Easy Guide: How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

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How to promote your business on Facebook with hassle-free tips for entrepreneurs of any size.

If you are online today the odds favor that you are on Facebook at least as a human even if you’re not quite there as a business. In this post we will be talking about getting online with Facebook Pages, promoting your business on Facebook through generic social media and Facebook Ads. The guide is brief and simple to follow so please take a few minutes and dig in.

How to Promote Your Business On Facebook

Principles of social media and promoting your business on Facebook

One thing I always say in this type of post is that social media is selfish. People are always looking for information to solve their problems or sharing their interests to stoke their own ego while paying little attention to what you are interested in. They tune out the noise outside of their own searches so your best place to be is in front of their search traffic.

Facebook has made this easy to do through their own search algorithm for content added publicly in groups, pages, and private profiles while also allowing you to jump in line with paid ads and promoted content. There are some things though that make it tough to stay in front of your collected audience such as page followers.

Facebook limits your active readership on your Facebook Pages based on user interaction. No more than 15% of your followers will be notified in their feed of your new post for your Fan Page, and around the same for your groups if they don’t select to be notified of the new post as a priority. That’s something very few readers do.

Things to know about Facebook Pages

While being limited to reaching 15% or less of your followers seems like an exercise in futility pages can now be connected to groups that expand your readership and each follower is like a subscriber on your e-mail list. When you send an e-mail out you get around 15-23% readership average if you produce strong content. your click-through is around 30% to 50% of the readership and sales less than half of that.

Sample Facebook Fan Page

Branding is a must for Facebook Page Success be bold with Your Brand

A Facebook page is a means to connect with more subscribers and pre-sell them with great content so they sign up for more information or take a buy action. By reducing the number of posts to a readers feed you are in less competition for being read than say trying to grab attention in an inbox filled with 100 new e-mails.

If your content is good you will reach up to 15% of followers with much higher engagement than e-mail alone. The most vital action in social media is a customer and potential customer feedback. When there is a problem you will know about it ASAP. Handle the issue publicly and satisfactory and your potential client’s list will convert higher. After all, people love to see great customer service in action.

Having support groups or insiders group expands reach and service opportunities so always create the group. More interaction is more traffic and sales. You can drive more people to your public page and public group through Facebook Ads.

Ad vertising links based on type by location

Types of Facebook Ads

The 3 main types of ads on Facebook accomplish one of 3 objectives. They promote a page or product, promote a post, or promote a website. You have multiple choices on each of how far you want your spread to be, how targeted you wish your audience, language you need your marketing to appear in, regions where the ad is desired, and of course budget factors like how many ad views or how much you are willing to pay per visitor.

The more you target your market the more likely you are to dig into buyer traffic but keep in mind that the fastest-growing segment in marketing with some of the highest conversions in years is native ads or content-based advertising. You can use targeted landing pages to really hit home with related content to what you are trying to accomplish be it join a mailing list or buy a product.

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Andy Anderson

Choosing the Facebook Ad that’s right for your Business Promotion

The best way to think about ads on Facebook to promote your business is to see what each ad can actually accomplish. Each ad type will sell a different image for your business and for many a mixture of the 3 main categories of ads is perfect for success while may have budget issues that make a certain ad type more desirable.

  • Type 1: Promote a Page – This option will help you build a captive audience by pairing content with readers looking for that interest and will help people find and follow your page and eventually your group which also can be promoted in a similar manner.
  • Type 2: Boost Content or Posts – This type of advertising promotes a specific piece of content on your page or on your website. This gives the reader a reason to visit your blog or website and hopefully sign up to your list or buy a product or set of products.
  • Type 3: Promote a Website Directly – By far the most costly option but often the highest conversion is to promote your website directly or sell a product either through the Facebook Marketplace or on your website. As a result, you can expect to pay up to $3.00 per visitor though I typically suggest using a lower bid around 50 cents to $1 if your budget is tight and only a few conversions would help grow the next budget. Of course, the higher your bid the more likely your ad is to show before your competition you can still reach buyer traffic at lower bids.
Example Facebook Ad Placements on Facebook

Save money with advertisement targeting

The big Labowsky of How to Promote Your Business on Facebook is the targeting of your advertising. You need to pay special attention to your ideal customer avatar.

