5 Online Home Business Ideas You Can Do Now!

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Regardless of what 5 Online Home Business Ideas I throw out here today there are some things we need to clear up first.

The first of those is that running an online home business is like running an offline business of any type be it from the home or from a brick and mortar store. If you don’t feed it time, money, and give it time to grow you will likely lose it even before you break even. That said starting a life of learning should always be at the top of you 5 Best Online Home Business Ideas You Can Do Now. Don’t worry that was a bonus thought, I’ll get down to business or home business now.

Our 5 Best Online Business Ideas You Can Do Now Starts Here

Online Home Business Ideas 1 Be A Pro Blogger

Blogs. The first plan of action in home business of any type is to start a blog anyhow because they are a lifeblood of free traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They are a place to call home and build your reputation and even start a newsletter and build an e-mail marketing list so why not make them the focal point of your home based business.

Make money Blogging Online Home Business Ideas Number One

As a focal point a blog is different from having any other online home business idea and adding a blog to it. Instead of pushing one thing and one thing only you have freedom to move about your niche and can virtually blog about anything your heart desires. As a business the blog can be about anything you are passionate about like sewing, cooking, personal fitness, dieting, antique cars etc.

To make money you need to find people like you who share your passion and need the things you do to accomplish goals within your niche. A good example would be a classic car blog recommending a certain brand or doing a brand comparison of different types of car wax or promoting a local parts dealer through a paid advertisement. I am also developing a blog on retiring early and it will have a heavy dose of things like aging supplements and sports equipment that will bring in the money to write about things of interest to people like me who desire retirement before the life runs out of our lifestyle.

You can learn all about blogging as a home business through Wealthy Affiliate University.

Online Home Business Ideas Number 2 – Retail Online Store

Retail or e-commerce site. Don’t worry you don’t have to fill your home with merchandise, handle storage, postage, and employees. In fact all of that can be taken care of behind the scenes by either Amazon Fulfillment using products you purchase wholesale for resale, or by becoming a drop ship company.

Using Amazon fulfillment is the most lucrative means because you are able to buy your inventory in bulk and get the best

Drop Ship E-commerce Online Home Business Idea Number Two

price but not everyone has $5,000 or more to tie up in products sitting in an Amazon warehouse so most e-commerce stores started from home use a business model called Drop Shipping.

The Drop Ship e-commerce store is one that purchases through certain types of wholesale suppliers who specialize in supplying as little as one each of a specific product to your customer and they ship the item in your name as if it came from your business. These agencies often called jobbers or drop ship warehouses are largely importers who don’t mind sending the items in the name of another company because they buy a large volume of each product for the best possible price, you handle the advertising and client acquisition and they get a tidy mark-up or profit from the sale. Many of these companies even offer geographically based free shipping like Free to the US, or Free Shipping in Canada or the UK.

Learn more about Drop Shipping and E-commerce with ECommergy.

Online Home Business Ideas Number 3 Direct Sales

Direct Sales Online Home Business Ideas Number 3

A Direct Seller is like someone who sells Avon, Herbalife, or Watkins Products. Direct sellers can hold in-home events like Tupperware Parties or Jewelry in Candles in Home Reveals and also distribute catalogs offline and do so with minimal inventory but what about booking? See the offline aspect needs a lot of legwork if you don’t leverage your online site through the program to gain local bookings.

Fact is the modern Avon Representative can earn up to 5 times as much by promoting their website gateways even before leaving home. Many of the others count up to 95% of their business as being booked online and reps have an opportunity with most of these traditional MLM companies to recruit representatives under them and duplicate their earnings potential.

Why limit yourself to gaining new reps in my city USA when you could be recruiting reps in other cities, states, and in some cases countries?

Online Home Business Ideas number 4 Network Marketing

Similar to Direct Sales your business is product based but you don’t have a representative kit to buy and usually get your replicated website for free. Unless you choose to take it offline your business is 100% online and you can either mass advertise or make one on one connection through social media, forums, and chat groups.

