5 Best Retirement Hobbies For Men That Make Money

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Let’s face it. If you have retired, especially retired early there are chances that your mind is not ready to retire just yet. You feel restless like there is more work to be done. You get bored and turn to retirement hobbies for men to occupy that time. Wouldn’t it be fun though to turn your hobbies and what you know into a full or part-time income? Especially if you retired but are having issues making ends meet you can use the extra money for your retirement nest egg. 5 Best Retirement Hobbies For Men That Make Money is a post about turning your knowledge into a part-time but lucrative home business.

What are the best retirement hobbies for men that make money and are fun to do?

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Most men like some form of sports or military-related hobby but we also tend to lend our able hands to techs like a model plane and drone racing etc. Some of us are into woodworking or restoring cars. For me it’s Fishing and a Love of Sports memorabilia, especially Baseball Cards and I have skills to give back in marketing as well, thus this blog.

best retirement hobbies for men that make money

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We don’t feel like the career should end because of a certain age but our health begins to decline and it shows in our Golf Game or Tennis Scores, but there are solutions to make money without the heavy physical load of the past. The one we will discuss today is blogging and affiliate marketing. These are skills that are easy to gain that can take any skill or hobby from your life you are passionate about and allow you to make money. In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss some of our favorite retirement hobbies for men that make money.

The Best Retirement Hobbies For Men And How to Make Money From Them.

Golf even if you suck is a great way to make money online:

Golf Mens Hobbies that Make Money online

There are millions of golfers with a better or worse handicap than yours who are ready to see your perspective on the game and to read about the equipment you use, instructions you are taking and yes even the clothes you were to the course. What’s more, if Golf is a kingsman game that lends itself to more affluent crowds so even the sale of luxury men and women’s jewelry, cars, and more.

Ideal products for a golf-related hobby blog: Lessons, putting greens, driving screens, balls, tees, clubs, golf carts, real estate ads, Investment ads, Doctors offices that specialize in sports medicine will pay for an ad too. There are over 35,000 golf-related products with affiliate programs. You can also offer lessons yourself if you are a gold pro or advanced golfer, and services like Massage Therapy do well also.

Woodworking is a perennial money-making retirement hobby for men:

Wordworking crafts make money from Mens Hobbies

From building birdhouses to grandfather clocks, workbenches and dining sets we guys love to build things. I can imagine many of your works over the years have been sold to make room for even more creativity and so that has been a side hustle as the kids say for some time. But think of every tool in your arsenal that you could promote as well.

Product ideas for making money with woodworking blogs: Power tools, hand tools, vices, gloves and safety equipment, wood-burning tools, stains and varnish, magazines and how-to books, design plans, and personal instruction. You can even promote your works through an Etsy store on your blog like my friends Chuck and Sean do.

Tennis is another Sports Hobby that makes money through blogging:

You don’t have to be an expert or even a coach to make good money here. Tennis lessons and such are great for pros but I am betting in your retirement you don’t want to watch over some novice 4-8 hours a day to make a few bucks. You can, however, write about your beloved sports hobby for good income as an affiliate marketer.

Products to promote on your blog related to Tennis: Shoes, Shorts, Shirts, Skirts, Rackets, Balls, Serving machines, lessons, court time, camps, resorts with courts, tickets to sporting events, magazine subscriptions and book sales.

Fishing is one of my best hobbies for men that make money:

I absolutely adore fishing as a low impact sports hobbies, and eating fish is very healthy for you as well. From days at the lake to fun on the river, and even ocean charters fishermen spend a small fortune to satisfy their quest for a relaxing day with new stories about the one that got away and new pictures of the ones they caught. Fishing as a hobby is very easy to write about for the angler because we all tell our stories and even if you use Dragon Naturally Speaking to do the writing for you all you need is a few good stories and the ability to say hey, this is what I am using and this is how well or not well it worked.

Fising is a lucratib Mens hobby that makes Money

Best fishing hobby products to sell: Boats, motors, excursions, magazines, guides, almanacs, GPS trackers, Fish Finders, Lures, Live bait growing kits, lines, poles, reels, waders, and more. From a few pennies per item to a few thousand dollars should you help sell a boat these programs will keep you earning and pay for your own trips and equipment.

Drones are the in thing why not make money while experiencing cutting edge technology as a hobby?

From a few dollars to several thousand dollar drones are all the rage these days. You can write about home use, hobby clubs, photo and video production drones, how to operate them, and related equipment.

While the equipment is more limited at this point it includes things like harnesses for delivery drones, new cameras, bumps guards, GPS finders, Blade sets, Replacement long-range controllers, electronic parts and components, mounting bracket and more. You can augment the product selection with magazines, blogs, club subscriptions, and related gear like high-resolution imaging equipment and software for the computer, image, and photo editing software, and again this is a hobby that is for more affluent users so items like luxury watches, men suits, women apparel, and Jewelry all perform well.

Best retirement hobbies for men that make money, what tools and training do you need?

