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CTFO Review – What to Expect?

In this review, you’re going to see the honest insight of a member who has been part of the industry and a CTFO member for all of 2 months. The fact is I don’t know everything there is to know about CTFO or CBD, but I have spent 2 months into research and I am building my own website to promote CBD and CBDa health at https://findhealthycbd.com .

I have invested so much time and money because I believe in the products and know their value in the marketplace. They provide a ton of relief especially for those in pain and suffering from ailments ranging from diabetes to breast cancer. Would I use these products daily? Hell yes, I would and I would consider them safe for the whole family based on the research studies I have read and see how they affect children with Autism and Adults with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

CBD and CBDa from hemp will not get you high. You don’t smoke the oils though some products come in Vapes or can be used through infusers. Hemp is not Marijuana and is legal in all 50 U.S. States thanks to President Trump’s approval of the Farm Bill.

What is Hemp CBD and CBDa?

Hemp is an industrial use plant that can be used as a food additive, used to make rope, cloth, paper, building blocks and more. It has been used for thousands of years to aid in healing by cultures ranging from the Ming Dynasty to ancient Egyptian culture. Hemp is all-natural and non-GMO in most cases and the oils are considered powerful healers in many cultures.

Is Hemp Oil CBD and CBDa right for you

Because of the close relationship to other cannabis like that commonly known and Marijuana or Pot, the Hemp Industry has been until recently not recognized as a legal and viable option for US growers. Hemp oil has only made its way to popularity because of the movement towards medical uses for Cannabis in numerous U.S. States. Rest assures the physical resemblance does not make Hemp an illicit drug, it has little to no THC which is the psychoactive drug in Marijuana.

Hemp oil is an extra from industrial hemp that has been used in many countries to treat patients suffering high levels of pain associated with the various health issue. It has abilities to help regulate blood sugar, improve heart health, and even control appetite and aid weight loss. In creams, it has been shown to help restore damaged skin, and restore that ageless look though the FDA requires a warning that these statements have not been approved by them.

What is the 10X Pure CBDa Process?

10x Pure Gold CBDa Image

Fact is over 60,000 foreign and independent studies have been done proving many of the effects of CBD and CBDa. Hemp itself contains no natural CBD though it has many cannabinoids in it. CBD is derived from heat treating the whole CBDa in Hemp oil and breaking down the cannabidiol into CBD.

With the 10X Pure process, there is no heat added to the process and with a patented technology whole CBDa is extracted and converted into a raw cellular form that is soluble in water where classic CBD is harder to absorb. CBDa gets roughly 10x the active Cannabidiol into your system using the same measures of CBD.

Who is this CTFO Review About?

CTFO or Changing The Future Outcome

Co-Founders, Stuart Finger and Steve Finger with Michael Kahn

Corporate Information

Phone: 707-449-4567

Email: support@myctfo.com

CTFO Review – The Products

CTFO or Changing The Future Outcome offers more than 40 products, some with and some without CBD oil from hemp. These products cover the areas of Health, Anti-Aging, Nutrition, and even Pets Products with CBD. From oils to sprays, gummies, and chews you can supplement your nutrition. Sprays, creams, and oils help control pain and mobility, reduce the signs of aging and more.

To do this category Justice I must ask you to open this link in a new window and explore the possibilities.

CTFO the Pay Plan

First off CTFO is a Network Marketing Program, not traditional MLM or Multi-Level Marketing. There is no requirement to make a purchase at any time to be an affiliate of CTFO. Standard Affiliate or Associates as you are referred to by the CTFO program are qualified immediately to earn 20% of the total commission volume on all direct product sales, to customers, preferred customers, and associates referred by you into the program. This is one of 3 ways to earn with the program.

The second level of commissions is called uni-level and regenerating matrix pay and requires the associate to become qualified in one of 2 manners. To either purchase an auto-ship order of $47.47 per month or recruit 10 qualified customers or associates in that month for free entry. This is a protected formula you will find in your PDF download explaining the Compensation Plan in full inside your CTFO back office.

The third formula is a matching bonus system based on all Commission Volume within your team that is reserved for top performers in the company. The key takeaway is this is based on ranks from all sales in your organization, not just personal sales. 50K Sales Volume could be 50 people selling $1,000 of products each for example. What really sets CTFO apart is the co-founders get paid on the same plan of the members so you make what their potential is on every sale you generate. They do not take profits off the top and are commissioned just like the rest of us.

* Sales Volume is total gross sales by the member or team.

