4 Secrets Of How To Be Successful In Life

How to be successful in life, the 4 secrets that drive me to every victory personal and in business.

People often ask me how do I keep repeating success in business both as a management professional and serial entrepreneur. I always tell them I understand and work on my 4 secrets of success. You can answer the question of “How To Be successful In life?” by working on the principles within these 4 secrets.

How To Be Successful In life

The secrets seem simple but are deep in complexity with many variables. Living as life to the 4 secrets of how to be successful in life will be full of challenge and failure because without failure there are no lessons learned. Don’t worry, the greatest men and women in business and life have failed more than their peers they just learned more from their failures and kept DOING! Notice I didn’t say trying I said DOING because a try means you may or may not, it’s already a loss scenario.

Behind the 4 Secrets of Success.

Before we talk success I want to share a bit about my journey so you know you can trust what I tell you. After all, we don’t know each other, I am not really famous, and I have been out of the loop for about 5-6 years now. I have been slowly rebuilding from a nervous breakdown but don’t let that or my Bipolar and social anxiety disorders fool you. But I still have my faculties intact and a ton of experience.

I started my path of Entrepreneurship at the ripe old age of 14. Because of age, I had to be a partner to a business my parents officially registered because you couldn’t enter business agreements in California at the time until age eighteen. I did though start out polishing aluminum fuel tanks and wheels on over the road trucks at that age. By age 15 I was number 3 in the US according to Road King Magazine’s annual truck stop services report.

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I left that successful business when we moved to a bad location for it and it became more profitable to work outside of the business. Then I started as a grunt in everything I have done and rose to a manager in McDonald’s, Arby’s, several restaurants, and Allsup’s Convenience Stores. I also started a restaurant in a seasonal location and owned a small retail gift shop I turned over to my Dad while serving on the Quartzsite Arizona town council at the age of Twenty-One.

Most recently I was working in retail while starting a small internet search engine and social media hybrid called Kooiii with a business partner out of Australia. I left my day job and became our CEO in 2007. Sadly though a couple of years later I succumbed to too many years of 100 plus hour work weeks.

The 4 Secrets of success in life and business.

Before we break down these keys I will give a brief overview. The keys of success though are 1, to have a strong mind, 2, have a strong body, 3 True Heart, and 4, Faith. Without these ingredients, strong men and women have failed and failed greatly without finding success, and people like Abe Lincoln have found success with little education because they naturally progressed into these principles.

So let’s discuss these areas of life on your way to answering your question of “how to be successful in life?”.

1. Strong Mind – You can never stop learning.
Strong Mind - 4 secrets of success

You must also have a strong why statement. You need to know your path and need to set goals on the things you do with realistic time limits. Most of all you need resolve.

A key one to a strong mind is to learn something new about you and your business every single day. Teach what you learn and you will soon be an expert in anything you apply yourself to.

Step two is the Why Statement which I go over in detail on this post. Click Here to discover your why.

Your third key is to know your path. It can take years to build a road less traveled but decades of getting lost on the side streets to reach the same destination. Don’t be afraid to build your own path to entrepreneurship. I started at 14, was it hard? Heck yeah, was it worth it HELL YEAH! How many 14-15-year-olds do you know making $35K take home a year while in school? What’s more, is I learned a work ethic.

Key number 4 is resolve. I mentioned earlier to use the word do wherever you are tempted to use the word try. Just this one change unlocks so much for progress in your life. If might and try are turned to do and done you will make progress.

2. Strong Body – This is the major trouble of mine in life.

strong body
Protect your Physical and Mental Health

I use to be physically strong in more ways than I am now. I was able to pull 100 plus hours a week after week between jobs, businesses, and school but found that I was still missing something when I had my nervous breakdown. See my physical strength, my hard work ethics, and my stamina meant nothing without a fair share of rest, good sleep, and a healthy diet. You have to be there when your business needs you, when your family needs you, and when you need you to be at your best doing what you love.

Now instead of lifting heavy bags of grain or dog food, instead of pitching dirt and lifting heavy weights I know it is as important to get to bed at night, rise in the morning, eat 3 meals a day, take my vitamins, and take time for me. That’s a big thing too. In fact, it is almost as important to take time for you as it is to make time for family. I always wondered why so many great leaders were golfers, fishermen, hunters, hikers, or flew their own planes. Now I know this is to take me time away from all the demands life and family put on you so you don’t explode.

