7 Steps To Earning A Full-time Income Online

7 Steps To Earning A Full-time Income Online A Free Report by Affiliate Marketer Andy Zeus Anderson.

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About the Author:

7 Steps to Earning a Full-Time Income Online is copyright 2018 Andy Zeus Anderson affiliate3percent.com

Author Andy Zeus Anderson 7 Steps to Building a Full-time Income Online

Andy has been a full-time online marketing professional since January 3rd, 2003 and before making the leap to the home business enterprise he spent nearly 14 years in management of offline businesses including 4 years as an Entrepreneur running both a restaurant and a retail store in South West Arizona.

My family comes first. Before all, I am a God Fearing and Proud Father of 7 and Husband to 1 since December 28th, 2000 when I married my loving and supportive wife Cary-Lynn.

Online marketing has been a blessing in my life, and doing it blog and social media-based is an amazing blend of income-generating traffic building power and the ability to vent and release stress and frustration. I am a serial blogger having blogged for nearly 10 years on My Viral Blog before losing that domain during a period of illness post nervous breakdown.

Yes I said nervous breakdown but I am recovering from a lifetime of 100+ hour work weeks and now work when I want where I want from my computer or phone. I hope this guide is as much fun to read as it is to write.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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What to expect in this free report:

I will soon be showing you a series of articles and super tips I have used to make thousands of dollars online and build one program to a whopping 3 million monthly page views on over 600,000 unique first time visitors. I have been a serial blogger and social media user as I stated above but my own work is not enough to generate these works so I will show you how to leverage content and build joint ventures for success.

What you need to succeed online is relatively simple yet escapes most people for some of the oddest reasons. The most common is a lack of work ethics in their online businesses because there seems to be a mental disconnect between real-world and online virtual real estate that people don’t take their online business seriously and want the money before the work. So with that, we will get started with our free report.

Building the right mindset for affiliate marketing

Super Tip Number One: Mental Preparation

Rest assured affiliate marketing is a real business with real investment needs and a commitment to education, work, and time. YOU WILL NOT GET RICH QUICK!

Holy crap all those sites say you can and you don’t need, and it won’t cost, etc. Bull Poop. You will need to invest a minimum of $400 a year to get your feet wet and a preferred $500-$1,000 a year to get
things really rolling. Don’t worry I will help you figure out how to make changes that will afford you your investment and introduce you to a cost-saving program that combines several of your power tools valued at over $150 a month under one program costing less than $50 a month or a cost-saving $359 a year.

More on that later but you can read our Updated Review of this program here.

You will also need a work ethic that tells you the more you put in the more you pull out, and commit to a lifetime of learning to not just reach the top but to stay there. My Blog Affiliate 3 Percent is about
making it to the top 3 percent of affiliates who make 80% of the money the industry has to offer. Don’t worry there are over 150,000,000 affiliate marketers and home-based business owners so there are millions of people in that top 3% and reaching it is not as hard as you think.

This is a real business, as I said, real work, real investment, a learning curve and now the topic of time. You will need at least 2 hours a day at first to build your business. The more hours you can put in the faster your path to profits. You will need the patience to see results around months 4-6, profits around months 12-18, and substantial earnings in 2-3 years.

These are numbers similar to what you will face in offline business other than you can reach profits up to 4 times faster with less investment and very little overhead cost…

Super Tip Number Two: The Right Attitude

Sort of like the movie, “The Right Stuff” about the Astronauts of the US space Program NASA you too will need the right mental attitude to succeed. Don’t worry as you can train an abundant mind.

7 Steps To Earning A Full-time Income Online 1

I have a set of 4 secrets to success that start with Strong Mind, Strong Body, True Heart, and Faith. Three of these are part of the right mental attitude. A strong mind comes from knowing you can and will. You can not think I would like to and wouldn’t it be nice but instead, you need to be a winner in every way, A Can-Do attitude is a must.

You will also need to commit to training your brain with at least one new piece of business building information every day. You will further need to train your mind to one new piece of niche information a day and share that information with your readers or followers.