The most common item needed if training in affiliate marketing and blogging. You need to learn to write effective content from your experiences and interest with passion and interest in your audience. You probably have many of the skills needed already but just need to put the pieces of knowledge together in the right order to make money online through blogs.

You will need website hosting, you will also need tools to optimize your blogs for the search engines and that can all be through one subscription service which offers free beginners lessons, $19 for your first month as a premium member and just $49 a month or $359 a year once the 2 tier trial is over. I have been a member for 5 years and an affiliate marketer for 16, and have learned so much about blog based affiliate marketing from Kyle Loudon, Carson Lim, and Jay Neill as well as our massive list of over 1.7 million members. For my full review click the box below and then join us today at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Andy Anderson

Summary of our hobbies for men that make money:

There are millions of hobbies to embrace as a man in today s retirement lifestyle. You can also choose work experience, leisure activities, and just about anything you are passionate about and love doing. I recommend something you love to do because the few hours a week spent on your blog should be happy and stress-free. Blogging keeps communication skills and mental focus at all-time highs and you will find it therapeutic as well. Go out there and get trained, then turn those men hobbies into extra cash.

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22 thoughts on “5 Best Retirement Hobbies For Men That Make Money”

  1. Well, where are the ladies? Fishing and Tennis might be hobbies for men, but those are my hobbies as well. 

    I started fishing when I was a little girl and my dad always used to take me fishing. It was a daddy-daughter bonding time.

    Tennis is what I did for fun and good exercise, but that was only in the beginning. Soon after it becomes something I was passionate about, so I started going into groups and playing for clubs.

    This is a great topic, even though ladies are not included.

    Overall, thank you and all the best.

    • Aabidah, I will be doing a similar post for the ladies soon. I believe in equal access for all and am proud of our lady anglers, tennis greats, and even American style Football players. Blog based affiliate marketing requires attention to search terms and for this post, the search term I was targeting relates to guys but there are some pretty awesome opportunities still to cover, in fact, millions of hobbies and interest you can make money with.

  2. Retiring from office work does not necessary mean one has to stop working or making money. Blogging and affiliate marketing is a sure fire way to make money when one retires. It can pay the bills for a very long time while you are teaching others on something you love or know much about. 

    This can be done by anyone and does not require any special skill to succeed at it although there are trainings and techniques that can help one succeed at it. It is really one of the best businesses for retired people that can earn money for a long period of time.

    • Hi Jay. The fact is this post will make me money. Even if all I get right now are people who take up my offer for a free money making report I will earn income over the next 1-2 years. I can say this because the information is too good to pass up. What is your outlay to get started? Free, you get the first 10 lessons of either the Online Entrepreneurs Certification course or the Affiliate Bootcamp free. Affiliate programs are free to join. Your big costs are a professional blog host and domain name to do business with and we have that covered in the Wealthy Affiliate program.

  3. Oh, I think it’s pretty good suggestions for making money after retirement.

    Actually, I like this article because I love fishing and tennis.

    But I’ve never thought that I could earn money with those hobbies.

    The point is that I don’t have to be an expert in those hobbies right?

    How could I start making money online with my hobbies? I mean, the detailed methods!

    Also, I was wondering why you told me that fishing, golf, and tennis were good hobbies to make money online.

    Is there any statistics about it? I’m just wondering 🙂

    Thanks for the good tips 🙂

    • Sure, Shawn. Anglers spend 16 billion a year on Fishing gear for example, a large portion of that spend is online through sites like Amazon and Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s. Golf is an 18 billion marketplace with tons of money spent on Golf related travel.

      As to Affiliate Marketing,25 Affiliate Marketing Secrets You Should Know you can learn more about it here:

      In the short story of Affiliate marketing, you will write stories and reviews related to your interest and provide affiliate links to related equipment and services or sell advertising on your website/blog. Passion finds other passionate people and they will follow your blog and buy many of the same products you do. An affiliate earns a commission or piece of every sale referred through their own special affiliate links.

  4. Hi Andy, interesting insights into affiliate marketing and areas that can actually be ventured into to become a success. Golfing is a great game and though I’m not too knowledgeable about it, yet I like watching the game a lot. But I prefer to venture into soccer related niche. Can you please give a view on the area I can specialise on in soccer. Thanks

    • Alas I would need to learn more about soccer to go in-depth on it but the same goes for any sport, your money is in equipment and helping coaches sell lessons and training videos, etc..

  5. Hi Andy, I’m nowhere near retirement but I enjoyed reading your article.

    Something I’ve always wanted to find the time for is working with wood – sculpting to be specific so I look forward to the day when I have the time to pursue that – and no doubt I’ll be searching for guides and products online when I do!

    I don’t care about sports or military-related pursuits and I have many friends that don’t but I do know most of them LOVE cars – you might want to add that to the article as that is a niche with huge potential for affiliate marketers.



    • Thanks, Phil. I did briefly mention several hobbies including cars that didn’t get expanded on in this post but I will definitely revisit this post and add successor post to cover many more niche ideas in the near future. There are so many possibilities. There are over 35,000 assorted hobbies people do and hundreds of thousands of products you can earn from related to the. But here is a brief Classic Cars example.