3. True Heart – Honesty begins internally and moves outward.

As you may have guessed the leaders of the world have a great deal of integrity. Even if you don’t agree with their politics, their lifestyle, or their leadership decisions you have to realize that even if it’s brutal, they are honest about what they think, how they feel, and act on those feelings. They are honest with you because they are honest first with themselves.

These leaders know why they are in it to win it and they know the people they need to get there. They will focus and move with a mission because they don’t have time for appeasing smaller minds and dishonest players. They also have the privilege to demand such integrity out of those they do business with.

4. Faith, be it in God or Self is the 4th secret.
Faith in God or Self

The saying goes that you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. To stand for anything though we need faith in the reason we are there. Faith is powerful, look at the trillions of dollars raised for charity and church-based programs worldwide. Faith in God has moved mountains, conquered nations, and brought about some of the biggest deals in global history.

You don’t need to believe in god to see how the beliefs of others move everything from money to ethics, to the direction of entire nations. But if faith in a God, an unseen deity is so powerful how about having faith in yourself? Why is it easier to believe in God than to believe you can do anything in life? Well, failure is that reason. We see early failures stack up and the majority quit. They opt for the JOB instead of the business because it’s safe, secure, and with minimal risk. Putting it all on the line is something you require a great deal of faith to pull off.

You need faith to make the Why into your success story. You need to know that you will fail, you will lose, and you will hurt, but you need to know deep down that the other side of blood, sweat, and tears is a victory. You must not stop until you have achieved all your dreams and never stop dreaming of new heights.

How To Be Successful In life – A Summary of the 4 Secrets of Success

So we have a strong mind on the grow. You just read this whole article, over 1550 words. You know your path and have started working on a plan for a stronger body and mind. You’re going to work on bringing truth to your life internally and externally and will not rest until those you deal with share your integrity. Your faith is getting stronger, you know you can, you just have to know it deeper. You need to remind yourself daily that your why is earth-shaking and your resolve can move mountains. You can and will do and make done every goal you have in life.

If you have anything to add or have a life-changing story involving these principles please share below.

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30 thoughts on “4 Secrets Of How To Be Successful In Life”

  1. Hello! Thank you for this very interesting article. it reminded me of The Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferriss. I think the ‘WHY’ is crucial and can be quite difficult to assess. 

    Discipline is key and having a positive attitude – which for me means ‘to move on’ – also. Your article is very inspiring. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Anne, I couldn’t agree more. I love the book drop, will have to check it out as the name itself sounds inspiring. Discipline is a much-needed asset and covers parts of 3 of these 4 keys as you need a strong mind, true heart, and faith to be disciplined in your task.

  2. I loved reading this Andy! I’m glad you included being healthy in your list. I firmly believe that eating right (eating normal really, not dieting), sleeping properly and looking after yourself goes a long way in life. This has played a major role in why I am able to accomplish a lot. 

    Faith too. Faith is so powerful and if more people truly had faith in themselves, then they’d be shocked at what they could actually accomplish! 

    • Faith is massive. Without faith quitting is easy, you simply stop doing and all the toil and failures go away and you are blissfully unaware that success could have been yours.

  3. This is all just inspiring, not just the tips but your story too. It’s just awesome to know you could start out as Young as that. I can’t agree less though with the tips you outlined. Being in good health is very good for your work. I think that’s something I need to work on currently because I hardly give time to my health. Having a strong mind is also very essential. Honesty and integrity is key to making anyone become a better person. Tahks

    • What’s funny is that 100 years ago I would have been working my farm for 2 years by the time I was 14 and I would have been the average American boy. I would have been married to though some 13 years before meeting my wife so it’s definitely good to have this change. Married and owning your own spread at 12-14 years of age would have made school impossible. Regardless I am glad you are inspired and the thread has made a difference.

