CryptoTab Browser Review Can You Earn Free Bitcoins

CrytoTab Browser Is there really a way to earn free bitcoins just browsing the Internet?

As we detailed in our special report a week ago the CryptoTab Browser at the heart of this CruptoTab Browser Review is a Google Chrome-based browser with a Bitcoin Mining extension. The browser is very fast and capable of mining at good speed even on small mobile devices. It is available in apps for Android and iOS for your iPhone or Mac book. I use it on my computer and my wife, brother, and mom all want in seeing these weeks results were just 220 visitors added 12 people to my team, 5 of which have started using the browser and nearly doubled my Bitcoin Earnings.

CrytoTab Browser Review: Company Information


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Company Type: Corporation Independent

So How Does Cryptocurrency Mining Work?

In this case, its a system called cloud mining. With cloud mining instead of having a dedicated miner, a machine costing a couple of thousand dollars that while processing fast is cost prohibiting and requires special racks to keep them cool. Cloud mining is a system that harnesses your computer’s unused computing capacity to do a similar job.

Cloud mining is done across a group or network of interlinked computers and web browsers to build a collective high processing speed. This speed is used to un-encrypt partial code of billions of transactions and when a computer generates the last piece of code to a transaction a new Bitcoin is created. The miners are paid. In cloud mining, you earn a portion of the generated transaction code and can generate several Satoshi, or partial bitcoin per minute. There are a lot of minutes in a month and these small numbers still only amount to a dollar or two per device set to mining a month.

So why tie up my computer of a couple of bucks a month cloud mining?

In this CryptoTab Browser Review, we will go over the pay plan of our mining cloud that puts whole clouds mining for you. By referring even 5 people to the browser who actually use it and get 5 people of their own you can soon be earning a stable second income and within a few years be earning as much as $40,000 a month. This is a process called referral marketing, or more precisely network marketing.

Network Marketing is a business model in which the product the focus, in this case, a free browser that generates Bitcoin on autopilot. You as an affiliate are not charged to promote the product like MLM or Multi-Level Marketing. But despite not being MLM in the model you still benefit from a tiered payment plan. In this case, it reaches 10 levels deep and can put a million or more computers to work silently building wealth for you and your family.

Just think, 1 million computers which are possible with each referral referring 5 people down 10 levels is enough computing power to generate more than $2,000,000 a month in Bitcoin. You get a portion of that sum based on the amount of mining at each level plus your own input. I recommend inviting at least 10 people to your network because some will put 1-2 members in, others will put 20-30 into the network, but many will quit before their network blossoms.

My Two Weeks Affiliate Progress:

CryptoTab Browser Review my Affiliate Results

In my first few days, I tested the system to be both virus, adware, and malware-free. Discovered how it worked and went about writing a free report on how the system could generate up to $40,000 a month in free bitcoin earnings. I wrote the report after seeing the system was legit in working on how it is intended and viable as an overall business model. After all the prior experience with Crypto was using Faucets alone which takes a lot of work, a ton of hours to make any kind of money.

My results were shabby because I kept forgetting to use the new browser instead of my Firefox which I am moving all operations off of. I cashed out the first time at $0.273 cents and thus my calculation of between $1, and $2 per computer or device because some min faster than others based on processor speed and the number of active apps on your device.

In the last 4 days however my promotions I put out started coming in. I now have 12 referrals who are between my first and 2nd tier and am generating nearly twice the results of the last week. In just half a week I have generated more than half of the prior week’s work and have a network that is green and growing.

12 referrals in 4 days to CryptoTab Browser

All on just 220 visits to my link from Safe E-mail list which are an entirely cold market and lukewarm social media channels. My family was skeptical until I cashed out the $0.273 in Bitcoin but now they are warming to the idea and will either join or at least let me increase the mining power by 4PC and 2 Laptops. I have not yet tested the smartphone apps.

I now have 4 first-line installs, by referrals and 4 more second-tier installs and 5 active miners in my network as seen in these images and the video below.

Who Needs CryptoTab Browser? How Easy Is It To Promote?

Well in an industry where tools like the ones I tested get 2-4% conversations on free offers this one came in at a 3.65% conversion ratio. That’s 12 referrals for 220 total network visits. The final conversion number from those qualified leads is 45% roughly, 5 of 12 who installed and ran the browser.

The people who need it is just like you. They need the money and who doesn’t need more money? They are doctors, lawyers, waitresses, and bus drivers. Some invest, some are in massive debt, some are barely hanging in somewhere in the middle.

I know people making 6 and 7 figures in network marketing who started from their kitchen table in a home they were 2 months behind on the rent for. I know others who had great paying jobs including my Doctor who was raking in killing off a weight loss plan he and another group of Medical professionals went in to promote together. He now makes more from Network Marketing than he does in his busy clinic.

I personally need this income as a father of seven, husband of one, with mental and physical disabilities that keep me from working outside the home. I had a nervous breakdown 6 years ago that killed both my physical and mental well-being and left us broke after having a pretty successful run in Affiliate Marketing and home-based business. You need this or you wouldn’t be reading my review.

