Affiliate Marketing Dummies Guide for 2021


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Affiliate Marketing Dummies Guide for 2021 – Learning the basics of being a great affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing Dummies Guide for 2021 - Learning the basics of being a great affiliate marketer.
Don’t be an Affiliate Marketing Dummies Example Be A Success by reading our 2021 Guide for Affiliate Marketers.

Before we dig into our Affiliate Marketing Dummies Guide let’s talk for a moment about what an affiliate marketer is and is not. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, has no relationship to pyramid scams and is the lowest cost point of entry into the business world we have found.

Many affiliates start their businesses for free. But the most successful know some basic expense is a must for creating a serious business that is ripe for long-term affiliate marketing success. after all, you do want home business success don’t you?

What an affiliate marketer does for a business model is they promote sales of real products and services and in turn receive a commission of those sales. An affiliate marketing professional does not do the selling, instead they present solutions to common questions asked by people who have a need. You are in the business of brokering information.


Affiliate Marketing Dummies Guide – How to Broker Information and Generate Sales

Information brokerage should always start with a niche market. A Niche is a shared interest among a group of people like a task, status, or hobbies. It could be related to a career or a sport, or for some people, the quest for better health is of utmost interest.

Niche Down to Passion Affiliate Marketing Dummies Guide

Anything that we hold an interest in can be a niche and the more passionate we are about it the better our performance will be. After-all the best question the affiliate marketing dummies can ask when choosing a niche is “Can I see myself doing this 20 years from now?”. If you can’t see past 20 post ideas chances are you need to find passion instead of thinking about what will make you the most money.

I knew a woman who was into stitch craft and her entire 6 figure income was from selling patterns she printed on her home computer from her daughter’s artwork. She paid her daughter a portion of every sale and both lived very well off one product line. In that niche material, sewing supplies, certain papers for tracing, looms, and other related items would have made them even more money but they focused on doing one thing better than anyone else.

What are some lucrative niche ideas for Beginning Affiliate Marketing Dummies?

The big area we are seeing emerge in a Covid-19 and post-Corona Virus World is a need for online workers skilled in their profession but needing new skills to get organized and stay productive working in their home. These people need continuing training for their careers, organizational help, home office fixtures, and tax help since they can now write off a portion of home and utilities for work purposes.

Working from home niche markets in affiliate marketing

Many more have been displaced by lock-downs and have no job currently but like you have skills that can help others. I am even starting a blog to help restaurant managers and owners stay trained and up to date for both the Covid-19 World and when operations are back in full swing.

In addition to work, there is sports interest like Baseball and Golf. Online shopping guides are needed like sites for cyber couponing and home and business organization blogs. You can choose hobbies like card collecting, model trains, and even focus on your health in this health-conscious time. I will note though the health niche has massive competition and Google has cracked down on sites with little value. Crack the ice though and a great business is there to be had.

Affiliate Marketing Dummies Guide – The Cost of Being An Affiliate Marketer Full Time.

Don’t worry, this part will be fairly painless if you have been pricing business start-ups for any period of time. Regardless of the route, you choose, be it Multi-Level-Marketing, Network Marketing, or Affiliate Marketing you will find that companies offer inadequate tools and training. You will see they offer a cookie-cutter website that has no Search Engine Optimization value, shotty training that mostly says advertise but doesn’t show you how, and they keep your leads.

That’s because their only interest is in keeping costs low and revenue high. The more people doing advertising for them the more leads they collect and the higher their chance of making sales. They really with rare exceptions want you to be a success because the hungry affiliate is less apt to become a teacher and more apt to stay with the same failed tactic of sending traffic directly to the company.

To be a long term success you need the following:

  1. Top-Notch Training in Affiliate Marketing – not just pieces of the puzzle but a step by step process that shows you how the pieces fit together like that at Wealthy Affiliate which has trained millions of marketers like me.
  2. You need Search Engine Marketing Tools like Jaaxy and Ubersuggest or to hire an SEO professional like me to build you a blog that ranks well in search engines.
  3. You will have to have a domain name of your own something like that gives your business an address online. Hosting which gives it a foundation, and a website that is the place of business.
Website Hosting and Domain Names

You will eventually after about a year of training need an Autoresponder which is a means to capture leads and send free reports and other information to them that helps in the buying process and money for Targeted Advertising, but that can be raised from early success online. The big thing is to think of this as an investment in you because otherwise, the 1-3 years it takes to become something great in the Affiliate Marketing world will be maddening.