  4. Wow! Such an interesting article this is and I did enjoyed the read. Firstly, I’m grateful to you for sharing with is your secrets to success and I believe the content shared is spot on. Having a stronger mind and resolution would help one to keep moving forward irrespective of any crisis or issues and also o having a strong body would help to meet up the demands of the physical environment. Nothing bests a determined mind and once the mind is strongly built, success is just around the corner. Great post and I like it! Thanks

    • A strong mind is not always a smarter one it is one willing to feed on new information and devour thought. It’s open to the possibilities and embraces failure and welcomes the challenge. A strong body is well rounded. Of all the things I have lost in life, I miss my mind the most is a saying of American comedian George Burns. You can’t count on metal health lasting if you don’t eat and sleep the way you should and work too many hours. I was sleeping 4 hours a night and eating the wrong things, drinking too much coffee and soda’s and working a 9-5 and my business for an average of 108 hours each week. Now I forget things because of my pills that were said ten minutes ago, thank God my long term memory is still intact, but the focus has become hard because of the bipolar. Stay healthy.

  5. Thank you for the post. I really enjoyed reading your 4 Secrets Of How To Be Successful In Life. All four of them are truly important for success. They do sound simple, and yet they are very deep and complex.

    You seem to see success in life mostly as a successful business owner. I define my success differently, and I don’t see working for an employer as a failure. I worked as a professional employee for over 20 years, and I feel like my life was very successful. All your secrets still apply. I arose from an immigrant with nothing but a hole in my pocket to a well-paid professional, but money was not a definition of success for me.

    I am now in the position of when I must make my own business success as working for an employer is no longer an option for me. I will follow these steps and principals. Of course, the body and mind are not as strong as they were when I was young, but faith in myself and heart for genuine, kind and honorable people will keep me moving. I always valued education and liked your phrase “teach what you learn and you will soon be an expert” very much. We used to joke about this exact point: “I explained it to my pupil so many times that even understood it myself…” 🙂

    Thank you again for the post that triggers thinking. 

    ~ Julia

    • Julia, I am proud to hear your story. Nearly 14 of my years were spent running other people’s businesses. To me success in life is being all I can, for me, the limitations of business come as someone else deciding my fate and value. I loved working for my employers but always wanted to be more, do more, and give back more which meant I had to expand beyond them and see how far I could and can go. Even now I live each day to be the best me possible.

  6. Hi, This inspiring post has really impressed me. I can only say it’s adorable!
    The 4 Secrets of success that You’ve discussed about,are so substantial that when we put all together it creates massive power which has an ability to change any tough situations.

    I personally would like more focus on No.1 as I am more aware of my Weakness and I seem need to be worked more harder because there are more knowledge gaps that I need to be field and  try to get through the tough conditions. so, for me, Strong Mind is the key to being successful along the way.
    Thank You

    • Hi Shirian, it’s good to see you enjoyed the post. I couldn’t agree more, a strong mind is a driven mind ripe for success. Together these secrets propel people like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Donald Trump. Not a bad crowd to be in.

  7. For me, a strong mind and faith are crucial especially during the critical points in our lives. Planning for success is the easy part. Getting to action, rinse and repeat the processes and not expecting to see any results in the short term are the hurdles we need to overcome every day. 

    When faced with these challenges, having a strong mind and trust in my effort always pull me through. I have been through these cycles many times and each time, I come back stronger and more persistent in the things that I do. 

    • Glad to see your strength and that these tips are working well in your life. They truly are components of a well balanced and abundant lifestyle.

  8. To be successful in life is a matter of choice and decision make couple with dedication and commitment to succeed. One of the key of success listed is to have strong mind to succeed in any business you find yourself. Some us have been discouraged before even starting a business. And also we need to have faith in what we are doing as business because what you don’t believe in can’t give you the result you want. With strong mind we can start learning more about the business you are into. Thanks for this secret.

    • The first step to having a strong mind and faith is realizing that at one time we couldn’t walk or talk. We have to learn to be able to be all we can. Success is not etched in stone as a single outcome. Some people are a success knowing they did their best today. I live that way, if I can say that today I did all I could to move forward on my goals, I learned something, I shared something. Well, that’s a very successful day for me.

  9. I like that you have boiled down the elements of success into 4 key areas. Like you, I always feel like I could be doing more to keep the body strong. A little effort is better than none, but I could stand to do better here. A strong mind that is continually looking for and open to learning is critical for staying at the top of your game as well. These are great reminders for those of us on the path to success!!

    • Thank you, Aly.  We all can use some strong body help. I had surgery just after my nervous breakdown that because of my new psych medications took a whopping 10 months to heal from. I didn’t eat a lot but the inactivity caused me to gain over 100 pounds. I am down now from 366 pounds to 316 as of today. I still have a minimum of 66 pounds and preferred 86 pounds to lose, but I am getting there by eating better and getting active more. Every pound I lose I feel better and have less anxiety.

