Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

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How can you make money affiliate marketing?

The amount made in affiliate marketing is based on the effort put in, experience in your niche, passion in your story. In short, you can earn any amount, nothing at all, or even lose money like any business. Affiliate marketing is a real business, it’s not something you have to pay to make money from but it will require tools like website hosting, domain names, affiliate training, and advertising.

Make Money Affiliate AMrketing From Home

It can easily cost you $100 to $300 a month when getting started and established in Affiliate Marketing.

No joke, this is a realistic amount to expect and is far less than the minimum $50,000 for a business franchise $20,000 average to start a restaurant, etc… Where can you get a viable business for $3,600 a year? Affiliate marketing is that business but of course the more you risk the higher your early rewards but you need complete affiliate marketing training.

Making money as an affiliate marketer is not rocket science and requires no sales skills.

You might be thinking, “How do I Make Money Affiliate Marketing” especially since it is said to be low to no skills required. Well, this is the funny part, you are basically advertising other people’s products, you send buyer traffic and they pay a percentage of the sale called a commission when the buyer makes a purchase.

This sounds easy but you will need to understand blogs and blogging (your website) and e-mail marketing. You will also need to understand how to save money advertising. The blog is vital because you don’t want to keep paying through the nose to get sales and the best converting content is not a sales page it is a review of the product. (See our Wealthy Affiliate Review)

How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Make?

Making money online has been said to be a challenge but with the training mentioned above the success, the curve can be cut to 1-2 years in business. The average offline business takes 3-4 years to turn a profit but you could make substantial money in as little as 2 years in Affiliate Programs like Amazon Associates or affiliate networks like Commission Junction.

That said the following is a poll of 117 members of STM Forum

How Mich Can you Make Affiliate Marketing Averages

As you can see there is money to be made in Affiliate Marketing.

Some members even reported in excess of 1 million a year, but it takes a lot of work to get to that point. Hard work and scaling up your efforts o0ver time can put you in the driver’s seat to unlimited income. This is why I love this business so much.

The learning curve is steep when you start out and because of it and the time, it takes to see success over 80% of affiliates quit. They just don’t have the patience to wait 2 years to turn a serious profit and are dismayed by early results. Over 70% of the failed affiliate marketing businesses are people who give up in 6 months or fewer. If you don’t plan to give your business at least 2 years to make your expenses back then please leave.

Good You Are Still Here Let’s Get Down To Business

You can make money in affiliate marketing but you will need to learn certain skills, these skills will take up to a year to learn and 2 years to gain traction. By gaining traction I mean seeing results. SEO or search engine optimization, for example, can take up to 2 months to rank for each term you target.

Making money will take skills in writing, but if you can tell a story you can write an article or review, it just takes practice. SEO skills are as simple as writing a short summary of your post and adding short pieces of information in simple forms on your site. The blog itself takes minutes to build. Just enter information and click create.

You will benefit from a few soft HTML skills, which is things like installing website banners on your site, also learned in minutes. No rocket science here. The hardest skills you will learn are in proper e-mail marketing and social media optimization and use. There is a difference between how you converse in social media and what you want your brand to look like in social media.

Check out our 25 Truths in Internet Marketing

You, Need to Decide on a Niche Affiliate Site to Create.

A niche is a topic for your site and there are millions of them, a couple of examples are our 10 Sports Hobby Niche that Makes Money and our 5 Retirement Hobbies for Men That Make Money. These are simple niche ideas many of us can relate to but other niche ideas like needlepoint, crafting, Do It yourself, Health and Wellness are major Internet forces.

The secret though is to niche down and find a small piece of these broad niches to earn money from as the broader the topic the more competition from big sites you will have. Big sites like Forbes or Huffington Post are hard to outrank in Google because they are well-established with tons of well-curated content. Curated meaning interlinked or linked together related post. You will learn about this in your SEO training as an affiliate marketer.

This will be important and while you will likely create many niche sites over your years of success in affiliate marketing you will need to niche down and focus on a single interest you are passionate about in the beginning. You will need to add at least 200 articles per niche site before you can start seeing any major results but rest assures as the poll showed there are major results to be had.

