Learning How to Sell Online Just Got Easier With ECommergy

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For those who are learning how to sell online without ECommergy or are selling products online as an e-commerce owner or affiliate marketer the training landscape can be scattered and confusing. You may need a dozen different publications for learning product sourcing, two dozen for learning to market your business using social media marketing or Search Engine Optimization etc


ECommergy is Changing the way Learning How To Sell Online is Done.

What Is ECommergy

Much like a news site for any topic is run and very much like magazines or e-zines for other industries have been set up a true repository for e-commerce selling has been lacking for those on a small budget. There are hundreds of thousands of up to date resources but most of them share the same rehashed information in a mind-numbing cycle of repeats. The only way there has been in the past to make any sense of the training is to select just 1-2 sources and follow their content exclusively to keep from reading basically the same recycled mambo jumbo a time-wasting a dozen times a day.

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What if someone was doing the legwork to get you the best multi-channel content that will leave you informed without the repetitive cycle of old information?

Learing how To Sell Online

A resource that searches a broad network of sites and blogs from true industry experts and in house content that is cutting edge and takes tens of thousands of chances to fail off the table. Imagine fresh content that doesn’t waste your time, empty your wallet, and set you up to fail. That’s what the simple concept behind ECommergy is about.

ECommergy is the latest info product from Carson Services Inc of Lincoln Nebraska. Carson Services is owned and operated by Gery and Bonnie Carson and is a proud family owned business. Among their corporate holdings called the Zing Network are:

  • TripleClicks, an online retailer generating tens of millions of dollars in sales over the last decade.
  • Localvantia Search which focuses on driving traffic to offline businesses who offer Rewardical Rewards to their customers.
  • Rewardical – This program offers a search engine of online retailers offering Rewardicals Rewards tokens to their customers and a robust rewards program to help you garner new business and increase return sales.
  • SFI or Strong Future International which is the affiliate platform that drives the success of all these programs.

Zing Network Brands also include Astro Auctions, Eager Zebra Games, and Coming soon Zing Network Ads to launch in early to mid 2019.

What is ECommergy and what does it offer to subscribers?

ECommergy is an e-commerce magazine style news source updated daily with cutting edge information from around the internet covering all things related to selling more products online. They cover topics like how to set up a business or affiliate blog, How to save money and increase Return on Investment with Paid Advertising. They also cover social media marketing, search engine optimization, and even choosing design options for your e-commerce store that customers will love. If, it is e-commerce related you can learn about e-commerce at ECommergy.com.

Learning How to Sell Online Just Got Easier With ECommergy 1

ECommergy Search is an advanced information engine that helps you comb through a database of articles, videos, and pod cast.

Use ECommergy to find the information you need without having to sign up for 200 free reports that just tell you to buy the training or get it from these articles.

ECommergy Forums are a cut above average.

Unlike other forums online that are driven entirely on a need to know basis with only a few industry experts monitoring and answering to build their personal brands the experts here are chosen and rewarded by readers for their excellence in information using a perk of your paid subscription called a Giftable Rewardical Token.

Gift-able Rewardical Tokens called GRT work like regular rewardical tokens with one exception. The buyer of the subscription must choose one or more content writers to reward with these tokens. Every money for example a standard subscriber will get 100 GRT to reward top authors with who give original training in the forum or through ECommergy Exclusive Content.

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What are Rewardical Tokens Worth for expert authors?

GRT or Gift-able Rewardical tokens can be exchanged through your Rewardical account for rewards that include products and gift certificates for use online and off. Collectible Silver Bars, BitCoin, and even cash. There are more rewards on the Rewardical site and many more are planned as more companies sponsor rewards as well. Given this knowledge an author with exposure to our base of over 9 million customers and expected 100,000+ subscribers could potentially generate a steady added revenue stream worth hundreds of dollars. Your post stay active in the system so those earnings could become quite a passive income.

All of this entices writers to make their best training content available to our members. ECommergy Forums officially open on April 5th 2019, so start drafting your content now for day one exposure.