      My next step is to reduce medication dependency for my Bipolar and diabetes by adding CBDa to my supplements list. There are just too many health benefits from Hemp-derived CBD and CBDa to ignore.

  10. Thank you for this post, Andy.

    I can personally attest to the importance of health – mental, physical and emotional – in living a successful life.

    When I don’t get enough sleep or the right kind of food, I can’t focus. Sometimes, I have headaches or even migraines. My mood suffers and I sometimes take it out on those nearest and dearest to me (I had postnatal depression that manifested as rage).

    When this happens, I start going on an emotional rollercoaster ride, which then leads to me just staying in bed whilst I wallow in negative emotions. It can really derail your productivity and your plans.

    • Jade, I understand completely. My wife went through mild postpartum depression with a couple of our 7 kids. In her case, she felt empty and alone in their care and thus pushed away from them a fair bit. These days she has depression stemming from PTSD. She lost both parents, two brothers in short succession, and lost an older brother at the age of 16, which she never got over. Add my dad passing in the middle of the situation and she was a wreck for a while. We have both been getting treatment and she is going to GED classes and about to start looking for work again. I am working entirely from home as I have since 2011, and love having that freedom.

  11. I totally agree with the secret you have unfolded here on your article, this secret are honestly true, having a strong body and mind has been the only thing that has kept me going in building a successful life so far, I’m touched and motivated by your story by the way, I’m going to share this with friends to boost their self esteem.

    • Seun, I definitely appreciate the fact you are sharing this post with your friends. When packed in with a true heart and faith in one’s self you can’t go wrong with a strong mind and body. All four elements are dependent on each other but all fall down without faith and knowing your WHY.

  12. Mostly that is all people want is to success and be successful and honestly we all deserve it and happiness. Number 4 and number 1 are very well written and are extremely good. My experience and opinion about the topic is you should always believe in yourself if not god, and that truth is stranger than fiction. This is worth saving and passing on! 

    • Trevirhaving faith in the knowledge you gain leads to self-motivation. When you add integrity and maintain work/life balance you will find a point of enlightenment like no other. Your vision becomes clear. Obstacles are meaningless, and victory is within reach. Be it life, business, or love your success is on its way.

  13. Hi, One word to describe this article: AWESOME. Before I read it, I wrote down my daily goals and had initially wrote “try” in one of them. While I was reading over, I struct out try and inserted I am going to do; and then I came upon your article which only reinforced having a strong mind.

    These four attributes are essential in guaranteeing one’s success in life and I am truly grateful that you have taken the time to reminds us; as we oftentimes waiver in enforcing these in our daily lives. 

    Having read your Article; has motivated me to work harder but smarter, keeping in mind that I need quality time for me and also maintaining a strong body. Thank you.

    • Mazzie, you are awesome. The fact that you get the part changing try into doing and then done is a major step towards self-reliance. That reliance is when you realize that is it is meant to be it’s up to me and take personal responsibility for getting the results you want in life. Have a great time writing your success story.

  14. I like your post but I would have added another step in your progression to success and that would have been to set a goal! and to study other successful people!! I did like the fact you had failure as one of your “secrets” Edison experimented with hundreds of filaments before he settled on tungsten for his light bulb!

    Do you have persons in your personal life that have followed these secrets and have become successful?

    • Beyond myself, I have had several coworkers I have discussed these with who made it into management careers even at the reagional6 figure income level. I have had blog students as well reach high 5 to 6 figure incomes with them. Setting goals and studying the actions of others are not out ticks I did but would fit well under the strong mind section. Thanks for some great questions.

      BTW: My hero Col. Davy Crockett followed the faith aspect to lead him to be a U.S. Senator, a Colonel in the TennesseeVolunteers, and a piece of history as a hero of the Alamo. His motto, “Be sure you’re right and then go ahead.” is monumental.


  15. Love the advice you have to offer about success. Especially liked how you mentioned being physically strong is a great key to success, it is important to take care of yourself before going on something else. Reminds me of this quote,

    “The greatest project you’ll ever work on is yourself”

    Very true, along with the honesty, faith, and strong-mindedness that was said. Very nice article, I might see a couple of these traits in me :).

    • Awesome Jose, it’s great to see a young marketer with such a good head on their shoulders. Keep these traits in mind and success is yours sooner rather than later.


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