8-Minute Success Guide For Social Media Marketing

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In this 8-minute success guide for social media marketing we will be discussing Twitter a lot but not because it’s the best or anything but because what I tell you about Twitter applies everywhere you get social for business purposes. Social media is as simple as it is difficult. You have to set ground rules of who you need in your daily routine and who you need to follow you and keep them separated and segmented. Some will cry fouls because you are picky with who you follow but all will be happier with the level of content you share with them. 

8 Minute Success Guide For Social Media Marketing

Here’s your 8-Minute Guide to Success in Social Media Marketing

The first thing you will learn is how to screw things up and screw them up bad with social media. I can absolutely guarantee you will be tempted by sites like Twiends that offer a follower exchange, or hopping on Twitter and Facebook Trains were everyone joining after you has to follow you and others on the list. You will get told the secret to the big following is to follow everyone back etc.. BULL POOP!

Major Mistakes I made with my big Twitter Account and getting to 14K followers which should easily be over 30K by now.

I made every mistake you see above. I now follow 9,000 mostly strangers, dead accounts, spambots, and porn star wannabe cam models. I have my political friends mixed with important figures in my marketing business, and the people I really want to hear from are silenced in the white noise of hundreds of fluff posts drowning them out daily.

Your Community of Followers

It’s not uncommon for me to spend a couple of hours a week unfollowing a hundred or so people who are just not there or don’t add to the right conversation. My political following is strong there, so I need to get my business following to move to the other accounts but because of the static interference of those who fit neither category, I can’t fully tell who is who anymore. Needless to say, I won’t make those mistakes again.

My newer accounts are starting to grow quickly because I am being more selective in who I follow, culling the ones who don’t take social media marketing or affiliate marketing serious and being left with a stream of thought that is less convoluted. My 14K+ follower account still has over 30% dead accounts I follow including spambots.

The art of following to get followers without following everyone.

What I have learned about social media marketing and general social media for business since that time is that the tighter the group of people you follow the more attention and respect you will command. If you focus on only following a hundred or so influencers and prominent figures such as bloggers, and columnists, professors and company heads in the niche you do business in you will have a feed or stream filled with worth sharing information that trains you and your following in the same manner.

The aim is to be social within that grouping first. You need to retweet and reply, at mention them, etc. Soon they will take notice and do the same for you and suddenly you are seated at the table of experts and no longer an unknown. You will have a voice.

Building Your Following In Your Own Image

When you share the content these experts produce you add value beyond your own views, scope, and abilities. Value-added content will put you in the must-read list of followers looking for their break or at least to train their minds. You can be sure that the followers you have been engaged in your niche by interacting with them anytime they share, follow, like, comment or just shout you out. Just like what got you in with the big dogs will get you rolling in engaged followers.

How to get connected to more people in a social media network?

There are some cool things that happen in the current big 3 social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They all have #hashtags which are searchable in their own data-driven Search Engines. They also have grouping abilities. For Facebook and LinkedIn there are forum styled groups for just about every topic you could wish to discuss. For Twitter, you have a list that you create.

In the case of groups, you and other people join them freely. In the case of a list, you add people you wish would follow you to a list that will show conversations from that group you can interact with. It will also let them know that you added them to a list and showed interest in them. Professionals love this, but some more private connections don’t so expect a few to ask to be removed. That’s OK we can’t get everyone to bit but the more you add to the list and the more you engage with their content of mutual interest, the more of these list people will become followers without you having to follow first or follow back.

Are there other ways to build up your social media marketing and increase your followers?

Well, the first thing is to make sure you know how to find potential followers using lists and groups. These can be highly engaged users talking about your niche regularly but to find them you can start with who is already following you and those who you follow and look at their followers. From their followers, you can Gage who is active, who is interested, and add them to a list or make an in-group connection.

The next trick is to simply create the best content possible on your blogs and expressly for social media, like exclusive content, Memes, Quotes, etc. And feed it to your captive audience daily. Give them at least 2-3 share-worthy pieces a day and they will tell friends who tell friends, who tell friends. It’s not unusual to add 40 to 100 new followers in a day with one good piece of content so send 2-3, not enough to be spammy but 2 to 3 well-thought pieces and be ready to greet new followers.

