Best Kept Secrets Top Affiliate Marketers Use Making Money

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Best Kept Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers, these are the steps and knowledge bits that will make money online. No affiliate marketer left behind is our plan for the day and we are taking you on our journey.

Best Kept Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers

Best Kept Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers For Making Money Online

OK, the headline promises big things which we plan to deliver with one exception. A whopping 99.9% of the secrets you have likely already heard stated in relation to other things in your life. You just haven’t related them to your actual affiliate marketing business.

Have you ever wondered how the Internet Guru makes money and keeps numerous products coming out every few months to a year? It is likely because they stumbled upon the big secret which is there are no secrets to success. Everything we need to know has already been discussed online we just need to gather the intelligence and put it in proper order, apply elbow grease and investment, and give the seed time to grow.

These Top Affiliate Marketers have learned to see everything in dollars signs and relationships. If, you are not seeing the big picture among common things in life you are a step behind so let’s get to see that image.

Big Picture Examples Top Affiliate Marketers See

You and I can look at a candle and see it as light in a storm or sweet smells in our home. Some see awesome designs and others see artistic values. A top affiliate marketer will see things a bit differently.

Top internet marketers look at the same candle and see a candle maker who puts hours of labor into an age-old craft and adds style, flare, and scents. But they are creating a product of value above all. A product there everyone either needs or wants, and it is a consumable product or as a marketer calls them and Evergreen Product. They see ways to market candles like niche markets and sub interest groups.

Candle Niche Ideas:

  • Art and Design Candles
  • Jewelry Candles
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Candles for home decoration
  • Candle Making Supplies and Instructions
  • Aroma Therapy Candles, Tea Lights, and Oil Warmers.

All of these niche ideas have millions of people who share the interest and they build a heck of a blog on Candles or a fleet of e-books and other products that spell commissions. They see money from each sub-niche and they don’t just buy a candle to burn it they study each way of making that candle make them money and then they might light it. LOL.

Top Affiliate Marketer can see money in everyday things like these candles.

Are you thinking yet about the products around your house? I am I see hand soaps and lotions, perfumes and Cologne, computers, TV’s, all sorts of things that I could make money on that are interesting to me. Some more mainstream and high competition like anything electronics, some more subtle like my Baseball Cards and our aquarium. The point is there is a boatload of money to be made on your shopping list each month. Top Affiliate Marketers think about these things.

How do top affiliate marketers turn ordinary things into money?

Some will look at resellers programs and direct sales like Avon, many will create e-books and templates to sell these products through Pay Per Click Affiliate programs or Affiliate Marketing Programs and sell those resources to affiliates in those niche areas already. Most will start a blog or resource that tailors to the niche and promote the affiliate offers through product reviews and tutorials. A Good niche site after all builds residual income for years and once you have it making money you can hire people to do the actual writing and just take in profits.

How many niche blogs can one affiliate own? I know affiliates with hundreds of niche blogs and making up to $12,000 a month per niche. Yes $12,000 per niche blog a month.

So what are the secrets to making money with these niche ideas?

Again the best-kept secret is that there really are no secrets. Good training will help you put these common-sense solutions into order to make money online in affiliate marketing. These secrets below are not necessarily in that order as my biggest recommendation is training, which goes far beyond the tips I share today and structures each step.

You need a place to make money from:

In an offline business, you need an office or storefront, in an online world, you need a website or blog. We recommend the latter because of versatility and search engine interest. With a blog, you can write product reviews and hold training and go far beyond the position of a static website.

A Place to do Business Online

You need a product of value:

Don’t be the idiot caught trying to sell the ability to make money as a product because those scams are illegal as hell. Find or create real products and pack every ounce of value into them as possible. You will like this post because I deliver value and the blog because I deliver more and more with only a minimal pitch. In fact, this blog will provide more affiliate marketing training than 90% of other blogs in this niche because I believe in over-delivery on every promise.

So Subscribe today on the Red and Yellow box on the top right corner of the blog.

Over Deliver Value:

Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins both tell you to Over Deliver value because the more valuable you are to other people the more valuable they will be to you. Rohn says your income is directly related to your value to employers or customers. Be it great service, great training, honest approach, or all of the above you need to beat expectations to reach the top 3% who make 80% of the money in affiliate marketing.

Build a contact list and network often:

The one thing Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate and I disagree on is list building. He says to hold off on the $20 a month cost until you have 1,000 or more organic visitors a month to your blog. I say start building relationships as soon as you can because the money really is in a list and with most people you can only have one chance to get them to connect and network. I have all of 56 posts including this one on the blog.

I get less than Kyle’s 1,000 organic search traffic suggestions but have over 100 people who connected to this blog already and more in my list from other projects. I get new sign-ups from Affiliate 3 Percent every few days and usually 3-6 new subscribers for every post I write. If they didn’t join the list my repeat visitors would be less than 5% of my traffic instead of 60% of it.

