Top 25 Tweets Truth in Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a profession of amateurs and professionals and those stuck somewhere in the middle. But there is the first truth in affiliate marketing we all can agree on is we were all amateurs once. This post looks to take a look at serious mistakes in the hindsight and sometimes funny light to help people avoid pitfalls of affiliate marketing. These quotes are all my own unless otherwise noted. Andy Zeus Anderson

Now On To The Top 25 Tweets Truth in Affiliate Marketing

  • It struck me today that the Laws of Attraction are either telling me I will be a success in 3 days or hit by a bus in two. Via @affiliate3pct
  • It’s not how much you have in your pocket that determines success but how much you are willing to sacrifice to become successful. The average business takes 2-3 years to turn a profit. via @affiliate3pct
  • List building is only as good as your relationship building skills, If there is not enough give you will never be satisfied with your take in e-mail marketing. Good luck and God Bless. Via @affiliate3pct
  • is Information brokerage. You find people with needs and help them find valuable solutions and you will find success. Via @affiliate3pct
  • Your top 5 competitors provide you with not less than 5 opportunities to serve your community better. via
  • DID YOU KNOW – Content is devoured most by readers of your competitor’s sites? Reach them through search engine marketing and a strong social media framework. via @affiliate3pct
  • You can have the best bait for sale but if you are reaching the fish and not the Angler you will have all your profits eaten up at the end of the day. Target your audience wisely. Make research your game plan. Via @affiliate3pct
  • The world is filled with people who have needs. Find the solutions and help them find you and success in affiliate marketing is yours. Via @affiliate3pct
  • Forum Marketing is not dead, it’s the perfect training ground to fly in social media and get’s amazing results. Search engines love forums and you will too. Via @affiliate3pct

Personal Value Meme Business Marketing Personal Development

Now back to Top 25 Tweets Truth in Affiliate Marketing.

  • It’s not the marketer who determines the success level for themselves but the consumer who chooses to shop through their link. The best you can do is deliver extreme value and stunning content so they choose you. Via @affiliate3pct
  • Online Marketing, in general, is pretty darned easy, just tell your story in a powerful way and others like you will soon follow. We tend to over think blogging and let fear talk us out of starting. Via @affiliate3pct
  • Starting a blog is not as hard as starting to start a blog. Get informed and it will amaze you about the things you can do and the money earned online. #affiliateMarketing #internetmarketing #homebusiness via @affiliate3pct
  • We all have demons to face, some are more subtle, others are in your face, but all are able to be defeated through faith and fearlessness. #BeBoldBeMighty via @affiliate3pct
  • Product choice should come after choosing your passion, finding out your customer’s desires needs, and interest, and delivering great value to the potential customer. Advertise instead of blog and you will fail. Via @affiliate3pct
  • Be a servant of men in your life and in your business and you will win at life and succeed in business. Find ways to give more than you take. Via @affiliate3pct
  • I will neither give up nor relent in my tenacity as I am a fighter. I can not utter the words I quit it is not in my fiber nor will those words be on my tongue. Repeat this 3 times daily to raise courage. @affiliate3pct
Top 25 Tweets of Truth in Affiliate Marketing


That’s 17 Tweets of Truth in Affiliate Marketing and I am excited to see what you come up with in the comments.


I want to take a moment to tell you some truth in affiliate marketing and that is you need to have a game plan to learn all you can about the business. That game plan needs to be filled with training that is timely and up to date. That is practiced by the teachers. Is shown proof through live case studies and site build-outs. 

Then you need a peer to peer support, not just an FAQ or an under-staffed help desk so you don’t miss a minute of business building. For that end, I would like to invite you to find your truth in affiliate marketing via this review. This program has changed my business and is changing my life so please read and ask as many questions as you like.

The final 8 of our Top 25 Tweets of Truth in Affiliate Marketing

  • You wouldn’t Spam Grandma with that Ad so sit on it a bit and try some Marketing instead. #affiliatemarketing #canspam @affiliate3pct
  • #Affiliates are lucky. We don’t have bosses and no 9-5 hours, we don’t have Mondays unless we want them. Hell, we don’t have clothes to wear and can do a webinar naked from the desk down. #livethelifestyle #dotcomsuccess @affiliate3pct
  • #Marketing and #advertising are not the same. Marketing starts relationships, advertising reminds people who with. It’s sort of like blind dates I guess.
  • Gold is found under mountain s of rocks and Diamonds take years to develop and pressure to harden. What makes you think you can make millions overnight? #NoOvernightSuccessJustSuccess @affiliate3pct
  • #emailmarketing is not cold or impersonal done right. You have to mix a bit of you in with your automation and constantly think of ways to bring new value to your subscribers. Via @affiliate3pct
  • If you don’t listen to what they say about the money being in the list it will always be on their list and not yours. @affiliate3pct
  • Hello marketing my old friend? Who have you been talking to lately? – Leverage social media to start new conversations, at least 2 a day and you will never find a boring moment online. @affiliate3pct
  • Grandma put money in her cookie jar using internet marketing. She started with here local network and moved on to forums and social media. Here kids couldn’t believe what Granny was doing. #yourenevertooold #affiliates @affiliate3pct

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The Truth in Affiliate Marketing Challenge is now in your hands.