The faster you work in your niche the less time before turning a profit and that is part of where love for your niche is vital. The more passion you have for your niche affiliate marketing business the more you will write. More passion in your marketing the more it will convert, and the better your work-life balance will be as you will enjoy what you do.

Wrapping up our post.

How much can you make money affiliate marketing? Again it is up to you and your work ethics, the time it takes to learn and implement strategies as you will learn from a program like the one in the boxes below. You are in charge of success or failure. You can make serious money online. You can be the next 7 figure blogger and join the 3% at the top of the food chain.

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Andy Anderson

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24 thoughts on “Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing?”

  1. I totally agree with the niche down approach as you mention. I hear many people say Google won’t allow them to blog within the health and fitness niche, yet I see sub-niches within that main niche do quite well.
    Plus, i agree that you can make a lot of money or little amounts of money with affiliate marketing. It really depends on what you put into it and how much work you are willing to do. It is not instant gratification, but certainly worth the effort in the long run.

  2. Great post Andy. I just joined the affiliate marketing community not quite long unlike who have been here a long time now. Although I’m still on a fix as to which niche to pick from not because I fear it won’t make money for me but because I think I should pick something I would still be interested in many years away from when it kicks off so that I won’t have to humbly around ideas. Thanks for this post sir, I’m really glad I came across it.

    • Henderson a niche needs to be a passion or you won’t work it long, go with something you love doing because there is a lot of money in every niche market.

  3. Those are some impressive numbers in that poll they took. Personally, I’m a massive fan of AM, and it’s fun promoting products and services you’re passionate about. The entry barrier is not high at all, but it does take a great deal of hard/consistent work, and patience. But when compared to other business models, they don’t really get anymore affordable than AM.

    • Definitely, MLM, for example, can cost you $200 a month before you start to advertise it depending on the company. If you are looking at opening a store online it can cost over $3,000 just to get started and then you really have to advertise the hell out of it.

  4. Hello Andy, this is a great blog post you have here. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick platform that many people think it is and your post is one of the very few that talk about affiliate marketing that has really stressed that. I like that you have informed us that it takes a lot of hard of of about two years to make money from affiliate marketing. I have really learnt a thing or two from your post. Thanks for this fab post.

    • Anything work doing requires effort and time, but the rewards can be life-changing if you put in the sweat equity. Thank you, Jackson.

  5. I love how you describe affiliate marketing, accurate and very clear. The question of how much do you earn or how much can be made is such a common question. It’s good that you’ve addressed that here. It’s just like any business. It takes time to grow, know your topic, how much effort you put into it and all the bits in between. It’s definitely a longer term activity, no get rich quick scheme, but part of the fun is the journey itself. Learning heaps, being creative, and build in your own confidence. It’s been such a personal growth area for me. As with any new learning, practice helps you get better, and patience will see you through :). Thanks for sharing.

    • I should also note that the forum mentioned is a paid membership at $97 a month so you won’t find many new marketers there but you will find a lot of these marketers earning that income have had their blogs and programs less than 5 years. Thanks, Kat.

  6. I’m glad you pointed out the realistic nature of having to spend money to make money.  I’ve always had a philosophy that if an online business is asking you to buy something to work for them, they aren’t legitimate.  While I still kind of believe that, its not completely true.  When you make an online business, you have to treat it as such and invest in yourself.  Is your business worth $300?  Are YOU yourself worth investing $300 in?  If you believe it, then go for it!

    • The big thing is keeping in mind you are not just investing in your business but investing in YOU and your success. There are many programs worth paying for, mostly training or advertising related if the advertising is high end, not some surf site trying to say they are worth hundreds a month but systems for pay-per-click and SEO Networks that offer real value. Thank you for seeing that value in this post.

  7. This is a great explained man! My problem is that I am still struggling with my niche. I want to be in health nice but is it still possible to succeed in there? I also hear that Google is lately penalizing websites that are health-related but are not experts in that field. What is your opinion about that?