In addition you need a strong method for building social media followings and I have over 1800 Twitter followers and a slowly growing following on Facebook following, a few hundred on each of Pinterest and Instagram, and over 800 on LinkedIn who pick and choose which post is important to them but also add into referral traffic that is growing by leaps and bounds. Webtalk has been a tremendous source of exposure as well. Be sure to post to e-mail at least once a week, and to social channels at least 3 times weekly to keep engagement high and traffic flowing.

Treat people like People instead of Dollars and numbers.

Sure, there are dollars like an average of $9 a year per e-mail subscriber, and other metrics that should be tracked but don’t forget the humans that you depend on. They have needs. That is why they came to you and if you are not constantly fulfilling those needs you will not make $0.50 a year off them much less $9 a year off them. Over deliver and answer every question. Follow people who add value to your life, interact with the people who add value to your life, interact with the people who gain value from you.

Time is not of the essence if you need money now get a second JOB!

Even though you see all of these signs and banners saying make $1,000 in the next 7 days etc.. The truth once you get in the door is that to make $1,000 in 7 days you need to read fast, follow instructions well, and have at least $500 in cash to invest. I will go over the cash aspect next but the point here is that substantial earnings take time unless you have a lot of money and a lot of knowledge to get started.

Invest in yourself to make money online

How long will it take? Most affiliates get their first sales in 4-6 months from their blogs and first substantial months in 14-18 months. They see more stability around year 2 and real earnings about month 30-36

It takes money to make really good money:

Top affiliate marketers know that it will take some investment now or later to grow into a full-time business. If you have little to no money to start it will take you more time to reach income goals. I personally advise people with a couple of hundred dollars to invest to start by investing in training and hosting, and a good domain name. I personally have 7 domain names, a reseller hosting company, and pay $359 a year to Wealthy Affiliate for training. I advise paying by the year to those who can because it is huge savings over the monthly cost of $49 for Premium Membership.

If, you don’t have money getting started I advise you to take the free membership at WA which will help you set up a blog on a free SiteRubix subdomain and begin earning your way to premium membership following something you are passionate about. Whatever you do, do not use Wix, Blogger, or similar free host that are not affiliated marketer-friendly and are not WordPress based.

Once you start making money save up and buy a premium membership to join us at Wealthy Affiliate where I will personally train you to climb to 3 million monthly visitors in 9 years or less. I have personally grown a site to this level and will have this blog there in its own time as well.

Click Here to Learn More About Our Number One Program and Start Your Journey Today.

Andy Anderson

Training is Golden, all top affiliate marketers know this:

Even the best-known experts in affiliate marketing spend a large portion of their income to learn from peers and read periodicals and new ebook releases related to making money online. You never know what you don’t know until you learn by either accident or great training. My journey at WA has built a ton of knowledge I either had forgotten over 11 years of marketing before Wealthy Affiliate or never knew. That’s why I have been there for 5 years now of my 16 years in affiliate marketing.

Automation is your friend, not a tech hassle:

By automating regular posts to social media, advertising research, and sending things like your weekly or monthly newsletters and special reports to your e-mail list you free up time to work with people directly and develop new content. Don’t be afraid of tech, because most of it is a one-time learning curve and many automated systems are so damned easy my 9 years old can use them.

My Email Marketing suggestion makes my life a breeze and not a living hell for example. I won’t use any autoresponder other than Rocket Responder at this time because it is a breeze to use and has most of the tools of bigger responders for $20 a month with unlimited list size and unlimited sends. Get Response is the only other I could offer up but is inflated price for tools most people don’t need.
The only reason I would choose the latter is to have more app integrations as RocketResponder is just starting to build integrations and connections with app companies.

Wrapping up:

In our post about the “Best Kept Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers” we have covered a lot of shovel ready information. The best tip is to look at the products around you and think about how they can make you money. You also need to take away tips on treating people like people, using simple automation tools like Autoresponders, and above all TRAIN YOUR DAMNED BRAIN FIRST! Don’t be the person with tools they don’t know how to use to be the person who knows every tool before you buy them. Learn them fast, learn often, and never stop learning.

If, you think this information will help you become one of those top affiliate marketers do 2 things. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and post updates, and then leave a comment below.

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28 thoughts on “Best Kept Secrets Top Affiliate Marketers Use Making Money”

  1. Some great tips that you have mentioned here. I agree with you that there are no secrets, it is merely a matter of getting some good training and putting into practise the things that you learn. 

    Having a website as your.home base is another essential must have. Building a list is another biggie  as once you have contact details for people who are interested in what you have to say, you can contact them again and again and make permanent customers of them. 

