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Today we will be doing A How-To in Online Affiliate Marketing. While some of you reading this have some affiliate marketing experience or at least know what an affiliate program or affiliate marketer is we will be taking the approach that you are a first time home business seeker and know nothing about affiliate programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To have A How-To in Online Affiliate Marketing we must cover certain remedial questions. The one most first time home business seekers ask most is what exactly is affiliate marketing? The long and short of affiliate marketing is passions monetized. Unlike the pictures painted of people trying to push scams on each other or you having to be in a business of selling the right to make money to other people to make any money you are here because you have a dream.

These dreams often coincide with cash freedom, time freedom, stress freedom, or retirement concerns. But the dreams I want to talk about are your dream jobs and the one business you would own if you could? These dreams are passions, they are what you love doing and could be turned into a thriving business for you with little cost. Hell the actual affiliate programs are free to join in the Affiliate Marketing home business model.


Affiliate marketing is matching what you and others like you need to enjoy hobbies and interest. In return for introducing those passions and related products to those passions to prospective customers you earn a sales commission. Commissions can range from 4% to a whopping 75% commission depending on what your pasion is, the program offering the commission, and if the product is digital or physical.

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Your Passion is Your Niche A How To in Online Affiliate Marketing

Those passions or personal interest are called niche markets and can be something like your love of baseball turned into a blog on baseball offering products like baseball cards, memorabilia, and equipment. It cloud be you always wanted a day spa and are into holistic health. You monetize with books and tantric music or even promote local day spas through what is called a CPA or Cost Per Action program, like earning X dollars per call, or form filled on a website.

You can turn absolutely any interest into a lucrative business, including work and life experiences with online affiliate marketing as a home business. I know a few people who are Ex-Law Enforcement and write true crime blogs. They monetize their blogs selling self defense gear like pepper sray and taser guns, subscriptions to true Crime magazines, and Burglar Alarms. Most of them make more money than I do with post like A How To in Online Affiliate Marketing

Your assignment is to write down 5 things you would love to do and think of 5 related products to each. Leave a comment below with what you come up with.

Now that you have an idea about your niche let’s talk kinds of affiliate programs and networks.

Promote your local small business

lAnAffiliate programs versus the affiliate network can sometimes be a world of difference in the amount of commission you earn. Affiliate networks have a wide list of stores that you can promote and make it easy to find promotion partners but the drawback is part of the seller’s budget for affiliates goes to the affiliate network. An example of Affiliate Networks would be CJ.com or Share-a-Sale as both are industry leaders working with hundreds of companies, big companies like 1800 Flowers, Wal-Mart, and Tiger Electronics. What you don’t find in them is small businesses.

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Small businesses like your local florist are more likely to have an in house affiliate program. These programs allow them to cut out service and promotion cost to attract affiliates. Instead, to attract affiliates they offer larger commissions. In fact, the in house affiliate programs typically offer 75% to 200% more than an affiliate network offered retail affiliate program pays for the exact same products. Now just because I said mom and pop stores have them doesn’t mean they are all that have their own in house affiliate programs. Amazon Associated and the E-Bay Partner Network are examples of large companies using affiliate marketing programs done in house.

I have a eCommerce Site how does starting an affiliate program benefit me?

Using affiliate marketers to promote your busines first and foremost increases word of mouth traffic. The kind where people have reccomended your store to friends, family, and others in their social circles. Affiliate Marketers are building very large social circles and have clout inside them.

The second benefit to having an in house affiliate program is cutting advertising cost. Since affiliates need to promote your business to earn money they will do things like advertise pages with your marketing materials on them like product reviews. In addition some use pay per click marketing and will easily extend your PPC budgets reach. All of this advertising is of no cost to you unless they make a sale.

A How To in Online Affiliate Marketing would not be complete without talking about blogs.

A Blog or weblog is like an online journal of your interest. It includes thoughts on the products you would use, the places you would buy them, and shares your dreams and passion for them. The only difference is other people read these virtual online diaries. They come to love your story, share your interest, and even buy what you reccomend.