All of this can come with a hefty price tag if you put it all in micro parts. If you buy a domain and quality WordPress Hosting you can spend $15 for a domain and $20 a month or more to host one website. A tool like Jaaxy or Ubersuggest could run Hundreds of dollars a year and Enterprise editions could eat that up in a month.

Training systems can range from bits and pieces for $97 here and $197 there, all the way up to ten thousand dollars or more for complete systems. Don’t worry though as I am about to offer a solution even the most cash-strapped Affiliate Marketing Dummies can reach for.

Affiliate Marketing Dummies – Save Money and Have 1 bill with Wealthy Affiliate University

I mentioned above that I and over 2 million other marketers have been learning to make money online as affiliate marketers from a program called Wealthy Affiliate. Well WA has taken a big step in the last few months upgrading their training materials when mainly had been developed in 2005-2012. Most now have 2020 renditions of the core training that has been building 6 and 7 figure affiliates for 15 years.

Affiliate Marketing Dummies Learn Affiliate Success From Wealthy Affiliate

The newest addition is the Pro Plus membership which has Professional hosting for 50 websites using the most secure technology and hacker proofing, and blazing fast servers and tools to make sure your sites are ready to handle 1 million monthly visitors. That is a ton of traffic.

They also give you Jaaxy Enterprise which has a street value of $99 a month on its own. In addition to the world-class training is a true peer to peer support, a tech help desk open 24/7/365, and over 200 live webinars and recorded video training sessions and community training webinars a year. All of that for under $1,000 a year or just $99 a month. Just add your domain names and you are building your own website tonight.

Can’t afford $100 a month to get started you can join free and get your first 10 lessons and a discount if you upgrade to a premium membership within 9 days. Standard Premium Membership is $49 a month or $499.95 a year. In addition to your membership regardless of level, you can learn to market Wealthy Affiliate in the Affiliates BootCamp and earn massive commissions referring new members.

Not interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate? Well don’t, the Online Entrepreneur’s Certification Course will teach you to turn any niche into a thriving online business. You will love talking with myself and others in live chat, and if you go premium you will even get my guide to 3 million monthly page views.

Affiliate Marketing Dummies Guide Summary

You can be a dummy, or be a sponge soaking up a ton of training. You can go it alone and free or you can be vested in your business and have the power of an expert community behind you. Regardless you came out of the Affiliate Marketing Dummies guide with the knowledge to choose a niche. If you study hard along with your experience you can build a blog worth serious cash online.

If you want more though Wealthy Affiliate offers just about everything you will need in an online business with the exception of a professional-grade autoresponder and targeted paid advertising. WA teaches you to build free traffic in unlimited amounts and is scalable to grow with you and your affiliate marketing business.

This has been your Affiliate Marketing Dummies Guide for 2021. My name is Andy Zeus Anderson and I would like to remind you that I do make money off links in this blog and it doesn’t cost you a dime extra for it. I invite you to leave your questions in the comments section below. If you love this guide please share it using the social media buttons provided and subscribe to our newsletter at the top of the page.

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15 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Dummies Guide for 2021”

  1. Hello there! This is an amazing review you have got here. A newbie won’t find it hard to understand everything about affiliate marketing with the way you simply broke it down for better understand. I will save this post so I can go over it again for full understanding, thanks!

    • I want to thank you for a great comment I was out sick or it would have been approved soon. The goal is to make affiliate marketing friendly and understandable for all and it seems I hit the mark with this one.

  2. Thank you for sharing the information about affiliate marketing, this is just so easy and simple to understand and yet very informative. I appreciate that you tell us right off the bat that it is not a get rich quick scheme. I agree, knowledge is power and you need some training to be successful in anything. I may not want to promote Wealthy Affiliate but I definitely want to check out what kind of training they are offering. 

