Best Social Media Network And Marketing Opportunity

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You can’t talk about social media networks and marketing opportunities without looking for budding companies where the competition is low, the tools are right, and the opportunity massive. For 2019 and beyond this talk is centering more and more on a Florida Company called Webtalk. Today we will share the latest on this 3 million-plus member juggernaut and why its growth will be unparalleled among upstart business social media providers.

Best Social Media Network and Marketing Opportunity

The Best Social Media Network And Marketing Opportunity 2020 – Review

I first did a Review last year when the landscape was very different. They had just cleared 600K Beta Test Members and while the system is still in Beta they have added more than 3 million new members since then. Their growth is largely propelled by a unique affiliate program that will reward the first 1 million qualified affiliates with a 5 tier commission structure. After the 1 million qualified affiliates the system will only pay a single tier but the rewards will cover a wide range of services both here now and planned over the next several months.

Commission earning opportunities at

referral tracking webtalk review offers a range of opportunities for large commissions. The big end of things is in the areas of a planned retail marketplace, in house advertising systems similar to Facebook Ads, and Business Upgrades similar to Linked Pro that includes a deluxe CRM or Customer Retention Management tool.

The online marketplace will offer everything from physical goods to digital services and apps. Not limited to but including freelance services like writers, virtual assistants, programmers, and more. They will also include consulting services as well in a program similar to what Google Hangouts was supposed to be until Google was too selective with the service providers and killed the pet project before it really got going.

Advertising will be a massive opportunity as you get paid not just on ads bought in your network but also on ads viewed by your referral. All members get referral rewards for sending family and friends to the network if they sign up for Social CPX the affiliate and marketing system for this social media network and marketing opportunity.

Earn 10% Referral Commissions For Life Review: What is the USP or Unique Selling Position for Non-Business Users?

While business users will love the CRM tool as much as I do, and benefit from initial low competition and low advertising cost, a public marketplace for goods and services and other VIP Perks the average user benefits in privacy. In fact, privacy is a job one of the segmented feed systems.

When you think privacy you don’t think social media networks. Since inception, if you posted about a bachelor party gone wrong you shared it with everyone including current and prospective employers. With Webtalk that changes. You can select groups for your followers and choose who out of them see’s what out of your posting to your feed. No politics or drinking photos to your boss, no family matters to business connections, and no competitive information outside your team or CRM Prospects.

Isn’t it nice to choose who gets what data on you while social networking? I still haven’t mentioned tools like file sharing, the light, and agile photo and video facilities, and the ability to share your post on Slack, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn which allows you to effectively manage a large share of your accounts from one central location.

Mobile Apps are on their way for Android and iPhone.

While the site is highly mobile responsive today and looks great by mobile there will soon be apps for iPhone and Android that will greatly improve user experience in the social network and marketing program. It will provide ease of access to all aspects of the site and put your business on the go to work with the best network and marketing system on the web today.

Along with mobile apps opens a wide range of potential add on advertising opportunities as well as putting your building of network and marketing possibilities. We will have to wait to see what mobile has in store for business users in all but if the experience is anything like the concept images we are in for a get user experience.

Who are the Principals of the Company?

RJ Garbowicz, CEO/CPO
Andrew Peret
, CTO – Basit Hussain, CSA/DS – Jeff Catherell, CBO – Jamie Pews, VP, Finance

Best Social Media Network And Marketing Opportunity 1

Webtalk Newsroom

If you are looking for information on any aspect of Webtalk including feature breakdowns, planned additions, and a global overview of things like the in house cryptocurrency system and internationally available payment processor and currency exchange tool you can look no further than the Newsroom.

Everything in Webtalk has been done transparently and above the board. Every promised feature has rolled out by its projected launch date and as we near a global launch features are rolling out every week. Content Affiliate Referrals

The Best part is using the functions now your content created also helps recruit new members and just sharing a post from your profile ac\an act as a silent sales force. Between the content referrals feature and a single post on this fledgling blog, one small e-mail and I have 24 direct referrals and a down line team of 183 members. I have seen 2% conversions and my team is still growing.

Over the next few weeks, I will be contacting bloggers in outreach and company heads to show them this second Review (The First Webtalk Social Media Review Here) and point out benefits like collaboration, CRM, and Marketplace that will allow them to network and market their business to millions of people alienated by Facebook and other social media giants. To a pool of over 3 million members and growing that is alive and full of activity.

** No Program can guarantee success or any level of earnings. Most users will not get rich through referral rewards but all have potential to add at least some income free of cost. is a great addition to your current income.

As an affiliate marketer, you can benefit from unlimited 10% commissions and for a limited time up to 5 levels of referrals.

If you hurry and join before the elite 1 million step-up and qualify as Beta Affiliates you can earn on 5 tiers of commissions like I do. Imaging signing just one influencer or corporate entity that adds the, Follow Me On Webtalk button to their site? They could put hundreds or even thousands of business customers in your team in a matter of days or weeks. With Webtalk Business Pages companies will flourish in the network and marketing environment.

This has massive potential, just think if every Facebook like button was a referral link for Facebook Ads. Now you are thinking like a future Entrepreneur.

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  1. Seriously, this is the first time I came across social media network known as Webtalk.