Summary of your 8 Minute Success Guide For Social Media Marketing

In less than 8 minutes you have read how to create a new social media account free of fluff, focused on your niche, and easy to manage. You have learned what content types to send and how to interact with both followers and those you follow. I showed you how to establish your own influence in your field, and how to build a huge following that is engaged and active and will amplify your content and overall message.

If this comes across as a brief guide I hope it sinks in and really helps you despite its short nature. These tactics in one way or another work in every social media network online including the upstart Webtalk.co I highly urge you to make a part of your future social media marketing.

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24 thoughts on “8-Minute Success Guide For Social Media Marketing”

  1. What a great, concise advice article. I’m just glad that I found this before I’d been on twitter for too long because I’m sure I’ve made some of the mistakes you talk about here, especially following everyone who follows me just because I want to get more followers. Everything you say makes perfect sense. I haven’t tried following any lists yet but I will follow your advice and look into that. Thanks very much for sharing

  2. Great article. I am very new to social media and of course I began with following about a hundred different people. Luckily I stopped there and was able to remove the unknowns before I was effected to badly. Thanks to your article I have more knowledge as to how I will grow my social media accounts.

    • Hi Desiray, glad to see you back with another great comment. I figured out my mistakes by making them in a grand style. At one point I was following over 12,000 people, most didn’t give a rats booty about me.

  3. This is great. As simple as this post is,, it is very concise and spot on with the information that is shared on it. Getting the right social media following is often difficult if done the wrong way. Because, one would end up with people that adds no value at all to one’s life and business. This is really good and I learnt well from it. Thanks

    • Yes this system Rodarrickis like Jim Rohn said. Find the toxic people in your life and remove them and find new people who put you on the level you wish to be at. Social media marketing is like this. You can’t follow everyone without losing those important voices.

  4. Hey great post. i was planning to try and make a social media account for my website, and the only way i have heard of before i read this was to just follow alot of people so they will follow me, then unfollow  alot of them so i end up with more followers than i follow so niche groups would accept me. i like your way alot more. thanks for this.

    • Yes, with my way you won’t feel slimy and need a shower after being such a fake POS. The idiots that come up with that method actually made over a million freaking dollars in a series of ebooks on generating followers and none of their methods gained you respect or the level of followers they promised. Have a great week Simon.

  5. Great article about successful social media marketing I would say! I have tried to avoid following too many people and keeping the people I follow within my niche and my follower base is growing slowly but it seems to be a much better way cause engagement rate stays high or gets even higher. Earlier I made pretty similar mistakes as you did, I guess. I still don’t have that many articles on my niche website so do you think it would be better to share my very few reviews and blog posts like every second day or tweet/share also something that doesn’t directly relate to my website but relates to niche?  

    • The big thing is to share things related to your content. If you post 1-2 times a week you can share the posts every couple days but have filler content in between so it doesn’t look spammy to the social network. Fact is most networks only show your post to a portion of your followers to keep you from seeing thousands of post instead of just hundreds of them. Multiple sends increases your traffic and social reach.

  6. These are great tips! I have been using Twitter for a few years and I have built a nice following list.Most of what you advise I already do. As for following back, I always automatically follow back people in my niche, and when the following list is extremely low compared to the followers, or if the profile doesn’t offer much, I click on their profiles to see if they’re bots, or possible scammers, or whatever else … and then I make up my mind if I follow back or not.

    Twitter has been amazing for me and I have made manay useful contacts. This is a very useful post. You should tweet it 🙂 

    • Diligence is definitely needed. Things, like follow back Fridays, are not good practices. I like the Industry related approach and have been modifying some of our tactics on the newest pages to fit this interest.

  7. Thank you for this guide on social media marketing, it was actually very helpful. Hearing that you had up to 14,000 followers on Twitter kind of made something click in my mind that it could be possible to get a lot of followers just by following other people. That’s pretty smart and if you do a little everyday then it can really add up.