** Commission Volume is the remaining amount of money after the bills have been paid like product cost and shipping also known as the maximum amount of commissions paid for that product’s sale.

CBDa and CBD for Health

CBD has been linked to the following healthy results, but as we said before the FDA has neither reviewed nor approved these statements. The FDA drags its feet on anything alternative health and is rumored to deliberately place studies on behalf of Big Pharma ahead of research for non-chemical drugs and cures. That said these are the rumors backed by more than 60,000 independent studies.

CBD may help with info graphic


  • CTFO is an established leader in Network Marketing with experienced leaders who have helped pioneer the CBD health industry here in the United States.
  • There have been over 60,000 studies in support of the health benefits of CBD and CBDa
  • 10X Pure CBDa is proprietary to CTFO. You can not get this formula elsewhere.
  • Over 40 commission earning products.
  • 3-factor payment plan including direct commissions on customer purchases. This program is 100% sales focused which meets the requirements of US laws.
  • Stunning websites and opportunity presentations.
  • Team Support and weekly webinars with top MLM and Network Marketing Professionals, Doctors, and more.


  • CBD and CBDa are still awaiting approval of official studies by the FDA.
  • Recently Legalized in all 50 States you still get some isn’t that illegal stigma.
  • Portions of the pay-plan are easier to reach through purchase than referral though reachable for free.
  • You need support to learn the product and time to learn the comp plan to be a real success.

CTFO Review Summary

Do you know you why, and have a strong desire to start a home-based business anyone can do? If you don’t mind being an industry pioneer and see opportunity in marketing little known products that offer alternative health remedies to the masses. Are you someone who believes in promoting products you can believe in and has a passion to help others? Then CTFO is right for you.

If this CTFO review has left you with questions please comment them below and I will do all I can to get you answers. I know for our Canadian readers that you can participate in the business opportunity at this time but due to Canadian Import restrictions, you are not able to receive the products. I believe this to be the same issue with the UK where there are some strong teams forming and know the company is rapidly trying to remedy these cases.

At this point, I must also state by law that while no mention of earnings or earnings potential has been made in this post there are income examples on the site that may or may not be obtained by you. As with all business start-ups, there is a risk of failure and loss, many business owners will not make substantial income due to reasons beyond the control of any company. That said, you are asked to exercise due diligence with any business opportunity. This ends your CTFO Review.

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16 thoughts on “CTFO Review Hemp CBDa for the Future”

  1. Great post, Andy, on this new product and the new market it is creating. 

    I did not know that much about the product before, but your post describes it very clearly. It seems that it is providing an excellent opportunity to get started on the ground floor, with this new product. It may be a good business to get involved in, but how is the level of competition?

    Are there many large corporations that have controlling interest in this product?

    How and where is most of this oil made?

    Is there a grading system for this product yet?


    • The US legalized hemp oils to my knowledge that must be grown domestically at this time. I could be wrong but that’s what I read in an article I couldn’t find amid my hundred-some bookmarks. There are only a few companies in the Hemp CDB marketplace so far as most of the money has been in the Medical Marijuana States and focused less on Hemp and More on the pot market. As to competition the prices on U.S. Legal Hemp Oil are around the same price within +/-5-8%, there are a few who are cheaper than the 10X Pure CBDa of CTFO but most are at cost or higher and nothing absorbs like 10X Pure. There is no grading system as of yet as the studies are independent and mostly done overseas. We demand the FDA give Hemp a chance and with the new legislation, we may see an uptick in studies proving what we already know. We are in an 88 billion market now that is prime to reach 200 billion in 3 years and double again within 5 years. There is plenty of room in this gold rush.

  2. What an amazing review of CFTO. I have never heard of them before, but it is so interesting.  I love the idea of working from home and this business does seem to make money. I strongly believe that cbd is the key to stop so much pain and suffering that groups like the FDA need to get going here and stop dragging their feet.

    I really enjoyed your review and I found out some great info from your post. Excellent!

    • Hi Coralie. The FDA like most government agencies has to deal with politics from the top. The people who buy out our Congress are conglomerates who profit from chemical drugs, there is too much money in treating ailments and not enough in it for cures. One chemical prescription drug can have products in it from Oil, gas, chemicals, and agricultural fields all within the hands of big Pharmaceuticals companies. The number of lobbyists staggering.

  3. I heard about this from a friend of mine. To be honest, I never believed in this things, unyil I spoke with a doctor about it, and he showed me facts, and it is really amazing. Now, I’m going to show this article to my friend and I want to see if there’s something news you wrote he doesn’t know yet. Thanks for sharing it. 

