Find Best Affiliate Marketing Products in Your Niche

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Finding the best affiliate marketing products in your niche begins with understanding what a niche market is. You also need to know your customers and target them with passionate content.

The best affiliate marketing products come from a firm understanding of your niche and the people in it.

No product sells unless there is someone to buy it who has chosen to do business with you. That means time targeting the people who share a passion, within a niche. Do this well and the war is won. Do it poorly and the battle is uphill.

Affiliate Marketing Products Ranger Bass Boats

A niche is like Boating, a sub niche could be Ranger Bass Boats.

If you are looking to sell Range Bass Boats you will need to search boat models, features, prices, consumer reviews and other vital data. That’s technical but you also need to understand the buyer you are targeting and their needs. Are they simple needs and I want to hit the water today mindset or are they looking for a full featured dream boat?

Since both are into fishing on and semi affluent you can likely also pitch accessories like Garmin GPS and Fish Finders. Abu Garcia reels, custom hand made rods, and pro grade baits and tackle as accessories are also great. You will need to know about fishing some and will need to know the core features a boat must have to be a perfect fit to the reader you are looking to deal with.

Affiliate marketing products must fit your passion too.

You must have a passion for what you write about unless you are an expertly talented writer. The kind who can fake passion without getting caught. You will need to know and love your niche interest. If you love what you are doing it will show in your writing. So never select affiliate marketing products that don’t fit things you like to do or you will not be happy. An unhappy affiliate marketer doesn’t sell much and can even lose money.

Write with passion once you have found the perfect affiliate marketing products.

Write like you are telling a friend what you want in a boat. Tell them the features that solve issues with your current boat Buctail Jigs Fishing Baitsor how a certain trolling motor will improve results. Tell them what you are dreaming of adding to the perfect fishing trip. Elaborate on where you would personally get the most fun using the product. And don’t forget to ask for the sale. You must close the deal by the end of the article(s).

If you really wish to sell more products keep your content or new articles flowing. You can write in a series or do a series of reviews and link to them from other articles. You can have a matching newsletter or use blog to email tools in modern autoresponders to carry your latest post to your subscribers. Mix in a product exclusive or exclusive offer every couple of weeks, or some insider tips or tips like best time to fish lake ____ for Large Mouth Bass.

When is it best to do a review instead of a post and what are the differences?

Affiliate marketing products are best sold when you run a mix of regular content mixed with occasional reviews. Regular content like times and temperatures from a fishing Almanac or when stripers are bedding at Jimmy’s Cove. Break up reviews so your blog doesn’t seem like a total sales pitch. Blog post can still have product ads or recommendations without being an actual product review.

A product review can be a little drier than it will cover a lot of technical information and should be assigned a rating by the end, so the product can be compared accurately with related products. Some reviews are outright comparisons of what works best for certain types of consumers. Be sure to write in your words and be thorough enough that a buyer on the fence can be pushed in the direction you desire.

Can you promote more than one affiliate product in the same article?

The best affiliate marketing products are ripe with competition, so why not write about things that compare to your personal selection, and write about accessories? Each of these can be a linked item from your affiliate program accounts. A tomato may help you sell lettuce and carrots, so why not review salad making recipes? Never leave an opportunity unexplored.

So where do you source affiliate marketing products?

Nike Shoes Affiliate Marketing ProductsFigure out your niche and ask what your customer needs. Think about products that address those needs. Search for, “Product Name Affiliates”. If I want to sell fresh water jigs it would search, “freshwater fishing jigs affiliate program” or “Freshwater jigs fishing affiliates”. This tactic will yield hundreds of retailers, some factories direct, others through retailers like Wal-Mart or Amazon who have affiliate programs. Some pay extremely well, others pay less but sell more often. Be open-minded and do your research.

Research things like commission percentage, cookie duration, brand popularity, price point for comparison, and product features. Choose programs that offer a commission that is worth taking up space on your blog, that your customers may search for. Make sure the company will offer a cookie that last a minimum 30 days and preferably they hard code your customer for life. If there are multiple sellers for the same product don’t just choose the cheapest but do the research anyhow as often the lowest price has the most seller end problems.

What is a seller end problem?

