Expert Secrets Review – Does it Work?

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Before you start this Expert Secrets Review we need to see if you have what it takes for the system to actually work for you. It’s a waste of your time and our resources to share any program with you that you will not commit to.

Myth: The Gurus Lie to You for Money!

Truth: Most of the information is accurate. Or it was decently accurate when they made their money and when they started writing the book. But we are impatient. We tend to not follow the system or if we do we put a time stamp on it before moving to something bigger, bolder, louder. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to success. If you don’t have time to read and implement a marketing plan this is not for you so STOP HERE!!!

Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets Review

Good, you are still here and even if you are scared you are BOLD!

As you might have guessed this Expert Secrets Review is going pretty good for Russell Brunson. I have already prepared you to continue past these reviews by having you do a self-check. Fact is time is money and if you are wasting your time we are not being fair to you. I myself wasted years of my life trying to find something that worked almost overnight. You know, that promise the programs of people with small minds create that promise $30,000 5 minutes after sign up etc…

In fact, like many Gurus, I spent thousands of dollars dancing around difficult systems instead of reshaping me I tried to take shortcuts or worse yet I tried to take what I liked from this plan and mate it with what I felt comfortable doing from that plan until I didn’t know who I was following. Worse yet I didn’t know where I was going and the day I met Corey Rudl in an online forum changed me. Corey would tell me things that have lasted a lifetime or at least the last 15 years and introduce me to the works of Napoleon Hill and Russell Brunson who was a fellow college days millionaire.

They say that not everyone can have a mentor walk them by the hand from A to Success but I soon found mine.

My first Brunson Book was DotCom Secrets. I was a noob but thanks to Corey I was starting to be able to digest and break down the things Russell was teaching. The early days really started what has become ClickFunnels and Our Expert Secrets Review or rather the Expert Secrets book. (No sales pitch here the book is FREE just pay to ship.)

Russell was definitely different and so was Cori.

Russell Brunson Entrepreneur TrainerBoth were young and hungry and very smart. Maybe even light years ahead of their times and that youth would soon catch up to Corey on a race track in California where we lost him at a very young age. Russell, however, has continued and become one of the best-selling affiliates and a massive drawing speaker/mentor and best-selling author. His books like Expert Secrets routinely sell at Barnes and Noble for $20 or more. They sell out fast and people are making quite 6-7 figure incomes following his step by step plans.

I myself have earned thousands of dollars with things I have learned from Russell Brunson. Through books like the one in our Expert Secrets Review, he has helped shape millions. His success tools educate millionaire CEO’s and get awesome reviews from people like Anik Signal and Toni Robbins. Russell has shaped Entrepreneurs in areas from Fitness trainers to social media managers and even Hot Dog Vendors. He has helped them all establish very profitable businesses even when they were on the verge of bankruptcy and had lost it all.

My story wasn’t far from theirs.

Thanks to a nervous breakdown that cost me physical and mental health a few years ago became my story again. I was flying high as co-owner of a growing search engine and social media network and though I hadn’t left my day job yet I was starting to see my way up to income levels I hadn’t seen in years. My Wal-Mart Warrior career was soon to be a thing of the past as we began reaching 3 million page views a month.

The problem was that between work and the business I was putting in 100 hour work weeks every week for over 9 years. About a year after my dad died and after losing both of my Wife’s parents and finding one of her brothers had a brain tumor and would not be far behind them something broke in me. I walked away from a 7-year partnership. Becoming self-destructive and angry. Developing physical health issues I had never even known existed. Becoming ill just as I started seeking help for my mental illness and went into surgery for Diverticulitis to have a large portion of my colon removed.

Because of all the new medications, it took nearly 10 months to heal and I gained 100+ pounds. I was and am still a wreck. But I could read and learn, and slowly start to work my way back to the PC and have started clawing back towards success. I revisited what I learned from Corey and Russell and started building funnels, started giving more than fair value, and now I am onto my new career as a Marketing Trainer.

What will I learn with this Expert Secrets Review?

The main take away is that people like you. No matter where you are in life or me and all my issues are real winners. We have in us the strength of champions we just need someone to help us unlock this potential and show us a system to funnel that into a new beginning.

Russell Brunson is the man with the plan. You are the person with the power. A little money now can make a massive story in a matter of months or a couple of years instead of taking a lifetime. How much money? Just $7.95 for shipping and handling get’s you the book everyone is talking about. $1 of that sum goes to me, the rest sends this marvelous book to your mailbox.


  • Russell has more than 15 years building 6-7 figure champions.
  • Russell turns the power of you into a business you can be proud of.
  • His funnel secrets and mind hacks can be applied to any business.
  • Russell Brunson leads by doing.
  • Everything is explained step by step and you only pay more if you want more out of this ready to roll program.


  • The book can take a couple of weeks to arrive.
  • The upsells are numerous but affordable for most.
  • Expert coaching on the final upsell is costly but still below the cost of intensive training at his Headquarters.
  • The learning Curve means retraining you and how you think you know business and marketing.

Expert Secrets Review Summary:

Our Expert Secrets Review gives Russell a score of 98% because of previews, testimonials, success stories, and my own experience with Russell Brunson. We make no secret of the fact we stand to earn a commission off every action you take from this point forward. I believe you will see the truth in my story and can relate to where I am in my journey back to the business world. Expert Secrets is a powerful read that will help unlock ideas you didn’t know were possible.

