Best Way to Make Money Affiliate Marketing.

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How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing

I could start with ways to scale up on success but that leaves out the millions of you just getting started. Still, this post will be largely about ways to scale up your affiliate marketing business. Scaling up will be a secret for affiliate marketers that will set you aside from those who make money affiliate marketing and this who make a lot of money affiliate marketing.

Best Way to Make Money Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Make money Affiliate Marketing Online?

First off an affiliate marketer is someone who advertises and promotes a business and it’s products for a commission. Do it well and you will make money affiliate marketing. Do it wrong it can take years of trial and error and you may even lose money during that time. Give up fast and you may as well have never started so if you are a quitter not willing to give it at least 6 months to a year to make money online then please stop now and come back when you are ready to own a business.

Not to sound harsh but the average offline business takes 3-4 years to turn a profit. Online business is a real business but with affiliate marketing the cost is low so you could see profits in as little as 3-6 months. Most will be around a year in affiliate marketing to see any real Return on Investment or ROI.

Some quick affiliate terms and definitions so I don’t lose the newbie affiliate marketers in this mini how-to guide to affiliate marketing.

  • Affiliate marketer – A commission earning contractor not an employee of a company with products or services for sale.
  • Affiliate program – The program offered as a means to track affiliate commissions and pay them once terms of service are met.
  • Affiliate network – A Company that manages the affiliate programs of multiple companies, products, and services.
  • Affiliate commission – A percentage of each sale of product or service.
  • Network Marketing – a Multi-tiered affiliate program that doesn’t require you to pay a fee or buy a product to participate.
  • MLM– Multi-Level Marketing business with a fee to be an affiliate or minimum purchase required to promote them.
  • Blog – A weblog Blog, or online journal of thoughts on a chosen subject. This will be your home to earn money.
  • Hosting – A Website or blog host provided service that allows you to have a website or blog online.
  • Domain Name – The address your blog is found at on the web IE…
  • Sub-Domain – An extension of the main domain typically of lesser search value as link juice, an SEO term for authority is passed to the Domain. Example:
  • Traffic – Number of visitors to your blog either new or revisiting readers.
  • List – e-mail marketing list or subscribers.
  • Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.
  • Forum – Online questions and answers based on topics of interest. Example Quota, Warrior Forum, ECommergy Forums.
  • Investment – Cost like domain, hosting, advertising, and program fees. A big expense up front may include training in affiliate marketing but can be done for under $50 a month including a 5 start webs hosting solution for your blog via Wealthy Affiliate.
  • SEO– Search Engine Optimization or a means getting found and ranked on search engines like Google to earn free traffic.
  • Lead – A prospective customer or referral who has offered information like a name and e-mail address and maybe even a phone number to contact them with more details.
  • Autoresponder – Electronic e-mail marketing to follow up with leads without repeatedly typing basic program or product information. Usually includes a bulk e-mail tool to broadcast important updates and offers to your leads without having them repeatedly sent to new subscribers.
  • Subscriber – Person who follows you or your blog and social media profiles, and e-mail list.
  • Sponsor – to invite someone into your business opportunity. Often includes sponsoring or training that recruit according to program guidelines.
Work from anywhere with the best way to make money affiliate marketing online
Make Money Affiliate Marketing From Anywhere

Now that we have a basic outline of terms in Affiliate Marketing We can move on to some basic training.

At this time I highly advise you to take up the free training and 2 blog sub-domain hosts from Wealthy Affiliate where you will learn so much more than I can teach you in a post. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here. (opens in new tab). The program will teach you blogging basics like how to set up and structure your site in minutes, and if you become a Premium Member in your first 7 days the first month will only cost $19 which is a steal for what you get.

So what about the basics. Well once you have a bit of training you will find a niche or specific interest and direction for your blog is an absolute must. The learning curve in the early going will be steep but is easy to keep up with since it works at YOUR PACE, not some 1-hour test you have to pass.

“Best training advice is to take your time, remember you had to learn to walk and talk so you can do anything you put your mind to, and that results need traction which is time to take hold and start moving so you won’t likely see a big chunk of ground made up in a few days or even weeks.” Andy Zeus Anderson
Traffic at all stages will be your lifeblood but remember short cuts to traffic can be damaging. Have a pan to filter low-grade traffic like traffic exchange and safe list if you choose to use them instead of sending these users directly to your blog. Never get caught up in Link Buying as the sites are never as targeted and high quality as the companies make them sound. Spend as much time as possible learning Social Media, Forum Marketing, and SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques and study the actions and content of other bloggers.

Getting blog traffic is relatively simple for such a seemingly difficult task.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Please read my Jaaxy Review and make sure to take advantage of the Jaaxy Light offer. You will need to understand that there is a difference between advertising and marketing before you proceed, so that is the next logical step in your education in How to Make Money Affiliate marketing Online.

What is Advertising and how does it affect my affiliate marketing business?

