Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing, What Is Your Why?

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Some most misguided ideas of home business that people have are that it is easy, fast, and requires little knowledge. More misguided ideas are that it takes forever, is hard as hell, and requires you know how to sell, know how to pursue, and know how to virtually twist arms to get sales. Getting started in affiliate marketing is not hard, doesn’t take a ton of knowledge, will not take forever if you get the right training, and is as much fun as you make it.

Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing Things You Need To Know?

Getting Started In Affiliate marketing

Let’s talk about those misguided notions with the notion and the truth.

  • Affiliate Marketing is Easy – Well compared to other business models, yes but it is still a business and will require knowledge, positioning, and work ethics.
  • This is a Fast Way to make lots of Money – There is fast money in affiliate marketing if you consider 30-60 days from commission to paycheck fast and have at least $5,000 to put into paid advertising and $1,500 to put into training on how to get the most out of paid advertising. For the average person, it will take at least 3 months to see your first commissions, 6 months to see signs of real life, 1 year to start being impressed, 2 years to be really excited, and 3 years to fire the boss.
  • Affiliate Marketing Requires Very Little Knowledge: Hmm it does and doesn’t. The big thing is you know 95% of what you need to know already by the age of 25. Many are in the know by age 18, especially in these high tech times. The big thing is having a system to unlock what you know and make it make sense and put it in proper order. An example would be writing a product review for your blog. You may not know how to create a blog but that’s in the 5% of the don’t know but you know how to tell a friend what you do and do not like about products you are using or have looked up and are considering not buying. If you can tell a story or share information with a friend you will do amazing at writing a blog.
  • Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing is Hard – On the contrary, I just told you that you already know most of the skills you just need to have someone show you what you know and how it applies to your business and put the proper knowledge in the proper order to make money online.
  • You need to know how to Pursued, twist arms, or sell to make money in affiliate marketing? Poppycock, You don’t sell in affiliate or network marketing at all. The product owners handle all sales we just send moderately informed buyers to their site who are looking to buy today, the system handles the sales and we gain a commission.

Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing, What Is Your Why?

This is one of those things that is deep inside you that is a little 95% but also some 5% in your training. The 95% is things like having debt, needing to pay bills, wanting to have a better life. You know your immediate needs but chances are you don’t know yet how much you really hate having a boss. I don’t mean hate your boss. He/She may be the nicest boss in the whole world but something is nagging you daily and making that 7th hour hard to pull off. It makes Monday a 4 letter word, and Work seems like Work instead of fun.

What drives you

Your why is also a what if? What happens if I left the office at Noon Friday and headed to the lake for the weekend? What if I called off for the next week and went to Vegas? How would the bills get paid, what would my boss think, will I get fired? I mean there is a lot to think about. Will I get fired? I mean that always looms over our heads in a time when the economy is sometimes volatile and layoffs and terminations rule the news. Is there stability and can I make it to retirement age in my job are valid questions.

Your why could be that you want the freedom to set your own schedule, to have your bills paid, to make enough money you can take a week off and go to Vegas without risking the mortgage payment or having your boss get cross. You could just pull this off but you need a plan and that plan starts with setting goals and your goals will have to start with your why.

What is my reason why? I will share with you the reason I love my business so much and affiliate marketing is a real passion for me.

I started out at age 14 in my first business after 5 years of doing odd jobs for friends and family. I earned my first bicycle at age 9 and never looked back, I could rake leaves, shine shoes, mow lawns, water flowers, help mend fences, feed cattle, and clean a house, garage, or attic and make a few dollars to buy video games, etc.

Maybe I was compelled into my first business which I operated successfully from the time I turned 14 to age 17 by a need to help feed my family, combined with a friend of the families business that I took too and felt proud doing, and to the need to have an easier boss than that family friend. I couldn’t get a business license myself so my mom and dad got one for me but my work paid for my equipment and Maybe I was listed as a Sr. Partner, not an employee.

Rest assured beyond the bookkeeping I ran the show and I did the lions share of the work polishing tanks and wheels on over the road trucks.

At age 16 I took my first real job outside my business as a truck wash attendant and cashier in a location where my business would sometimes be sidelined for days by rain in South Georgia. I later at 17 Began working for McDonald’s in Quartzsite Arizona where I lost my business because of location and excessive heat putting my health and safety at risk.

My work ethics and determination quickly lead to a rise to shift manager, and that lead to a job down the street as a kitchen manager, later a restaurant manager, and soon Maybe I was back as an entrepreneur with my own seasonal restaurant. I later owned a retail store in a bad location and went back to managing restaurants and fuel centers.

I did this for over a decade. The fact that I Loved helping people succeed and move up the ladder so much I promoted many people out to other locations in higher-paying positions in part though because I felt out of place on my own. I could see all this effort going nowhere, the same story persist through this outside career. Maybe I was neither in control of my destiny or my wages. Someone was always in control and it wasn’t me.

Job blues got you down

So that was the foundation of my reason why.

