How Do Blogs Make Money

How Do Blogs Make Money and How Do I Get Started Blogging?

How Do Blogs Make Money and How Do I Get STarted Blogging

So how do blogs make money? The first thing we need to discuss for those who have just joined us is what a blog is. A blog is a sort of journal of the interest of the author or authors. Typically, based on just a single niche or interest at least in the beginning, a blog can grow to the extent of being as large as Huffington Post, or BuzzFeed, Mashable, or SearchEngineLand.

Smaller blogs like mine can add a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month to your income. Larger blogs like the ones listed above can earn millions of dollars a month and pay fleets of authors to add content. The secret though is in starting small no matter how big your dreams are.

My Biggest Mistake Blogging

When I started my first industry news blog I still went too broad of niche. I had traffic and lots of it but nothing was focused so the sales didn’t add up to life-changing dream amounts. Since I worked alone and only added around 2-3 post a week I was expecting big but stayed small. I didn’t learn to leverage other people’s content or any of the tactics that later lead to developing a website generating 3 million monthly page views until I had already been blogging for years.

I ignored things like proper SEO on a post by post basis. SEO being search engine optimization which basically tells Google what your site is about and how to show your site to the world. I didn’t build a close-knit tribe or group around my blog until I was blogging over a year and a half. I had nearly 100 posts on that blog before I had my first 20 followers and I could have been building relationships much sooner. Here I am rebuilding and I already have nearly 200 subscribers just 24 posts into my new blog.

A blog that wishes to make money needs a subscriber base and close-knit tribe.

Build Your Blog Subscribers List or Tribe

As I mentioned a minute ago I have a list of just under 200 subscribers which is a good beginning to my TRIBE as writers call it. Not huge but usually worth a good share of initial reads to a new post. They also may follow in Facebook pages and groups, on my YouTube Channel and on Twitter as well. In fact, my twitter alone has over 15,000 followers and they generate roughly 100 visitors a post per week which is not a bad engagement for the size of the average Twitter Following.

The more active however you are in starting conversations with your Tribe the more successful your money making a blog will be and that is because the people you build trusting relationships with are the ones who will buy from your advertisers.


So I talked about Niche Interest and didn’t explain why they were that important.

Having a singular interest like Baseball Cards or Golfing Equipment will allow you to rank faster and higher in Google than a more broadly matched Baseball or Golf. Where it could take you 10 years and $100,000 to land on page 1 of Google for the broad niche you can get there for free in a few weeks with a post on a particular players rookie card or golf grip. Your niche will define what the conversation is about and allow you to fill your tribe with people who share that interest. Our niche is Next Level Affiliates here at Affiliate 3 Percent.

How do blogs make money?

Well, there are several tools to making money blogging, the first is building a list of subscribers who read your newsletter and current blog post. This angle allows you to earn advertising revenue as you will see on our advertise page. In fact, I have just begun setting up the site for our weekly publication today, which will boast more advertiser spots, more great content, and boost traffic to our main blog as well.

In addition to Advertising revenue, we also earn money through affiliate programs like Wealthy Affiliate and Strong Future International also referred to as SFI, and occasionally through ClickBank, JVZoo,, Commission Junction, and Share-a-Sale as well.

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Fact is Affiliate Marketing is where blogs earn 76% of their revenue. The reason is advertising is dominated by affiliate marketers and companies seeking to pay the lowest cost possible to convert to a sale whereas an affiliate you keep cost low by blogging and get a higher commission off the sale of other people’s products. About 8% of your revenue will come from advertising and 16% through your own products until you are well established online as an expert.

How do blogs make money from the author’s products?

Blogs build tribes or close-knit followings and often start their own product line promoting their professional logo, quotes from the author, and do this on t-shirts, mugs, pens, and more. They sell through sites like t-spring and Etsy. There are also channels to turn your best works into mini-courses, $7 reports, or even e-books and Kindle books.

This day and age we even have bloggers who publish a list of their old post as e-books and on Kindle using each post or posts set as a chapter so they don’t even have to come up with new content. I know I have bought a couple of Kindle Books and found several of the articles online for free from that author which to me adds value because I no longer have to search for a specific post and instead have a bible of their post on my phone or desktop.

Courses are a big earner, as are paid communities.

If your tribe numbers in the thousands of members you can start offering courses, mentorship, consulting, and even create a members site like a Mastermind group. A Mastermind is like having 365 days a year of access to the author and other industry experts who join a basic community as you can build on Mighty Networks or Ning. Charge a modest fee and soon hundreds of people are paying you every month for direct access and first in alerts on all of your products and special offers.

Sponsorship is another huge income opportunity which often goes hand in hand with each of the other income streams I have mentioned. Things like featured content, blog post, and social feed shout outs, and other paid viral media are in high demand these days.

So where do I lead How to Make Money Blogging?

The place I have learned the most about Ho do blogs make money is Wealthy Affiliate. In addition to their professional video blog training, where you look over the shoulder of expert blogger Kyle Loudon as he builds a 5-6 figure blog. You get direct access to people at all stages of blog training including thousands of experts who are more than willing to help you on your journey.