A True Heart – You have to be honest with yourself and know your strengths and weakness and you need to be as honest with the people you do business with us you are with yourself. That honesty could be telling them about a piece of information you got wrong in your post last week, to admitting a wrong program choice, or even telling people both the pros and cons of purchasing an item you look to have them buy.

Honesty wins business and loyalty which wins more business.

Faith is by far the biggest part of the right attitude for an affiliate marketer. You need to know that it will take time to build your business and small steps may get small results but they soon add up to big things. You need to believe in yourself and your ability to do this without waiver. You will make mistakes along the way but if you don’t quit failure is impossible.

Super Tip Three: The Right Tools for business online.

Having the right affiliate marketing tools is a must.

At first, it will seem impossible to learn how to do everything you need to know to reach those super affiliate numbers and launch a 6-8 figure online business but just like learning to walk or ride a bike
you can take stumbles and falls and get right back at it and learn. The big mistake though is rushing through training which almost always leads to confusion and doubt.

AT the time of this writing I am nearing 17 years in online business and still learn new things every day in part due to the expert training at Wealthy Affiliate. In part due to the internet and Google. I learn from people just like you and me every day and even the newest member of my team can teach me volumes about my business.

You will need the following tools to succeed online:

  • A Blog – Basically a website you use to generate content and traffic and as much as affiliate companies try to claim all you need is your affiliate link that is a bald-faced lie as you will want to capture interest and cultivate customers over A Blog is a Powertool All Marketers Needtime instead of hit-and-miss. Your conversions from traffic to a customer will be 1200% to 2400% better with your own blog and the ability to create a sales funnel.
  • An Email Marketing Automation Tool called an Autoresponder is a must If you are not building a list of followers you are not going to build wealth that lasts. Much like the form that brought you here to read this report you will be able to offer a gift, maybe even this report to get e-mail leads. Learn to share great content, automate
    the distribution of blog posts, and you will find your conversions or the number of buyers soar. What’s more, is they will be loyal to you and buy additional products in the future.
  • A Domain Name of your own: A domain like affiliate3percent.com offers you a look of professionalism and trust you will never get off of a subdomain like. MyBrokeAssCantAffordaSite.wixsite.com I mean how can someone who can’t afford a $13 domain name and monthly or yearly website hosting tell me about making money online? They are freaking too broke to afford under $150 a year to host a site under their brand so how do I
    trust them with my money or even my e-mail address?
  • Website Hosting: Duh, if you have a domain name you need to connect it to your website to use it so website hosting is a must. A domain is a deed to Internet real estate and a hosting account is the ability to build a house or business on it.
  • A good keyword research tool like Jaaxy which is used to find ways to help Google index your website and people find it online using basic SEO or search engine optimization skills you will also need to learn. Jaaxy is simple to learn and use and there is a free trial 30 Keyword searches, and a premium version comes with a paid Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.
  • Productivity and scheduling tools like a content calendar and a daily planner. A great range of these can be found free on the web as can a budgeting spreadsheet.
  • Social Media Automation tools like Tweet Deck and Social Jukebox.

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Andy Anderson

Approximate cost of each tool outside of the Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Blog – Free to $2500 plus domain name and hosting. Building your own is easy with WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate will show you how.

Domain Name – $10-$15 a year good source of affordable domains here.

Website Hosting – A good host runs around $10 to $40 a month depending on how many domains you need to host and how much you need in resources.

A Good Autoresponder – These range from $18 a month to $800 or more for complex systems every month based on list size. We use Rocket Responder because it is truly unlimited for $20 a month and very easy to use.

Jaaxy membership $49 to $99 a month more if not Jaaxy for keyword research.

Super Tip Four: Expert Training

You need someone who has bootstrapped business and built up from little to nothing to an online business that is full time if not very successful. These so-called Guru who said they lost $20,000 or more before finding success all had one thing in common. They had $20,000 or more and tried to cut in line buying their way to success. Likely their formula will teach you some type of formula that will have you risking thousands of dollars a month for little to no return on investment.

