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Coming September 28, 2020 big-ticket leads free webinar

Learn how you can tap into 1,000 + Cultivated Big-Ticket Leads in time for the Christmas Season.

This big-ticket leads webinar event promises two free days of intensive training and the 3rd day of live interactive content with two of the webs’ premier marketers. This is probably the best training you will get all year and the back end product promises to be a must-have addition to your big-ticket sales training.

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What Andy has to say? To tap the upper 3 percent of affiliate marketers you have to break through to big-ticket items and professional promotions. This product workshop and development system is taught by two of the best. Don’t miss the free webinar.

Andy Zeus Anderson – Affiliate 3 Percent

What is a Big-ticket Lead?

Big-ticket items are products for sale with prices in excess of $499 that require additional information, statistics, and tactics to close a sale. While not harder to target in terms of SEO and on site reviews these leads need to be handled in a certain manner to produce great results.

In this webinar, you will learn methods of recruiting big-ticket leads that will help you gain at least 1,000 new eyes on your end product. Convert just 4% and you are looking at a potential 40 new sales before the end of the year.

More if you continue to work the system but those results are small when you see the training in store for you. Become a master lead generator and closer and you can write your own ticket in the high-profit world of next-level sales. Big-ticket leads training is all but a requirement of reaching a top 3% affiliate which is the goal every reader of this blog has.

What kind of products do these leads work for?

You can image business and a high-end product and these leads will work to sell it. After all, you are learning to target people in your niche ready to spend cash on a product that fills their needs, sometimes regardless of cost. I am a search engine optimization and website design professional in addition to an internet marketing coach and affiliate marketing trainer.

My products often range in excess of $2,000 and can use leads like that this program educates us to generate every single month. Lawyers need big-ticket leads, real estate agents need really good leads. Are you in insurance, do you sell travel items, big-ticket leads are great for everything ranging from retail to vacation rentals. This Free Webinar Series is for you.

Be Sure to Clear Your Schedule from September 28th – September 30th for this 3-Day -FREE- Event.

Disclaimer: What this big-ticket Leads Training can’t Do For You

While every opportunity is offered and the training is of a low to no-fail quality there is still the possibility that some program participants, even qualified buyers of the training system may not recoup their investment. Each member is responsible for uncontrollable factors such as their ability to comprehend this next-level training, ability to implement the big-ticket lead strategies, and the drive to give any program time to gain traction and become a success story.

It is our experience that members who do not have at least 6 months to turn a business investment into a profit should not consider an opportunity like this. Any6 stated claims of income are a person by person basis and not an example of the earnings of an average member. Your own results may be less, more, or about the same as those of other members. Again, investing in any paid product related to marketing is a risk and while the company has mitigated much of your risk there is still room to fail. This disclaimer is required by law.

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