Some sellers have poor delivery times, have delays like getting through customs that can take months to receive the products. Others have non-delivery issues, some don’t send the correct product, some offer free shipping, some charge for it. You can even see that some of these retailers just don’t write good sales copy so they under price hoping to increase sales. Put them through consumer reporting agencies like Better Business Bureau or Consumer Reports and see if the retailer pops up any warnings. If you don’t do the leg work your customer will.


Choosing affiliate marketing products is no simple task and neither is creating great content. The learning curve can not be covered in one article, so we always recommend taking the Affiliate Marketing Certification Course from Wealthy Affiliate. That said, once you know the customer and know the niche. You have half the battle won and can begin to enjoy your business as you write from the heart. Add in some in depth research on products and suppliers with choosing the right affiliate programs and you will soon see profits.

Skipping steps is not an option. Before you go into affiliate marketing you will need to understand this is a bona fide business. It is not a 30 minutes 3 times a week get-rich-quick scheme it is demanding work. You will likely need 6 months to a year to start seeing steady income and 2 years to see yourself in a place to consider doing this full time. Stick with it though and learn from the best and you will soon reach the affiliate 3 percent.

Five reasons to join and learn niche affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Learn from expert marketers as they build a full time income from a new blog they build step by step during your training. They leave no stone unturned in an easy to follow format. You can be a non tech savvy person with no experience and no idea how to write great content and they will teach you how.
  2. Learn to select niche affiliate marketing products from the best in the business.
  3. Get real time peer to peer support from a massive community.
  4. Get real feedback to help perfect your site.
  5. Trade comments and feedback to increase your social signals and develop a search engine game plan. Wealthy affiliate helps you get thousands of free website visitors a month with keyword research tools like Jaaxy and All in One SEO using the web’s most popular WordPress Platform.

Don’t delay, join Wealthy Affiliate today and take the free trial. You will surely love the $19 first month premium membership special offer, and the training is by far going to go beyond your expectations.

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18 thoughts on “Find Best Affiliate Marketing Products in Your Niche”

  1. Thanks for the post,

    I agree 100% – affiliate marketing is a BUSINESS, and should be approached as such. What I find so refreshing about this particular business model is that you can take something you are passionate about and/or know something about, and, with consistent, targeted work, generate income. The learning curve will vary from person to person, but if during this time you are researching and writing about what truly interests you, you’re already winning by devoting your time to something that engages you.

    Thanks so much for sharing. From the way you write, I get the impression you are a very good teacher.

    All the best,

    • Thanks Norman, it’s taken a long time to fill the role of teacher. I have been online marketing since January 2003, and have learned a fair bit about marketing since then with the help of people like the late Cori Rudl and now Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate. Another source I can site is Gery Carson of Strong Future International, all of them great leaders and teachers.

      Home business doesn’t mean hobby that can make me money and just because it’s fun and you can turn your hobbies into cash does not mean you can treat it as anything but a business. I know people in the game 10 years who have lost far more than they have pulled out because they don’t stick with anything and are always looking for fast money. Anything worth doing requires dedication and time.

      Thanks for a powerful comment.

  2. Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to make some cash online, whether on the side, or even as a fulltime gig. The hard part can be choosing a niche and, because there are so many product options out there, choosing which products to focus on promoting can be really confusing.

    I think it helps if you do have a passion for what you’re writing about, and to also know a bit about the subject. You have some really sound tips in your article. It’s actually given me a clearer focus reading it.

    • Thanks Darren,

      Affiliate marketing is really a subject you can’t flatter enough in a single post or that post gets ten miles long. Where else can you start a business for under $300 a month and have millionaire potential while loving what you do? You can even get started for free but the start is slow without investment while those who put in $10 a day in expense can cut 2 years off their time to profits and working from home. Affiliate marketing is a path to happiness in your own business but only if you come ready to work.

  3. There’s only one place to promote affiliate products and that’s Wealthy Affiliate.
    You can promote anything you want here.
    But the most important thing is to promote products that you are passionate about.
    Once you do that you can start building your website about your niche. Follow the training, get traffic, and eventually you will make money.
    You have to be in it for the long haul. This is not an overnight get rich quick scheme.
    Be passionate, have a plan, and take action and you can promote your affiliate products and have a worthwhile online business!
    What is the one thing that’s most important that you can tell people to expect?