What you need to understand and so does your Guru(s)

  • How to set up a blog
  • How to choose a niche
  • How to set up automation tools like an autoresponder.
  • How to do keyword research
  • How to do basic SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • How to maximize advertising Return On Investment called ROI


    and this list goes on through hundreds of topics…..
Peer Support and Mentoring Image

Super Tip Five: Peer Support and Mentoring

You can go it alone but you can’t go far alone. You need friends in the business that can further your knowledge and you need friends who will Joint Venture with you and help leverage resources as well.

If you have a question with your blog who best to ask than other bloggers? You can join groups and forums, and you can participate in communities using tools like Webtalk Social along the way or Facebook and Twitter.

Your best sources are people you can draw on for new ideas and hold you accountable to your schedule and goals called peer support or accountability partners. These people are like running or Gym Partners and Fitness trainers for the soul and the wallet.

Use them to draw inspiration, motivation, ideas, and experience and give back the same. The more you stick together the more successful you will all be. Be supportive and motivating and also find someone to vent with when the chips are down and you just need a pick me up.

Super Tip Six: Build A Brand of Yourself

My companies and blogs include many sites and products but I have built a brand of my name over the past 15 years of being theFreeGuru, a person who gives more than they take in terms of training and
information. I give away training people pay thousands of dollars for in bits and pieces through my post and my newsletters. People remember me for it.

Brand yourself as well as your business

Every one of the thousands of people who know me online knows I am honest to a fault, giving to the point I bleed for other people’s causes, and always supportive ready to answer any question. All I need is my signature on an article Andy Zeus Anderson and people will follow, visit, join my newsletter, and make purchases because of this cultured reputation.

Don’t worry though as it can all go up in smoke or be forgotten with a few wrong moves like lying to someone or pushing a scam when you know it’s a stinker of a program or product. In my case, I have been rebuilding my personal brand for the past 5 years because I had a nervous breakdown and was absent 10 months losing nearly everything I had including being moved on from reputation-wise.

People couldn’t count on me. I was online every few days or every few weeks because I could hardly sit up in bed so people could not depend on the Free Guru for much. I had to revive my old brand, learn new tricks, and meet new people to go with the few who stuck around. To make it worse the project I left because of the strife and stress causing my breakdown collapsed in my absence to a great deal I was blamed for it even though I left nearly 8 months before it went under.

Decide how you want you and your business to be remembered and cultivate that image and never let go of it. Reputation is vital to successful businesses.

Super Tip Seven: Learn to leverage and scale up with your business.

Online there is a rule and that is Content is King. Successful bloggers like Jeremy Shoemaker of Shoemoney.com and Adriana Huffington of the Huffington Post knew to leverage the creativity of others and monetize it. Our budding search engine and social media network did exactly that and reached millions of new viewers a year.

One Step at a Time Scale Up You Success

We showed nearly 6 million advertisements a month and when I decided to toy with a program called Instant Blog Subscribers I promoted them for exactly 36 hours and had 86 sign-ups and 35% upgraded to $40 a month membership paying me 50% of the cost. I mean imagine if I
stayed promoting just that one program and built the downline to thousands of members. Imagine instead I promoted 100 offers that did equally well. Maybe a thousand offers like this? Can you see what kind of money there was to be had?

That is the power of scaling up your business. Reach out and recruit others to write with you, build a single power blog or a small army of them and use not just regular contributors but guest post, paid insertions, and outsourcing to scale up so that you go from producing a few articles a week to a few hundred a month as your business grows.

Millionaire affiliates know that they need an army of other affiliates, a ton of content, or other means of scaling up what they do to make their business earn the maximum but also build real wealth. Real wealth is different from rich. A person is considered rich with 1 million dollars or more and one look at past lottery winners shows a bunch of broke-ass bastards who didn’t put their money to work making them money.

Getting money is easy but having a steady income that keeps going for years after you stop actively working or pays you on vacation requires automation that also comes from scaling up and leveraging the content and labor of others.