Blogging sounds a lot harder than it is. A good place to learn how to become a Blog-Based Affiliate Marketer is Wealthy Affiliate which you can read our review by clicking here. Fact is being a writer doesn’t take an English major, knowledge of literature, or anything complicated and you do not need to be an expert at sales or marketing to become a super affiliate.

You simply need to tell a story like talking to a friend about your shared hobbies. Say you are a middle-aged man into woodworking. Some of your friends share the interest and you just completed a new project. If you can tell your friends about the new project then you can write a blog. Heck, even people with no fingers can be authors and bloggers thanks to a software called Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance. Just talk into your headset mic and it does the writing for you and then running it through Grammarly to catch any mistakes Dragon and you miss.

Summary of A How-To in Online Affiliate Marketing

From here you will need to find a place to host a blog, learn to set the blog up and write your first post on a domain name that you own. You will need to learn how to market the blog for free using search engine traffic like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and it will help to have ongoing training and support of a massive community of blog based affiliates just like you. It

Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon

sounds like a lot and it sounds expensive but I am going to share with you one link that gets you everything you need to get started including the best affiliate wealth training available.

That company is Wealthy Affiliate and they have been training affiliate marketing professionals and blog authors since 2005. The create millionaire bloggers and they offer all the tools you need including hosting for your domain names that is smooth and easily set up and fully managed, and secure. They give premium members a software tool called Jaaxy that takes the guesswork out of finding the search terms people would actually use to find your blog, and the community spirit is second to none.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is complete and thorough and done in over the shoulder format as Kyle Loudon, one of the owners actually builds a niche blog in real time. We have weekly expert webinars from Jay Neill and live 24/7 support and chat. Hell, there is even an affiliate program that pays you up to $23.50 a month or $175 a year commissions for referring members like you through affiliate links like mine. All of this for $49 a month or $359 a year.

This membership saves you over $200 a month and despite me being in affiliate marketing for 16 years I still learn so much from them every single day.


Monetize Your Passion A How To in Online Affiliate Marketing

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  1. Exceptional information! I am already a Wealthy Affiliate member and I too continue to learn new things every day. I love Wealthy Affiliate’s step-by-step instructions to get your website up and running so that it can be found on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Although you scratched the surface with this “A How-To in Online Affiliate Marketing”, Wealthy Affiliate not only digs deeper into the nitty-gritty details but are constantly updating their information with weekly live webinars and live chat. I see you’ve been an affiliate marketer since 2003, how long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hi Paul,

      I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for 5 years now. WA’s best features for me are that the training is broken down into bite-sized pieces you devour over time, and you have the support of thousands of members in the community. Many of these people are in your niche and have built a great deal of success so you can get on the spot mentoring from peers.

  2. Hello Andy, 

    Thank you for explaining so clearly what affiliate marketing is and how it works. I have recently started learning about it and working on my own website. I have been able to do this through Wealthy Affiliate too, so I hope more people join to the WA community thanks to your post. Your article makes it seem so easy to begin working as an affiliate marketer and with Wealthy Affiliate and the help of the community there, it actually is! It also requires hard-work and persistence, but I think when I’m writing about something I like, it doesn’t feel like just working, but I also enjoy it. 

    My five things I love to do are reading, listening to music, drawing, programming and travelling. And products that relate to each of my interests are books, CDs, art supplies, computers and suitcases.   



    • You definitely have a firm grip on your future. Thanks for doing the homework assignment, it’s interesting how a simple idea like that can get other people to think about what in their lives they could enjoy doing and make money at. Hard work is a given, any business is going to take effort to get success. The thing to keep in mind with a business of your own is there is no safety net in the form of a paycheck when sales don’t happen but there is no limit to how much you can earn either. For me, it’s about not having someone tell me what my time is worth.

  3. I am looking for ways to earn income online and I found out that affiliate marketing is a good way. I am glad to read your article about it, thank you for sharing.

    You were able to explain how affiliate marketing works. You have also given options on how to go about it.

