Black Friday in May at Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t Miss The Sale!

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Why am I a Wealthy Affiliate Member?

About 6 years ago now I had a nervous breakdown. My mental and physical health tanked all at once and I was laid up after surgery for the better part of a year because of all of the new medications I was taking slowing down the healing.

Before my crash to rock bottom, I was co-owner in a search engine and social media network hybrid called and would push 100+ hours every week between the JOB and the Business which I ran with my Aussie business partner.

Our little engine that could leverage the power of other people’s content to the tune of over 3 million visitors a month and to tell you the kind of affiliate marketing power in a 12-hour span during the launch of Instant Blog Subscribers we referred 83 members with a 32% upgrade rate. Not bad on any account and we were higher than anyone else in that launch broadcast.

Black Friday in May at Wealthy Affiliate

Success was ours.

In the time frame of my breakdown, I lost my partnership in the company, the trust of most of the membership as when I returned I was flighty and flaky. The fact is I didn’t trust myself, these were dark times.

Worse yet, I lost 9 years of build-up and needed to start fresh with nothing much to my name. I also needed to get up to speed with blogging trends and general marketing in the post-crash era.

Since 2005 I had been hearing about the great things coming out of a place called Wealthy Affiliate University and watched as Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim shaped up a killer program and turned out such success stories and Vitaly G among a myriad of other very successful 6-7 figure earners.

No Bull Poop here there is over 20 elite Make Money Online bloggers who make it to the annual gathering for people selling 300 or more WA paid memberships in Vegas. That’s over $9,000 a month from one program and so far since January first, there have been 4 members of that elite who have announced they already earned Vegas for next year. It’s only the 5th month and 4 people are headed to the Super Affiliate Round Table with 300+ Wealthy Affiliate sales.

Wealthy Affiliate the King

So what makes Wealthy Affiliate different in the industry?

Other programs offer training to sell their product similar to the Wealthy Affiliate BootCamp. What they don’t often do is teach you to enter any niche at any time and write your way to wealth. With WA if you have no passion to recruit other affiliates there is a second course that is entirely focused on building your own passion into income called the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

The OEC is so good there are people turning model trains, NASCAR, Sports Cards, and Home Organization into passive 5-7 figure empires. Fact is if you are into it so are millions of others and every niche has money to be made.

We are not an Amazon pusher, nor a fake dropship formula. There is no MLM. You only recruit if you want to, and you can bring any existing experience and have it molded to an affiliate marketing business.

The hosting is superior and covers 10 websites, you get a new dot com domain name with our new yearly membership which I will talk about how you can save over $100 on in a moment if you act before the 10th of May 2020.

Membership, at least the yearly package is going up.

While you can still pay just $49 a month for monthly rates WA is currently offering a once lifetime Black Friday in May sale. On the 11th of this month, the annual price will jump from $359 a year to $495 a year which still is a savings of 2 months but reflects the added expenses of new perks like 100 community credits and a Brand New Domain Name, planned feature upgrades like the ones for Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, and new Live Webinar with Kyle Loudon and our award-winning weekly webinars with Jay Neil.

I could also go on and on about the people in the community and the 24/7 support and tech support which both are true winners but let’s talk your chance to save money.

From now until the 11th you will be able to lock in the rate of just $299 a year for life. I have been a paid member for 6 years at the $359 price point and will be locked into one of those two rates for as long as I remain paid in full. You have the chance to save $200 on your annual cost damned near and over $300 off the price of the monthly membership.

The price goes up permanently on May 11th, 2020 which as of this writing is just 6 days away. Don’t miss this chance and don’t worry. If that price is too much the first month of the $49 a month membership is just $19 and you can even join free to kick the tires and get your first 10 lessons and a free SitRubix sub-domain blog to cut your teeth on.

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18 thoughts on “Black Friday in May at Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t Miss The Sale!”

  1. I think this is an awesome opportunity and the timing is so perfect. Because of the restriction, people are turning to the online world. They are trying to build online businesses and having wealthy affiliate as a place to learn those skills is perfect. The discounted price will help a lot of people to take a huge commitment to success!


    • Thank you. Not only is Wealthy Affiliate a great deal now but the price is locked in for as long as you are a member so long after there is a cure for COVID-19 there will be massive and I mean nearly $300 a year savings for you in this special offer.

  2. When Kyle shared this information, I was dumbfounded. I didn’t believe the opportunity because I have never really thought that I would be able to subscribe for a monthly subscription but with this that wealthy affiliate has done by bringing black Friday all the way from November to may is fabulous. I’ll give this a try.

    • Henderson it is amazing and if people think it is too expensive I ask them if they can earn $5 a day. It’s a simple $35 a week, something that can be done promoting a Fiverr account task, but that $5 a day is $1825 a year. It’s more than enough to create a sweet profit from your WA membership and would be an easy target if instead of affiliate marketing you put Google Adsense on your blog. Within a year to two years, you could be counting more than that because once you are making any kind of money you just repeat your success in greater volume.

