How Do I Avoid Affiliate Marketing Mistakes?

“How do I avoid affiliate marketing mistakes?” is a common question. We ask it because we don’t wish to waste time or money with pitfalls others have already run into and it’s a great question. The best part is there is a wealth of resources to help you discover and avoid things like online scams. Below we discuss some common mishaps and mistakes Affiliate Marketers make starting out.

Avoiding mishaps and How to Avoid Affiliate Marketing Mistakes.

Hot Do I Avoid Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

The first step is to identify potential pitfall situations and learn a few basics about spotting bad players in the industry. What saddens most is figuring out after years of failure that the mistakes they made were mostly desperation driven and if they had slowed down instead of acting on impulse were common sense avoidable. I mean when have you ever heard anyone but the person trying to sell a get-rich-quick and free manual who supposedly got rich quick and for free?

I know, it’s very tempting to spend $20 here $47 there to find the holy grail of easy programs. Fact is if it were easy to become rich everyone would do it and there would be no poverty in the world today.

Don’t get me wrong, a correctly coordinated set of task repeated daily over time such as this blog can be highly lucrative and even make one wealthy, but it will take time to make happen and effort to learn and earn. But if you learn the success steps you can keep plugin and success will happen for you, just not overnight.

Here is a list of common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Desperation Buying: How do I avoid affiliate marketing mistakes like this?

Avoid Impulse Buying and Do Diligent Research before buying.

This is probably the hardest habit to break because we impulse buy nearly every time we go to a big-box retailer like Target or Wal-Mart. Companies count on you buy your purchase but also 1-2 add on items you didn’t plan to buy when walking in. This is how they increase average ticket sales and they have so many tricks like putting the most used items in the back of a store to make sure you pass at least 100 other products to get toilet paper.

Online affiliate tools and training programs are often this way as well. They know you are in financial hardship so they make a front end offer cheap and easy to say yes to but then bombard you with options and add-on purchases to make your trip even better. In some cases, it’s better but in many cases, you find the front end product is absolutely dependent on the back end purchases to work so you are left spending your next $20 on yet another tool.

Avoiding this affiliate marketing mistake: Keep a reminder by your desk to do a search for product reviews, especially negative reviews before buying a product. Negative reviews while often being written by people that couldn’t figure out how to make a product work for them are a good place to find out about back end upsells and how dependent the front end product is on them to work. In the time it takes to read 3 of these reviews the initial impulse to buy has subsided and you can make an educated decision on buying.

Get Rich Quick Advertising: Ho Do I Avoid Affiliate Marketing Mistakes like buying into this lie?

The most common cause for falling into this trap is that you are flat broke or in heavy debt and need a solution quickly. I know I was there when starting out. We had baby number 3 on the way, old medical debts, and I was hoping to raise money to get caught up and maybe get a student loan to get skills to better my career. I learned about program hopping or launch hopping from a program I bought that said this was the path to pure profits. The problem is the profits were poor because it would take 80-85% of the last program’s profits to launch the next program and make money from it and if the program was a stinker you were out that initial outlay and investing from your pocket again.

How to avoid it: Realize upfront that any fast path will require a decent sum of money to make happen, and if it does happen great but for 90% of us we will lose off get-rich-quick scams.

Learning Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Way To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Not getting proper training: Ho do I avoid affiliate marketing mistakes like this?

From the time we begin life we have to begin learning. We learn to walk, talk, run, ride bikes, pass the test, write book reports, drive cars, find spouses, and do a JOB. Why is it that so many people try to jump in and do affiliate marketing without proper training? Again it’s usually desperation or poor education in this regard.

People want to grab a link to a program or product and post it all over the place and make money. This is how they see Spammer’s work but they don’t know this is a crime, has heavy fines and jail time, and even destroys your reputation online and offline. You hate SPAM so why do it to other people just because you need money?

How to Avoid this Affiliate Marketing Mistake? Get it into your head now that SPAM is bad, and using a direct affiliate link in anything other than a product review will not likely earn you enough money to cover the time you spend promoting that way. You need to be a reader to be a leader and watch countless hours of video and webinars etc. To hone your craft.

How Do I Avoid Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Summary

While there are hundreds of little mistakes that can be made they all stem back to these 3 basics which are acting in desperation, failing to do research, and failing to learn before you expect to earn. The only other things that can cause failure are a failure to hustle and work hard such as trying to run a business in 20 minutes a day, and quitting before you give a system or program at least 1 year to show serious results and 2 years to become life-changing.

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Andy Anderson

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29 thoughts on “How Do I Avoid Affiliate Marketing Mistakes?”

  1. Many people fail in their online business because of some mistakes that always hold the sustainability of the Affiliate marketing business. These mistakes that you’ve mentioned in this article are really the most common ones, many people just jump into business without having proper training about what it’s about and how it operates, this is very detrimental and it always tell later because some cogent secret logics will be missing. Thanks for this information, it’ll be of help to newbies coming into the Affiliate marketing train and also for those already in the midst of this mistake to make corrections. 