    • Thanks, Emmanuel. The treatments are centuries old but the news of them is fresh off the press because the US government placed an unneeded prohibition on Hemp because it simply looked like Pot. They did no research and the good was thrown out the window because big money wanted the truth squashed. Did you know Mexico has a skin cream that kills skin cancer cells? My dad used it and got rid of cancer growth that nothing had helped with for over 25 years in a matter of weeks. It’s a banned drug here.

  4. This is a huge opportunity for people like me being affiliated with CTFO and doing good job.Honestly I was not aware of CBDa and CBD as well as its features,legal constraints and I thought it would be illegal materials and should not be get closed by. By reading your Well-written product review,Now I have better understanding about CBDa and CBD and CTFO program which is absolutely great to put into consider and make revenue with it. Thank you for this informative post.

    Best Wishes

    • Shirian, your thoughts are based on the stigma gained from over 40 years of negative press that has suddenly within the past 2 years been lifted. As marketers, our job is to get out and get people informed but we have plenty of resources on our side in doing this. From Doctors speaking up, and having patients try CBD and CBDa products to industry voices and celebrities speaking out CBD Rich Hemp Oil is on the rise.

  5. I love health related products and many reviews I have read about CBD has convinced me to be one of their affiliates. But I never got chance to read reviews about how their commission look like until now. With what I have seen from this review, I can see they are one of those brands that offer an attractive commission for affiliate marketers. I will try and go deeper into how they operate.

    Aside that, I have friends that have purchased this product even during their promo and they all confess the good result they got from the products. This is also another reason am in love with their brands. Thanks for this useful review about CTFO.If this product is administered through vaping, hope there won’t be any awful negative effect?

    • There is a sub category for vapes but no products listed yet. If they do them eventually my bet is they will not have nicotine like other commercial vapes. It is not like CTFO to use addiction to sell more product, they dare you to feel better through their use and even offer an astonishing 60-day empty bottle guarantee that you will be satisfied with the CBD and CBDa you get from us.

  6. CFTO is an emerging market and like any other, those getting in the ground floor will benefit immensely. Congratulations on informing about the economics of CFTO, and will definitely look into it.
    Thank you

  7. I do like this review and have found it very informative. I am also in the CBD industry, but in a very different way. I am actually and auditor for Cannabis labs who conduct testing on CBD products including Hemp and Cannabis itself. Although, as you say, the FDA requires a warning that these statements have not been approved by them, it is interesting to note that the quality standard that the FDA has to adhere to is the same quality standard that the Cannabis labs have to adhere to. It is known as the ISO 17025 quality international standard for the accreditation of laboratories. This is the standard that I am an auditor for. I audit FDA labs as well as Cannabis labs. I do believe that at some point the FDA will get into the industry at some level. I would highly recommend staying in this industry, It is young and hot and has a huge amount of potential.

    • Definitely young, hot, and healthy. The investment needed is very low to do great things with advertising being your biggest cost to get started fast but combined with the training at Wealthy Affiliate you can do really well. Thanks for an Industry Insider’s viewpoint.

  8. I have a very different angle on CBD oil… from a personal point of view. My elder son has cerebral palsy, dystonia and syringomaelia. He has struggled through his life but not from the CP or syrinx which are bad enough but from dystonia. He has non epileptic seizures. They have ruined his life for the last 10 years, until last year when we discovered cod oil whilst visiting family in Mississippi. It was a revelation …. a true parting of the dark clouds, the first time he took it, he didn’t have seizure for over 24 hours which is a miracle considering they were 5-10 per hour before that ! Back in the UK we have different issues with it. They have now allowed controlled use of cbd oil in the form of Sativex. It’s a sublingual spray so the dosage is not perfect, but at least its something however its not available on the NHS (fighting this battle as I write) so we have to buy it at £500 a month. Considering that for 10 years this cure has been out there, it fills me with anger that it has not been available before. Thankyou for this article about cbd but also CFTO.

    • As a parent, (7 kids, one stepson, and grandfather of twin girls) I can only imagine your plight. We are still looking into the legality of trying CBDa on my youngest son who is bipolar like me but amplified by more than a dozen times. His angry outburst is beyond controllable and we are currently looking to see if this miracle plant extract is viable for this as well. I pray that your son is able to find a long lasting solution and be able to enjoy some degree of a normal life. Thanks for your testimonial.


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