  3. Thanks for the heads up about this sale. It seem after reading your review and looking over the program this price is a streal for how much information they are giving.

    Also I like the fact that they are not an MLM company where you have to recruit people.

    On average how long do you think it would take a complete beginner to go through the training and start making money?

    • It all depends on the beginner but most finish the program in about 6-10 months and have made at least a small amount by month 6 and are making substantial extra income between 12 and 24 months. Considering the only person ever to get rich quick is the jerk selling you get rich quick Bull Poop, it’s actually one of the fastest businesses to see a profit. Keep in mind an offline business takes 2-5 years to see its first profits.

  4. I do understand why you seeked out Wealthy Affiliate. I was in the same situation as well 3 years ago. I thought I had everything 2 business and the other one about to start when I found that my business partner was stealing from me. 

    My world fell apart, not physically, that followed later from stress, but mentally. It took me to years to finally made her bought me out and I was in the lowest part of my life. 

    That was when I finally decided that I do not want to have a physically store anymore and did my research and found wealthy affiliate. The training from the platform has changed my perception on marketing world that I thought I know.

    Anyways, I just signed up for the yearly subscription. It is the best and cheapest investment ever. I think for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur should take this opportunity. For $299 a year, you cannot beat that!  

    • Yeah, my partner never stole from me except my mental health. I had to walk away because we were struggling hard when we should have soared. He would be in charge and earnings would dip so low we were helping foot bills out of pockets, I would take the helm and we would get paid every time. He was a programmer, not a businessman and thus Kooiii died less than a year after I pulled out due to health.

  5. I have seen a lot of advertising about Wealthy Affiliate.  I am getting a little confused here while reading your post.  You are talking about membership and monthly or yearly.  I see other people advertising for Free membership.  So are you saying that Wealthy Affiliate do not have free membership anymore?  Also, can I sign up for the monthly plan with Paypal?

    • No I mentioned the free membership in the post but its just 10 lessons, enough Jaaxy to cut your teeth, and a free sub domain to try out the system. Free memberships should not be more than enough experience to want more in my book. Companies and affiliates need money, to expect everything for free while still making money is just not really that easy. After all 100% of free is $0 and Zero Cents.

  6. Very well put! It’s amazing to see success stories like yours, really inspiring stuff. I’ve personally been contemplating the idea of upgrading to a yearly membership, but this deal is starting to push my decision a little faster. I made the switch to premium a bout a month ago and I don’t regret is at all.

    • After the 10th the closest you will come to it is maybe a sale in November but for a regular price, the $495 a year is still a darling price. They could easily part out the different services and make around $1200 a month from them. The weekly Webinars alone are worth $249 a month elsewhere or more.

  7. Hello there, thank you so much for this very informative post on wealthy affiliate, I heard about wealthy affiliate from a friend when I was in my final year in college but didn’t take it seriously until I called my friend recently and he’s doing very well with wealthy affiliate, I immediately signed up and upgraded to premium membership and I’m liking it here already, so I would drive that anyone that bumps into this should sign up for free see how it goes and take advantage before May 11th.

    • Jomata, well said. I started marketing in 2004, Wealthy Affiliate was born in 2005, I finally joined in 2014 so it took me 9 years to come around to a decision I knew was right for me. I didn’t join though because I had so much on my plate but a friend reminded me of this great program when I was at my lowest. I thank Boris to this day for that.

  8. This is really a huge opportunity, black Friday in May at Wealthy Affiliate is it’s an opportunity anyone would not want to miss.  I am actually an affiliate marketer operating in the Wealthy Affiliate platform. As a matter of fact, I have been waiting for an opportunity like this so I’ll utilize it. It’s pretty cheap and cool. I will make use I make use of this opportunity before it expires. Thanks.

    • Sheddy, this is truly a great opportunity. I have met very few who would trash the program and they all amount to one of 3 things. They didn’t understand the training, didn’t apply the training, or are the competition. When it comes to value these tools are a steal at any price under $500 a month and to get them for less than that a year is Ludacris. People pay consultants up to $1200 an hour. Russell Brunson can get up to $15,000 for a 1-hour speaking event by webinar. They make the money because it is worth the time to train your brain for success. WA trains brains then adapt to move forward. in 6 years I am still learning every day.

  9. The awesome article you did put up, Wealthy affiliate is so many ways is far different from any other affiliate marketing platform that I have come across…Their benefits are beyond imagination and hence undying… This Friday they are offering a good payoff cut for a yearly subscription and that saves about 196 dollars, isn’t that a great deal?…
    Trust me wealthy affiliate is a nice platform to achieve your dreams.

    • There are a few secrets to success in any program.

      1. Learn daily.

      2. Apply what you learn immediately, the system is step by step.

      3. Give it time to take traction, at least a year to start seeing solid results and 2 years to see substantial income changes.

      4. Engage your audience in comments and via any other method of subscription be it e-mail, social media, or wherever.

      5. Put your reader’s interest first. Don’t write what you want to write, instead, write what they want to know and need to hear.


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