    • Hi DreaJay. The point of this post was to go over the common pitfalls of failure. If I made a list of all the mistakes out there it would be too long for the average reader to read through. Fact though is most of the affiliate marketing mistakes people make are boiled down to one of these 3 issues. Thanks for another great comment.

  2. As simple as these three seems, I fell victim most times to the fact that I don’t carry out reasonably enough research before buying into programs. I act on impulse a lot and it ended up being my downfall most times. Thanks so much for sharing these. As affiliate marketers, we must be wary of these simple mistakes because if we commit them, we will unknowingly be losing our ground as affiliate marketer. Not buying into get rich quick schemes too is another point I learned well on here.

    • Rodarrick, it is great to see you again. I know, we all fall into traps like these at some point. I pray this reaches enough people to lessen the learning curve as most of these are basically slow down and think scenarios.

  3. I am very familiar with the first mistake you mention of buying stuff that either doesn’t work or that you don’t need. I will in future always try to research a product more before I buy, as well as look for any bad reviews. 

    I am glad to see you are also recommending Wealthy Affiliate as I have been a member for a number of years now and I never feel the need to purchase any other programs as this membership definitely has it all. 

    When you say not doing research is a problem, do you mean keyword or marketing research?

    • Any type of research really. People not doing the legwork on researching programs is the biggest fail point though because people like to quit when they lose money because it validates their fears. Thanks for a great comment and even better question Michel.

  4. There seem to be more and more of these get-rich-quick programs online … A little over a year ago I was also looking on the internet, trying to find a solution to a financial crisis, and I came across so many programs that offer a cheap entry for 20 or 25 dollars, but when you enter this program, they bombard you with upsells, which is very discouraging … I never spent money on them. I did buy one book that looked useful, but it got lost in the mail … I never received it. I tried one other program, but it didn’t work out, because of logistical problems. The program you recommend is a great one, I became a member at Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago, and I am very glad I did. It has taught me a lot, and it is as you said, get-rich-quick doesn’t exist. You need to work, make an effort, and be consistent.

    • Christine, I will grant to the GRQ community that most of it is hype but hype leads to broken promises and disillusionment. Many of the programs are great if they just started with the truth, but the truth sadly doesn’t sell as many units.

  5. Hello Andy, this is really good. I agree that there are some affiliate marketing mistakes that are very serious but they can all be avoided by doing the right things. I like the fact that you have given solutions to all the problems here in this post. I agree that to get the best affiliate marketing training, wealthy affiliate is the best place because this is even where i also got my training. Cool stuff here.

  6. Hi Andy. This is a fantastic article on helping people avoid the Affiliate marketing mistakes. I know, because I learned the hard way. There are a lot of scammers out there trying to take your hard earned money from you. It cost me thousands of dollars to learn that lesson. Then, like you said, there’s all the fantastic upgrades and tools available to help you build your online business.  These tools are fantastic , and most will help you eventually, but in the beginning they will only cost you money and place unnecessary pressure on your finances. It’s my belief that you should stick to using the many free tools that are available. At least until you start making some money from your venture. Jim

    • Jim, what I advise is to spend the first year using free tools to make money, that money to buy paid training, which leads to more money which is then put into paid tools. Do this until you are at your income goals and can still afford your paid subscriptions and 25% growth. This formula made me go from a free blogger blog to owning half od a search engine and social media network hybrid for 9 years. If it comes between a tool and a book though for a choice choose the book.

  7. I have a feeling many people reading this post will be wishing they saw it sooner. Because I think we all end up investing money with hopes of success with affiliate marketing. The important thing is to realize that there are legit affiliate marketing and training companies out there like Wealthy Affiliate. I made lots of mistakes before I found them, but I think I learned from those mistakes as well.

    • Finding knowledge in a mistake is far more productive than finding anger or resentment. I am glad your journey lead you to Wealthy Affiliate.

  8. Hello Andy,
    It is usual and normal to make mistakes. I also think that you can learn and improve thanks to them. 

    In my beginnings I have mostly lost some money for liar people. 

    As you have been joining Wealthy Affiliate, a company specialized in affiliate marketing. With them I took the training course and this year I began to generate my first income. They are the best I have no doubt. 

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    • Claudio, I am glad you agree that Wealthy Affiliate is bar far the best way to earn online. Making mistakes is human nature but as Thomas Edison said, “I pick up where the last guy left off.” which simply put means he made his own mistakes learning from theirs. This post is about not repeating the common failings and boldly going on to make new mistakes.

  9. Thank you for your post. It is useful advice for me. I started online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities. Sometimes I would like to speed up my money-earn process. I tried a lot of affiliate program and so far, few create money for me.

