6 Tricks to Building Your Brand With Amazon Gift Cards

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For Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers, Building Brand Authority can be a challenge or a breeze. It all depends on how far you are willing to go to please everyone you possibly can on your blog. Today we will discuss 6 Tricks to Building Your Brand with Amazon Gift Cards. These hidden tactics can make or break an affiliate’s business and more often than not they can put you years ahead of your competition.

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How Do Amazon Gift Cards Help You Building Your Brand As A Blogger Or Affiliate Marketer?

You know that feeling when someone hands you a sack of money? OK maybe not but how about Grandma giving you $20 in a greeting card for your Birthday growing up? You remembered Grandma and looked forward to Granny on your special day didn’t you? Well, brand loyalty works in a similar manner. You are looking for ways to make your prospects and subscribers remember your blog, your offers, and YOU.

One of the ways to make a big impression is to give something unique away that maybe not everyone has. Amazon Gift Cards, for example, maybe an item another blogger hasn’t thought of in your niche. They can, however, be used to promote offers, to generate add on sales, to build your list, to increase subscriber retention and more. Today we will discuss just 6 ways in which you can get creative with Amazon Gift Cards for Building Your Brand.

6 Tricks to Building Your Brand with Amazon Gift Cards Overview

Below is a step by step system to build your branding and generate sales, subscriptions, and increase team performance across the board. These are super ninja tactics employed by top marketers to build loyalty, and increase sales volume though most are not using or under using the same as cash gift cards to accomplish these feats.

Build Brrand Loyalty with Amazon Gift Cards

Ninja Affiliate Tactic 1: Building your list through a contest.

Everyone loves winning a cool contest and when the odds are great the flood gates open to possibility. Imagine running a contest for a $50 gift certificate from Amazon for one lucky subscriber? Name to be announced in an e-mail on X Date. You can be sure that not only will the reader subscribe to your list but they will also be watching their e-mail for your messages and updates.

With this Ninja Affiliate Tactic, you are building a subscriber base while also increasing engagement. Send content worth reading and you can hook that subscriber for life. Programs like Raffle Copter can help facilitate the contest for new subscribers and even handle the drawing of the winner at total random. I have given away prizes in the past using their service and be more than pleased with the outcome.

Ninja Affiliate Tactic 2: Subscription Buyer Loyalty

Example: I am an affiliate for a company called Wealthy Affiliate that specializes in Blog Based Affiliate Marketer Training. When I refer a free member they are offered the first month’s membership at $19 of which my commission is $8 as a Premium Member. The membership beyond month 1 is $49 a month and my commission is $23.50 per Premium Member per month at that rate. If a referred member stays 3 months as a Premium member I will make a total of $55 of their subscription. Would it be worth $20 in Amazon Gift Cards to make $55 instead of $8 and go?

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Andy Anderson
How many people are going to stay 3 months if you offer $20 in Amazon Rewards for giving the Premium Membership a 3-month try? I offer an ethical bribe of my 3 Million Visitor Formula already for Premium subscribers in their first month. The Bonus training is only available to Upgraded Members of Wealthy Affiliate and was written by me as advanced training for growing blogs. I simply send the link with their welcome message and BAM, initial brand loyalty begins.

I can then contact this recruit and give them details about my Loyalty Reward knowing full well that the new affiliate will see value in the proposition and will likely be there for 6 months or more. My profit may only be $35 in 3 months but if I sell 100 memberships that way I make $3500 for a cost of $2,000 that is fully tax-deductible.

Ninja Affiliate Tactic 3: Performance Rewards

Many bloggers sell their own products and have affiliate programs of their own to promote them. Others are into Network Marketing or MLM and in either case, you have affiliates or sub-affiliates who generate sales volume and you earn a portion of that Commission Volume. The more money the affiliate under you or in your program makes the more you make so why not offer a bonus of your own using Amazon Gift Cards?

EXAMPLE: Generate $200 in Commissions for August and get a $20 Bonus from your sponsor. If the company offers a commission match of just 25% you make a cool $30 profit. Have a team of 100 members and you have another $3,000 month with up to $2400 a year in Tax Deductions. How many of your affiliates do you think will work extra hard to get your bonus?

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Ninja Affiliate Tactic 4: Purchase Bonus

Affiliate marketers are often compelled to sell e-books and training programs like found on Clickbank and JVZoo that offer a high commission. Often these commissions reach 75% of the sale on an average ticket of $100 or more. That’s $75 in commission per sale. Try buying a $10 to $20 Amazon Gift Certificate and adding it to a package of other digital bonuses to get that sale and you could be the top affiliate and even win some lucrative contest.

The best thing is you only buy the gift card if the sale is made and the buyer has to agree to at least one contact with you to collect their bonus. At this time pitch them on joining your e-mail list for more great bonus offers.

Ninja Affiliate Tactic 5: Amazon Prime On Me

This one has some potential for loss but a lot of potential for gain. You can get a bounty off Amazon Prime Membership sales and offer up to a month of free prime to try it out. Often this type of promotion is offered by Amazon themselves so in those months you will have no out-of-pocket cost for the promotion but imaging saying I will rebate you $3 of your first month of Prime Membership when you send me your proof of purchase after buying through my link. Be sure to check Amazon’s current policies to make sure this option of promotion is still viable.