After reading the free print copy of the book you will come out smarter, and more fired up than ever. You’ll be a champion. You’ll carry yourself as a leader and you will begin to shape not just your life but lives around you. You’ll not be afraid to tell your story because it will be one hell of a story to tell. You and I mean YOU will be energized and capable of reaching any degree of success. We just have to be dedicated to following the plans in the book. You have to take time and build your business having faith that you are on the right track and don’t quit before your success story can happen. Then you will see you epiphany bridge story take shape. Thank you for reading our Expert Secrets Review.

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16 thoughts on “Expert Secrets Review – Does it Work?”

  1. Hello and thanks so much for sharing so much you have been through a lot but not gave up or gave in thank God for that. We all are winners it is just a matter of connecting with the right people and having a belief in God and our self that we can do it. I am sure that so many of your readers will be inspired and motivated by your story. Tons of awesome information that is a great help. May you continue to have success and may God continue to bless you. Have a good day.

    • Thank you Norman. Fact is we all have troubles we face in life and the one thing Gurus do tend to do is make life out to have been an unrealistic norm, but many of those stories are very true. We need to embrace our faults, recognize where we could have done better, get our butts up, and do what we desire instead of making excuses. Russell’s book helps with that.

  2. Hi Andy
    Thanks for sharing your personal story, it sounds like you are coming out of a very challenging period of your life. Well done for realizing the life you were leading was not working for you and taking the necessary steps to change it.
    I enjoyed reading your interesting background information on the author. It provides information on the real life character behind the book.

    • I would love to actually sit down with Russell Brunson and play 20 questions much as Toni Robbins does on a YouTube video I nearly selected for this review. He seems to be really personable and a total marketing genius. He has been told a couple times to take a concept someone else has and expand it into a 6-7 figure business blueprint on a coffee napkin. Cori was the same way.

  3. Interesting review. I have been following Russell since he was a direct marketer before he ever started doing online marketing. I had his first book and did get Dot Com Secrets a long time ago. He is probably up there with my favorites. I’ve watched him get where he is today.

    • Thanks, Gary. He’s a total powerhouse in terms of marketing knowledge. People fly around the world to attend his week long and 2 week long immersion events and pay up to $20,000 to do so. This book picks his brain for a fraction of that cost. In fact, paying $7.95 shipping and handling is a very firm investment.

  4. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for sharing this article. It’s amazing what you had to overcome to get to the position you are in today. The average person would probably have called it quits a long time ago, much kudos to you.

    Question about the upsells. Do you know what other type of products they offer?

    • Upsells are typically related products or an expansion of the product itself. In this case, it is things like professional coaching and submersive learning experiences like in-house hands-on training at their Boise Idaho office. The upsells range from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars but with Russell, they are always packed with value and results.

  5. Hi Andy!

    This is a great review that you wrote! The story that you shared is so motivating!

    I recalled one of Winston Churchill’s quotes while reading your story: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

    Because it is a great idea to have many resources to achieve success in online business (or any other type of business), I may consider getting Russell’s book at some point.

    Best of luck for you! Never give up! 🙂

    • The best part of Russell’s book is the plans work for everyone who is needing high powered sales platforms and funnels. Regardless of what you sell online you need this information to go from selling other people’s products to being a mogul having people selling your products. If you write a ebook, or make a great deal to sell item x for company z you can take these patented funnels and build a guaranteed or as close to guranteed as humanly possible success. Thanks for your comment.

      Andy Zeus Anderson

  6. I used to be a member of Russel’s Dot Com Secrets X. I liked what he taught us then, it’s just that I don’t have enough money then to strictly follow what had been suggested. Like buying solo ads which a bit an expensive strategy. Today, as I am more read financially to try anything out, then I’d like to thank you for reminding me of Russel Brunson and his training. This book can be a good start, over again.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • I love his early concepts on redoubling. When you make commissions you reinvest them until you are making enough money to cover your investment and live the life you want out of the same check. Now with programs like UDMI Solo Ads Marketplace you can get high grade 90% Tier 1 solos around 40-50 cents a visitor. This is far cheaper than using pay per click with the market already being targeted to a specific niche. Still this book is about product creation and sales funnels more than affiliate marketing in general, it’s as good read.

  7. Hi Andy

    To be honest with you I don’t like the word “secret”, especially in a title and I also don’t like the word “Guru”. I know about Russell Brunson and I read about him and Clickfunnels but I didn’t think much of both.

    However, this review has changed my view on him and you can actually say that I now have more respect for him.

    I will maybe consider buying his book.
    Thanks for your review.

    • Yeah Russell sort of hates that title even if it fits at times. Guru or man of knowledge is an honor that fits when it’s anything marketing.  The secret is because this spills the beans on things that nobody is telling for under $5,000 at the cost of a Big Mac and Fries for the shipping. It’s sad but that’s the reality. You will also notice that I qualify who this review is for because a lot of the stigma is the people who don’t stick with programs long enough for them to grow legs. This is a program that will either take the time or take the money and most likely both but if you are looking to sell your book, launch a membership program, or mentor others this is a book that is must read.

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing such a thorough review, I received Brunson’s free book, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and study it. But it is a goal for 2019, to study and learn to implement the funnel system he teaches. I agree with you, he’s a great speaker and is highly motivating, and most likely a genius.

    I’m glad to hear you are making progress with your health issues and thankful you have set boundaries and found a balance in your life.

    • Thank you Cora. Russell Brunson is like the extremely young talented kids they have on the voice or America’s got talent and the wise mentors tell them they have an old soul. A Musicians term for saying you have to have lived this life before you just can’t be that damned good. Well Russel was born with an old soul in online marketing and is one of those people who can have a room full of 90-year-old marketers point to him for marketing advice. Funnel hacking is something so simple people just assumed they had always done right. I mean how can as little as changing 1 word make a 30% increase in conversions right? Russell understands the science and speaks fluent customer.


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