7 Steps to Earning a Full-time Income Online Conclusion

While it is possible to do this business alone you will still need a ton of tools and knowledge. You will however never fully automate your earnings and achieve wealth without the ability to scale up, and building the proper connections online. You can not accomplish any of this without the proper mindset and building a personal brand of quality and trust.

You can learn anything including how to think like a winner but you have to put in the time, be willing to commit, and be firm in your faith in self.

For more information on how you can save hundreds of dollars on the tools needed in this report read our review below for Wealthy Affiliate. I save over $1500 a year with my annual WA membership and you can get started for FREE today. Thank you for reading 7 Steps to Earning a Full-time Income Online, if you liked our post leave a comment below if you loved it click the social icons to tell your friends.

Click Here to Learn More About Our Number One Program and Start Your Journey Today.

Andy Anderson

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18 thoughts on “7 Steps To Earning A Full-time Income Online”

  1. Thanks a lot for this Free Report. It is very helpful to know how we can earn full income online, especially for people like me – moms who have children and are more comfortable with work from home. I think everyone can take 2 hours a day and invest in their financial future. Since I like to learn new things, especially if I know that investing in knowledge will pay off, I can’t wait to get started with this program. 

    • Thanks, BlueMoon. I personally love the fact my home-based business allows me to work back up from disability and be here to not miss all of those first-time events with my children. I don’t miss holidays anymore.

  2. Hi Andy, thank you very much for this great post.

    I like reading your writing, because you can provide a complete report and how to do it. I bet you are an expert in this field. Seen from the 7 steps that you give in detail. And that thing, makes me want to try this.

    But previously, related to affiliate marketers, I am a very ordinary person here. So it does not really understand this world. I did try to learn this from a number of available sources, but I still felt that I did not understand, because I felt that what was explained in the article or other places only gave a picture on the surface, not the technical side.

    On the other hand, according to your recommendation about Wealthy Affiliate as well, is this a reliable program and not a SCAM (because I’m one of the victims)? And one more thing, can I learn at Wealthy Affiliate to get to know Affiliate Marketing even though I’m a layman? Does the course / training provided include technical methods as well?

    Thanks anyway and looking for your guide ..

    • Kylie, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate and have provided links to two reviews I did nearly 3 years apart because I love this company. I joined them about a year after my breakdown and when I needed to make money but couldn’t face going shopping much less a JOB. They helped rebuild the things I knew and have taught me so much I didn’t in the 5 years since then. I pay $359 a year and pay it out of profits from my business and while I won’t tell exact numbers I make thousands of dollars from what I have learned. It’s a great investment in over the shoulder training that you can repeat if you miss something.

  3. Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an awesome article and explanation given.

    You’ve described here the best 7 tips I ever read. I want to stop on the third step where you speak about the right tools for business online. I’m new in this affiliate marketing industry, if i can say that. After creating my first website i realized that the most important and hard thing is getting traffic there. Reading these steps I realized that I didn’t work more on keywords. At the first time, it was very difficult for me to understand their importance and how they work. I can say that Jaaxy is one of the best keywords research. Can you recommend me some training’s related to keywords and Jaxxy?

    Thanks again and keep in touch. 

    • There are several how-to videos on YouTube but the best ones are in the training center at Wealthy Affiliate and the Help Page on the Jaaxy site. I will, however, be creating training on Jaaxy sometime in 2020, but have several projects ahead of it. I do have a good overview of the system in our review here.

  4. Hi Andy,

    Your story is inspiring and thanks for sharing it.

    I do agree with you because of the lack of work ethics I wasted nearly 18 months. We need to stay away from the shiny object syndrome and focus on one business model.

    Thanks for stating that “YOU WILL NOT GET RICH QUICK!”. People are looking for fast, easy and immediate money without investing work and that’s the reason many fail online. It takes time, effort and work to succeed online.

    Providing great value to your visitors without hype and misleading information is the key to success.