A Network Marketer is someone who is basically an affiliate marketer who benefits from an MLM style multiple layered earnings structure. They can both promote product sales and recruit other affiliates to promote product sales. One of the industry top programs for more than 20 years is Strong Future International and it pays you based on your rank in the company on up to 12 levels of down-line. I personally earn money when any of over 700 affiliates in my team make money with SFI.

Unlike traditional MLM there is no money in making money. You don’t have to buy product or make a minimum sales volume, and in no manner are you earning funds from recruiting other people on the basis of that person making money and then charging them a fee to promote the company and pay plan. BTW that’s called a Ponzi scheme or pyramid scam and is illegal in most countries. Instead, it is 100% product sale oriented, nobody makes a dime if product doesn’t sell.

SFI has a whole fleet of websites to choose from promoting and you can earn commission on over 3,000 products including subscriptions to publications like ECommergy that I mentioned above.

Join my SFI team here for Free and make use of their free training to start your own home based business.

Online Home Business Ideas Number 5 Be A Freelancer or Consultant

Chances are you have been doing something work wise for years and may even have student loans or had student loans you paid off learning. Why not fire your boss and go after some massive amounts of money online teaching those skills to others or using those skills on a per job basis?

Many freelancers learned jobs like Integrated Technology, computer programming or repair, and have been typing reports and newsletter for years. I personally write on over a dozen different subjects I learned as an offline business manager for over 14 years. I have even turned some of that experience into cash by consulting other managers and business owners and writing content for other publications. We Also started making our own camera-ready ads and now occasionally take a Fiverr Gig to do banner design work or simple Logo creation.

Above all, I have earned the freelancer income from skills learned online for free in Social Media Marketing, influence advertising, and Search Engine Optimization. All of these skills pay huge rewards as a freelance consultant or for piece work.

Summary of Online Home Businesses Anyone Can Run

As you can see you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or even rich to make money in a home business of your own. In fact, you can start with a free blog and some free training via Wealthy Affiliate and Strong Future International and be building quite a business off sweat equity even before you invest in yourself financially.

Above all, we use affiliate marketing and network marketing to generate our income here just telling you about cool programs, cool tools, and warning you about dangerous scams online and how to avoid them. We use skills learned online and offline to do freelance work in our spare time and set our own hours and can work from anywhere in the world that we have an internet connection. The only real requirement is you do put at least 10 hours a week into building your business and be ready when your customers are to be able to collect big bank and make money online.

If any of this helped you please leave a comment below and click those all important social media share buttons. They do help keep us a free publication and if you really love us fill out the form to your right and join our newsletter. Do that and I will send you my free report 7 Steps to Earning a Fulltime Income Online.

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  1. Thank you for that very informative read. I’m really interested in the bit about Drop ship eccomerce, I have never heard of this until this article. I just started my online blog with WA recently and now look forward to learning more about Drop ship eccomerce.

    Thank you again for that great article, keep them coming

    • A great place to learn more about drop shipping is SaleHoo.com , they are an index for drop ship suppliers and have an extensive training library that is free to the public.

  2. I would definitely love to begin freelancing. To be my own boss and set my own hours, it would be a dream come true. I’m also an independent writer, so it’s not like I don’t have a resume to build on. I made it a commitment earlier in the year to freelance and now that I no longer want to be subject to a time clock and on someone else’s time, and working my tail off to build and realize someone else’s dreams. We live once. Let’s work toward building our own dreams. 

    • I wish I had the link but I read a great post on 5 Writing Jobs You Can Do Now from Jay at Magstudios, another Wealthy Affiliate Member. Looking at a comparison of 5 of the top writer for hire services I found that it can take time to get established but even in the beginning a freelancer can make $15 an hour. For basic content, I make a minimum of $25 an hour after 2 years of writing for others online. Some jobs pay as much as $200 an article for multi-term search engine optimized articles combined with social media marketing services.