I personally challenge each of you to leave at least 2 tweets in the comments that we can use since we shared 25 with you. Be sure to leave your @twittername and relevant hashtags because we will use them and in turn mention you.

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Andy Anderson

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I am betting this post can benefit your entire team. I am betting these tweets and the ones you think up are going to change your twitter feed into a solid income and traffic machine. That’s the truth in affiliate marketing, you just can’t stay idle you have to add value daily.

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16 thoughts on “Top 25 Tweets Truth in Affiliate Marketing”

  1. I find social media being a hassle at times/ Hahaha But true. It’s like… you need it, but you don’t really. I think if society didn’t go for the first thing they hear about, these things would not even be popular However, that is the importance of marketing and social media has helped a lot. .

    • The big thing is filtering out the noise so you can concentrate on the task at hand. There is a lot of fluff, and a lot of SPAM on social media but there are billions of people looking for help with real problems and those are the ones you need to be holding conversations with. Your inbox on your e-mail account likely gets as much SPAM as your social networks which is sad but you don’t stop e-mailing loved ones and work associates because of it. Likewise you want to make your focus be the people in need of your services. Use filters like adding people to list on social media who are in your niche so you can find them and cut the other voices out. You’ll win the battle if you do, social media is more friend than foe.

  2. I am new to affiliate marketing but I do already understand that getting someone to click your link is the real goal. and there are many, seemingly endless list of vendors that will allow us to market their product. Earning the readers trust enough to get them is the real key it seems. I look forward to the next lesson with WA. I am excited to learn how to make that happen. Good luck on your online quest

  3. Great stuff Andy!

    I really like how you talk about finding your passion first before looking for a product to market.

    Wealthy Affiliate truly has everything an affiliate marketer needs to be successful. It is so true that there are so many shiny objects out there vying for our attention. The internet is a jungle and without a plan in place you’ll be travelling in circles.

    You’re sincerity and honesty is refreshing and I look forward to reading more of your content.


    – Jay

    • Thanks Jay, glad to meet more and more Wealthy Affiliate members and even more proud to be able to positively impact those people’s lives and livelihood. By the way have you had a look at the new social media site Webtalk, it’s turning into a real traffic generator for the blog. Here is my Webtalk Review.

  4. Even though I think that social media is one of the greatest tools that can be used. I find it hard to focus on more than one at time. Since each platform has it’s on unique purpose and best uses. I want to stop all together when I’m using many different ones. 

    However, when only focusing on at time. I learn to master the use of making the most out of that platform. Does anyone else have this same experience or is it only me?

    • A lot of people do have that experience. Webtalk will help a  ton of those people find a viable solution as it encompasses tools on most of the webs premier social networks and puts them in one house and will soon pair them with a marketplace that will be like a updated Amazon where sellers including freelancers can be hired or sell their wares. Imagine being able to get rid of the hassles of managing all these different social profiles and cutting down to just one place to do internet business. That’s why we just crossed 1 million members tonight.

  5. Hi Andy! These were some great tips for affiliate marketers. Some of the tweets were good for entrepreneurs as a whole. You asked for another tweet, so here it goes…

    Avoid get rich quick schemes and find something that challenges you and helps you to grow. @tiffanydomena

    I think one of the biggest reasons people don’t take this industry seriously is because of all of the noise and hyped up claims. This tweet speaks to that.

    • Great tweet indeed and similar to one I send out when tweeting Wealthy Affiliate.

      There is no get rich quick, only fast money in and fast money out. Build wealth with WA (insert link) #wealthy #affiliate

  6. Hi Andy. Every one of those tweets is spot on. Affiliate Marketing really is about helping people with what they are looking for, not selling products. As you say the big thing is filtering out all the noise and concentrating on the task at hand. There is so much of the Shiny Object syndrome out there and we have to cut through that. Your post has really hit the mark with the truths about Affiliate Marketing. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Thanks Greg. To me affiliate marketing is a simple process. You broker information, tell a story about your experience, and share a recommendation to a friend. Adding social media makes one an even better citizen because we have to give as much as we get. I wouldn’t say tune out all the noice but to instead listen for those cries of help in our tribe. Oh look I’m Batman.

  7. Before I used Social Media on personal purpose. Getting in touch with old friends, old school mates, relatives, and sometimes building an online friendship.

    But now, Affiliate Marketing, turned my views about Social Media– now, IT IS TRAFFIC– with any platform you are in, they will tell you that get your blog out to Social Media because it will get you traffic.


    It is surprsing to noticed how a decicion to earn extra money changes your views on about everything.

    This is a good article to read. Thanks for sharing!

    • It changes your thought pattern for sure. You stop throwing away as many good opportunities and find social media to be as much a research tool as a broadcasting station for your own thoughts. Social media has always been a selfish beast, everyone wants their voice to be heard especially if they need something and want a solution now. With Webtalk it will be nice because we can filter those voices and listen to influencers and pick up trends better while still reaching the whole of social media with our content. Here’s a link to join me there and see what I am doing to get the message about Affiliate 3 Percent out at Webtalk


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