    • Yes and the big secret most marketers, even $20,000 a month folks don’t know is the more offers you send your list the more value you must send as well. I will send no more than 1-2 offers in a week while you see some morons send 1 or more sales pitches a day. This creates a high rate of churn in subscribers instead of building loyalty. Want a responsive list send more free content than offers.

  2. Any new online entrepreneur will want to believe that there is indeed a secret that successful people are into that makes them money. This is because scams out there lie to newbies about secrets and systems that do not even exists. It is very eye-opening how you have used the candle example. It truly depends with who is looking at the candle. A good training is the best place to start followed by active action. You couldn’t have put it better. Thank you for these insights especially on building a list.  

    • Thanks, Carol, you are definitely on top of this training. They say the difference between employer and employee is vision and action. I am living proof of this as I come from humble beginnings even having been homeless and built quite a life. Success is for the observant action takers and that’s why top affiliate marketers make so much money.

  3. I’m cracking up, sorry!  Best line EVER in a making money online blog post:

    “Don’t be the idiot caught trying to sell the ability to make money as a product because those scams are illegal as hell.”

    I absolutely agree you should actually have something of VALUE to sell.  That said, I don’t agree with some products that are just resold rehashes of the same-old, same-old. I don’t know. But having something valuable to sell is definitely a worthwhile investment, even if you have to put money into doing it, say hiring an editor to edit your ebook before you publish it on Amazon, hire a designer for the cover, or whatever.  I’ll have to think about this with regard to my site.

    Thanks for the laugh though.  It’s so hilarious because it’s so absolutely TRUE.  That’s scamming, per and simple!   

    • Yes, I agree with you Selenity. I love reselle\ rights but hate Private Lable rights because I have spent $47 twice for the same ebook course under different names and images. This can make people distrust programs like JVZoo where it happens a lot. At least Clickbank manually approves products based on uniqueness in the field. They don’t often let a PLR into their program and never by choice. Granted they don’t vet the product for quality because that is in the eye of the buyer but they do permanently ban con artists and sellers with poor performance scores.

  4. Treating people rightly and giving them the accurate information level is one thing that I have failed at but the way you have expatiated well here on this post has opened my eyes to quite a lot more here. The best way to become a top affiliate marketer is too treat people with love and respect and provide for their needs rather than trying to sell to them. Truthfully, I learned well here. Also, building the network and a good CL would also help a lot. Thank you so much for sharing

    • Roderick, I see you here on nearly every post with a great comment. I appreciate regular readers and enjoy helping them have ah-ha moments when everything clicks. I hope this post in some way has opened many doors.

  5. Thank you very much; 

    Am an information gatherer and I read many posts a day in most times I target to see how different people are dong thing, I usually don’t spend to much time on a given post unless it provides value, I read your post for thirty minutes trying to understand every tip you were talking about. this is my post of the month I mean the best of all I read this month. actually you provide the value you stated in this post.

    • Mugalu, I appreciate that beyond words. Our goal in everything is to be more of the more you want. I live our mission statement found on our about page. Check it out and you will see that I value integrity above all. Thanks again.

  6. Thank you for this great article. I think these advanced secrets will really take my affiliate marketing to the next level. The best affiliate marketers really have a good grasp of all the components of affiliate marketing. Generating content, creating an online presence, technical website factors and more. I always wonder how some affiliate marketers can make so much money and your article has helped me understand how that’s possible. There is so much competition in affiliate marketing so your article is very helpful. But aren’t you afraid that if you give these secrets out to thousands of people, you will have more competition?

    • Right now there are around 180 million affiliates serving 4 Billion people online. That’s across over 500 million niche markets. We can all make a boatload of money and never hurt each other.

  7. Only secret is that there are no secrets.
    Hard work & dedication.

    It went the same way for me, first sale showed up after 6th month.
    Before that there are heap of chores to go through in order to ‘pile on the meat’ for your website & make yourself visible.

    I noticed you are recommending Rocket Responder for email marketing & I’m currently trying to decide & choose the responder to go with. What do you think of Benchmark Email? Any good for beginners?
    I stumbled upon that one & saw that they offer it for free with all of its key features up to 2000 contacts.

    Trying to get automation to be my friend like you suggested.

    • It depends on your niche as if the average responder would work for you. MailChimp is free to 2,000 list size as well but they won’t accept a site related to affiliate marketing as a niche, neither will Aweber, or Constant Contact. Without reading the site they classify us as a Get Rich Quick. My blog is anything but GRQ and they have suspended accounts for TOS violation saying it was at MailChimp with no appeal. Reading the TOS is the best bet for any business as so much is hidden in there.

      I have no knowledge of Benckmark, but advise the same. If your niche is anything to do with making money the $20 a month for unlimited everything can not be beaten. Well, price wise there is the old and outdated TrafficWave but never met a user not there for the MLM instead of the responder.

