How Do You Create A Blog ~ 10 Things You Don’t Know

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Creating a blog is fun, liberating, soothing, and brings a sense of personal power to yourself but you can also make a substantial living with it. Our goal is to help you tap into that income. We will seek to set you up with a basic process today but will also advise at the end of this post a source of greater training, community support, and professional tools that will have you in a full or Part-Time Business at a lower cost.

How do you create a blog? The 10 things you need to know in order to make money with blogging online.

How Do You Create A Blog ~ 10 Things You Should Know
  1. What is a blog? A weblog, blog, or online journal is like a diary for a singular interest in your life. It can be a hobby, advice from work experience, or any interest you have online or offline.
  2. You don’t even have to be an expert. Fact is an expert is someone who learns daily and teaches what they learn immediately and often.
  3. Niche selection should never start with the product but is a subsection of a much larger interest. An example would be choosing Cross Fit Trainers instead of trying to target the higher competition Shoe niche. An Ideal niche would be CrossFit Trainers for Women and Teens. Men’s dress shoes for executives. Etc.. To successfully promote Tripleclicks you need a niche blog focused on people who are in that niche. Good information allows for successful product placements.
  4. A good blog will have WordPress as a base and not be on a subdomain. If it takes 6 months to save and get a domain name and hosting services it is worth the $40-$60 a year to make happen. The reasoning is that when you use a hosted blog all of your SEO goes to the root domain, for example, or get the juice from and my Your own domain is a must. Domain = street address, hosting account = Property, and website = storefront.
  5. Knowing your post types may just be the biggest secret to success. You need to offer niche training and tips to bring people to the door. You can then show comparisons of types of a product used for that training which will help in research. Then break it down to product reviews which will help in the buying choice of the reader. Each will need good Search Engine Optimization so I recommend learning to use the Rank Math SEO Plugin.
  6. Keyword Research. Just like coming up with a niche, the common thought is more traffic better keyword but there are millions of sites competing for the search term “shoes” where there are only a few dozes searching for “Cross-Fit trainer reviews” you will find the person seeking this information is able to be reached more easily and the best part is they are already in the search for a specific type of shoe. These are also low competition you can rank easily for save on paid ads with.
  7. Search Engine Optimization is only a small bear and should be the last thing on your to-do list not the first thing on your mind. You only need one repeat of your chosen keyword in every hundred words including 1 in a title and 1 in your last paragraph. Add them last, after writing your post.
  8. The writing process should go research like a book report, write like writing to a friend, add great images, optimize for search, and then and only then consider adding 1 or more related products that help with the article’s task.
  9. Find great images and learn what an alt tag is because you need a headline image that will be your Featured image for your post. Free or Paid invest time in learning to make your graphics POP!
  10. Be a good ambassador for your blog. Like the leaders of the United Nations, you should always have a presence at niche discussions be it forums, other blogs comments, or Facebook Groups. The more you put your blog and your name out there in the niche the more people will trust you as an authority. This extends to guest posting offers in both ways, people generating content for your blog and you being asked to write content for others or appear in Podcast.

How to get additional training in each of these topics?

There are a couple of ways to do this. The first is to trust my list and hunt each subject up in Google and YouTube and trust the people you learn from know what they are talking about. The second is what I did when I had to reboot my blogging business after a devastating nervous breakdown.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate and going on 6 years later I still advise Start Your Blog With Wealthy Affiliateeveryone looking to start blogging online to join Wealthy Affiliate.

You get the tools, you get the training, the hosting, and community to help you find success for your blog for under $500 a year or $49 a month. Tools like Jay’s weekly webinar, semi-annual training event’s with marketing millionaire Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim.