  3. Hello Andy,

    That’s true that anyone can start an online business but it takes and hard work. The end results pays off. I agree with you about Wealthy affiliate. I started as a freemium member and wanted to stay as one forever but as a premium, i saw more opportunity in premium so I decided to upgrade. I have no regrets haha. Anyways great article and wish you succeed. Thanks.

    • Hi, Andy from one Andy to another.

      I agree wholehearted with your statements about Wealthy Affiliate. I have been there going on 5 years and wouldn’t trade it for the world. The hosting, training, support, and Jaaxy all equal massive value and I love that there are no upsells. You can pay by the month at $47 or by the year at $359 and either way I made money my first year and even more by year two.

  4. The home office is considered to be the most productive work space. Working at home will definitely brings fewer  interruptions and less commuting time, Increased staff motivation  with reduced stress and sickness levels.Retail Online Store is one of the best online business I really crave to start soon, using Amazon as a case study ,we have thousands of people buying from the store daily and people are making  a living on online.

  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful business idea article here with us, I have always been wondering how start making money at hone and stop my 9-5 work. I found this article is very informative on how to start online business. I have once tried blogging which I later stopped due lack of proper training on how to blog. I will think about join the wealthy affiliate platform and start learning how to be a pro blogger.
    Again, thanks for this article.

    • Wealthy Affiliate can take anyone and train them to be a professional write/blogger/affiliate. They have the best training system I have seen in 15 years of online marketing. I have learned so much and have made a major commitment to doing the Super Affiliate Challenge this year with Kyle’s help.

  6. Doing business at home online is a lucrative and comfortable way of making money, without having to run around under the elements to get to work. Or go about trying to please difficult bosses. 

    I am a blogger and I also do some freelancing every now and then. And I am making my money without much hassles. I love working online, it’s flexible and lucrative. 

    • Yes, it is. I make a minimum $25 an hour writing for others and have had single clients add an extra $400 to $500 a month to my bottom line in just a few short hours of my spare time. Freelance gigs like these make it easy to afford the membership I have at Wealthy Affiliate.

  7. Hello Andy,

    Wow, there are so many ways people can make mony from the comfort of their homes. I knew about some of them and I have recently started my own website at Wealthy Affiliate. After reading your article, I may be considering expanding my business to any of the other ones you have mentioned and try them out myself. 

    Great article,


    • Mariana It is possible to turn your Wealthy Affiliate training into many of over 100 business opportunities for bloggers. I would be open to adopting as many as possible in your blogs. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  8. This is really an insightful article that enlighten the aspiring entrepreneur. I am glad I had crossed this road before so I can really say this rticle is really helpful in all capacities. I actually go with affiliate marketing as is really sure and easy to make a little big earnings compare to the rest mentioned. Good training is just needed and am glad wealth affiliate serve that purpose. It really helpful to get the best niche. I will like to ask if Direct Sales is similar to dropshipping?

    • Direct sales is closer to network marketing than it is to Drop Shipping because it involves selling the companies products as the company providing them and not as your own product offerings.

  9. So many posts out there about working from home and making money online, but this seems to be the best of the bunch I have read. Good elaboration on Drop shipping, blogging and e-commerce are the highlights of the piece. I currently have a niche website and I will use some of the principles stated on this post to build it.

    Thanks for this write up.

  10. I like this. In my own view, I think work from home jobs are more demanding compared to the 9-5 works. All the 5 online home businesses ideas you listed look good. I have been involved in blogging, affiliate marketing and networking marketing. I find blogging and affiliate marketing better compared to network marketing. I equally work as a freelance writer. Like you rightly mentioned, online home businesses demands the same seriousness like the office works. Someone must put patience, time and effort in other to succeed.

    • Ask any successful Entrepreneur how many hours they put into their business and they will tell you far more than a 9-5 job, but the initial freedom loss allows them to enjoy a better life later on once the business is built and growing. I was putting around 100 hours a week in before my nervous breakdown and now I can put in 30 hours and do as much as before and enjoy it more.