CryptoTab Browser Review Pros:

  1. Simple Install: It Takes less than 10 minutes to download, and sign in with either Google Chrome or Facebook. Make sure to sign in though so you are credited even if the power goes out and your browser is shut off. If you don’t log in it won’t save your earnings.
  2. Fast: This browser is nearly twice as fast as Firefox and even faster than my old chrome browser.
  3. Free: It’s free money for doing the things you already do.
  4. Virus, Malware, and Adware free with NO POPUPS. If you have ever used Bitcoin Faucet things get your PC dirty all the time and keep you fighting popup distractions.
  5. No hidden cost, no memberships to sell, no product add-ons it is funded by the companies share of the mining pool and nothing else.
  6. 10 Tier Affiliate Network: The ability to build your own Cloud Bitcoin Mining organization is huge. Other networks pay you just for your computing power. Some even charge you to join the program. This CryptoTab Browser Review proves you are dealing with an honest company, not some greedy bastard sitting behind a desk counting his millions.
  7. I have proof it pays even in small sums below.
CryptoTab Browser Payment Proof

CryptoTab Browser Review Cons

  • Browser-based cloud mining is a slow start. You will likely only make a few dollars your first month, and a few more month two, and may not see any substantial earnings for a year or two.
  • A minor increase in the cost of electricity is a potential, yet to be seen.

Summary of our CryptoTab Browser Review Do We Recommend It?

Yes, it is a great way to gain an unlimited amount of Bitcoin for free. You just install, log in, do what you normally do, tell your friends to do the same, and cash out regularly. Bitcoin is soaring with gains over $900 in the last 2 weeks to nearly $9,000 per coin with economist saying it will likely reach $15,000 a coin by mid-summer. Right now is the time to gather as much of this Cryptocurrency Giant as you can and CryptoTab Browser can help you get it faster if you work hard and gain as many referrals as possible you could make $30K before the years end.

DISCLAIMER: Due to issues out of our control like the people in your downline not working the system, and normal attrition, not all readers will make a large sum with this system as with any business venture. This CryptoTab Browser Review is a product review from an active affiliate in the system and does not constitute investment counseling from an expert adviser. It is up to you to make a decision with diligence and thought. Thank you for reading.

CryptoTab Browser Review


Adware and Malware Free


Easy to Install and Use


Browser Speed


No Hidden Cost it's Really Free?


10 tier network marketing


Time until profitable?



  • Simple to Install
  • I have been paid using it.
  • Power of network marketing
  • Malware free
  • Fast Browser
  • Able to Import all Bookmarks from Chrome and use Chrome extensions.


  • Slow to start earning
  • Added electricity use possible

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  1. This is an exciting article.  I have bought bitcoin and other altcoins the traditional way as they are rising.  I had not heard of a network marketing program for mining bitcoin.  I want to do more research, particularly in terms of the cost, but you sure have me excited.  I am assuming that this article would link me to you so I will bookmark the article and get into this through you once I have completed a bit of research (pun intended.) Thanks this is pretty exciting.

  2. Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing review about Cryptotab browser.

    Gaining an unlimited amount of Bitcoin for free it sounds very good and attractive. You put here a lot of informative explanations and I really want to try this method. It seems that the value of Bitcoin is increasing as the day goes by, even though I heard that the market might fall, it seems that it is not. I have a lot of friends who want to win investing in Bitcoin and this method could attract them even more. If you don’t mind, i will share this article on my social media accounts. 

    Thank again for this. Wish you all the best! 

  3. Thank you very much for such a great review article

    Fisrt of all i thank you for the hard work put in to bring this website together. sure i was not aware of this valuable information about crytotab browser, This seem to be a good source of income online. i am going to tfy out this program in order to suolement my income.

  4. This is interesting to me. I have heard a lot about Bitcoin, but not enough to make me go after it. This has given me a little more information and I feel more familiar with the concept. It’s nice to know that CryptTab is not a scam and that you are actually making some money. I know you say it is a slow start, but anything that is worth it takes time to build. It’s also nice to know that you don’t really have to do much beyond installing the browser. Passively making money while not completely altering your lifestyle is a nice perk. Thanks for the post!

  5. Hello Andy. It has been a very long time I heard about Crypto Tab but I didn’t show any interest. For several months now, I am always on my browser all day and all night; I wish I had used Crypto tab instead of my regular browser. It wouldn’t hurt a bit of I get some extra bucks doing what I normally do. After reading this post and the possibility of earning 1000s of dollars in years to come, I am fired up! I am getting started straight away.


  6. Take your time and do what feels right Anastazja. CryptoTab Browser is completely free to download, there is nothing for sale they earn when we earn through the hashing of Bitcoin. I would be proud to have you on my team.

  7. Nimrodngy the market fell from nearly 20K a year ago, its now in recovery with the speculators mostly out of the market. It’s growth seems to be tied to that of the growing economy globally. More people are flooding in every day to a market that has just so many coins to go around. Economist are predicting $15,000 per coin by mid year and $50,000 percoin within 4 years. It’s a great potential, especially if you can get it free from mining instead of investing cash into it.

  8. Hi Mugalu, I appreciate the feedback and will be glad to have you in my network. Stay in touch.

  9. Great summary Steve, you hit on the most important points of the post. This browser is totally free, and it pays for the things you already do with no security issues beyond those that normally come with Chrome or Firefox. As stated I am not making a mint yet but my team is green and growing.

  10. MrBiizy that’s great to hear. I decided to try because my computer is on 24/7 and it means that at least 10 hours a day it is only costing money instead of earning. Add in the fact we have 4 PC and 2 Laptops and we have a ton of computing power in this house, all waiting to be tapped into. Best wisith CryptoTab Browser.

  11. Thank you so much for your review on Cryptolab Browser. I have have never heard of this browser before but the concept is interesting. I guess my question is, Is it free always or just the first year or month? From what I read it is genius, All I have to do. Is just download the extension and I am good to go, I get to make money from what I am already doing. I also invest in cryptocurrency as well so it is a plus. 

    Will give it a shot and thanks in advance.

  12. It’s always a plus to any investment to grow it without more capital outlay. CryptoTab Browsers is 100% free with nothing to buy ever. The company is entirely funded from a portion of the cloud mining proceeds.

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