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Andy Anderson
  • There 120 lessons split between the Affiliate BootCamp for those looking to earn money in the affiliate marketing niche, and the Online Entrepreneurs Certification Course for those looking at any other niche.
  • Education is continued through Jay’s weekly Webinars and the Specialized training and blogs from Kyle and Carson the multi-millionaire bloggers who own the company. We also have access to Kyle and Carson by private message and they can be found in Live chat most days between Monday and Friday for at least a few minutes. I have had several chats with Kyle and Carson leads up a support division that is second to none.
  • Hosting for 10 sites. This alone is work over $30 a month when you consider that this is WordPress Specialized hosting that has the best in speed and site optimization. This blog posts excellent speed numbers for both Mobile and Desktop because of new blazing fast and cutting edge servers and tools like Kraken Image Optimizer.
  • When you pay by the year you get 100 community credits used to get site feedback and expose your content to niche interested readers for seed comments. These are priceless. You also get a free .com Domain Name and a Special Training Class with Kyle only for annual premium members. Beyond that, you will also be able to participate in the Super Affiliate Challenge if your a Bootcamp student or Make Money Online blogger this alone can help you add $7,000 a month or more to your income.
  • That doesn’t even mention Jaaxy, the best and simplest Keyword research tool online.
  • The last mention but by far my favorite part is community. We have a live chat that is explosive with help and training from site experts and fields hundreds of questions a day in real-time. We have community blogs that expand knowledge and help people express themselves and get to know each other. Private messaging that builds friendships and cooperative projects. There are also hundreds of member created training like my own 3 Million Monthly Visitors Formula that is free with Premium Membership.

Can you get started with Wealthy Affiliate for free?

I could have had a Wealthy Affiliate Blog

Yes but with limitations. You get community access for 10 days, a blog, and have only the first 10 lessons of the OEC or Affiliate BootCamp free. There is however a special offer in that first 10 days to try full Premium access for $19 for your first month.


How Do You Create A Blog? I create my blogs with Wealthy Affiliate. I have been in online marketing and had blogs since 2004 and still am I learning so much from WA. My disabilities since my nervous breakdown have slowed my progress and I love working at my own pace. I also love helping others in live chat and with their community questions. There is no way I would give up all of this extreme value. Beyond that, I also use the list of 10 tips above to expand knowledge through related blogs so I can bring you fresh training here at Affiliate 3 Percent.

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10 thoughts on “How Do You Create A Blog ~ 10 Things You Don’t Know”

  1. Thanks for condensing something that seems complicated an bewildering. I think I have got a better picture from reading your post. And you’ve prompted me to look at alt tags – something I may have missed along the way. And I like the advice on writing – research and writing as if to a friend etc and especially to put the selling links last as I think if you focus on that first you can come off as artificial and fishing for a sale. Thanks for your post. 

    • Content is a means to get a person to stop at your store on this information superhighway and that starts with a good descriptive but attention-grabbing headline and then a great article. If you don’t have content that draws people in ad keeps them there you have already lost the battle. If your focus is on the product and not the reader you will become a sales pitch and not a genuine help to them. Thanks, Michael for your time and thought-filled comment.

  2. This is a very good list of the 10 things you need to know to make money with blogging online. I think tip #2 is very important because most people believe that you have to be an “expert” on something in order to blog about and in the beginning. However, if you are blogging about it you will become an expert because you will be spending time with the subject. I am interested in checking out the Rank Math SEO plugin so Iam gald to have read this post today. 

    • Definitely. The thought of not being something is because you haven’t made it happen for you yet. You and only You hold that power.

  3. Hello Andy. Thank you sharing the 10 things I should know before and while creating a blog. I personally do not like to start my online business on a subdomain for those reasons you have share. More so, I would love to brand my online business. It is not enough to own a website. SEO skills and writings skills are very much necessary to lay hold the success we have always craved for. I find Wealthy Affiliate as an avenue or a great opportunity to develop these required skills. Even more to grab from this amazing platform is the support and tools available there. It’s so cool to get started for free.

    • I believe I gush a bit about My WA membership when talking about Wealthy Affiliate. It is a great platform even if I didn’t make money promoting it I would still have it in the list like I do Canva. Branding is big, people recognize the big 3 of affiliate3percent now and it feels good to know we are growing awareness and respect in the advanced affiliate marketing training niche. That can’t happen without your own domain name.

  4. Hello there! this is an awesome review you have got here. I must commend your  efforts in putting this ideas together to help anyone who come across it. This is more than a training for me as it will help me with my dream of becoming a successful blogger.

    Thanks for sharing this with me, its helpful for me.

    • Glad we could be of assistance in your quest to become an accomplished blogger. Blogging is a great liberati\or and will help anyone with a dream and passion live them as a business.

  5. Helo Dear, a big thanks to you for putting up this beautiful article on how do you create a blog, 10 things you need to know. Anyways I am a musician and I have been considering creating a blog for my music, I really find this article useful  and thanks as well for your recommendation of Wealthy affiliate, it’s a trusted platform I have really heard a lot about it 

    • Hi Sheddy, thanks for stopping in again. I would love to see your music blog someday. If you choose a journey with Wealthy Affiliate perhaps you can send me the link sometime in Private Message there.


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