We now know ECommergy is Good for E-commerce Learning and Rewards Subscribers but this is an affiliate marketing blog.

Doing Business Online You Need ECommergy

ECommergy offers a few unique advantages to affiliate marketers even if you don’t join SFI and promote the sale of ECommergy subscriptions. The goal of all affiliate marketers is to sell more products online and for most of us it means we need an understanding of retail trends, retail pricing, product data, customer data, and to learn how to turn buyer intent into a steady stream of sales.

If you have followed our blog you know we highly recommend a program called Wealthy Affiliate for learning how to become an affiliate blogger. Wealthy Affiliate does an excellent job of teaching you blogging and what you need to learn to while online but they are not an industry by industry periodical that will keep you up to date with the products you are selling.

Affiliates who are ECommergy Members will Learn

  1. products coming to e-commerce:
  2. How to set up an E-commerce Calendar and know what to promote by season for the most sales.
  3. How to capitalize on industry events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to generate added revenue.
  4. Have access to industry retailers who are just starting cutting edge affiliate opportunities.
  5. Gain the connections to e-commerce sites looking for blog and social influence through the form of reviews and sponsored post. This can lead to added revenue and tons of free to try product offers. Many companies will give you a review copy of the product plus pay you for your honest assessment of their products because the word of moth could sell tens of thousands of units.
  6. Be a first mover on new trends and learn to spot developing opportunities before product is in the stores.

Any of these benefits can lead to massive sales increases and limitless commissions for affiliate marketers willing to read our pages daily, interact with other members, and look for opportunity. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see how a $9.97 a month membership can return a lot of value even if it is just in content ideas for products you already promote.

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What about SFI Affiliates is there a reason to become one?

These are two reasons to become an SFI Affiliate if you are an affiliate marketer that are unique to ECommergy. The first is the ability to build referrals in a fast growing new launch that offers residual monthly commissions but the other is in building blog and newsletter readership.

ECommergy offers smaller doses of membership called day trials to show people what the product is like before they buy. A free trial is far more likely to convert than a product you have to buy to see what is inside and with Premium Membership options you gain X number days of free trials you can give to people in contest, as subscriber awards etc… I am personally giving away 270 1 day trials to new subscribers this month and 1 lucky subscriber will win a full 30 days free trial I will draw on the 20th of April 2019.

ECommergy E-commerce Forums

That’s 300 Days worth of reasons to join ECommergy and check things out that will not cost you the reader anything.

My cost to offer the 300 free days of ECommergy memberships is $29.97 a month. There is a smaller package available to small affiliates, and several larger packages for big blogs and affiliates with huge subscriber list. A Promotion like this can help you generate hundreds of dollars in monthly commissions by introducing 300+ potential new members a month. It can also be a massive list builder, and tremendous door opener.

What’s more is that you will start by taking my free offer and seeing the product yourself. You can decide if it is something your readers will like or if you might be looking at a new niche to promote to. Hint – There are over 5oo million businesses online who depend on some form of e-commerce marketing and retail sales are in the trillions of dollars annually. Serving the people who are paying you commission is like taking an extra slice of the retail market so adding this as a side hustle could be worth your while.

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SFI for affiliates gives you up to 52% of the Commission Volume on customer purchases for life.

This amounts to a couple dollars a sale on basic memberships each month and more than the higher memberships are sold to other affiliate marketers, bloggers, and social influences. These are monthly recurring commissions. In addition, you will learn of additional opportunities at no cost to you as a free affiliate to earn on up to 12 tiers of override commissions. I personally earn off a network of over 600 members in addition to my own sales and am not required to spend any money of my own to make it happen, .

Additional benefits of being an affiliate of Strong Future International and the Zing Network

I mentioned members of the Zing Network included TripleClicks which is where the actual purchase of membership takes place, and Rewardical which is the member rewards program for e-commerce merchants. Every member you sign up becomes a member of all of these Zing Network properties. If they earn Rewardicals or Offer Rewardicals you will earn 1 Cash Valued Rewardical for every 10 earned or given. You will also earn off any purchase they make on TripleClicks from over 4,000 products, auction bidding, and systems like the coming launch of Zing Network Advertising.