Advertising your affiliate marketing online business

Advertising serves two purposes. It gets product and brand awareness to take a foothold, and it starts the process of getting more information about those products and companies. You will use it to introduce people to your blog and scale up your affiliate marketing results but will not likely see strong sales from advertising alone. You will find as you grow that advertising on different platforms will need different targets. An example is Facebook Ads are better off targeting a page or group on Facebook than promoting a single article directly on your blog. This will allow for a social media lead capture even if the person doesn’t find an article they think is worth leaving Facebook over right now.

Advertising on Google or Bing may better serve to promote a review post, but done poorly you run a risk of seeming like your reviews are advertisements and getting your accounts frozen. Where possible have an advertisement lead to a page created to explain your newsletter and offer gift instead of taking the party directly to your blog when using Google Ads or Bing Network Ads. Native Advertising like Taboola is often your best source of traffic as a blogger because the focus is on sharing reviews and content on like interest websites.

Website Advertising is typically sold on a Pay Per Click or Pay Per Visitor basis and needs study before doing. Learn to use a tool like Jaaxy to find low hanging fruits or search terms with little completion and you will save a ton of money.

What is Marketing and how does it affect my affiliate marketing business?

Handshake marketing for affiliate marketers

Marketing is how you continue the story from the point of advertising or connecting with a lead or prospective referral. When you get someone into your website or social media profile and then connect with them on like interest and help them answer questions and find solutions you will build your brand or how people see you as a blogger and affiliate. This relationship must be nurtured with honesty and integrity. This is how well you are trusted as well as recognized and can mean they send you more subscribers.

Marketing begins with their questions, your answers, and can lead to product reviews and should be ongoing as one lead can be multiple product buyers. You will soon find your e-mail list is almost as powerful as your blog for generating sales because it takes that potential customer who didn’t but on this visit and brings them back for more information and another or many other potential sales. It helps you continue to build trust. Likewise, nurture and value your tribe of followers on social media. Make them important to you and you will become important to them.

Generating affiliate marketing sales is a numbers game.

You will need hundreds of visitors to generate dozens of leads and dozens of leads to generate a handful of sales. So it stands to reason the more traffic you have the better your sales will be. The problem is it takes traffic, awareness, and trust to build more traffic, more leads, and more trust and it will take training getting their and time.

The easiest way getting more traffic is to invest more in advertising but if your blog has little information and only a few pages it will be hard to convert visitors into leads much fewer sales so learning to blog and blog often is needed. You need to also start building your social media following from day one as a blogger. You will find it a boost of traffic getting people coming back to your site and the social signals will help you rank your content or articles, pages, and post in Google faster and higher.

Using tools like YouTube videos of your best reviews and content can explode your results as well, but the buzz word will always be, “content is king” and “the secret is in your list” as content draws new traffic and a list keeps them coming back.

Now that you have a basic idea of what to learn to drive traffic and convert sales let’s talk scaling up your affiliate marketing business.

Scale Up Your Business and Earn More Money Online

I am on a pace to hit 144 articles to my blog in the next 12 months. That’s a rate of just 3 articles per week and if I can average just 50 visitors per article a month I can have 84,000+ unique new visitors a year per 144 posts. If I get those numbers I can direct approximately 2500 to 2600 new prospective members into my list or a free offer as the free membership option at Wealthy Affiliate. From there, my conversions are 12% or higher to paid memberships like Wealthy Affiliates Premium offer which will pay me $23.50 per month or $175 a year on new memberships.

On 2600 leads I stand to make over $7,000 a year on 311 new paying referrals. This is part of why I love you so much. Now say I want more than that I will need to either add more years which is the long route. Add more advertising which in turn builds more relationships and new door stops since every post is like having a new door on the information superhighway we call the Internet. The other way to scale up which is most cost effective is more content.

You can get more content by hiring writers through freelancer sites like Hire Writers and You will need to spend some time and money and the profits initially may be non-existent but aged post mature and generate traffic and more content will lead to more leads and more sales.

This is how you start the scaling up the process but you can also use YouTube videos, take on more authors to your blog, and even start additional publications in other niche markets. One of my favorite I plan on doing is writing a few Kindle Books related to my content here on Affiliate 3 Percent. E-book sales will brand you as an expert, drive sales, and help you reach the size of the publication you want.

Summary of the Best Way to Make Money Affiliate Marketing Online.

While I have not hunted programs for you and leave several items for other post and articles you should by now see the path to more profits. How much more is up to you. I personally reinvest at least 50% of my earnings into my business and will likely beat my 1-year goal for content by at least 60 posts because of scaling up along the way. My goal in 5 years is to reach 3 million monthly page views off a minimum 600,000 Unique monthly visitors for example.

Is it possible? Yes, I have done it before my nervous breakdown and it comes from leveraging other people’s content along with my own to generate the traffic and new connections. Are their blogs doing this kind of traffic? Yes, and more, Huffington Post, for example, does over 8 million monthly page views. ShoeMoney blog, Pro Blogger, Mashable, BuzzFeed, TMZ, and thousands of other big blogs make millions in annual affiliate sales.

