7 Best Facebook Business Marketing Tips

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Before getting into our 7 Best Facebook Business Marketing Tips we need to cover a few basics. Facebook is a company based in Menlo Park California that was founded in 2004 as a social media network focused on people interactions and sharing of media and content. Originally the site was limited to Harvard students and expanded through universities mostly Ivy League with a focus on the Boston Area in Massachusetts. The plan was simple, share content among students and allow them to network and build connections for tomorrow.

Fast forward 14 years in the future this limited network is the worlds most populated member site with over 2 billion of theFacebook Business Marketing Tips internet’s 3.5 billion users registered. That is more than half of all people with an internet connection have a Facebook account and the population of Facebook is nearly 7 times the population of the United States, making Facebook Business Marketing a true international cornerstone.

Social media marketing with a focus on the Best Facebook Marketing Tips and Practices is vital to any online business either brick and mortar or home-based. Affiliate marketers can make use of proper training and us Facebook Business Marketing to generate thousands of sales and a full-time income when they use the platform the way it is intended and within the letter of the law and Facebook’s terms of use.

Our 7 Best Facebook Business Marketing Tips

Our favorite tip here at Affiliate 3 Percent is to learn to create a top blog and great content because it is truly the core of any marketing plan. You need a place to have people land for more information related directly to their interest, targeted reviews of products, and gooey content that will keep them coming back to your site for more. Without a blog, you become a sales pitch and with people spending hundreds of millions of dollars to blog ads and sales pitches you can guess that most of your marketing or rather advertising will fall on deaf ears.

People don’t like being sold but they love to learn about products and brands and make educated decisions that leave them in the driver’s seat. So feeding them good to great content is Facebook Business Marketing Tip number 1.

Facebook Business Marketing Tip Number Two:

DON’T START POSTING LINKS BEFORE READING THIS! Facebook Groups only work if you post related content to the RIGHT audience and let them choose where to take the conversation.

The biggest mistake I see affiliates make all the time is they will post to SPAM groups for affiliate marketing and post just their opportunity link with no reason to follow it, especially if you are another idiot looking to drop their link and run to the next forum. These groups have next to no interaction, next to no lead delivery, and almost NO RESULTS!

Facebook Business ContentInstead, you need to look at who your ideal member or customer is. You need to know something about the customer as I have covered heavily in our Twitter Business Guide here. As you will see where you need to know your niche and understand what people in that niche are looking for. That will be what they seek in the search engines and what they search for information on Facebook. If you focus on advertising groups you will only get other advertisers looking to advertise free, often, and on as many groups as a day allows hoping something breaks.

Facebook Business Marketing Tip Number 3:

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Don’t be afraid to talk money, or for that matter spend some money.” quote=”Don’t be afraid to talk money, or for that matter spend some money.” theme=”style3″]

I mean you advertise free to join and you will get a tone of people looking for something for free but if you want to make money finding a bunch of people looking for a free handout is not a way to gain high conversion rates. If you want someone to join a program at $49 a month that has a free option, instead of advertising “Join Free Today”, advertise, “Best Business Under $50 a month – Try before you buy.” and you will get more people looking at a small investment and fewer looking to freeload.

Using this critical advice will save you time when connecting with prospects or leads, and money when using paid advertising like Facebook for Business Ads. You can invest in advertising knowing your clicks are from people really interested in starting a business who are ready to make a commitment to a paid membership. This alone can increase conversions and allow you to scale up to unlimited proportions. After all, aren’t we in this to make money from home?

Facebook Business Marketing Tip Number Four:

Think People Not Numbers in Facebook Business MarketingThink People, not numbers and be ready to make friends before business. People connect with people more than brands and companies. The reason business to business sales person will take a business owner or their perfect prospect to lunch or a conference is to get one on one time and build a professional relationship. In the Restaurant industry, we were friends with most of the vendors and drivers or salespeople who came in just as we built these relationships with regular customers.

When you take the added time to get to know a vetted prospect you can usually ask more of them than just presenting your business to someone who asks for a few details. It can be the difference between getting that $49 a month membership and getting the $179 upsell with it. If your business is one like Wealthy Affiliate you might sell a premium membership and through the relationship also market into a Jaaxy membership or even add value from other training programs and traffic suppliers for years to come. This too can scale your business upward through add on sales or upsells.