In addition to the training and support which are worth a small fortune, you get professional hosting, search engine marketing tools, and features like the site content system I am writing this post on that make the average Joe look like a professionally trained author. I mean it this thing will tell me when I have a typo both misspell and grammatically. It also checks my post to make sure there is no duplicate content from another post on the web that could get me in trouble with the law.

Above that, the Site Content system allows me to create goals, measure results and even has a place to exchange comments and feedback with other industry professionals. I could go on and on for days about all you get for $49 a month or $359 a year but that’s what I wrote the review for at this link.

I will also include a join box below but let’s talk real quick about my bonus offer.

In addition to all, you get with Wealthy Affiliate including Kyle s recently released 7 Factor Secret Sauce I have just added a premium training of my own called the 3 Million Monthly Visitor Formula. When you take any upgrade option, be it 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year you will get instant access to both of these free reports. The 3 Million Monthly Visitor report is my exact formula for generating massive results on our last big project before my nervous breakdown.

These traffic secrets are not in print anywhere else at the time of this writing and I have never shared them with anyone outside my development team and you can get your hands on it for as little as $19 by taking the trial offer of premium membership within your first 7 days at Wealthy Affiliate.

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So here are the links you will need to understand the scope of what we are offering and how valuable this membership and these bonuses are.

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11 Comments on “How Do Blogs Make Money”

  1. Hi Andy. I love your blog. It’s got some great tips and useful information! One thing I’d like to ask though. How does a mailing list work? when I publish a new article, do the people on my mailing list automatically get an email with the new blog?

    My website is still very young (only 5 weeks or so) with only 5 blogs so far. Do I need to set up a mailing list at this early stage?

     I’m really interested in finding every way possible to increase my SEO and also provide a great customer experience.

  2. Each E-mail response marketing system is a little different but most these days have RSS to post which takes your current new articles and sends a digest of them on the day(s) you set. You also get e-mail broadcast capabilities you can use to distribute a newsletter or periodic special content such as product offers, discounts and coupons, bonuses and gifts..

    While some tell you to wait until you have a bunch of traffic to learn how to use an auto-responder I advise getting it set up as soon as possible because you will miss countless leads and subscribers waiting for the right time. SEO is not as daunting a task as many let on. The training at Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to attack just about every SEO challenge and that skill set alone could bring you $500-$2000 a month per client.

  3. Hi there,

    Fascinating article!

    I am a WA member for about four years now, and I love it very much. I think it’s the best platform to learn Affiliate marketing. 

    I have a blog since 2014 which I post two times a week, but it doesn’t seem to take off the ground. The traffic is static, and I barely earn money with it. I can see you a have a lot of knowledge and you learned from your mistake. So, I would like to know your opinion about it. My niche is about yacht charter holidays, which I promote also sailing gear. Do you think my niche is too broad? If so, is there a way I can narrow it down and succeed with it? Or it would be better to begin from scratch?

    Thank you very much!

  4. I don’t think your niche is too broad but make sure your posts break it down such as Yacht Charters Cancun, Yachts for hire Puerto Rico, etc… The trouble with such a high ticket niche is it may take a while to find the right people with money to make purchases but usually when you do they pay a hefty commission. Sailing gear is a logical niche of its own and as a tack on for your site. Just stay at it and add lots of content.

  5. Hi Andy, thanks for this insightful post again. Your posts are always helpful. I am still a rookie blogger and I heard affiliate marketing is the best way for me to realise my earnings if truly I aim to make a living from blogging. But firstly, I would live to inquire because I am a wealthy Affiliate member too and yet to really get up and running. Can you please share with me how to maximally understand how SEO works because its really been confusing for me

  6. Thank you for your ideas! I think I have the problem of having a broad niche as well – as you mentioned here. For me it was very difficult to choose the niche so finally I decided to have lose belly fat because I have had so much experience in it. At the moment I don’t know whether to change my niche or just make it less broad as I cannot really generate traffic to my homepage. Do you recommend changing my niche after a really hard work of 3 months? Would it have any sense to try another niche?

  7. Hi, I read your article very carefully. I am very excited to read your article because I have learn many important tips about how do blogs Make Money on line. Thanks for this wonderful reviews. I am a affiliate marketer and I am trying to learn new topics every day about affiliate marketing. You have discussed about many ways to blogs make money on line.   I think,  Bloggers can make money by Amazon. One can get paid when readers purchase Amazon products through their links. Thank you very much for sharing this article.

  8. Amazon is just one of a million companies to earn through, but it is one of the best paying retail affiliate systems because of brand recognition and their buyer protection standards. Add in a great digital experience and you have a winner.

  9. Agness, if you have only been at it for 3 months your site is not gaining traction yet and you will not see the future the way it will be from such a small sampling of time. 6 months from now your site will be busier, your sales higher, and you will laugh off a question of will you give up or will you change niche.

  10. The big thing about SEO is don’t over think it. Beyond keyword research which Wealthy Affiliate will teach you and learning to format a good headline using you search term you only have to mention the term a few times in your text and follow the simple instructions in All in One SEO to add a description of the post. Where most people freak out is all of the industry jargon used to intimidate people into paying thousands of dollars hiring professionals when basic SEO is actually fairly easy to do. Kyle and his team are experts at walking people through Search Engine optimization basics.

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