Ninja Affiliate Tactic 6: Book Club Loyalty

Bibliophiles will love getting a book of the month offered up in the form of an online book club. One customer could buy as many as 4-5 monthly books from your reading list for forum discussion. It’s sometimes like a competition with the members to see who reads more and has a larger library.

Book clubs, as a result, tend to be a very lucrative niche market. If you offer a book club membership for $10 and give a $5 Amazon Gift Card towards the member’s first book purchase you can set up a situation where they are buying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in books a year. Soon you are an Amazon Affiliate Star and heck, they buy the digital editions it makes sense they buy a New Kindle Reader and an Amazon Prime membership. Make sure though you are making your suggestions through a fresh Amazon Associates link so you get your commissions in droves.

Summary of Amazon Gift Cards and Building Your Brand Tactics

Regardless of the Trick or Tricks, you employ you are constantly building your business. When you build out your subscriber list you are building a captive audience for more great value-added rewards, contests, and sales. You can aim for low commission no brain required items and build loyalty and repeat business, or for a high ticket or residual commissions and it even works for network marketing.

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Think of creative ways to use Amazon Gift Cards for Building Your Brand and leave them in the comments.


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26 thoughts on “6 Tricks to Building Your Brand With Amazon Gift Cards”

  1. You have here a very good idea. I have been thinking for a while how I would ever be able to reward my email list subscribers. I think that gifting people with an Amazon gift card has been a very happy thing to give people not just for the giver though because the receiver gets to use it for good stuff on the platform. Nice stuff you put up here. I’m going to give this a try.

    • Hi, Henderson. I am glad you are planning to use the e-mail list building a segment of this post. It’s truly one of my favorites as once a person subscribes the industry average is each subscriber being worth $4-$8 a year. Get just 100 new subscribers you can add $400 to $800 to your earnings for $50. It’s that kind of power.

  2. I never thought about that the Amazon gift card can offer you to be the blogger or affliate marketer. It is worth to try. I had my Amazon gift card to buy something what I need.  I did not know that it offer the bonus.  Someday, I will do if it helps me get the bonus as if my website is successful.  Thanks for that tip!!

    • The best part is most of these you can implement a pay me first basis so you are operating out of profits instead of blond faith.  An example would be the Product Purchase Bonus where you can get your commission and then send out the bonus to the customer. This will make sure they can’t scam you with a chargeback as they have to wait until you get paid to collect their card.

  3. Hello Andy, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am an affiliate marketer for over 2 years but honestly, I never thought about Amazon Gift cards. I already established my brand so far but I will definitely try this thing with Amazon cards, it may increase the conversion rate. Thanks for sharing.

    • Danijel, you have a great thing going as a program like Raffle Copter can put your existing user base to work virally building your business while also confirming they still want to be a part of your list. You might find that not only do you get a flood of new subscribers but existing subscribers come alive once more.

  4. This is one of the best ninja tips I have run across in a long time!! Until I came across your article gift cards as a bonus or incentive to buy never crossed my rader. Question is it more beneficial to buy the gift cards in bulk ahead of time or do you wait till someone purchases to buy? 

    • It depends on your budget and preference as well as which tactics you plan to implement. I believe Amazon has a discount for businesses offering the cards that pay you like 25 cents a card issued which adds up over time if you do buy in bulk but don’t quote me on that. I personally buy after the commission is in hand to prevent credit card chargebacks leaving me on the hook for the cost of a card.

  5. Yes, I could remember when my aunt compensated me with a high valued gift card during my college graduation and after I got admission into a  high competitive university in my state. It was a amazing moment which I  can never forget in my life. I have a friend that is able to strengthen his network among people both online and offline through this Amazon gift card business. Although, I haven’t tried the business before but my friend is doing very well with it. Many tricks in here are very helpful for a beginner in this kind of business.

    • Stella, the best part is it can not only help you build your Amazon Sales but also build other income streams while propelling you to influencer status. You can be a blogging rockstar using this as a means to build subscribers for example.

  6. I love it, I have been thinking of offering bonus branded awards or promo products, but this looks like a good tactic I could get started very soon. I also thought of providing free products to the first ten people who comment. I like the idea of 3 months if you offer $20 in Amazon Rewards for giving the Premium Membership a 3-month try? Or something along those lines by doing this to get started, it shows you provide value. Amazing value, this post.

    Many Blessings         

    • Thanks, J.W. Our aim is to show that big money internet affiliates use tactics even the smallest among us can afford and some can do even better. A prime example is an average affiliate that includes a bunch of reports and videos they get from Private Label resellers as bonuses, but very few offer something of tangible value. By being unique you can beat these guys to the sale every time. Next thing you know you out of the box value proposal have you passing them on the leaderboards.