Zing Network Lo0go


ECommergy is sure to change how business thinks of learning how to sell more product online. For a sum of $9.97 a month they will get a simplified resource of thousands of daily updated articles and training filtered by an advanced industry specific search engine and driven by unique member generated content. They will enjoy networking opportunities with suppliers, re sellers, affiliates, and buyers in a social environment. Members will become experts and experts will be financially rewarded for great content making authorship as a member a great side hustle.

As an affiliate you can earn off up to 12 tiers of referrals and gain residual monthly income from a host of Zing Network opportunities. All the recruiting simplified by making available free day trials of this amazing membership to retailers, wholesale suppliers, to business managers, to website designers, or anyone who stands to gain through developing more information in the realm of online sales and e-commerce selling.

ECommergy for E-commerce

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Sign up for and SFI Affiliate Account Here:

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52 thoughts on “Learning How to Sell Online Just Got Easier With ECommergy”

  1. Awesome post! I stumbled on to this article and surpisingly have learned a lot about ECommergy today! haha You really laid out how ECommergy offers a few unique advantages to affiliate marketers even if we don’t join SFI and promote the sale of ECommergy subscriptions. As AM’s, we really do need an understanding of retail trends, retail pricing, product data, customer data, and to learn how to turn buyer intent into a steady stream of sales. Thanks!!! Koda (x

    • Hi Koda. In my 15 years as an affiliate marketer servicing clients in affiliate marketing, offering blog based affiliate training, and working as both a retail affiliate and an e-commerce seller. I can tell you that good training is usually costly and even then is shotty and peace mill. To get all of this data in one spot can save you hours doing review research along and since time is money an hour saved is a dollar made. I also know that any affiliate who doesn’t take time to do this kind of research into products and programs is nearly doomed to failure.

  2. Thanks for this review on ecommergy and all it entails. I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to write this review, I find it so educative and informative on what ecommergy can do for my business,although this is my first time of hearing about ecommergy or reading about it. But going through this article I feel like having a copy already in my hands

    • Then I have done well because there simply isn’t any real information about the program on the web. The main site launched about 7 hours ago and the forum will come online in 5 days. I have learned most of the information in this post directly through the developers over the last 3 weeks as an existing affiliate but the screenshots in this post are from my tire-kicking today.

  3. The web is filled with the wrong and the right tools to achieve a set goal. This is an unbiased review of program that can help almost anyone who is trying to sell one or two products online. 

    In my own opinion the ecommergy is a good program,  thought of by real experts and actualized by action takers. I would say this product is worth every dime spent on it , and am looking forward to getting my own copy.

    • Amazing. The fact they just launched today and are already getting these kinds of responses is simply stunning. If you have followed my blog for any length of time you will know that I fully vet companies and offers before giving my stamp of approval and I have known Gery and Bonnie Carson for over 12 years and been a member of SFI for 7. They do not put out crap products and really know e-commerce.

  4. I want to learn how-to sell online. I just started blogging much recently and I have been looking for platforms that will save me money, time and energy. And simply point me in the right direction, that leads to making maximum sales online. 

    But, thanks to your article, I think I’ve found what I am looking for. The ECommergy will serve perfectly in teaching me what I need to know about selling online. 

    • Glad to introduce you to the right company at the right time. I know as a blogger product sourcing alone can be a nightmare. With ECommergy you will get access to industry information and standards as well as product details and marketing data. You need all these pieces to succeed as an affiliate marketer and blogger. At $9.97 a month,Enter Text you can’t pass that up.

  5. Nice article.. Its one thing to want to be an affiliate marketer, its another thing to find the required training, then you’ll have to risk investing your time into training and also into the work proper when you are good to go. Learning and getting familiar with the state of this business comes with time and being smart. With ECommergy, I would say the risk is reduced because now you do not just have training, you also have guidance through out your stay in the business.. You are informed of changes and given updates of opportunities in the market which would help you to strategize and make the best out. Thanks for this article again.

