Earn Money Online Forum Marketing a How To Guide

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You’re writing a blog and using social media to drive traffic but you can never have too many tried and true traffic generation secrets. Today we show you how to earn money online forum marketing.

Why is forum marketing online so important for affiliate marketers?

Earn Money Forum Marketing where your business is open 24 hours a day

We started this journey to show you how to be a Top 3 Percent earning affiliate marketer and you can’t truly learn to be in that Affiliate 3 Percent if you have no experience with forums. I mean unless you have a ton of money you can’t skip forum marketing. I know, you are thinking that you have heard the power of blogs, and social media, and building a list but what is this about earn money online forum marketing? I’ve never heard of that before or is Forum Marketing Online Dead?

Fact is, you can still find forums either standalone or on major sites like the American Express OPEN Forum for Small Business. If, you are in the Make Money online industry such as affiliate marketing to other affiliates, MLM, and network marketing professionals or have been seeking training for any period on online marketing you may have landed on the Internet Marketing Forum or the biggest forum in our industry Warrior Forum and Marketing Checkpoint. Both of which I am a member and both of them are highly recommended being very active in. Another popular forum for affiliate marketers is JV News Watch which is a forum where new product launches are introduced to first in movers. This little forum is where those millionaire dreams begin coming true.

So you think you can Earn Money Online Forum Marketing?

Yes, I do. In fact, I have and it’s been well into the thousands of dollars I have earned both from forum marketing and what it teaches you. See forums were online first. Back in the 90s, everyone would connect to Bulletin Board Systems, BBS, or what we now call today an Online Forum and discuss everything related to an interest they had. We had IP Addresses to connect and it was sometimes really slow to get on board, and the look and feel were chunky and amateur by today’s comparison but Hell we could talk to people in Europe and Asia we could never have met in real life so it was cool.

The BBS gave birth to two things. The first is a dirty little beast called SPAM we get in all sorts of online digital communications. There will always be idiots and criminals and because of these early spammers some legit marketers made tens of millions of dollars by learning to advertise on forums without spamming them.

Enter The Earn Money Online Forum Marketing Pioneers like Corey Rudl

These tips were not lost on me when I met Corey Rudl, who was a college drop out millionaire because he caught on to these kinds of tricks very early on. I met Corey on the forums at Adland Pro and got basically the kind of mentoring he was selling for $2500 a person for free because I guess he liked my story or my personality, who knows, he could have just been bored. But he gave me a great education in Internet Marketing with a strong focus on Forums, Blogs, and the buzz of Social Media things to come.

The Big Secret In Forums Knowing What People Want and how to tell them about it without being pitchy.

Thus, we started designing our forum signatures. Nearly every forum allows you to have a signature box with 1-3 links and some text or maybe even an image. The secret is to not use these things for a blatant advertisement but instead as a way to deliver a gift in exchange for the people reading your post joining your newsletter. Since we use our newsletters to promote our blogs and blog based product reviews you could turn one well written e-mail signature into hundreds of inbound links, thousands of new subscribers, and never once hit the SPAM Radar.

You just had to add real value to the forum, real value in your signature offer, and be active and responsive to the people in the forums so you would build a huge following and always be welcomed by the forum owners.

Use your blog to earn money forum marketing online

How does forum marketing online stack up to social media?

Social Media Groups are much of today’s modern forum, and the feeds are micro blogs, and your profile page is your signature box. With forums this is all one page. Everyone shares a feed, the forums are where the action is and people mingle and meet each other and BAM, your signature is up there for all to see.

Do forums generate a ton of website traffic?

You can’t earn money online forum marketing if you don’t have traffic. I just closed a failed advertising coop that I over thought and put too much into so nobody but me could understand it’s power. I had bells whistles, and a Coop that was a web’s first of online marketing but people just didn’t buy into my dream. Shit happens, I lose some bets and win many more because I am human. At the core thought of that program was an online forum and despite the fact myself and 5 others were the only ones of nearly 300 members to use it, every post I made was good for a minimum 120 visitors with some of them reaching 400+ visitors for a single post. If you are active you can put 2-3 post a day in a single forum and interact with the commentators and bam, have your signature link and a brief message of value in, from of hundreds of interested readers.

Earn Money Online Forum Marketing

If, you want to Earn Money Online Forum Marketing you need to be good at numbers. 3 separate post are 3 new inbound links to your blog or landing page a day being made. If, you can get 100 views of each post per month that’s 300 basic ad views a month you add every single day. 9,000 Ad Views a month FREE! If just 5% of those click through to visit your blog and see your special related offer and content your blog gets 450 new reads with a potential of up to 450 new subscribers and with a marketing goal of turning each list member into $1 a month it’s a potential $450 a month boost to your earnings realistically each month.

You Can Earn Money Online Forum Marketing if you stick with it and target your offers.

The last thing I want to elaborate on is that your offer needs to be related to your blog, and forum. A big forum like the one I mentioned from American Express is a great inbound link for a site on small business but it’s covering such a wide base of people and interest that you will find it hard to connect with buyer traffic targeting their 500,000+ member mega forum.