      Parts online, locator services, polishes, waxes, chrome items, rims, tires, paint products, advertise local body shops and restoration specialist, promote magazines like Auto Trade, and sell Chilton’s Guides. There are so many to list. Mechanical degree programs and even accessories like car haulers and trailers should also make this list.


  6. I am about to retire early due to my online business but I am not the kind of person who will be sitting all day long, drinking beers and hanging out with friends. I need to be active or else I’ll get depressed.

    I had a few hobbies in the past which I can start again but they won’t be able to cover my entire day. Fishing sounds like very interesting. I used to go fishing with my uncle when I was young… It would be nice to start again!

    • Harry, that’s exactly the mindset I am talking about. We are driven from the time of our youth to be doing something productive with our time even if we have money we have to stay active or we can’t even sleep. I know I could never stop blogging because my passion lies in the pursuit of helping others find success. I am happy that you too have found a calling that will let you stay active and productive well into your early retirement.

  7. Being retired doesn’t mean you have to literally stop working at all. I believe it’s just a new leaf or chapter in life where you can still enjoy earning money without the pressure because your time is in your hands. Affiliate Marketing is an opportunity provider available for different types of working sector including retirees. It’s a good thing you found a great way to continue working through this online business platform.

    My dad will soon retire a few months from now and I would like to introduce affiliate marketing when he’s ready. I am pretty sure, he won’t be stopping to work because he’s a man who values productivity. Among your suggestions he would probably choose woodwork. He knows a lot of stuff in carpentry and tools. I can help him with setting up his website or whatever support he will be needing in affiliate marketing. Thanks for your suggestion. I’m gonna have him read this for encouragement.

    • Hi MissusB, You’re becoming a regular here.

      Your dad sounds a lot like mine. He was always working with his hands and could have done so much in affiliate marketing before he passed away. He started blogging but wasn’t passionate about what he was blogging about. He was trying to use my business model instead of his own so he only made moderate amounts of money. I know if he had followed a path where passion drove him he would have lived a lot better at the end of life. His painting alone would have brought him more joy and more earnings than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. This is why I say follow passions first in blogging, do what you love doing.

  8. Great post and some things aren’t what I kept for possible, such as the tennis. I make money online, by freelancing and affiliate marketing, so for me this is the best way. I can save good money every month, and I will use that as retirement money. I know that the majority of the people can’t do this, so it is good you wrote this. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. 

    • The nice thing is Affiliate marketing is something you can do at all ages. I am even trying to get my teenagers to start jotting down the things they love doing and turn them into blogs to help with college or starting out in living expenses. For me I am looking towards the wife and my retirement, we are both 44 now and have little time to get something built besides social security which offers no real security at all. Hobby blogs are an excellent fit, they don’t seem like work because they follow what you love and sooner than you think can be paying you an extra thousand dollars a month or more.

  9. This gives me a whole new perspective now as a 58 year old male. I am fairly close to retirement and want to utilize a hobby of mine that I have had since I was a teenager. It is kind of in the memorabilia type of niche, but iconic as well. I have always followed the music group the Rolling Stones and have always found them, their music, and their longevity as being fascinating to say the least. So, I have been collecting albums, books, ticket stubs and other memorabilia. My question is, does this seem like a hobby that a retiree could utilize in affiliate marketing? What are your thoughts on that?

    • The Stones is a great topic to cover, an excellent example of a sub-niche within the music category and they are one of the World’s most popular bands. I think you will do great marketing this blog.

  10. I have a year and a half left in the military and I was talking to this guy who is now retired.  He said he never played golf a day in his life and that’s pretty much what he does all the time now.  It’s amazing how much your perspective changes as you get older.

    I like your niche about drones, I plan on making money online when I retire but I need a hobby to get me out of the house.  I’ll probably make a website similar to that and have meet and greets.  Maybe I can get one of those $1000s ones from Best Buy once I increase my skill level

    • I had a friend in Florida who did RC Airplanes from household items like Pepsi Bottles. I can imagine Carl who had quite a following from newspaper and magazine articles could make tens of thousands a month with a blog of his own. There are people willing to learn anything and everything and while some niche are slower starts they are all lucrative.

  11. There are a lot of good points here about making money with the fun hobbies and personal interests that you already love. You don’t have to be an expert to be of value and share your experiences. One friend of mine started woodworking right after retirement and got tons of orders from friends for custom bowls and pens after posting photos of the works on social media.

    However, I’m not sure why this article was limited to men, as I know plenty of women who do quite well with these retirement hobbies too. 

    • I will be writing another article targeting women, the reason men were chosen was related to the search term Google was sending traffic to most. It was no slight to women intended just a move made to generate more interest based on what people are actually searching for. Millions of women play golf, and tennis, and do as well as the men do. I know tons of crafty people of both sexes, just more men were searching for hobbies they could do at the time.


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