    • My dad in the 1970’s could have bought exclusive rights to market and sell Pac-Man Arcade Units in California. Just 5 years later there were nearly 500,000 units sold in California alone. His cost would have been $150 a machine and at the time they were marketed they were selling for nealry5 times his cost. Dad didn’t see the trend brewing and passed it on. Had he been an ECommergy member he would have known the arcade machine was growing faster than Pinball and that Pac-Man was the game to beat in the market. The cost to learn this less over 10 million dollars in initial sales.

  6. Hello,

    I am quite captivated by the potentials at Ecommergy, especially the affiliate offer. Getting up to 50% is huge, and with the low cost of upgrade and value offered, I believe it would be an easy package to sell.

    I am ready to sign up right away however, I want to know if this program has geographical limitations. Can people sign up worldwide?

    Expecting your feedback soon,


    • Strong Future International, the affiliate marketing arm is international and has members in over 200 countries around the world. They pay via Pay-Pal, US Direct Deposits, Bitcoin, and many other formats and are A+ rated by the BBB for over 20 years. ECommergy is offered by an industry giant that has generated millions in annual retail sales and has experience offering other periodicals in the past as well. The knowledge you receive in their training program is amazing.

  7. Although I have been in the ecommerce industry for quite some years now, I don’t think I have ever found a better way to learn how to sell things online. What ecommergy has is store for those who wants to learn how to sell online is something you can just imagine. You just have to get a taste of it

    • No doubt. The site is sleek, responsive, air well on mobile as well as other screen sizes and is blazing fast. The site is HTTPS secured and not weighted down by advertising and they make their money through membership sales, not sponsorships so they are unbiased by advertisers and share all content on an equal basis.

  8. The Ecommergy sounds like a really cool program that can help me with my ecommerce business.There aren’t much programs online that offer what ecommeegy is offering. It is one thing to have products on offer,online and another thing to know how to sell them, how to use the paid ads,Search engine optimization and social media to sell them. And membership fee isn’t on the high side of the equation. I think I would just try this out and see what testimonies come my way.

    • Yes, I was looking at the cost of a day pass to try it out $1.97 to have a full month for just $8 more and know most people will take at least a 1-month membership to see how the training goes. $9.97 a month is far less than the memberships I have held in the past for industry periodicals that range from $20 a month to over $600 a year. I have been reading and watching videos and articles all day from the first 100 chosen pieces of content and have learned so much from a new perspective and I have been selling online and offline since 2003 and worked an additional 9 years in retail sales. They just launched today April 1st, 2019 and can only get better.

  9. Actually, I can see that learning how to sell online really got easier with Ecommergy and I will love to try it out and see how it will work for me. However, I will want to find out just a few things about Ecommergy. When I am on Ecommergy as an Affiliate Marketer, will I still be able to sell other E-commerce sites’ products or will I be restricted from selling other e-commerce products  when I am already selling products from the Ecommergy affiliate sites. 

    • Nobody promotes products for sale on the site as an affiliate. As for becoming an SFI Affiliate and promoting the products of the Zing Network you are free to promote any other product that is both legal and ethical alongside them. Gery Carson has stated many times in the SFI member forums that he welcomes competition, unlike other companies that make you sign a non compete agreement.

  10. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for every affiliates marketer to read and digest.this e-commerce will be so helpful for making extra income online .this article is an inspiration on Making more sales in affiliates marketing industry. This has really helped my thinking in getting more traffic and referrals. Thanks for the review

    • That’s the focus of the post is to show how all types of business online can benefit from this service as well as affiliate marketers and e-commerce stores. Thanks for reading 2022 words of enthusiasm for ECommergy.