Facebook Business Marketing Tip Number 5:

Don’t be pushy. Time is money so we tend to try to push people into a decision but that can be met with resistance as nobody likes to be pushed. We don’t like pressure and see it as a red flag for a scam to be hurried into making financial investments or purchasing decisions. When it’s done we may revolt and be lost as a lead forever.

Affiliate marketers are told by idiots and I say that being kind that this is a numbers game and a no means next. It doesn’t have to be that way. A little finesse is an investment in what may be a maybe later sale. If you pressure a prospect the sale can be lost for good despite the time you took to pitch the human being you were communicating with. Where the finesse approach may take more time but get 110% more sales because the relationship and trust are allowed to grow, and the parties begin to understand why a commitment will benefit them.

Facebook Business Marketing Tip Number Six:

Use an Autoresponder or Bulk Email system to collect leads on your blog. You will be sending a lot of regular traffic to your blog through group posting and using Facebook Business Fan pages. Why miss out on building all of those relationships when you can easily prepare a report or other ethical and related bribe to get the visitor to become connected. Getting that initial connection and being able to automate the repetitive information such as talking points about your company, case studies, and your own personal story of your business will help you get more social contacts and build more friendships.

Use e-mail automation to grow Facebook Marketing results
You can even link your Lead Capture page to the call to action button on your Facebook Page. You can use any piece of content to market your business inside Facebook and get the conversation to carry over to your blog but if you are not capturing leads you are missing half or more of your opportunities. After all, time is money and the more conversions you get the better you have spent your time. Don’t be afraid as Autoresponders like Rocket Responder have made it very easy to get started and you can even plug in your blog’s RSS syndication feed to send updates every time you post. This will recycle traffic and refresh member interest.

Facebook Business Marketing Tip Number 7:

Facebook Pages, Pages, Pages. Just think about the advertising end of marketing. Those free groups will get you a lot of targeted traffic but no business can have too many customers, Right? So when it is time to scale up you can either pay for Pay Per Click advertising to your site that is relegated to the sidebar and often ignored or you can feature content, Your Content. You do this by using Facebook Pages and Promoted Post which appear both in the sidebar and directly in the prospects feed.

A Fan Page is like having a separate website that can be found on the Web’s largest authority site. This page can actually pro-date your blog like my planned blog V-Twin Men for motorcycle enthusiast I have run that fan page for around 18 months now to pro-build interest and generate an audience s I prepare to build out the blog as time permits. Given the regular content, the size of following and the fact they have a predisposition to clicking story links to read more it is a given that the blog when launched will see much success from this relationship.

The fan page can share images, videos, content, and linked content while linking to a lead capture page with the call to action button. It is friendly and familiar and the user doesn’t have to leave Facebook to read more about you and your business. Keep in mind though that getting the reader to your blog to join your prospects and become friends is the ultimate goal.

Summary: Facebook Business Marketing Works.

Ultimately even if you hear bad things about Facebook and horror stories about people failing you can use these tips to prove nay Sayers wrong and win at Facebook Marketing. You can build traffic, build content, pro qualify visitors and potential customers, and build relationships that can be scaled up on demand. You will find Facebook Business Marketing to be a must in your social media marketing arsenal.

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  1. Hey this is a really good article, Facebook is what i need to grow right now. My business facebook only has 10 followers and im not sure how to increase the followers on my facebook. I use tags when i make posts but that doesnt seem to work. My twitter and pinterest are growing but i cant seem to get my Facebook too. I do need to end up joining a group and creating my own to get people in, thnks!

    • That’s the secret. Join a few groups in your niche. Share your knowledge. Follow a few group leaders and heavy influences, and let people find you. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

  2. There are some really good tips here for using Facebook.

    I do use Facebook but not to its best potential and this is something that needs to change. I have spent a lot of my time promoting on Pinterest and Twitter and Now it is Facebooks time to have some more serious attention.

    What are your thoughts on creating a Facebook Group?


    • I have actually developed a group and page for Affiliate3Percent on Facebook, because groups like comments help keep the conversation going. A Facebook group can allow you to connect your readers to each other as well as you and carry on more robust and timely conversations. They allow you to facilitate contest and launch case studies or build think tanks to make better products etc.. My friends over at Sassy Zen Girl have launch teams built when a member writes a new Kindle Book to boost their launch and it’s all because of a close net community among one or more authors and their growing and connected fan base.