    • First Google is not penalizing good sites in the health niche, only low-grade scraper style sites that pull their information from other websites and blogs. The fact that they cleared recommend search and some bad players spammed those results with negative information on alternative health products is not a Google action.

      Be informative and user-friendly and you will have no issues. I am even developing a site on CBD Hemp Oil and will be adding content related to the industry and programs inside it, the research behind CBD and more. Google has sites on it telling you how to build an explosive so how can they restrict other free speech and survive? Bad players started another rumor and Google is still showing many Alt-Health sites.

  8. The one reason I became an online affiliate is because of the people I can be able to reach. That is the beauty of an online business which is one reason a brick and mortar business was not appealing to me. An online business is easier to start and the profit in a lot of cases is more. 

    It can be managed by only one person and depending on the work you put in would determine how quick you earn. A lot of people that quit are not just patient enough to try and make their business succeed. Affiliate marketing is a real business and there are a lot of success stories that proves it actually works.

    • Answer to the question Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing is a resounding yes. I see so many success stories in the Wealthy Affiliate feed. Just this week there was a member who didn’t make more than $20 a month n his first 18 months and in the 18 months since then has made over $100,000.00. Another affiliate just reached her 3rd $ 3,000-month ion a row. WOW, those are life-changing amounts.

  9. You have literally answered my most asked question about affiliate marketing in a very honest and realistic way.

    It is so true that it takes a lot of effort, determination, and time to actually achieve success. This is something I have learned from experience myself. And, thank goodness I came accross this article of yours as I was about to let it all go.

    Now, I’m never giving up anymore as I believe my hard work would pay very soon and would be among the top 3% successfull affiliate marketers.

    • Thank you, Tohin. My point here is it takes work and time but everyone in any interest can make a substantial income. The horror stories you hear are mostly people who gave up too soon, often just inches from making money online.

  10. Hey thanks Andy just so you know the link I was given wouldn’t work so I went around and Googled your page and I found it through there. Thank you for providing that study of people’s incomes because it looks like they can really Go along the whole Spectrum. I think one thing I have going for me is experienced in my niche. That makes it very easy to create content because my Niche has actually been like a full-time hobby since I was 14.
    You are right it definitely comes down to the person’s personality type. I have a workaholic personality types So ever since I started I have just been going going going. I’ve made so much progress and it feels like something I can consistently do.
    Thanks for your wealthy affiliate link, if I was not already signed up then I would sign up through your page. Great writing and I look forward to reading more.

    • Yeah not sure why it comes up as page 927 instead of the proper link but thank you for your extra time to be able to read and comment. Definitely, agree that a person can be all levels of a wide range of abilities and that has an impact on where and how fast we reach s\certain benchmarks but the fact is we all start affiliate marketing as complete novices and have to learn everything. The earlier we realize this the more money we make online.

  11. Hey, you answered my most asked question about affiliate marketing in a very honest and realistic way, good job dude!

    It is more than true that it takes a lot of effort, determination, willpower and time to actually achieve success of any kind. This is something I have learned from experience myself. I am extremely happy I came accross this article of yours.

    • Hi Isaac. Determination and willpower go hand in hand with the discipline of a strong Why statement. Motivation is something internal. We can be inspired by words or not inspired by them, our choice. We can be inspired or inspire others.

  12. Thanks a lot Andy, for this Wonderful detailed Article.
    Honestly, I had lots of negative stuff for Affiliate Marketing as of now. I mean, it really seemed to me almost useless stuff or hard to earn stuff you can say.
    But I guess, I would love to try it once and let’s see, let’s hope for the best.
    Thanks a lot for this explanation.

    • The first thing you are doing wrong is trying once and seeing if your hope for the best materializes. Don’t try, DO! You have to make it happen for yourself or it will never happen Jordan. You are responsible for writing your own story and hope has nothing to do with success. You hope for a miracle, or to win the lottery. You hope your children stay in schools and turn out to be great adults, but your business is something you have to be committed to 110% or it will fail.


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