  11. Ecommergy sounds like a really awesome deal, and something I may check into once I get further in my training with Wealthy Affiliate. Having a heads up on products and programs would definately be a wise thing to do. What peeked my interest is the rewards for writer’s as well. It is definately a win/win. Do they offer a source as well to show new and upcoming trends as far as new affilate companies and/or merchandise hot on the market? Thank for such as an informative article.

    • Yes, they offer training both for affiliates and affiliate managers and product reviews and announcements which will put you in the mainstream of trends before they happen.

  12. This business is really lucrative,  I mean Ecommerce which is also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, which refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions has really made some of my friends proud. Internet commerce is very good because  through electronic commerce many goods are easily been reached. I really appreciate your article.Thanks

    • Small business has the most to gain from E-commerce as it gives them added door stops offline and added sales online allowing them to scale up and become tomorrows big business. Just from the standpoint of a drop shipper you can build an entire multimillion dollar business online and never buy a dime of inventory, own a foot of retail space, or warehouse anything. Yes, ECommergy helps you learn Dropshipping too.

  13. I have never heard of EComergy before reading this article. It seems like a really great product to have for people who want to get into e-commerce. You stated that it’s a great product for all affiliates but after reading your article it seems like it would be better for someone who is looking to get into e-commerce. Maybe I missed something. How much better off, do you think, an affiliate marketer would be if they were to use this product?

    • It depends on the affiliate. Over 90% of all affiliate marketers promote products not opportunities. They are faster to review an electric shave or fashion designers, then they are to promote something in the make money niche because that is where their passion lies. If you are promoting physical products or services for sale you need to understand e-commerce as much as the companies you contract with.

  14. Hi  Zeus, from your description of ECommergy, it will be a great asset to have as far as selling products online is concerned. What particularly piqued my interest is the owners, Gery and Bonnie Carson. They are well known names when it comes to online business.

    I particularly love the idea of the product covering important topics like steps involved in setting affiliate blog, increasing ROI and SEO.

    Thanks for bringing ECommercy to light, I will definitely work towards being one of the subscribers.

    • Thanks, Gracen. Gery and Bonnie Carson started Carson Services more than 25 years ago and Strong Future International more than 20 years ago. They are the people who for years published the Network Marketing Magazine Six-Figure Income and founded the now-defunct international Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs of IAHBE. TripleClicks has earned millions in annual revenue since it’s early days as the Veruni Store. They have lived a life of service to the home business community having trained more than 8 million affiliates in that time. It’s a great place to learn.

  15. Hi Andy,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative article with all the necessary information about “Learning How to Sell Online Just Got Easier With ECommergy”

    I like this article very much.It is a very helpful article for me.Very soon i am going to start my online business.So, i was looking for a guideline where i can learn some useful tips to sell my products.After reading this article i have found the best guideline that how i can sell my products easier.This ecommergy is the best way to learn how to sell things in online.I have gained all the thorough details of this ecommergy.I am very excited to sign up with ecommergy.This article is very helpful for those people who want to learn perfectly how to sell product in online as you highlighted the article so nicely.I will share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can benefited from this.

    • I can’t say ECommergy is the end all but combined with training on how to build out your website and choose a niche, to develop a customer base and market to your desired clients like you find with Wealthy Affiliate. ECommergy can be your meal ticket in ECommerce or Affiliate Marketing.

  16. Thanks for this review on ecommergy and all it entails. I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to write this review, Awesome post! I stumbled on to this article and surpisingly have learned a lot about ECommergy today I find it so educative and informative on what ecommergy can do for my business, In my own opinion the ecommergy is a good program,  thought of by real experts and actualized by action takers. I would say this product is worth every dime spent on it and am looking forward to getting my own copy.

  17. Thank you so much for this article. I was in a lot of depression with this issue. but after reading your article, learnt a lot today. I have some products that I want to sell online but I cannot do it because I do not know much about it. Now I think that I can sell my product because of your article. I think there is a lot of patience in this work. Thank you very much for this article indeed.