Think about those numbers. In any business see the potential and it will drive you to be your best. Want more you need to learn more and do more. Congrats on your decision to Make Money Affiliate Marketing.

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Andy Anderson

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  1. Hey Andy! Thanks for putting together this guide on how I can make money with affiliate marketing. I really like the breakdown of terms at the beginning. When I first started I struggled to understand a lot of terms like these. 

    It’s funny but I didn’t understand what a domain was or hosting and it baffled me how subdomains worked, lol. It will really help newbies understand better to have this reference as they go through this and other materials on your site.

    • I enjoyed writing that but loved writing some of my secrets to scale up and leveraging other people’s content. It makes growing a mega blog so much easier when you aren’t struggling with the pace of information needed by yourself.

  2. Thank you for this amazing and extensive guide on how to make money with affiliate marketing. You have outlined some impressive stats which make me realize that all the hard work that one puts into a website in the end really pays off. Thank you for that.

    All the best with your Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Challenge. Sounds like a gateway to success online. Would you say I’m right in thinking that?


    • You are more than correct with the summary of Wealthy Affiliate. I get the blog training, web hosting, content tools including plagiarism checker and grammar tool, the support of a community of over 1 million members, Jaaxy Lite to help me with my SEO and quest like the Super Affiliate Challenge to keep me on task and green and growing. If after 16 years as an online affiliate marketer I can learn as much as I have anyone can benefit from their Premium membership.

  3. Awesome article for anyone looking for ways to make money affiliate marketing. You give a good foundation and startup plan. I can see you’ve been around in affiliate marketing and I appreciate you sharing this information. It sounds like I would have to be writing a lot of blogs or spending money hiring writers. Are there ways to not writing at all and still make money affiliate marketing?

    • There are if you decide to hire ghostwriters they can take your intent and put it into words for you from day one but a good post will run $25 to $50 per thousand words and the big drawback is public gatherings. If you are not an avid reader of the post on your blog by ghostwriters you will not have crucial answers when questions are asked in forums or out in public. Most ebooks are written by professional writers in the names of the Gurus but most of them know to read the ebook the first 10 times before you launch the system so they can answer the right questions off the top of their head.

  4. Hello Andy, thanks for this beautifully constructed informative post. I really thank you for this. I am a rookie in affiliate marketing and I’ve been finding it very difficult to comprehend most terminologies as they just kept on flowing everywhere but thanks to your breakdown, I now understood most of them. Also, when it comes to monetization, its an entirely different ball game but ive seen ways to leverage on various tools to generate more traffics to my site. Thanks so much

    • As you continue to learn it will get easier to make money online but at first, as I said the learning curve is steep. Just remember there was a time we couldn’t walk, talk, or feed ourselves. Take your time and find people who can relate to you at each stage of the journey. I have 16 years of experience with you and still learn something new every day.

  5. You offer a wealth of knowledge for the beginner marketer. Your site is laid out very well and the table of contents make easy to follow and go to location of desire. I have enjoyed reading your article and it will get your readers to sign up for WA. Simply because you take them by the hand and walk right along your through the process.

    • I was where each reader was 16 years ago. I know how hard it is to break ground and get started and am basically there again after a nervous breakdown nearly 7 years ago took everything I had built up. I have been a bit of a shut-in until I started back to blogging which is better than physician bought therapy. Last September I went to my first Live MLB baseball game and was screaming and hollering in front of 34,000 fans in attendance. I now go to the grocery store without chest pains at checkout because of the power of blogging your passions.

  6. It have been impossible to mention all the perks of Wealthy Affiliate in one review, but you have truly explained all of the key aspects. 

    I concur with the following important points you mentioned.  Especially in regards to zero up sells, which is the best thing online, setting aside a budget, and being able to respect that budget without destroying it.  I find this is the most amazing part about Wealthy Affiliate. You can plan years ahead in advance and that budget will still be relevant and applicable.

    Knowing what you will spend is the predictable side of Wealthy Affiliate I love.  Even if you don’t have all the money to pay for a full year, you can plan ahead of time, and save gradually towards Black Friday deals.   Everything is taken care of right down to the domain privacy of the domains you purchase in-house.

    Seriously, Wealthy Affiliate is something else and you have broken it down meticulously in you website!

    Thank you,


    • Thank you, the comment should actually follow one of the related posts like my WA review but it’s a really nice review fo an amazing program. Just shows people do open and follow related post links and I thnk you for that.

  7. Hi! Thank you very much for explaining the basics about affiliate marketing. There are a lot of sites out there but none explains in such a detailed manner what we as newbies need.

    I also appreciate the explanation concerning how to get traffic. I completely understand now the difference between using SEO and paid traffic.

    • I’m glad it has helped you. I have seen your work so far at Wealthy Affiliate and you’re going strong. It won’t be long before you too will need to scale up your production and income. We can all have massive sites if we truly care for our tribes of followers and put effort into success.


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