I wanted more control in my life and I wanted to pursue a passion helping others but my income was low and my credit bad from illness and past failures so I had what seems forever no way of becoming more than my boss saw in me. What’s more is I got married, we had our first of 7 children, then a second, and a third… In 2003 Maybe I was able to buy our first computer and get online access. It was not long before I heard of affiliate programs and how network marketing and MLM were making their way online.

One of my past business failures was with NSA Water Filters, and Another with Herbalife, but I had skills from them that could just help make a better impact if I found the right product. I soon met the owners of a program called Money train which folded when the owner passed away of Cancer and her former partner was unable to run the business properly. During my time with them, I befriended Mr. Corey Rudl R.I.P. the founder of the Internet Marketing Center and began to learn that the biggest factor in my failure so far was in me.

The reason Maybe I was failing was that Maybe I was business and program hopping looking for fast money and never gave myself a chance at success. I also had a passion for being in business but no passion for the products Maybe I was promoting except for Money Train where I was promoting information and tools to change lives.

So how is my reason why shaping up today?

I want to be in business because I want freedom. No more punching a clock and working someone else’ schedule and no more having someone else chooses my worth. We now have 7 kids and I have a loving wife and they deserve more but what is more, is I now know that I deserve more and can be more. I want to shape lives and help others succeed, I don’t want to program hop, I want success with only good companies and good products. I want to maintain my integrity and follow my passions and I am doing just that. My Why is because I am an Entrepreneur. Powerful discovery, powerful life-altering feeling.

So fast forward to 2019, what is my business shaping up like?

Since 2004 when I met Corey Rudl my business has been one I have always had passion for. When I left Money Train and later It’s your Net I founded a social network and training center of my own for internet marketers. Later, about a year I met Dave Gilbert who had a fledgling Meta Search Engine and we formed a business partnership building the Web’s first Social Media Search hybrid and operated it successfully for nearly 9 years.

I left Kooiii because of a nervous breakdown and lost most of a year to mental and physical health recovery giving up half a colon along the way. I am now a bi-polar diabetic with social anxiety and 100 extra pounds of flesh but I am recovering because I am now taking my time and taking my health lessons into account. Blogging is a passion and I have found it therapeutic as well.

Healthy CBD from Affiliate 3 Percent

My products since my return to affiliate and network marketing include rewards programs for shoppers, two powerful training centers, one for retail stores online, the other for bloggers, and as of last month I have added the power of CTFO, a CBD Hemp oil company that is a leader in the industry and offers high impact products changing lives. Fact is I spent the last 5 days in training and am so passionate about the product I want to shout it out.

I have been sick the last 2 weeks with the flu but in that time have done outlines for a pastime passion blog called Grand Slam City and am ready to start adding content to my newest blog Healthy CBD from Affiliate 3 Percent which you can guess will be my home of Unique selling positions for CTFO.

My Affiliate Marketing Business Structure

The fact is I would be in CTFO as a customer alone if the business opportunity was not so damned good. I seldom go for complicated MLM or Network Marketing plans but this network marketing company has a 3 part fairly easy to follow system that starts with a 5 tier commission structure, moves to team override on combined sales volume based on ranks in the system, and ends in a profit share program for top sellers.

Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing, What Is Your Why? 1

Next up is the training system for ECommergy which also helps affiliate marketers understand their role in retail sales. Rewardical Rewards feeds the e-commerce stores joining me through this program and is paired with every membership making it an easy training center for CTFO affiliate and CTFO Resellers.

My big dirty secret is that this blog if you haven’t caught the drift, promotes Wealthy Affiliate, a training system and WordPress managed Host like no other. It’s a major propellant of a move that has more than tripled my income in the last 3 months and within a year will land me in Vegas as a Super Affiliate. The training is the best I have seen since 2003 and I used to manage a site with 3 million monthly visitors.

My other partnerships include Amazon where I pair up helpful guides to further educate referrals on things like the Healthy benefits of CBD from hemp. I have a funnel ready system now.

What is a funnel ready system?

A funnel ready system is one that will take someone seeks a specific type of knowledge and put them through a process that will help them reach their goals while also helping the affiliate reach theirs. In my case, you are reading this blog because you are interested in knowing how to start a home business.

Since you are here, you will find a bunch of free training like this and the basic training of SFI, the company behind ECommergy and Rewardical. This gives you a foundation to start earning an income even as a free affiliate with no money up front.

Fact is though at some point you will want more so you will need Wealthy Affiliate because free systems just don’t have the resources to propel your business the way WA and it’s powerful team can. What’s more, is you need peer support and there is nothing quite like the expert support you get inside Wealth Affiliate and that’s despite the 2 forums with Ecommergy and SFI.

Now you need a paying product that is truly next level. SFI is great and you can make around $10 a month per active referral and sometimes up to around $30 a month promoting the two focal points I do there but the cap is around $30 a month per active referral and since the business is free to join with zero pressure to buy anything you will find it tough when versing a million other affiliates to get active members. I have been there for 6 years and make enough to cover my business cost and put a few extra dollars into new toys, tools, programs, and give mama something but nothing life-changing.

CTFO Independent Affiliate

Enter the catalyst which is Selling CBD Hemp Oil products from CTFO. This product based network marketing program has no real cap on earnings, world-class products, and the potential to quadruple market share in a 1 billion dollar market in 3 years. A projected 40 billion dollar marketplace by 2026. That’s 40 times growth in 6 years.