  3. Hi Andy, I think you have presented a very clear picture of what most people will face if they embark on an affiliate marketing journey with all the right tools, with the willingness to learn and apply what they learn. It still takes probably at least a year to start finding a footing. There is one thing I have noticed from the stories of many successful affiliate marketers, is that often their first venture isn’t the one that they achieve success with. I agree with your observation that the pandemic has changed dramatically the world of online work and there are going to be niches in there to help people trying to find work online and help them find solutions to their problems. Great information. Best regards, Andy

    • Fresh off the press read about the affiliate with a 1-year-old website with a standing offer to sell it for $45,000 and quote a salary to continue writing for the prospective buyer for another year. The amount of money and how soon you make it depends on you. We all learn differently and can apply things at a different pace but if you work hard, apply what you learn in the right order, and be a prolific writer you too could be earning the income she will prospectively make this year if she sell the blog.

  4. Wealthy Affiliate is a great program with a great training program and experiences community of people who are always willing to help.  I’ve been here for almost a year and a half and have watched my affiliate business slowly growing.  This business is an investment of time, as is any business, but very affordable!  

    • WA is definitely the best place to get started and what a lot of people don’t get is that there is no one size fits all answer as to how long before you are in profit. I have personally been in profit since my 2nd month, or actually, the first check of month 3 which was based on month 2 earnings but that is because I had a blog before and 10 years prior marketing experience.

      I also have a near photographic mind and have been a lifelong student of anything I can grab on to learn. Others have made more than me because they came in with more experience, more time, and/or more money. Some of them with a lot more money and could seed their blog audience with paid ads.

      For all I have in my favor I am also bipolar, have a social anxiety disorder, and have 7 children one of which has more serious mental health issues than myself. Until I can separate a home office from the noise I can not consistently record videos for example that could bring 100X the traffic to my blog. I have a list, many new bloggers have to choose between training or professional hosting and an autoresponder. 

      All these things show in the fact that 2 people I know through WA starting around my same start date and both are earning over 6 figures a year already and occasionally hit 6 figure months having started their first time in marketing, while I am now 17 years in affiliate marketing they have just 7 and are killing it compared to my personal income. No complaints as this year has been killer so far and I will continue to knock it out of the ballpark.

  5. It definitely take time for an Affiliate Marketer to get into the loop, I personally like to have multiple streams of income, sometimes is hard to accomplished everything i plan to do but I always try.

    Thanks for sharing this Affiliate ideas for Dummies.

    well put all that is required and everything is needed to become a successful Affiliate Marketer!

    • What I love most about using a blog for affiliate marketing is that affiliate programs cost nothing or next to nothing to get started in. Every blog is like a piece of property millions of people are looking to visit, and every page is like a doorway on a different busy street. 

      You can have dozens or even hundreds of items listed on a site or choose just a single promotion. You may even choose to use Ads instead and let other affiliates make the lion’s share while you just write. The potential and possibilities are limitless.

  6. This post was just what I needed. When I first heard about affiliate marketing I thought it would be easy to come up with a niche. But then I discovered that I had a handful niches I would like to persue. So making up my mind was difficult. I really enjoyed reading your post and the great tips you have for us beginners. Thank you!

    • Thanks for a great comment, Ann. I started with an online community in Google and Yahoo Groups for Gardening. Discovered affiliate marketing while finding out how to promote and monetize them, and then graduated to blogging using the crappy blogs at BlogSpot. The more about affiliate marketing I learned the more passion flowed for this niche that has been the primary driver to my business for 17 years.

      I am now moving this blog into affiliate newsletter format and will be developing a new flagship at to broaden my horizons and expand my niche targeting. I hope you will be there with me for the future of business and keep me up to date on your journey.

  7. I joined Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago as a complete beginner, with no previous experience with affiliate marketing and websites. And I am very pleased that I decided to take this step because I gained a lot of knowledge and support in WA in doing my first steps.
    It’s true, as you write, with affiliate marketing you don’t get to make money overnight, it’s a business you have to build from the ground up. You have excellently presented all the information that is important for those who are interested in starting an online business in the field of affiliate marketing. After reading this article, I have an even better idea of ​​what affiliate marketing is. Thanks!
    Friendly greeting,

    • Thank you, Nina. Affiliate marketing is given a bad reputation sometimes because people don’t think of it the same as opening a storefront. They fail to see it as a real business going in and think they can get rich overnight. Anyone who says you can be instantly rich at anything is selling you a p[ack of losing lottery tickets.


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