Why am I voting for Donald Trump in 2020?

Trump has my vote and out Endorsement

Why am I voting for Donald Trump in 2020? A Letter to My American Subscribers and Official Endorsement for Donald J. Trump After Obama repeatedly played the race card from election to last day in office America began to unravel. Sleepy Joe stood silent, went with the flow, help get him elected, stood by his economically irresponsible policies, his betrayal of national security interest, and his stoking of hate in America. He may have been a first but he was …

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What is a successful blog? How to engage readers & make money.

Affiliate Training from Affiliate 3 Percent Blog

A successful blog is defined by the reader’s interaction and measured by the results on your goals as a blogger. Are you getting interaction, recognition as an expert, is there trust built, and are you making money? What is a successful blog? You decide that. What Is A Successful Blog? Tips To Engage Readers And Make Money With Blogging. Blog success is both the hardest path to see but the easiest road to follow. You need to dare to fail …

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#1 Best Local SEO Affiliate Program From dotLocal SEO and Website Design.

local seo affiliate program from dotLocal SEO of Yuma Arizona USA

Hard to find as hounds teeth there are very few Local SEO Affiliate Programs to be found. This is often because SEO professionals use slide rule pricing from one client to the next, or are afraid of undercutting by their competition. We at dotLocal SEO and Website Design are confident enough in our Local Search Engine Optimization services that we can offer one price fits all pricing based on quality service and don’t fear price undercutting. Search Engine Optimization and …

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Beyond Restaurant Reviews Make Awesome Money With Your Foodservice Experience

Beyond Restaurant Reviews Make Money With Food Service Experience As A Niche Blogger!

Beyond Restaurant Reviews Make Awesome Money With Food Service Experience As A Niche Blogger! Today we will be going beyond restaurant reviews and explore your relationship with food and how it can make you money online. Your foodservice experience need not go to waste even if you are recently back to work in this Covid-19 world. Hello there, my name is Andy and for the better part of 16 years, I was in food service, mostly as a restaurant manager …

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SEO And The Blogger. What Is In A Great Google Rank?

SEO and the Blogger

Just a quick note today on SEO or Search Engine Optimization and how it relates to your Google Rankings and what that, in turn, does for your blogging business. Welcome to our SEO and the blogger discussion. For our brief SEO and the Blogger discussion, we will first need to discuss your goals. The number one goal of any blog, for-profit or not is to generate readership. After all, why write something nobody reads? If you7 are like 99% of …

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Happy 4th Of July from Affiliate 3 Percent

Happy 4th of July from Affiliate 3 Percent

Happy 4th of July! Our Country, the United States Of America is seeing some tough times as racial tensions, anarchist riots, and a mainstream tabloid media threaten liberty and the happiness of all. The Corona Virus has killed and is killing a growing number of people. We face tough but improving economic times, and our faith is under fire. Yet amid all of this, we stand united in one belief that American is the Greatest. A shining star for freedom …

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How Do You Create A Blog ~ 10 Things You Don’t Know

How do you create a blog

Creating a blog is fun, liberating, soothing, and brings a sense of personal power to yourself but you can also make a substantial living with it. Our goal is to help you tap into that income. We will seek to set you up with a basic process today but will also advise at the end of this post a source of greater training, community support, and professional tools that will have you in a full or Part-Time Business at a …

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Introduction to Website Traffic Generation Through Content Design.

Introduction to website traffic generation

What is your secret to Website Traffic Generation? Mine begins with the following key tips on content creation. We will cover a great topic in this post and hopefully, you will find your first aha moment in our introduction to website traffic generation. Please enjoy your read and leave a comment below if you like our content. Introduction to Website Traffic Generation You might be getting your website traffic generation started already. If, you are currently publishing a blog and …

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2020 New Year Resolutions for Affiliate 3 Percent

2020 New Year Resolutions for Affiliate 3 Percent

The story of great success begins this decade. Not just for Affiliate 3 Percent but for the followers of this blog as well. Success will happen because we will all make a commitment in our 2020 New year Resolutions to put action into training as it happens. No more I’ll do it later we will succeed now because we owe it to ourselves to become a success story.

Best Black Friday at Wealthy Affiliate Plus Bonuses

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2019 Sale

Special Price Gone for Good But You Can Still Save $93 a year with annual membership. Don’t miss out on the best deal of Black Friday. No other offer will help you achieve financial freedom like Black Friday at Wealthy Affiliate. But don’t just take my word for it, look at what you get and read my story below. My personal journey began with a Nervous Breakdown. I had been riding high in the affiliate marketing fast lane as a …

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