    • I agree 110%. Wealthy Affiliate is the place that taught me soo much of what I know and has allowed me to meet so many like minded and successful people. It’s a place where you can grow into your own voice and turn it into your new career as an Entrepreneur. Thanks for coming by and leaving your endorsement of this powerful program.

  4. Great post Andy.
    I think a lot of people think that being an affiliate marketer is simply a matter of throwing up a website (with one page – maybe two) and going on vacation for the rest of your life as the money rolls in.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    This takes hard work and dedication and is a slog to get it off the ground.
    I am sure it does get easier, as anything does, once you learn the ropes but pushing through the initial hard graph takes some doing.
    I guess if it was easy we would all be astronauts!
    I enjoy your website.

    • Yes. You might be able to throw up a mini site and write your own paycheck if it is set up with a proper sales funnel, backed by your decades in marketing, and funded to the max with Adwords and Facebook or Bing Ads, but most will only lose money trying that approach. If all the books the gurus wrote say I lost X thousand dollars before I found the secret, they had Thousands to invest before making things happen, usually through the same path as Wealthy Affiliate takes you. Thanks for a great comment.


  5. I love what you said about breaking it up and writing some reviews along with other posts sharing information. I don’t enjoy websites that only have reviews, I find them boring and I don’t like feeling like I am being pitched to all the time. I am personally much more likely to buy a product when I have received loads of helpful information and been recommended by that person to buy something. I just trust them more.

    • Yes and those blogs never get a subscription form filled by me. I don’t want more of the same landing in my inbox or SPAM folder, It’s just advertising if you are not giving people something of value.

  6. Great post on affiliate marketing Andy.
    After reading your post about niche selection, I see all we need is something we are passionate about and translating that information into a great storytelling post for the world to read. We all have some knowledge of information. And there is no better place to learn how to share that information than through WealthyAffiliate. The platform is the most up to date place to have a business online I have ever experienced. I personally love the community within WA. If you get stuck on your journey there are multiple successful mentors that have ( walked the road before you ) that can and will get you moving in the right direction.


    • Thanks for the response and I couldn’t agree more. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to learn everything affiliate marketing except how to lose thousands of dollars in failure. Thanks again for the comment.

  7. Hi. I’m just starting in the affiliate marketing game and this article has some really good advise in it. I will definitely be applying these methods and tricks to my affiliate marketing strategies.

    Totally agree that you need to be passionate about your chosen niche, as it means that you will write with passion and knowledge, rather than just winging it.

    Thanks for this article, very very helpful.

    • Thank you for the kind comment.

      You can write on anything with some degree of accuracy using research skills but it’s never the same as when you can tell a personal story to go with the technical research. You might enjoy our 2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review as well. It goes over my personal experience with one of the World’s best training programs for affiliate marketers.

      Andy Zeus Anderson

  8. Hi Andy, love reading your post, it made a lot of sense to me, because I am starting out using affiliate marketing as my main niche for a couple of reasons. I think it is the best way to go if you are new to the business. Reading your post have given me a better understanding on how I should deliver my posts and articles. I like the part where you said an unhappy affiliate marketer doesn’t sell much and can even lose money. Thanks again for the timely post!

    • Thanks Richard,

      Affiliate Marketing is a bit broad of a niche. I myself am working towards total training being for high ticket top 3 percent affiliates. These articles and reviews are on power training and power tools that leave room in the budget to advertise and market your business. You need to choose a sub niche in affiliate marketing as everybody from Shoemoney blog to Time Magazine has a piece on affiliate marketing on the site. This is a lucrative niche and everybody wants to be top dog so picking off the scraps they leave uncovered is a great place to start for that you should consider reading our Wealthy Affiliate Review.

  9. Hi

    Nice read and I’d like to add my point of view.

    I promote more than 1 products in the same article when I create directories or lists of products or companies. Comparison posts, “best of” lists, A-Z directories, etc.

    On the other hand, I find that reviews on specific products convert better than other content. Because most of the consumers are looking for exclusive information they can’t find anywhere else.

    I wanna wish you good luck with your affiliate promotions, Andy!

    • Thank you for your honest and candid comment. I have a love for comparisons too where I feel appropriate, especially if the comparison makes sense. I also am a HUGE fan of the upsell, offering related products in a post as you will see in several of the post on this blog relating to using Jaaxy in conjunction with Wealthy Affiliate.


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