    • Shahed you can’t go wrong with a subscription to ECommergy. It has a whole section for beginners and with tomorrow, April 5th’s launch of the ECommergy Forums you will be able to ask any question and find answers within hours not weeks.

  18. This seems like a cutting edge introduction into the online world. I definitely have to become part of this. I am really tired of reading the same information online over and over. There is no more originality. ECommergy seems to have tackled this issue. 

    I don’t think the subscription is expensive. For the value this platform has to offer I think it might even be underpriced. From this post I have found out that the authors providing the trainings on the platform are rewarded the right way based on the content they produce. This would definitely encourage even more authentic contents. This is really amazing and I have to give it a try. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

    • At $9.97 a month, the program is a great value and for those who wish to share their expertise with the community you can make that back and then some through the Rewardicals program. Members tip good content with Giftable Rewardical Tokens that come with the membership. These are worth cash at Rewardical.com. Already in 20 days time, I have earned $4 in GRT.

  19. Finally, I found your blog here, Andy! I’ve been looking for your blog via your profile in WA and it is only now that I landed here in one of your blog posts. It’s good to know that we are in the same niche, and not only that, we are working in the same company in that niche!

    Looking through your article here about the latest launch in SFI, and through the comments here, I can say most are positive in tune. In other reviews about Ecommergy, most of the responses are negative, probably from affiliates who are envious of programs that pay on multi-level of referrals or network marketing. But here, most are positive in tune. That’s great and I must say, people should open their minds that there is nothing wrong with programs like ours.

    With Ecommergy, I only checked on the platform the other day, and it’s awesome. Even the experts in online selling can learn something new from the content published in there. Learning is never final, it is a continuous process and even if you know everything, you can still learn from your fellow marketers. And that’s why a subscription to Ecommergy is helpful.

    Good review, Andy. See in the forums!

    • What you get with anything SFI is similar to what you sometimes get with Wealthy Affiliate and that is Poison Pen reviews. Both companies take 6 months or more to start seeing real results, they take work, and they take investment. People join expecting a get rich quick even when we use out No get Rich Quick gateways and then don’t understand why they jump inside, grab a link, throw it at facebook, and aren’t millionaires when they wake up. It is always easier to blame the company when things don’t end up like our dreams but the truth is it’s the You Factor that causes failure. I just celebrated my 7th year with SFI the other day and 90% of that time I have been in profits. I have made thousands of dollars with them since returning from my nervous breakdown and will tell you that they know eCommerce and ECommergy is a fantastic value.

  20. Hi Andy,

    Thank you so much for sharing such an educative article with all the necessary information about “Learning How to Sell Online Just Got Easier With ECommergy”

    Really this is an amazing article.I like the article very much.I didn’t have any idea about this ECommergy.After reading your article I understand that ECommergy is an e-commerce magazine style news source.It is a great training method that helps an affiliate marketer to learn how to sell their products on online and improve their skills.I think this is an awesome program.This will be very much helpful for the affiliate marketer.I will share this great article with my friends and relatives so that they can take the benefits from this.

    • What I love is that it really targets the generation and execution of developing your customer avatar and marketing to their needs. It also teaches you things like advanced SEO, social media marketing, Pay Per Click mastery and helps you understand industry statistics.  Above all though is the fact you get to be at the front of the line promoting products that are just coming to market.

  21. Great post! I have never heard of ECommergy before stumbling upon your blog. Thanks to you, I now have a new resource to go to for learning e-commerce because I am looking to start an online business recently. 

    I think ECommergy offers good value because aside from getting knowledge from many articles, you get to network with suppliers, resellers, and buyers. In my opinion, this is a great opportunity to expand your network and start making friends in the e-commerce circle. I am looking forward to checking it out by myself.

    • Trade shows and conferences can cost in upwards of $2500 to attend where $9.97 a month can put you in touch with even more contacts. The program is one that can help you shape your fledgling business. If you are looking into Wealthy Affiliate you can use ECommergy to fill out your niche website with the best products to review and promote before they are popular. It’s a powerful combination.