    Blogging sounds interesting but you mentioned it is harder and more challenging to do. Will the training at Wealthy Affiliate be enough to teach beginners how to blog?

    Thank you for your in-depth explanation of affiliate marketing.

    All the best!

    • Actually blogging is not as challenging as one would think. There is a ton of training on everything you need including how to install your website, choose a theme that works for you and build out simple pages like an About me, a Privacy Policy, and an Affiliate disclaimer. All of it over the shoulder training as an actual website is being built.

  4. Hey Andy! This article was very helpful in describing affiliate marketing and how I should go about using it. I like how you provided several different affiliate programs. Some of them I had not thought about and have written them down in my notes. I have learned some things from your post and hope that many others learn from it as well.

    • Thank You Marlinda. I am planning to follow up post that will get deeper in the How-To of Affiliate Marketing but this post gets one started in the right direction which is finding a niche and then creating a blog and monetizing the niche with affiliate programs.

  5. Just the other day, I came across a program that teaches about affiliate marketing by just sharing referral links. You just post on Facebook Ads, forums and send out emails attached with your link – no keyword research, no content creation and definitely no blogging whatsoever. The whole idea is to speed up sales conversion, but in doing so, you could potentially spend $100s to $1000s dollar per month, just for paid traffic alone. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted and I wouldn’t recommend this route for beginners or even as a long term strategy. 

    • Hi Cathy,

      Sad to say any program promising faster results is either a scam or will cost you a fortune while you learn to properly use Pay-Per-Click. Most hang you out to dry having spent hundreds or even thousands for their course and then bam you have to have $2,000 or more in advertising money to even attempt to make the system work. The worst part is the one telling you to advertise in Facebook Groups, well that’s against Facebook terms of service meaning it is SPAM under letter of law.

  6. Thanks for all the tips here! Based on your recommendation I will have a look at the Dragon Naturally Speaking because even though I love to write – my style is conversational so sounds like a software that would really benefit me – especially for the sales letters. I would have to agree that even thought I had experience online before I found – these guys are the leaders in their field. Wealthy Affiliate is top quality online training – self paced – which is perfect for me – I usually pay upfront for the whole year and the value is great. You’ve inspired me to start doing more with my blog.

    I know I can always rely on your for a comprehensive informative article – thanks so much!

    • I am glad you found Wealthy Affiliate, the program is amazing and well worth every penny but I forgot to mention in my post you can join free and get the first 10 lessons and 2 free sub-domain websites to try it out before you invest in yourself and your new business.

  7. Awesome post! Thank you for sharing your knowledge in affiliate marketing. It is certainly very informative especially the part where you talk about how to benefit an eCommerce Site by doing affiliate marketing. I totally agree with your point and I think having a good foundation on getting organic traffic can save us so much money in running ads. I also love the part where you introduce the software Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is really neat for someone who hates typing. I look forward to your future post. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, Jayden,

      I have Dragon here at the house and while I seldom use it what I bought it for is to transcribe Youtube videos when I do something like a YouTube Live in the future where there is not a way to capture and otherwise save the conversation for later. I also was having issues at one point due to surgery with being able to write articles and post and it helped me stay on top of some task in my affiliate marketing business while I healed.

  8. Good post. I am wonderinh now if my interest is not really a big topic? Will I still be able to make money from that? I tried doing a content about a big niche but not my interest but I am having a hard time do it because I am not interested in it. Do you think I can still make money with small niche? 

    • Vincent a small niche often has more money that is far easier to tap into. The best thing is like we discussed in our Super Affiliate Challenge tread today and chat with another member a niche like, “trout fishing in Michigan” can soon be expanded or scaled up to include other types of fish or even other states or countries to catch our favorite one. The one gentleman I was talking too wanted to do a blog on Body Building we talked him into exploring a tighter niche within bodybuilding so he isn’t competing with multi-million dollar corporations for traffic and reaches their customers instead. Start small and grow into something massive.