    Adding two or three posts every day to the social media account sounds like a lot. How do you manage to come up with something new to post all those times?

    anyway thanks again, I will definitely check out your newsletter and keep on reading your articles. Have a great day!

    • Content doesn’t always have to be your personally made content but let’s say you have an old post you wish to revive interest in. Another share of that post is perfectly fine. Find a good Meme or Quote image only, snag it and upload it to your social channels. Get use to making images or short videos. I added the hand-built image at the top that can be shared to Pinterest for traffic as an example. It helps define my niche, promote my content, and if shared it has the URL to my blog in it.

  8. Thank you for this article on the 8-Minute Success Guide For Social Media. I learned something about how to establish your identity, gain a following and advance your purpose.

    I thought it’s good to have great followers by having anyone or everyone. Learning from your experience it’s more effective to choose whom to follow and get as followers. It’s good because I am just starting with Twitter and I know what to do.

    • The saying goes to follow those whom you can learn from and who help forward your life goals. List those who are in your niche, and accept every follower as equal. Thanks for a great insight Abagatan.

  9. Thank you for your post. I started my online business for a while now. I know it is important to promote my online business, but take little action. So far my twitter account has few followers.

    Here comes your tip on how to success on social media network. I particularly like your tip on How to get connected to more people in a social media network?

    I now know that there are some cool things that happen in the current big 3 social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These techniques should help me to make more friends and thus help my business.

    There are so much information on how to use the social network to promote my business. I bookmarked your webpage and will study it in detail.

    • Hello, again Anthony. Glad to see you again. The fact is social media takes time. At least 30 minutes a day needs to focus on interaction and following up on communication to master it but the journey will gain you some of the most engaged and socially active groups, small or large among your followers. These are the people most apt to be evangelical and tell others about your content growing your subscriber base.

  10. Social media has always been something I have struggled with when it comes to my website. For one reason or another, I just can’t seem to get over a certain number of followers. It has a lot to do with not posting regularly, even though I create content for the site a lot. Therefore, I’m interested in taking a look at these strategies you have mentioned and seeing how they affect my following. Thanks for the tips!

    • You sound like someone who could use services like Tailwind to auto-post on your behalf. These services allow you to upload content to share on a schedule all at one time. Say choosing 21 of your best posts and scheduling them for peak times your followers are active all week. Have a great week ahead toying with this report Steve.

  11. Hello Andy,

    “Social media is as simple as it is difficult.” This is a very true. Social media marketing is not hard if we know how to handle our accounts properly. But if we work aimlessly, it won’t be productive as it should be. I have to say I am very new to internet marketing. So I still haven’t touched the social media marketing side much. But before reading this article I had seen that some people struggling through social media while others flourish quickly. And now I have read your article I understood that the secret is having the suitable followers. Success depends on the mutual interest, not the number of followers right?

    I really learned a lot from this 8 minutes article. Thank you very much for letting everyone know how to gather relevant active followers by searching through #hashtags, lists and mutual friends. 🙂

    • Hi Anjali, welcome to Affiliate 3 Percent. I am an insider to the social media marketing world and have been CEO and Partner in a Search Engine and Social Media Hybrid a few years back now. I made huge mistakes despite the training I was receiving because I was trying to please everyone with a follow for follow mentality. The problem is each had different interest and most did not forward where I wanted to be so now I have a big mess to clean up. Here is to hoping this post helps you for a long time in the future both be effective and enjoy social media marketing.

  12. Social media can make or mar one’s business depending on the way and approach that one takes towards it. This post has enlightened me on the ways to ensure I make maximum use of social media to my advantage and building the right set of fan bases in my chosen niche. This is really interesting and enlightening. Though this may look short in length but the information and tips shared is equal to the best ones around.

    • Thank you, Shelly. I try to pack as much information as possible in a post like this because you will be remembered if you don’t add value to the conversation as someone not worth following. I hope that you and others see the value and will click to subscribe.


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