    Some people think they can do it on their own or learn it by searching on internet but based on my experience in order to succeed online we need to have the right business model and the right training platform (tools).

    You have provided loads of valuable information and I believe one read is not enough to grab all these valuable information so I am bookmarking your post for future reference.

    • Thank, Paul. I have 17 years as of the 3rd of January in affiliate marketing and basically Affiliate Marketing was new to all of us back then. I scraped and picked through bits and sound bites of anyone more successful than me and built a decent career in online marketing. Thing is it all came down to people and in particular one expert who mentored me to make all the random pieces of knowledge fit. Fast forward 12 years later and one nervous breakdown I was seriously out of the loop and had to rebuild everything. The resources I list and the methods I teach have helped me rebuild a lot of what was lost 5 years ago.

  5. Hello Andy. This is a very useful Post for me considering the fact that I am about to launch my online business few weeks from now. I know a lot of hardwork is needed, I have so much to learn and I don’t have to rush through; so I take my time to learn a thing. I have spent some amount of money on training, hosting, email service provider and lots more. I have my logo and colour (I care so much about branding). I am ready for this online business, my mind is made up.

    Thanks for the 7 steps.

    • MrBiizy your future is looking bright. It is so refreshing to see young people grabbing their future by the horns and working hard to build a tomorrow they will enjoy. Have a Happy New year and much success.

  6. Thank you for these 7 steps to earning a full-time income online. These are really great and important tips for those of us looking to turn our desire of becoming free of the 9 to 5 grind and be our own boss online.

    I remember when I started I knew that making the money wasn’t going to come quickly and was going to require putting in a solid work effort. Unfortunately too many people who choose this path give up too early.

    People wrongly think that if a business is online that income should be easier and quicker than a brick and mortar business. Yes it could be easier because your customers are world wide but it still requires lots of work.

    I believe these 7 steps will help guide those who are either struggling to make it work or those contemplating a start in this industry. Just reading these have refreshed my motivation on the things I must continue to do.

    • Hi Robert, glad to have you here and I couldn’t agree more. These are secrets I wish I had known 17 years back when starting. They would have saved a lot of mistakes but as money starved as I was I might not have listened to the advice.

  7. Hey Andy, Thank you for writing on 7 Steps To Earning A Full-time Income Online . I enjoyed while reading and learn lots of things. We have to do many task for building a successful business online. Your guide is very helpful for me. From the help of your guide. I will follow all 7 steps discussed by you and run a successful business online. Thank you

  8. Your blog provides a very thorough and honest review, which I thought it would since it came from you. I can vouch for the fact that you are very helpful, as you have given me needed answers and suggestions more than once. I value you as a resource.

    I’m glad you point out that we need to consider our online endeavor a business, and treat it with that attitude. No, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, as they are all fake claims anyway, just trying to get you to give them your money. Don’t do it. Listen to Andy. His advice is very sound.

    I believe I am in the brand-building phase; trying to figure out the ways that I can draw attention with my websites. I’m thinking of doing as you did, and offering a free ebook for signing up to my mailing list. I have not done any email marketing yet, but just got an autoresponder program. It all takes so much time! Wish I could snap my fingers and it would be done, but then I wouldn’t be learning all the marvelous new things.

    I value your advice highly, and would like your readers to know they can trust what you say as truth.

    • Hi Fran. Over the past few months it has been a pleasure watching you mature in your blogging and developing your brand and as of late I can say I need to learn more about video presentation from you so it’s a fair trade.

  9. Having to deal with a mental illness while at the same time building and structuring an online business can be really challenging, draining and time-consuming, but as long as you’re in it for the long ride, those things become less and less of a burden. It’s a source of motivation to see people like you using your voice and knowledge to help others build a better future for themselves and their families. Keep up this amazing work! 

    • Our challenges are unique but our resilience is also unique. People live with mental and physical disabilities every day and don’t realize the power they have built-in resisting the urge to give up. I hope many read this an apply themselves to something even greater in pursuit of independence.


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