

    Tactic 5, having a customer avatar, is something I need to do more.

    I am not a salesperson by nature so I really liked the way you put #6.

    I could say this and that about the others but I’ll wrap by saying this is a useful and inspiring article. Thanks!

    • Most of us don’t know we really are sales people but also don’t realize you do not need to use those sales skills to be an affiliate marketer. I say we all have sales skills because we have spent our whole lives building a reputation and marketing to seel a living breathing human being to the world as someone worth adding to your life. Be it looking for a mate, looking for a job, wanting to serve your community, or just make friends we are selling ourselves constantly. Products are actually easier to sell but none of those skills are required to review products honestly. Thanks, Zana for a great comment.

  8. Great list Andy,

    I had the honour of chatting with my blogger friend and he too advised me to get active on Twitter too as I’m not that active on social networks. Facebook may be great for establishing posts, but Twitter is where the real engagement is. I’m thinking of posting my newly-published posts there on Twitter but I feel like there are a lot more things I can talk about there to get more engagement. 

    Do you think I should create a separate Twitter account for my business, or is my personal account good enough? I already have a few followers on my personal one but if I create a new account, it will be starting scratch which will take more time.

    • Riaz I have both a business and personal account and have over 18,000 combined readers on Twitter between a total of 4 pages and while my big account gets more traffic my Domain accounts like the one for @afficiate3pct on Twitter get better engagement. The reason being is they attract people who are actively seeking the content I am putting out and I can target the #hashtags to bring more new readers to my followers list.

  9. Thank you for sharing this but I want to share a problem with you with the hopes that you might be able to help. Everytime I read an article that says ‘buying this tool is great in building traffic’, ‘it’ll lead you to a good ranking’ or ‘get this for a better landing’, it just really agitates me. It feels like if you don’t purchase any of these then nothing will happen no matter how good you are in providing blogs with great content. I feel insecure with automation tools that I can’t afford yet.

    Among the tips you gave that I like most is how you treat your readers. Validating their acknowledging their opinions are best way to attract them into buying your recommendations. Also, i think I need to get back on my twitter and instagram account so I can utilize it for my affiliate marketing career. I rarely use those social media networks because i haven’t got much use to it.  Thank you for sharing all we need to know in Affiliate Marketing. This is very useful for beginners.

    • Thanks, MussusB. The thing to remember is the sales pages of modern society will always have hype and be geared to minimize the negatives and inflate the positives. Our job as affiliate marketers is to learn how to cut out the hype, did to the deep of the features and inform our readers. The common misnomer is that you have to buy a product to give a good and honest review but in many cases, your own experience can cloud your judgment and cause you to not see hundreds of other people’s bad experiences. I do suggest at some point you own as many of the products as you find affordable but I also say do your research first and note the problems others are having.

  10. Great tips page that needs to be bookmarked. I find the strategies for succeeding in affiliate marketing that mentioned here helpful. There’s just one thing that I noticed…

    On the latter part of the post, you mentioned network affiliate marketing. I thought network marketing and affiliate marketing are two different things. Aren’t they?

    And what can you say about affiliate marketers making reviews of network marketing opportunities and labeling them as scams just to promote their affiliate marketing opportunities?

    • Gomer, you have a great eye. Part of the lunacy of people slamming network marketing opportunities is scam laidenMLM companies are trying to kidnap the term. With MLM or Multi-Level Marketing, you either have to buy a Sales Membership or Buy a minimum Amount of Product per month to have a chance of making money. If you follow their sales page they spend 90% of the time talking about the business opportunity and barely touch on what the product is. In short, they are operated almost entirely outside the law.

      Network marketing is any standard affiliate program that allows you to make money off sub referrals. By an affiliate program I mean a company offering real products of value at fair market prices for sale and paying you a commission off sales only. In network marketing, you don’t have to buy anything to make money with them. Some may have a ranking system to earn higher rewards based on team sales volume but there is no requirement to make purchases to achieve these ranks, all your purchases are optional.

  11. This is a great article and full of details about what to expect and what not to expect if you are considering becoming an affiliate. I think you did a great job with your layout…… your content was easy to follow and I definately can see you being the authority on your site. As a fairly new affiliate member myself I learned some things from your 25 secrets, so thank you for that.

    All the best on your success, keep up the great posts.

  12. Great site.  Very engaging.  I posted a comment on your 25 marketing secrets.  I found the post very helpful for myself who is a fairly new affiliate, so that you for that.  I was wondering on your list why you switched up the numeral numbers to spelling them out??  I am assuming there was a reason you probably did this, but it was something I noticed.  You definitely come across confident and knowledgeable in your content.  I really enjoyed the post.  

    All the best on your success

    • On a long list, I do this to shake things up and keep the reader interested. It’s funny how many stop to ponder that exact question and continue reading like they did when they started the post. It’s just something I do, haven’t really seen it elsewhere but a few times and my own experience is it becomes a conversation starter. Thanks for asking Tracy.


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