  7. I like this post because it shows the step-by-step system to help build a brand and generate sales in cyberspace. 

    I love your point on using just one $50 amazon gift card to create a contest for subscribers and hook in valuable customers for life. I am impressed with that trick because I could envisage the customer engagement and possibility of building a solid subscriber base. 

    Your article is great and I have shared it.

    • Thanks for the share Chris, I love thinking out of the box and this idea hit me this morning. I have used other cash incentives and membership rewards in the past with success but Amazon Gift Cards make deliverability anywhere in the world a breeze. Unlike cash where you usually have to wire it to foreign countries at a large cost to you, the gift cards can be handled 100% digital with no fuss.

  8. For me I will say that building a brand was and is still a challenge. Maybe it is because I am still in the early stages of my online business. Glad I found this site. The first tip on building a list through a contest is very unique. I actually see how this will work instantly as there is something for my audience to gain. Wow, and the trick on continuous subscription loyalty? I have not seen anyone try this before. You have really provided cool and implementable ways to hack it in this online journey. Thank you so much for taking your time. Great article!

    • Thank you and it was funny because I had a dream of this alternative last night. I went to bed at 7 AM and Bam I sat bolt upright and 10:30 and was writing by 11 this morning. I had to release the post a day ahead of my scheduled post it was just burning in my mind. Passion is what I feel for this idea.

  9. Great article on how to build your brand as blogger by using amazon gift cards to help in the process. I haven’t tried most of these and these seem or sounds pretty good ideas, especially the contest idea could be something to raise engaging rates very effectively. I guess I will raise my traffic on a decent level and try some of these. Thanks for sharing this, I will share this article with my friends who are interested in making money online.

    • Thanks, Jesse, The nice thing is these can help you generate new visitor traffic as much as increasing subscriber rates. The Raffel Copter option, for example, encourages your visitors to not just subscribe but also earn other entries for sharing your blog across their social media. As word gets out about your contest let the flood gates open.

  10. Andy, I enjoyed every word reading your brilliant “Tactics” for Amazon Affiliate Marketers! I fully believe your “Tactics” would up anyone’s Amazon Affiliate success. I use some products from Amazon and am an Affiliate because they offer such incredible choice! For just about any niche an Amazon Affiliate could buy a Gift Card and use your “Tactic”! I signed up for your newsletter and look forward to updates. God Bless and Good Luck! Janice 🤗🌾

    • Thank you, Janice. Glad to have you as a subscriber and hope to always over-deliver on your expectations. I am also a member of SFI or Strong Future International and we have Gift Certificates, Rewards points, and ECommergy Memberships that can also be handed out but nothing on the planet is as big in retail as Amazon in the realm of gift cards. Amazon also sells gift cards to favorite restaurants and coffee shops etc.. Want to regionalize where your list is built choose a more local option for the prize.

  11. Hi Andy,

    Being an Amazon Associate your article means a lot to me, and I got great insights from your article.

    Building our brand and becoming an authority from an author is a very important step in Affiliate Marketing & Blogging. I am currently working on building my email list, as we all know money is in the list. Building lists through a contest sounds interesting will give it a try.

    Subscription Buyer Loyalty is an eye-opener for me and I have never ever thought in that way, thanks a lot for sharing. I need to come up with my Loyalty Reward.

    Wow really amazed at the ideas, and you have given great value in this article. I will implement what I learned from your article.

    • Paul, you are a strong affiliate presence. I have seen that in your comments and to get this kind of rave review on the Amazon Gift Card Rewards ideas is a pure honor. Thanks for stopping in with another amazing comment.

  12. This is a brilliant idea! I had no idea it was so easy to offer Amazon gift cards. This is definitely something I will look into offering in at least one of the ways in your list. I like the competition idea in particular, I think that could really work. And the book club idea is also something I will have to consider, maybe a book of the month featuring a discount. Extremely informative article, thanks for sharing.

    • The best part of the book club idea is the discount doesn’t need to be large, if could be $3 off their first book and offer them a selection of books that allows you to subsidize a good share of the cost. You can get quite creative with it and while it may seem like a loss at first book clubs breed strong loyalty numbers and can be found in just about any genre, be it a murder mystery, business, or self-healing there are endless supplies of new materials and people ready to read with you.

  13. I think offering some kind of bonus for signing up to a program is an excellent idea. It’s what a number of affiliates do with their sales funnels after all. I didn’t know about the avenues you suggested but I did come up with something myself. I am a good writer and I’ve noticed that a number of people trying to create an online business aren’t, so with my WA affiliate program I have offered to write a free blog post (1000 words) for anyone signing up to go premium. Once I’m more established I will probably downgrade it to yearly subscriptions but for now I’m just trying to gain traction and any purchases will give me confidence even if I am giving more of my time than I really should to get the sale. I am a strong believer in paying it forward, as are you being a father of 7, I’m sure 🙂

    • I love the idea of starting them off with a branded guest post as long as it is within your niche, another idea would be to use Amazon to buy them a guide on pointers for writing, Gundy Gabriel has a wide selection of books to help new bloggers and influencers get started that are under $3 and worth many times that. Just Kindle them and you can read anywhere from any device with free apps. I own like 4 of her books, she is very good.


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