  3. Andy,
    Loved your article regarding 7 Facebook business marketing tips. Your article is very timely for me as I recently began marketing my mens self improvement blog on Facebook. About 6 weeks ago I created a business page and began posting my articles as I wrote them. I paid for a campaign to get some likes for my page and began building a tribe. I’ve also done some boost campaigns for my articles once I post them on Facebook. It has made a tremendous difference in traffic to my site.
    I learned some great new tips in your article – thanks again for sharing!

    • Amazing job so far and I am proud to be of help as it seems you will go far with your Facebook Marketing Plan. Using Facebook these days is a virtual must for any online business. Facebook Search is often the first search used to get feedback on programs and products and it makes sense because more people use Facebook daily than use Google or Youtube. Have a blessed week ahead and Happy Father’s Day.

  4. These are some excellent tips for Facebook advertising.
    I am bookmarking this article.
    One of the things I was guilty of when it comes to posting in Facebook groups.
    But now I know there are other ways to get Facebook traffic and I will implement what you suggest here.
    I’m curious to know how effective these pointers are?

    • Thanks for coming to my site and more so for leaving a great comment. Do these tips work? Yes, they are time tested tactics that work on just about all social media. Will they work for you? Depends on your commitment to working the system. If you hit Facebook 1-2 times a week for less than an hour per time the chance of failure is high. If you give an hour a day 5 days a week or more you will see far faster results. Time is also a factor. Don’t give up if 6 months from now you are still looking for that first viral post and growth explosion, just keep at it. Social Media marketing is a fast track compared to SEO, and other search engine marketing tactics but it’s still got to gain traction to propel serious results.

  5. Fantastic article on facebook business marketing tips Andy! I’ve recently started building a niche website about Siberian Huskies and I plan on making an instagram and facebook page to promote it. I’ll definitely be using some of your excellent tips when I start building my community.

    I do have one question. For email marketing is there an autoresponder or bulk email system that you would recommend for beginners?

    • I recommend Rocket Responder. It’s newbie friendly, very easy to use and you get unlimited subscribers and unlimited sends for a flat rate $20 a month. Aweber for example would be over $100 a month for a list of 15,000 followers, I pay $20 and all I miss are some of the growing number of cart integration for eCommerce stores. Since I blog it is seldom needed and a good programmer off a freelancer site can have it working with WooCommerce in just a few hours if needed.

  6. Very informative article. You did a great job of linking internally to some of your other blogs.

    I did notice a few run on sentences. You might just read through the blog again and watch for that. Also in one place you say ‘mission’ when it appears you meant ‘missing’.

    I very much dislike ads in the middle of content which at first appear to be part of the content but have nothing to do with it. Just me. They irritate me. Also they may draw your viewer to someone else’s site and you never get them back. I prefer sidebar ads. You can still lose the person….anyway not quite as likely perhaps.

    At any rate, this is a good article.

    • I do tend to have a few run-on sentences but count them as my human side. In context ads are proven more effective but good content typically draws attention back to the page. I am glad you liked the article and am ecstatic to get some good feedback of things to look for in the future. I am out the door right now but will fix that misspell when I get home. Thanks again.

  7. Great tips on Facebook Business Marketing. Tip #3 is really an eye-opener. I never thought that advertising something “free” would bring in the wrong type of customer. But, you are right, saying something like “… try before you buy” has got to be more effective in reaching people who are willing to spend money in the future.
    The other significant tip is joining and creating groups in my niche.
    It’s hard to find time to dedicate to Facebook at the same time as researching and creating good content, getting comments, etc. But if Facebook is more profitable as far as reaching the right customer base then maybe that’s where I should be investing my time.

    • As you progress as a blogger you will find research takes less time and writing articles becomes easier. You will also find that your posting schedule can be more lax and allow more time for promoting content. Content is great but people have to find it and 2 of the biggest ranking factors for Google are who is talking about your content on social media and the amount of existing traffic your site and content has.

      To achieve these things you need a social media following as well as blog subscribers. Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter can all help and all act on these same basic rules. Give before you take, and always honor your followers even when they don’t care for a piece you write use it as fuel to write something they do like.

      Thanks for a great comment,

      Andy Zeus Anderson

  8. I read through your article again and one thing that really stood out that i need to do is to stop advertising for free. I need to do something like you stated so everyone is not looking for something for free. The majority of people only wants things for free when starting a business takes an investment.

    • Free advertising has it’s place but you can’t use free in the wording of your ads or people come only for the gift and waste your resources. Glad you found use in our article.


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