    I like your advice of identifying pitfall situations and learning basics spotting bad players in the industry. Indeed these skills not only save money, but also save precious time. Following one wrong affiliate program takes months to understand that the program is not working. By the end you not only waste money, but also waste your precious time, which is the most critical for your business to succeed.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

    • The worst thing is when you skip programs like that you end up giving up usually before success takes hold. I highly recommend using Wealthy Affiliate to find a niche, start a blog, and promote physical and digital products you fully vet. It is the one true path to earnings but it will take at least a year to see serious results in any program of real value.

  10. Do you know what was really good about this article ? It lays out everything I needed to know in order to avoid the pitfalls. However, I am reading through and thinking “Mmm that’s sounds familiar” Most of us have been down a few rabbit holes when it comes to chasing the elusive dream of getting rich quick.

    The up sell is one of my pet hates. You are always left thinking that if you don’t take the option then you’ll be less likely to succeed and you’ve already invested your money, do you want to lose it all without a fair crack of the whip ?

    Those that design these scams aren’t stupid and they prey on our lack of experience and our hope. This post has pointed out the things we need to look out for. Nice one.

    • Actually, they sell you pieces of the puzzle generally one at a time and that is the problem. They tell you what you are buying alright so it’s not really a scam it just isn’t the complete story of how their program works. Like I said in another comment they use hype to the point most don’t know the difference.

  11. Amazing article! I must say I really enjoyed reading your post, you pointed out some extremely important issues, many people get into affiliate world expecting immediate success and get disappointed after a short time without giving their website the chance to grow. 

    I am still new to this whole blogging field and I still have a lot learn, and I feel that your post has given me some hope that everything will payoff at the end. Excuse me to ask but I am really interested to know if you feel like you have reached your goal by now after being so long in this field, and how much time it took you to set yourself on the right track and to start making a steady income?  

    Keep up the great work, and thanks for the informative article.

    • Thank you, Madlen, this is exactly the reason I write and affiliate training blog. To help newer affiliates find the truth and a path to profits. Give your blog time and it will grow beyond your expectations. I just read about another affiliate this morning who had her first $1,000 month just a year into the business. For many people around the world that would be a total life changer even if it’s just a side hustle to a great job.

  12. Mistakes are bound to happen, but they can also be avoided to save us any form of sad stories. Affiliate marketing is wide and one needs to be careful when dealing with it. The ability for someone to make a research on a product before buying it is only present only in a few people around. Personally, I have made several purchases which I end up regretting and as a result, I hardly shop for things online. Learning how to avoid these mistakes is just all I need am I am glad to have learned this thing. Making researches about products like you have said would be a very nice way to avoid it. Thanks for sharing .

    • What I find sad is that statistically, we are 4 times more likely to read reviews before buying a TV set than we are to buying a home business product promising fast riches. Thanks, Benson.

  13. some affiliate marketing mistakes done at the beginning of your journey can affect the end and affect the business in the long run. Have you ever thought of people that do their first blogs using duplicate content and already get marked down by Google. Well, that is not what I did, I originally wanted to be a an affiliate marketer but didn’t do much research on the choosing of a niche. I made those mistakes twice and up until now i had blogs I couldn’t really do affiliate marketing in effectively. Currently working on the third one and good thing I can eventually monetize with something more than just adsense. 

    • This boils down to a training issue and duplicate content would be the same post several times on the same blog. Many also do plagiarize content just stealing non-syndicated posts from other sites instead of writing new content. Syndication is good, content theft is a pure stupid move. Duplicate content, however, is one often made because of article spinning software being sold to create Search Engine Spam sites disguised as Private Blog Networks. That’s an old black hat SEO tactic long dead and Google can now tell between a legit for-profit blog net and a link far of SPLOGS.

  14. This is the truth in the purest form. Only if we value the ourselves as affiliate marketers can we heed to this warning here. It is really not easy to see an affiliate marketer that does not fall victim to these mistakes but as always, everything can be avoided with discipline. Desperate buying and getting into get rich quick schemes have been a big problem for me before but not anymore. Thanks

    • Bella, the industry thrives on people falling for the hype and it’s something totally normal to be impulsive. only through training and vigilance can we get past these failings and move forward with some degree of security.

  15. Hello there an awesome review you got there?

    This review is good and helpful, if one keep a reminder by the desk to do a search for product reviews, especially negative reviews before buying a product, it will help reduce ones mistakes in affiliate marketing. Negative reviews really help because they are often written by people that couldn’t figure out how to make a product work for them. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    • The best thing about searching product reviews is that you can spot weak spots in a product or company before joining as much as avoid bad companies. This is an industry ripe with opportunity but also attacked by many bad players. Sorry to say some people are still practicing snake oil sales in 2020 and can’t realize that with the same brain power it takes to scam people they could build great products and earn ten times as much.


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