For those who have not created one, you need to write out a list of things about your ideal customer for the product you are promoting. An example of what it should look like is below.

  • Product – Money for College Business Opportunity
  • Idea Customer Profile Name(s) Jack (male) Diane (female)
  • Sex = Male or Female
  • Age = 18-24
  • Income: Under 35K
  • Language English/Spanish

Interest = Jobs, Employment, Internships, business opportunity, money for college, student loans, loan repayment, college debt

By using these known details you can super target your ads on Facebook which will increase conversions and ultimately increase your ROI or Return on Investment. You will see far higher sales targeting this audience with a related ad to them than say advertising Age 18-65+ Male Income 50K plus. Interest any and Language Any. Sure you may reach 1 billion users with the broadest match but how many of those billion Facebook Users actually benefit from your product or offer?

Give a ton of thought to each ad. Use split testing which is an option with standard ads to see what converts better. Keep testing until you are getting a 3% or higher click-through rate and have conversions that meet your desired ROI or exceed expectations. Still, not sure how to do this hiring a firm will not be a bad idea in the short term if it is in your budget and while you learn.

Keep Eyes on Yourr Facebook Ads targeting for increased ROI

How to promote your business on Facebook summary.

While targeting may seem time-consuming and the whole thing sounds like a small number game Facebook Ads when combined with the use of Fan Pages and Facebook Groups have a high Return on Investment for millions of businesses and blogs just like yours.

Cost-effective you can set a budget as low as $5 a day and $10 total ad spend when promoting a post for example. As a blogger, all I do is promote a post to drive traffic and readership to my blog pages and our special reports offer. More subscribers and higher return readership, in turn, increase sales, engagement factors like comments and social shares and boost my search engine rankings.

These factors can work for you. If you have experience or questions related to this post comment below.

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32 thoughts on “Easy Guide: How to Promote Your Business on Facebook”

  1. A really helpful explanation and some great facts there. I never knew only 15% of people will see the posts! Crazy. I definitely should remind people to opt to see my posts. I love the suggestions for the advertising budget as it’s so hard to know how much to expect to pay. Thanks for the post!

    • For most pages, the rate is below 15% because they don’t do content well and don’t get user interaction. Remember you have to compete for attention with videos of dogs and cats and cute little babies doing all sorts of funny stuff. My mom just showed me as we speak a video of a cat bopping a dog for farting in his sleep. I never noticed the ads running beside that it was so interesting. Likewise, you need to promote your best and most engaging content on Facebook Ads.

  2. Thank you for an incredibly informative article.  I have started an online business, and to be honest, I really have been extremely apprehensive about using Facebook.  Despite millions of users, I have found – in the past – that it hasn’t worked for me.  But having read your article, i now understand that I have not been using it correctly!   I am astonished to see that only15% of my network will receive notifications of updates – purely because of settings!

    Promoting my website directly on Facebook may be expensive, but as you have said, it certainly seems to be incredibly effective.  I will have to work out a budget and get this implemented.

    Great information.  Great Tips;

    Thank you so much

    • The big thing is not to expect miracles the first time or two around. You need to set your budget low and measure results and scale up as you find what works for you. Promoting on Facebook can be fun and lucrative.

  3. I learned so much from this post. I think the best way is through promoting the website directly though it would be very costly. I just want to ask, what is the term of payment here? Do you have to pay in advance or do you have to wait how many clicks you got, then pay? Whatever the case is, I think you really have to invest a pretty big amount for this. It’s safe for me to settle first with boosting content or post since I’m just a beginner in blogging.  Facebook can really give you better advantage when it comes to promoting business because of the network. Thanks for the well explained details about promoting business on facebook. 

    • Facebook takes all major credit cards and I believe bank drafts as well and PayPal. You pay after the ad run so make sure you set your budget so you don’t go over. Also, look online for any promotional ad code as often they will give $20 free ad spend when you buy $10 in advertising or they will match your ad budget up to $100 or something similar.

  4. This really is an interesting and informative article and it is in fact just what I am looking for at the moment, I have a website and I am building my own online business but I have to admit that I do need some tips and ideas to help me to promote my business and to get more traffic coming to and engaging with my website, I will be following your Facebook recommendations and I will hopefully soon start to see the improvements, thank you for sharing. 