The best part is despite being addiction free, and free of THC which is what creates a high in Hemp’s big sister Marijuana these products always sell more product. Today a customer could buy a Hemp Oils CBD weight loss product and next month add a wrinkle cream, and maybe something for their pets. They may add pain sprays and oral drops, lotions, and more until a single customer could have a monthly cart over $300 and pay you a very handsome direct commission.

Funnel – Freemium Offer + Training and Information + Product + Opportunity is a good flow with money at every level except this blog to be made. The best part is I don’t have to push you through the funnel because you are here for information on how to start a business, you want to know what business to start, how to get started, need training, and will want to join a winner. I don’t have to sell a thing just tell you as I have done why my Why has to lead me here.

Summary Of Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing Things You Need To Know?

Along this journey, you learned a few facts that dispel common myths about this business. You learned something about you in our reason why sections as well as a lot about me and my mission to help you find success. The fact is you are a real prospect for my business and have lasted more than 2800 words into this post. I am hoping you have found what you need here to trust me to take you to the next step.

Many here will take the long route and join my e-mail list to keep reading future editions. Many will have followed the links in the post and found Wealthy Affiliate or CTFO or even decided on another slower route with SFI before upping their game. Others will leave this site still unsure but I will ask every one of you to tell me your why in the comments.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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10 thoughts on “Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing, What Is Your Why?”

  1. I think why we want to do anything is what will help us push forward until we succeed.

    But the why is nit enough, you need to learn too. I wanted to do affiliate marketing for years and all I knew was that it is easy anyone can do it. All you had to do is recommend a product or invite people to buy. But it a lot more than that. Until I joined wealthy affiliate, that is when I understood it well and I did not think it was something that I can do, but because I was curious to see how far I can go, today I am happy with affiliate marketing and I am not gonna change it for any other business.`

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Adyns a Why is exactly that, a drive for success but the passion found in your why can also open the door to your niche. For me, I can look to my why and see this blog forming. I wanted to help others find success is part of my why and this blog allows me to live that passion.

  2. Pretty well written. I like the fact you counter both sides of the myth spectrum: it’s to hard and it’s too easy. I agree both are wrong. I would personally present it as a little harder but not that much. It does take hard work but if you pick niches you like it’ll not always feel like work.
    And yes WA is a great place to learn. Even more so as a hosting company they look more expensive, but really are not if you know the main companies charge extra for pretty much everything you need as a serious business.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Thanks, Dave. Most skills are already in you is the point I am trying to make on how hard the business is. The more we realize this the easier it gets, the less we realize it the harder it gets. Every person will perceive affiliate marketing a bit different but the most common denominator is these misunderstandings are mostly a justification for not trying. Thanks for a great comment.

  3. Well said Andy,

    Before I started, all of my friends including my parents told me not to go with Online Businesses because it is very hard and nobody makes money which broke my heart seeing that I did not get their support. After going through regardless (I managed to get Wealthy Affiliate’s free sign up), I found out that it’s quite easy because all you literally need to do is to write what you love.

    I’m glad I took that leap of faith because whoever thought that a nobody with zero knowledge of blogging can get 5k visitors every mont! It’s not much but it’s motivating to know that your hard work is paying off. How about you, were your family and friends supportive of your online ventures before you got started back then?

    • My wife yes, my kids still think I spend too much time on the computer Riaz. I know it’s been a long hard road and I have put dangerous hours into this business, to the point of my mentioned breakdown but in the end, these were learning steps to what is now a stress-free existence that is bringing healing and wealth for my family slow but sure.

  4. Dear Zeus, 

    My why for running an affiliate marketing business is almost exactly the same as yours. It’s not so much about the money but rather about the freedom to be the master of your daily schedule. 

    It’s not so much that you’ll be able to work less as commonly believed but rather that you’ll be able to work more on things you are interested in and passionate about which frankly makes work feel more like play.

    Plus, you have potential to build a passive income which is THE dream 😉

    That’s my why!

    • Xaric you hit on key points very well. You get the freedom to do as you choose, make money for what you love, and set your own goals for receiving your true value instead of a wage set by someone with a budget. If you want more work more. Want more time off work less. If you are ambitious and want both then scale up.

  5. Wow,this is fantastic. It is good to have a very important reason why we want to start a business. Well, I understand every reasons for starting any business is important. Either we want early return or long term ones. Just like what you stated in your experience that you couldn’t actualised success in your early business on time because you want quick payback, that is what many people are doing, infact I am a victim. This review is able to convince me to have a rethink about my business in order to see a very encouraging outcome. This is a very important review that worth reflecting on.

    • Hi Stella. The big thing we have to get over is leaving a 9-5 mentality. We are trained from birth to work 40 hours for 40 hours pay at whatever the boss thinks we are worth. With a business of your own, you give up the early safety net and should know that for several months you will spend more than you care to for little to no return, then you will start to see light and it will get brighter the longer you head towards it.

      No business is without some form of investment and offers instant success without high levels of investment. Rest assured this is a real business.


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