  8. WOW, great article,

    I got completely different valuable and honest information in this article. I totally agree with you about your secrets.

    “It takes money to make really good money” this is one of the best and honest matter what you do it takes money to make money.

    Wealthy Affiliate training helps me to quite from my 9 to 5 job and achieve my dreams.

    I highly recommend WA for anyone who want to make good money.

    Thanks for sharing valuable content. Keep it up!

    • What I love about affiliate marketing is the low cost of entry, as low as free but the fact is if you hit a small commission as a free affiliate on a free site and don’t start reinvesting at least 50% of what you make into your business you are doomed for small commissions for years to come. Revienvest and you grow, don’t invest and you get scraps because most people know that a subdomain on a free site means you are too broke to afford a real domain name of your own. Why trust a fly by nights operation on a free site?

  9. HiAndy,

    Excellent article, I really enjoyed the reading!

    I honestly thought there was a secret of becoming successful in affiliate marketing. After reading your article, I realized that if we want to succeed, there is no magic bullet, and we need to work and apply what the course teaches. Do you think it’s possible to succeed with any niche? I hope you’ll be posting on this subject soo:)

    Thank you for this useful  post!

    • Training and visio\n or perspective is the real difference-maker but that has been the case in everything your entire life.  Thanks, Daniella.

  10. I believe that affiliate marketing is an online business that requires training to function properly even though many people say it doesn’t require background knowledge, but since I’ve been into the business, I discovered having prior knowledge of what it’s about is of more advantage. Thanks for these secret ideas ,they are really useful and will be of great help to Affiliate marketers like me too. 

    • It doesn’t require background knowledge as stated DreaJay. What is does require is the ability to learn and desire to succeed followed by a determination to stick with it and make things happen.

  11. This has been quite enlightening and I have the impression that Andy is a professional who can reduce my learning curve substantially. The “only secret is that there are no secrets” speaks volumes to me. I am not looking for secrets, but advice from someone who has gone before me and has settled issues that I will confront is of definite interest.

    Pleasing platitudes do not work for me. Hard – hitting instruction does. It is amazing to me how marketing has changed since I retired 15 years ago. At one point, I could send out unsolicited e-mails  and get satisfactory responses without autoresponders or anything of the kind. It was like throwing mud against a wall and seeing that some of it actually stuck. People are far more exacting today about what they read or what they open.

    So…I need more expertise as I am building an Online business. WA is certainly the right platform for me. More and more nuggets of advice are welcomed enthusiastically.

    Thanks, Andy!

    • Richard that is our aim, to be your source of experience and education to further the training you receive from programs like Wealthy Affiliate. I am glad we helped and have delivered once again on that promise.

  12. Great tips for me as I am still a newbie. I wasn’t going to do the email marketing yet but now I am seriously going to consider it.

    I really got encouraged when I read in the comments : “Right now there are around 180 million affiliates serving 4 Billion people online. That’s across over 500 million niche markets. We can all make a boatload of money and never hurt each other.”

    When I started, I kept on fighting against the thought that I had no chance to break through but that is NOT true!!
    Thank you!

    • I did typo one thing in the 500 million niche markets it should read 50 million, there is overlap but a massive opportunity. The more time spent choosing a niche or multiple niches the better but once you have drilled down past the competition and are ranking on google for prime search terms you can make millions in affiliate marketing.

  13. I recently got into affiliate marketing due to it’s earning potential and low startup costs, I’ve already started a blog but haven’t setup and list building tools yet. It seems like most successful bloggers are building that list so I guess I better get started on that. You said you know affiliate marketers with hundreds of niche blogs with each one making $12,000?? I would love to reach that level one day, but how do you even manage that many blogs?

    • I know ambitious marketers that started with one blog and now manage hundreds of them because they scale up operations and learn to leverage other people’s content, be it outsourcing to ghostwriters and guest posters or highering staff writers as each blog grows large enough to support it. There are dozens of ways to scale up and most are fairly affordable.

  14. To be successful in an affiliate marketing is like surviving everyday business we do offline as well, you need a lot of insight to be a successful affiliate marketer, and here are top secrets top marketing businessmen have adopted out there that made them as successful as they are today.

    This review has brought out these top secrets all you need do is look at them and adopt them . The illustration made the candle example really truly depends with who is looking at the candle. A good training is the best place to start followed by active action. You couldn’t have put it better. Thank you for these insights especially on building a list.

    • Hello Evans, Thanks for a great comment. It’s true these secret but not so secret practices propel online and offline business leaders to stardom every day. If you think men like Bill Gates and Donald Trump don’t live by them you would be mistaken. Both know its who you know and have a large mailing list and use every marketing tool at their disposal. Be it politics or selling a computer program.


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