    • Hi Russ. As I stated to another read, start slow and do a lot of testing. You can run your first campaigns for as little as $10 and as a blogger, your best bet is to promote your posts via your Facebook Fanpage. It’s an exciting and low-cost time to be part of Facebook Marketing, but taking the time to get your targeting and budget right will ensure success driving not just traffic but conversions and subscriptions as well.

  5. Thanks so much for this article and I must say that u have learned everything I need to learn when it cones to Facebook promotion for businesses online. I really need this a lot since social media marketing us raking up the trends now. I just learnt about Instagram too yesterday and I’m glad I could add this to my list of knowledge on how to promote. Facebook ads are really interesting and I think the paid ones are more effective if done the right way. Thanks

    • A Little known secret. Facebook Ads also manages sponsored placements on Instagram as they are the owners of that platform as well. Properly marketing your content will lead to more leads and thus success with Facebook Ads and Marketing. This is not spamming groups, it’s really actionable content marketing you can scale up as you grow.

  6. This post is really interesting and informative, thanks for sharing such a useful. This 15% thing is q real surprise to me. I never knew I can make use do Facebook this way, for so long that I’ve been into online business, I didn’t know I can promote my business through Facebook in such a productive manner. This post have really taught me so many things about how to promote my business through Facebook. Thanks for sharing this, I really love it.

    • Jones, I am glad to have you here. A note on the 15% thing, that’s a maximum for a page or group post unless the readers mark your page or group as a favorite read first. Always worth using a CTA that gets them to do that somewhere in your post and as a sticky post on your group page. I just checked conversions for my new blog page for Affiliate 3 % and my last post only had 8% reach which is sad but better than nothing and far better than projected with the small audience and low engagement so far.

  7. Hi Andy,

    Great article, I’m on twitter, pinterest and a couple of other social media sites; but I wanted to really make sure I had my social media strategy down for my business prior to going for the big two (Facebook & Instagram). This post is really in depth, I wasn’t aware that business pages can be linked to groups so I’ll certainly be exploring that; and the engagement rate from Facebook sounds brilliant! I’ll certainly be coming back to go through this article again, are you able to write a similar article for Instagram?

    • Another site to look forward too with 3 million members, heavy engagement, and better privacy protection is Webtalk which I review here. As to Facebook groups I love the way you can directly interact with readers in them and get post ideas and more running polls etc.. My page for Affiliate 3 Percent hasn’t added many to the group yet but some of my other pages are starting to see numbers grow.

  8. Thanks for this informative post with an easy guide on how to promote your business on facebook. I agree that it does seem like an exercise in futility when posts only reach such a small percentage of followers. The built in targeting for ads is not extremely detailed either, so it’s been a challenge to figure out how much I should be investing into this marketing channel. Helpful to see the 3 main ways to promote content – I appreciate this info!

    • Glad to be of help Aly. Working with Facebook marketing and advertising can be a bit of a challenge but done right it can be very lucrative as well. Here’s to your success with Facebook.

  9. Hi Andy,
    Great article about Facebook marketing, it gave me some new insights that i didn’t know before,

    However, i have been using Facebook for my business a while now, it seems like they are getting tougher on affiliate marketers or folks who create their own online businesses, i even got my ads refused and my pages blocked, how do you deal with that increasingly censorship around that or do think you think i should advertise or write different?

    I would really appreciate your take on that,


    • The main thing is to not be salesy on your landing pages. Never use terms like Home Busines, or Make Money. Instead, opt for things like Program and Product Reviews, and are you starting a business of your own? Lead into an e-mail capture, don’t link to any page they could see as a get rich quick and never use any affiliate links in your ads. Instead, link to product reviews. You’ll soon find your marketing is no longer blocked or denied on Facebook.

  10. Thanks for a great post, I really appreciate this. It’s come at the perfect time for me as we are getting serious about creating more of a social media presence for a new product and Facebook has our perfect audience.

    That being said it’s really overwhelming to start a serious advertising campaign there because there is so much to learn and so many different parts of the equation. You’ve broken them down here in a logical fashion and after reading this I’m confident that step by step we can make it work. We are checking out some of the awesome resources you’ve outlined and are beginning to work on our campaign. Thanks again!

    • Just make sure the link is either direct to a product on your site or filtered through a landing page with lead capture. Promote plenty of related content as well.