    Over the decade, many people had used linkedin, facebook , instagam, pinterest and more as a form of social media connection to connect with the social media crowd.

    It seemed to be that Webtalk is trying to integrate all social media component into one platform .  It also looked like a platform that focused on user’s satisfaction.

    With a pool of 3 million users based on your article, it is a platform that not to be missed.

    Thank you for sharing Webtalk in this article .

    • Thank you. This is an opportunity not to be missed, the traffic being sent to blogs and for affiliate marketers alone is massive, they are in the top 22K sites on Alexa Traffic Rank and growing every day. Within a year they should surpass 10 million members maybe even 12 million. Once fully launched they will be in prime position to take a share of users from every major social platform online, putting the best tools with a Social CRM tool and pushing Privacy to the next level.

  2. The first 1 Million affiliates in to the program are the lucky flock indeed. 5 tier commission is no small feat. Webtalk seems like an All-In-One platform where everything happens. I love their compensation model regarding advertising. Privacy is a big issue and the ability to lock out irrelevant people out of  information is really a great feature. Thank you for this in depth review and I must say this looks like a promising venture. Thank you for taking your time. 

    • Hi Carol, Thank you for dropping in. Webtalk a year ago was a join now, I upgrade my opinion to a MUST JOIN IMMEDIATELY if you are looking for an affiliate marketing opportunity in addition to a network and marketing system. I for one was sold on the privacy aspects in my first review here.

  3. This is the first time I have really heard about Webtalk, maybe I did come across the network but never thought it was anything I could use to earn and help enhance my business. I think I may try out Webtalk to see how things will work out as I know that this will still require hard work and building a brand for my business. Thanks for this informative article, indeed it is educating and helps discover the opportunities we are unaware of.

    • The best part is if you never get a paid business pro member you still earn when free referrals shop, click ads or buy advertising and more. The system is a beautiful thing and indefinitely sustainable. The company has been funded over 12 million dollars for development with more investors clamoring to be a part of the company daily.

  4. Hello Andy, this Webtalk looks like the real deal right now with the platform offers so much and even so much more on commissions. I think it is very cool that one can make use of this to control one’s social media data. I like how you have explained the platform. I think with this, I have a bigger opportunity with my online business. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Henderson for being here. Webtalk offers a new frontier with plenty of room for business dominance from the biggest corporations to the smallest blogs. We get a good share of traffic and engagement from Webtalk.

  5. Wow! Web talk has really surprised me with all these offers that they are presenting and surely, I am more than delighted that you have shared this much information about them. Combining social media and a money-making opportunity together is never this easy as Webtalk has made it. I’m definitely going to give it all a trial as they have provided means to earn commissions even till the 5th level of referral, thank you for sharing this

    • Rodarrick, you won’t go wrong adding Webtalk to your social media marketing plan and a simple Connect on Webtalk link is all it takes to start building your team passively. Best of success to you.

  6. I have heard about webtalk affiliate program but never thought it to be that good! I was happy to find some 3rd tier programs on my niche but 5 tiers, that is huge opportunity! Webtalk room sounds good as well. Is webtalk like the integration of several social media and/or news service? 

    • Webtalk will encompass comparable features to multiple social channels, Hubspot, Google Helpouts, and Amazon under on roof. While not competing with any-one platform they offer a unique opportunity to combine actions and save time as well as money. Thanks for a great question, Jesse.

  7. Webtalk does look like it would be worth considering for people who are into social media. It would be convenient to have access to multiple social media networks on just one website. Having it so that certain posts are only viewable by certain people is another good idea. It’s surprising that the major social networks didn’t think of it.

    • Most major networks are too busy selling your data to think about the people they serve. Webtalk was founded with privacy and service in mind. Great observation cpascal.

  8. Webtalk is a totally new offer to me, this is the first time I’m coming across it. This platform is a very useful one and this article has done justice to the benefits embedded in it. It looks more like Incorporating all social media platforms as one. I’ll like to talk about what you have there in your summary, it’s really true that everyone gets to see your post, but you said in this article that it changes when It comes to webtalk privacy is assured and that you get to select the people you want to see your posts, that’s actually interesting and very useful. I’ll go through the article again for better digestion later, thanks for sharing it.

  9. Wow, web,co has so much in store to offer here. I am very happy that you have shared it. Before i started my online business, i have always been a fan of social media so making use of this one will not be so hard for me at all. Having said that, i think that it the commissions that i can make from the platform will also be another good opportunity to make money for me. I have to sign up now.

    • Thanks, John. is an amazing program and a surefire winner in the building. They are now adding over 100K new members a month and that will only accelerate as more people share the community and their post around the web.

  10. webtalk,co is surely a worth platform that I’m willing to join because they offer so much than just any ordinary website.I like that the competition on here is not too much which makes it to be a perfect place to be for any affiliate marketer and surely, I will look forward to making judicious use of this place. I also like that I can still benefit by being an affiliate and earn referral commissions. That is just great. Thanks.

    • Yeah, that was one of the things really caught my eye because Facebook and Linkedin, Twitter and all of them are good at Taking money but not sharing with the people that make them money. Add in the many things this network simply does better and it’s a winner for sure.


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