  11. I have always wanted to earn money online and work from home but I don’t know the online works available so coming across your site is actually a blessing and I must commend you for taking your time to share this review as you have provided me with the best home business to work on and actually I now know the one to go for. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Many on this blog find affiliate marketing best suited to them because of the thought freedom. It is by far the one I have chosen but others may lead to faster profits. I personally am both a consultant and blogger, for example, putting the real-world experience into play while I build up my blogs.

  12. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful insight. Out of the five ideas presented in the post, I only get involved in only two majorly—pro blogging and freelancing. Though my blog has been monetized and it serves as a constant means of livelihood for me, I still see it as a constant challenge to me to keep on inputing my hard work as I believe inputs equals outputs/rewards. On the other hand, just like you, I engage in freelance writing in my leisure hours and I do rake close to $11 per hour. I’m still reading upnon network marketing and I hope to venture into that sometimes soon.

    thanks for this post

    • My own freelance writing is usually around $20-$25 an hour but that’s because of the research shortcuts I have picked up over the years. Mostly knowing what to search for to get to the information needed in as little time as possible. Things like using Google Advanced search with exact match keywords etc.. Once the research is done the writing goes fast. In short, it’s a lucrative sideline if you can find the work. I prefer not to use most of the writer for hire sites because it takes some time to get established and earn your own asking price. If I wanted someone choosing what my time was worth I would get a Just Over Broke JOB. Instead, most potential clients approach me through social circles or via my contact forms. I am also working on a site to showcase the freelance talents that I hope to have ready in a couple of months time.

  13. Dear Andy,

    I have just finished the whole article.I must commend for your great article.Really this is an informative article.I started my own blog in WA as a premium member.I believe WA is the best affiliate market and it gives the opportunity to earn a passive money.So,i was thinking to start an business from home in online.But i couldn’t choose the perfect one.In this regard your article is very helpful for me.I am very interested in network marketing as it seems very good and also friendly work for me.your article provided me with the best home business to work.This article is very helpful for those people who are looking for a best online home business as you highlighted the article so nicely.I will share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can benefited from this.

    • Thank you for your time in sharing and reading. Network marketing can be a blessing in the right company like Strong Future International mentioned in the article. The drawback to other offers is that idiots in MLM businesses are trying to exploit the term Network Marketing and convince people their programs are the same thing so there is a degree of misunderstanding and distrust. People looking at Network marketing need to stop seeing a pyramid structure because even your JOB and your Government are all pyramids of power and money. What makes Network Marketing viable is that you are selling real products for real profits at real value and the compensation plan allows you to put a workforce under you and duplicate your efforts so you create true passive income streams. Good luck and God bless.

  14. That’s true that anyone can start an online business but it takes and hard work. The end results pays off. I agree with you about Wealthy affiliate. I started as a freemium member and wanted to stay as one forever but as a premium, i saw more opportunity in premium so I decided to upgrade. I have no regrets haha. Anyways great article and wish you succeed. Thanks.

    the internet has brought much hopes to the ordinary person not able to reveal their skills or entrepreneurship, blogs, articles, e-commerce and other avenues are the way this generation is going
    the days of local mega-stores are disappearing into the past, the age of online sales and social media will drive pries down, offer more choices without getting in a car, bus or train to lug things back home
    this is a great site displaying the skills of a professional at work!

    well done man
    gong si fa cai [chinese: meaning prosperous life]

  15. This is a great article and site, showing the new age is here of social media, online eCommerce, delivery to the door!

    again a professional site and great information therein

    The entrepreneurship of Joe public is open and many will rise to stardom, become wealthy and business bosses

    what could be better to see everyone have a fair crack of the whip regardless of their  geography, creed or religious standing

    so goodbye mega stores and cooperatives welcome online trading and communication


    • Yes it is nice to see a resurgence of the mom and pop business, where one family sets out to make a better life for themselves. A dream is a terrible thing to waste and more and more people are coming online and learning they can live their dreams through e-commerce or affiliate marketing, consulting and more.


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