  11. Hi! I’m thankful I found your post because here you explain in very simple words how to promote a tbusiness on Facebook. I have read other posts trying to teach this and they have left me all confuse. But not so your post. 

    i appreciate your approach concerning Facebook ads. And I know I’m leaving money on the counter if I don’t explore Facebook for my business. Thanks.

    • Henry a business or blog can make it without paid advertising but it takes time. I advise you to get a good stream of blog content and then scale up your promotions. Never fail to start small, test a lot, and scale up as your income allows.

  12. Without a doubt, social media is becoming more and more important to business, whether online or brick-and-mortar. If you aren’t using it to promote your business, you are really missing out on a ton of new people and potential customers. Thanks for this overview and stressing how it can be immensely beneficial to make sure that social media (and specifically Facebook) is a part of your marketing gameplan. 

    What kind of difference did you notice once you started to make it a priority?

  13. Incredible post on using Facebook. It looks like paid ads on Facebook is really the way to go with the organic reach of Facebook pages being so low. It’s great to know that groups can reach more people much better than pages. One thing that I learned from running Facebook ads as well is that it’s always good to build up a small following organically with posts and good content before spending money. It allows your page to be more trustworthy leading more of the ad viewers to join in on whatever you’re promoting. I do have a question, though and I’m interested to hear your response. What are your thoughts on running ads to a blog review, then retargeting the people who read the blog with an ad on the product that the blog reviewed?

    • Hi Kevin. I only recommend retargeting on direct to product offers. As for product reviews once a person has read the review you can hopefully get them to subscribe to a sales funnel and guide them to a purchase decision. It’s a lot more effective and allows you to market additional products related to the primary promotion.

  14. This was a very interesting and informative article about marketing yourself on Facebook. It’s an wake up call that you only reach 15 percent of your audience. Now I realize that I need to have my own business page on Facebook as well for my own business. I have bookmarked this article for further reference. Thank you for your contribution on this subject. 

    • Just remember Fred, a page is amplified in reach if you post the same or similar content to a discussion group and then add other interactions like reader polls, etc…  You can control your traffic flow by promoting the page, if you have 1,000 pages follows you can read 150 people per post potentially. Do that daily and you are looking at 4500 visits a month to your blog.

  15. This is really an insightful blog post. About facebook page the first thing I would recommend to do is make sure the page is well and fully optimized and everything is filled out completely. The mistake most people make is focusing on Fan count. Believe me It’s not difficult to grow your fans, rather it’s much more difficult to build an engaged community. Marketers forget  often that you actually have to engage with your fans and also respond as well – make sure you do reply people when they have questions.

    You really did well for taking time to write on this.


    • Jordan you are absolutely right. Start with brand appearance, a good logo is a great start. Fill in all details including address and if possible phone number because it will add to the trust factor among followers. Use groups wisely, and offer things like exclusive content for joining them, after all, retention is the key to success with Facebook Marketing.

  16. Well this has certainly opened my eyes to an undiscovered world. I am guilty of sticking my head in the sand when it comes to Facebook advertising. I’ll be brutally honest, I don’t really understand how it works, well I should say, I didn’t. You have given me a much better understanding of the process and how to take advantage of it.

    Maybe because for a long time I have only viewed Facebook as a ‘social’ platform. This is my first year, venturing into the internet world and up until now I have only had a personal account.

    Currently I have two ‘pages’ and one of those is prinarily for my website, so I will add ‘content’ posts there, as and when I have something new published on my site. I’ve seen the ‘boost’ offers around the site but have never really paid them too much attention.

    You have given me a deeper insight into the possibilities of targeted adverts and taking more control of how those adverts work for what I’m trying to achieve. It’s still early days but I now have more options available to me. Maybe starting with one of the lower price promotions and seeing how that effects traffic as a whole and then look to increasing, if the results are favourable

    • Twack it’s my pleasure to see you again. What a great comment, it shows you devoured the intent of the post and have some great take away knowledge. I would advise for blogs under 1-year-old to be careful with trying to build too much engagement too fast through Facebook. If you have under 100 posts on your blog as I do with Affiliate 3 Percent, you will see responsive growth go slower. Focus big time on quality content and only promote your best post and your site will grow.


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