Do I need an Autoresponder For My Blog?

People say I need an Autoresponder for my blog, why?

Why do I need an Autoresponder for my blog? It’s a common question but one always worth adding new light on. The biggest concern is will it cost me a lot of money and what purpose does it serve if blog post generates high traffic to new articles.

Let’s look at why you need an autoresponder first.

When you begin a new blog and have just a couple post on it you will find that unless you perform a miracle back-flip you won’t have a ton of traffic. That’s right traffic is not overnight it is worked for. Subscribers like traffic need to be earned and are earned through great content and adding value to your blog or even outside your blog.

Do I need an Autoresponder for my blog

If you are blogging as a business you will need to retain readers and keep them interested in your newest post to make any kind of real money. In affiliate marketing, you will hear that the money is in the list. Until you are ready to regurgitate at the sound of these words or it sinks in and you find yourself saying them. See the list recycles your visitors and makes them true followers of your work.

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Why are followers so important to my blog when I can get new visitors all day long with a good post?

Selling online it takes 1 person an average of 5-7 times seeing an offer before they even enter the first phase of interest. Since an autoresponder can keep your readers coming back to see your ads? Click, that light just went off in your head. Getting people to come back and read often will help you with conversions. It’s like having repeat customers in a store.

If you watch the shopping flyers coming out each week companies pay twice as much to send them to regular customers as they do new customers. They do this because building loyalty, trust, and brand awareness are valuable in the long run. New customer receipt totals can be as much as 40% less than those of returning customers. Online it can be worse, you will hear about abandoned carts all the time in retail chats.

Is there complicated software to add an Autoresponder for my blog?

When choosing my for autoresponder for my blog I grabbed the most expensive and most feature-rich suite possible for my little tiny blog. I won’t name names but the autoresponder was overkill and the learning curve murder.

The plus is I now can operate a professional grade autoresponder. I can do segmenting and other techy research task but. I found that all I really ever used were a few core pieces. I could have those pieces for as little as free or at least free for 30 days. My cost could be as low as $20 a month for life no matter how many subscribers I had. My old responder was like $29 a month for a small list and I was paying around $49 a month for my budding list in no time and about to reach $78 a month when I made a switch.

So who do you recommend for an autoresponder for my blog?

I recommend, for small blogs starting out to use one of two programs. If you don’t mind moving your list as it grows and becomes more expensive. You can get the first 500 subscribers free from MailChimp. But for most bloggers, it pays to start with RocketResponder. The core functions are just as robust and integrations are growing for popular e-commerce suites etc… The benefits are a $20 a month unlimited list size and mailings. And a great affiliate program that rewards you sending more clients.

The RocketResponder Affiliate Program pays monthly residual commissions for life. I get a great autoresponder for my blog with no complicated parts. I can be list building in a day and save money. RocketResponder has a full 30-day free trial. The only upgrade ever needed is when I go to the enterprise level and need a white label solution or if I have a large list to import.

RocketResponder email automation software

So how do I get people to sign up for my list?

Use an ethical bribe like a special report on a subject related to your blog content. This bribe will usually be an e-book or multiple days autoresponder series. I recommend the latter in most cases. A series of emails train your readers to look out for your mailings and read them.

Just like your blog you need to have great content and over deliver on value. Don’t make your responder a giant sales pitch. Throwing product after product at the list until everyone leaves are costly. Feed not less than 70% quality content to 30% recommended products and it’s easy to turn a small 1,000 reader list into $1,000 or more per month. Yes by adding an autoresponder for my blog I can add up to $5 per month in income per subscriber without charging a subscription.

How do you, do it?

On the right, you will see a subscription form for my list. It has a free report offered but I give multiple free reports when you join. Did I say over deliver, right? I don’t do sales pitches in my e-mails at all. Because I back-load the content with offers like this pitch for my favorite autoresponder RocketResponder.

I can make sales and earn income from repeat traffic from subscribers by offering common-sense products in my post with real valuable content. You have to admit I have delivered well on my promise of in-depth training here. Supporting my sponsors should be a no-brainer.

Did you know?

If 10% of a 1,000 member list visits your blog every time you post. You will earn 1200 returning visitors to your site every month if you post 3 times a week. That is a massive number in terms of search engine rankings. What is more is regular readers finish articles and spend more time on site as well as make more purchases. They also click on advertising and visit sponsors like the Adsense ads on this page which are also revenue for a good blog.

Summary: Adding an Autoresponder to my blog.