  22. Wow! There’s a lot of learning in this article for me! I’ve never heard of eCommergy before, but I was impressed reading and learning about it. Super affordable monthly pricing, really generous commissions, a very large pros list and very few cons make it look pretty inviting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this.

    • What’s really nice is this is still very new, in fact just 20 days old today so there is a ton of opportunity with those commissions.

  23. Hi Andy,
    As an affiliate marketer, I find ECommergy to be a very intriguing product. One can never have enough knowledge and this product seems laser-focused and a very good value. Every affiliate can benefit from Advanced SEO training. I can also see a lot of value in finding out about new products that are just hitting the market. Thanks for sharing this information!

    • What I find best about it is the research. You can get product data, individual product reviews, and more to use in your own product reviews. There is definitely a huge advantage to being a first mover on a new product and the informed affiliate is the successful one.

  24. I really didn’t know much about e-commerce until reading this post.  SFI sounds like a great way to get commissions and seems to have a great plan to make some money.  This is a real eye opener to a newbie like me, who really had no idea what e-commerce was.  I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this post, so great job.

    • Hello, again Coralie. As an affiliate, it pays to know as much about e-commerce as possible, especially how the selling process works on the seller’s end because you can target traffic based on your content but if it is in conflict with the seller’s message you might have a high rate of cart abandonment or no sale clicks. At $9.97 a month, the training is stellar.

  25. This sounds like a cool resource! Thanks for sharing it! 

    I honestly wish I had checked out something like this before I started up my own e-commerce business. I sell merch on Shopify, and I DID find some success, but my education was a bit… let’s just say scattered. I joined a bunch of free newsletters, but they often had conflicting info and it got me confused. I definitely would have benefited from having a forum available to me to ask questions. Is the forum a bit like the one for Wealthy Affiliate?

    I will need to check this out. Thanks again! 

    • The forum is not as active yet as the feed for Wealthy Affiliate because it’s still just a few months old versus  WA being launched in 2005. ECommergy since this post has had it’s the best addition though in the Ask the Experts service which allows you to offer a bounty on the best answers to any questions you have using your Giftable Rewardicals Tokens. The Best experts show up because the top answers selected by the community are awarded the GRT which can be exchanged for things like Cash or Bitcoin.

      ECommergy has been amazing for me as an author adding some extra income, branding, and networking opportunities. Today, for example, one of my posts from this blog was submitted by a reader and is featured across the entire Zing network today.

      As an affiliate the more I learn about e-Commerce the more effective I am at my business, that’s well worth the $9.97 a month for a standard membership.

  26. This is the first time that I have heard about the Ecommergy platform, but it does sound interesting. The curated information is much like a HuffPost or similar sites it appears, where you get the latest and best rated new of the market niche. That can be very useful in many ways.

    I would imagine that you can use it to come up with ideas for content on your websites that people are interested in first of all, and secondly, you can also use the information to leverage your own sales efforts. I like the subjects that they cover and it would help me out.

    You mentioned a free option but it is only for one day, is that correct? Can you remain a free member and still get some curated content on a regular basis or must you upgrade? The other portions of the platform you mention are the SFI and  Zing Network…

    The cost of $29.95 for these means you are eligible for all three programs or is that an extra cost (i.e. you mention that the Ecommergy costs $9.95 a month)? Also, how do you get payouts and is there a threshold to get a payout? Overall, it seems that Zing Networks has leveraged the need for staying current in the field very well with their programs and services. Thanks for the good review! 

    • I pay $29.97 to be able to offer the passes for trial memberships. You can only use one free trial pass and then you must choose an upgrade level that makes sense to you. The best value is the regular membership for $9.97 a month if you are not an affiliate for the site. The best part is seeing the trends coming up in say clothing for the season before the line hits the floors. You can have content ready to dominate the search engines on the latest toys, gadgets, clothing, know when so and so is releasing her new scent etc… before it hits the news or the fad is over. Want a heads up on the best deals for Black Friday, let the jobbers and manufacturers tell you.


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