  9. This is such a comprehensive information on A How To in Online Affiliate Marketing.  It is a clear information that is easy to follow. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I like to follow the step by step process in making affiliate income online. I have since learnt so much information and I have been able to develop my three niche websites.  I have not reached my destination but I am on the way to achieving a stable income online.  Thank you for the insightful information.

    • Rutz that is great to hear. Success starts small, sometimes barely measurable but once you see something you did is successful you can do it again on a different keyword or find ways to do it even better on that next search term. Learn what resonates with your audience and write more content until it explodes.

  10. There are several ways to do affiliate marketing but some are more effective than others. I think having a blog or a website is one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing. I have tried making use of other mediums but in my short experience, a blog has been more effective. It is easy to build and can also be easily managed. The only problem like with all other platforms is getting people to read what you have to say so they can purchase what you recommend. 

    • Jay, if you would read it so, will a lot of people who share your passion, you just have to find ways to reach those people and you do that by opening lots of doors along the information superhighway we call the Internet. Every piece of content is a new door, if just 5-0 people a month open it up having 100 doors becomes 500-1000 new guest into your business.

  11. WOW,
    Great post, I’ve been read your post very well. I really appreciate this post. I have various niche sites. But I only do Seo for sales. Now can You say me that How to do paid marketing? And how to find great products?
    Thank you so much for giving us an excellent idea.

    • Your niche will determine the people you serve. Think of your readers as customers and draw up a customer avatar. Use Google Analytics to find out demographics like age, income, nationality and of course you are writing to interest and then put yourself into the reader’s shoes. What am I looking at? What will I do with what I learn? What do I need to do it? Paid advertising should be a short term and carefully used. Because it is costly and used wrong it can lose you money. Approach keyword research like you would for your blog. Look for high traffic low competition keywords and keep your budget in line with a few cents a visitor instead of trying to compete with broad match keywords. Example, instead of paying $4 a visitor for the search term Golf Balls, pay $0.40 per visitor for Top Flight Golf Balls instead.

  12. I’m back! I just wanted to pop back and say that I loved your recommendation for the software! It’s something I will use everyday – saving me heaps of time so I don’t have to type everything out!! since visiting your site earlier today I’ve been thinking alot about what the level i could use the WA platform – with your tips and recommendations I’m happy to say I am looking into how to incorporate supplements into my existing blog. thanks so much for everything – you’ve been really helpful

    • Amazing, it is a great feeling when you find you can do what you love and really help people do what they love too. Hope you enjoy Dragon, I myself am waiting for them to approve my affiliate application on CJ.com lol I like the product and would like a long term relationship with their company.

  13. Thank you very much for this infornative post. I just got started in the affiliate marketing world and still testing the waters, your post has helped clearify a lot of things for me and I find the idea of joining a platform that has everything I will need to run my blog in one place very fascinating. 

    But I will need you to clearify me on the aspect of affiliate program and affiliate network, which of them will be more beneficial in the general sense.

    I mean which do you think will be more profitable and favourable, especially for someone who is just starting up?

    • My finding is that smaller companies pay more but larger companies have brand trust so I mix them up some. I have accounts with Share-a-sale, CJ, Linkshare, JVZoo, and Clickbank but also over a dozen other single business affiliate accounts. Look for companies with a great reputation for stunning customer service and you can even recommend the same item at a higher price and get the sale.

  14. Hi Andy! Thank you very much for this post. And I will do the assignment of trying to choose a niche. Here are my 2 possible niches and 5 related products in each case:

    1.) Learn to speak Spanish: Rosetta Stone’s Spanish course, Rocket Language Spanish course, Duolingo, TyniCards and Larousse English-Spanish dictionary.

    2.) Earn revenue online: Solo Build it, Affilorama, Wealthy Affiliate, John Crestani’s course and Chris Farrell’s course.

    • Henry, it sounds like you have given some great thought to these answers. Thank you for taking the challenge as its always interesting to see what others come up with. You boiled down specific sub-niche and found great products for each. Well done.


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