By adding an autoresponder for my blog I have noticed it has been great for traffic and revenue. I am positive it will be a great thing for your blog but you need to start right away with one because every subscriber lost is money lost. Traffic lost as well as engagement and all around good tidings.

Click Here for our favorite Autoresponder.

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12 Comments on “Do I need an Autoresponder For My Blog?”

  1. Having an autoresponder is an important aspect of building your business. Having an emailing list is essential too but you need to choose the autoresponder that works best for you.  It is also suggested to have an autoresponder set up in the early stages of your website. This will help you greatly going forward with your business.

    Thank you!

  2. I think it is very important to have valuable content in your posts.   This will keep subscribers coming back and cause the earning of income from repeat traffic by offering related products in your posts.  It sounds like the Autoresponder would be a very valuable too in making all this happen.  Thanks for the great information!

  3. Yes. You will find other bloggers who say that you should establish an audience first before exploring automated e-mail response marketing but the fact is you will need time to learn to use your autoresponder effectively. Early on you will make mistakes, how big of crow you wish to see those mistakes should be a factor in when you start using an autoresponder for your blog. Also, every prospective subscriber lost is a costly mistake and if you were to build an offline business opening the doors without a roof on your building makes no sense so why start a blog that is only partially complete?

  4. The best part of an autoresponder is that in modern ones you can have RSS to post and send a daily, weekly, or monthly digest of your post to your dedicated readers. Most of your sales develop in your warm market and these are people who trust you with their contact details and already want more of what you have to offer.

    You can also increase the value of your blog by sending broadcast messages with discount codes, exclusive special offers or even just a few thank you gifts. Not all contact is automated when you do this and you can add a weekly or monthly newsletter at any time with the broadcast feature.

  5. Hi, Andy.
    After reading your article, I can definitely say that yes, I need an autoresponder right from the start of my webpage. Thanks for such brilliant advice, Andy.
    When new to the Internet use ( I think 20% of people in the world are still in this category), the automated emails received are not less than a magic. I am saying it because I witnessed it myself when I started using the internet for five years.
    Thanks for your inspiration, Andy.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  6. It looks like you’re recommending the Rocket Responder for email marketing.  I understand the importance of a good auto-responder.  I have to ask, not being that versed in auto responders and the various ones, do you think this is an easy one for someone who isn’t very experienced in setting these up?  I think I really need to spend some good, solid, time building my emails and setting up a responder.  Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Hi Andy,

    It all makes sense, thank you for the clear explanation on why I need an Autoresponder for my blog. I don’t have one yet and was researching my options. I’ve heard about the free MailChimp before but wasn’t sure of its limitations. It’s good to know that there is a maximum of 500 subscribers, thank you. It’s not too bad for a start while I am learning to work with autoresponders in general.

    I’m bookmarking your blog to come back when I am ready to start my 30-days free trial with RocketResponder. I’ve never heard of it before. It looks pretty clear, simple, and affordable. Thank you for the recommendation. It’s affiliate program also sounds attractive.

    Thanks again, and all the best to you,

    ~ Julia

  8. Auto responders can turn any website visitor into a potential subscriber. I agree with you that giving them a free trial offer or consultation, for example, is a best way to start a communication. You offer them something of value in exchange for their email address and once they subscribed you can send them email messages. Through this, you can even build long term relationship with your subscribers. 

    Another benefit of an auto responder is that you can brand yourself with all the emails.You can put your brand logo, or other information about your business. It is also easier to duplicate your tasks or make different list for groups of subscribers in different categories. Auto responder is a good business marketing strategy but unfortunately, you have to pay for it. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. The best part of an autoresponder for me is the automation of routine tasks such as welcome emails, delivery of digital goods and gifts, and a catalyst for communication outside of automation. It is also a great way to measure brand trust as so many people will pass on giving their information to sites and bloggers they don’t trust with that information so every conversion means your brand marketing is working and people are taking a leap of faith with you.

    While I do recommend Rocket Responder there are a few options that allow first 500 subscribers for free, the problem is at subscriber number 501 they start to get more costly and by subscriber 1,000 they are far higher cost than Rocket Responder and usually have a ton of moving parts not needed for simple blogs as they cater more to retail trade.

  10. Jewelia You can also save money with Rocket Responder by choosing quarterly or annual billing. I do Quarterly right now but will soon get an annual subscription to make it even more affordable.

  11. Gaurav the big thing you will find is that e-mail increases conversion and sales because it helps build trust and reinforce brand marketing. You are seen as more professional and prepared if you have something extra to offer as a free report to expand the reader’s knowledge and a marketing plan that includes them in first to know opportunities, special offers, and regular giveaways.

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