Instead, if you sell fishing gear on your Anglers blog, and have a Newsletter called The Catch, you would do much better on forums for fishing, or boating, camping, and outdoors survival. These forums will have smaller followings but they are people already interested in your content who can benefit from your gift and gladly join your e-mail list. Sell each of them just 1 lure a month off Amazon or Bass Pro Shops and you could easily turn them into $1-$20 a month in fresh income. Stay in your niche. If, you have a hankering for a different niche forum and product to make money off of you will need a blog in that niche and a free offer the people in it would love to generate the same money there but you can Earn Money Forum Marketing online.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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12 thoughts on “Earn Money Online Forum Marketing a How To Guide”

  1. I’ve tried fourm marketing in the past, and to be honest it didn’t help a whole lot.

    Sure I got a few visitors to my site — but nothing to give me a decent income online.

    Plus many forums these days have very strict guidelines, making it that much harder to put your links in them.

    You have any other tips on how someone can get decent traffic just from commenting on forums?

    • The tactics you use are what brings the success. If you are expecting instant life changing income from forum comments it just won’t work. If you are running standard ads in your profile link it won’t work. If you offer a free report related to the topic of the forum and build your list of subscribers it works in time. The idea is to be a regular helpful commentator and help everyone you can. To expand your branding as an expert in your niche. If you learn something teach something and offer more value to follow your signature link and you will find a lot of success.

  2. Hi Andy:

    Forums are a new concept to me.

    My main question is, “How are forums different from using
    Social Media? Are forums a more streamlined process? And, are there forums that are particular to different niches?

    Please, also explain the signature box.

    You talk about offering a gift in exchange for an email address. Is using a forum a more expedient way of doing that then, say, just offering it on your website?


    • Forums are one of the original forms of social media. Unlike Facebook they don’t have a personal feed, everyone sees the same forum topics and headlines of the newest post in those topics. Forums work more like Facebook Groups in that manner except it is hard to target the interest of a group on Facebook for search engines like Google. For just about every niche known to man there is a forum covering it. They are the modern hobbyist clubs and allow people to easily find others who share the same interest.

      The signature box is similar to what you have when using Article Directories to expand your content marketing. You leave your name, and a link and possibly an image. When you use your link to go to a landing page offering your gift in exchange for someone joining your e-mail list the real magic begins as you will be able to spoon feed fresh content and periodic offers to the subscriber at a point where the only thing they are doing is reading e-mails.

      Thanks for a great comment with some exceptional questions.

  3. Andy,
    The information in your blog is going to be very useful to me as I continue on my journey into internet marketing.
    I was unaware that forums had this much information and amount of wealth to affiliates; thank you very much for pointing this out. I enjoyed reading this very much and will continue to follow your website.

    • Thanks Susan. This blog is a chance to give back some of the wealth of knowledge I have received from others since starting this business in 2003. One of the first things I learned is forum marketing which prepared me for social media sites like MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I started learning SEO when I started blogging in mid to late 2004 and needed to build quality links, the kind that would not just help Google find my blog but would send traffic to my site that was hungry for the post on it. Forums have always played a part in any strategy I have used to build links and generate website visitors.

  4. I have always stayed away from forums even though I knew they provided great website traffic. I was always afraid of getting banned for sharing my website links.

    Are you sharing your content on forums when you first join them? I’m trying to understand how you build trust with other people on the forum so you can start sharing your links.

    • Share content from day one, don’t advertise other than a link to your blog or website in your footer and usually you get 1 in your profile page as well. Don’t go over the top with the ad, work it like article directory marketing and let the content sell people on following you and following the link back to your blog.

  5. I liked the Facebook marketing information more than the forum one, I’m not entirely sure why. The forum one, the neon sign might need to be toned down just a fleck. I do not even believe I’m really saying this, but it kinda was too much. It’s the first time I have said the first photo is not boring enough. I think you could take out one of the neons and replace with another nicely built visual aid. Take that with a grain of salt, because it really is a great job.

    Best Regards,

    Nurse Becca

    • Facebook marketing usually starts in groups and they are social media’s answer to the online forum. A Group is typically niche targeted and allows people to post new threads while also commenting on other people’s threads or post. The main difference is instead of a automated signature ad you have to entice people to contact you with intent to learn more about you and your business. Both require skills most people can learn from a few days in a Forum. Thanks for the advice on the neon image. I am trying to send a message about the difference in Advertising Bold and Marketing more subtle.

  6. Thanks for providing me with an old way of marketing served up in a new way. I remember going on AdlandPro many years ago and trying to market my business without knowing what I was doing so of course I failed. I did the same thing in an AOL chat room for entrepeneurs still thinking I had the answer to everyones problems. I was laughed out of the room.You have shown me a new way for me to market my business and I thank you.

    • Too many of us start out trying to advertise instead of market. We want sales and want to earn money now and that can lead to distrust and burnt bridges. I was lucky to meet some great marketers at Adland Pro who showed me the way and introduced me to blogging. You probably know a few of them like Kenneth Sword and Dave Cottrell, Kathy Hamilton and there are numerous others who are still to this day very active in the forums there. These are marketing professionals who know relationships sell more than advertising.


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