How Do You Write Newsletter Copy That Sells

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how do you write newsletter copy that sells

So How Do You Write Newsletter Copy That Sells And Converts Like Crazy Time And Again?

Let’s start by discussing what a newsletter is and is not because 3/4 of the marketing world seems to have their heads up their rump about this simple solution to e-mail marketing. A Newsletter is a place to share information of value to your reader. You can advertise around it and even in it but if you are just sending ads your open rates will be under 15% and actually conversions only around 2-6% of total list size.

Companies like Hubspot have e-mail newsletters down to a science. They get open rates north of 30% and conversions over 12% because they firs take the conversation out of the mail, and second over-deliver on the value before any pitch is done.

This approach converts higher than anything else online because the reader always knows they will get something for nothing, they have to visit your site to get it so you get something of value also for nothing, and because trust is built they are more apt to do business with you.

For a good example of what an affiliate marketing newsletter should look like visit Our First Editon Newsletter Here.

How Do You Write Newsletter Copy That Sells 1

How do you make money with an affiliate marketing newsletter?

The first step as stated above is good content. Be it a product review, program review, how to post, or a list of posts from around the web adding a mix of these elements will add value to any offers.

In our case I have monetized our new newsletter through affiliate offers but also the best deal on advertising money can buy with classified ads that rotate through the site for just $5 for 90 days. We also offer 6 months and 1-year packages and a special offer to the first five lifetime ads sold each week that can put a single line ad in our e-mail edition as a bonus.

When the newsletter grows the classifieds ads will put a minimum of $100 a week into the pool with 50% of the revenue going to drive paid traffic to the newsletter. These ads further value to the readers as they can get their ads seen by thousands of newsletter readers in the e-mail, online, and mobile online formats for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks or sandwich at McDonald’s.

Sample of content of value and classified ads on Affiliate Newsletter by Affiliate 3 Percent

Newsletters or Ezines can have text listing and featured content.

By featured content, I mean paid post, but again limit these advertorials to only the best that add value to your newsletter. There is nothing like a blatant ad to ruin a good day for your readers so be careful not to accept anything less than a thorough review. You can also have a separate insertion price for writing the review for the advertiser.

I also mentioned mini-reviews. In the case of our first edition, I have 2 short reviews that add value to the reader but don’t fully spill the beans. In the future, these posts can be used to link back to full blog reviews here for each program driving traffic to my blog.

Why did you choose the classified ads format for advertising?

Classifieds Home Page
Classifieds Categories Relate to Affiliate Marketing.

I chose classified ads because like many online business magazines and other affiliate online publications I can have more advertisers offering extreme value at the same time. With the plugin, I am using for WordPress I can also rotate ads on all pages of the blog-driven newsletter. These random ads not only drive visitor attention to advertisers but with 5 in rotation on our main sidebar and another 10 visible in our mobile view and the collapsible menu we are sure to also drive results.

After all, what is an ad if it is not exposed to your total visitor traffic? By using these visuals and text ads we can ensure click through and more traffic to the advertising party’s websites and blogs.

With categories that are aimed at home business marketers and affiliates, you can see we have highly targeted content to offer and ads that relate to users.

What about traffic for your blog-based newsletter?

In my case, I have not only secured thousands of weekly ads on related traffic programs to the online marketing and affiliate marketing industries but I also use 50% of paid ad revenue to drive paid advertising that is laser targeted to our little Newsletter. I do this through paid channels including Bing Ads, Facebook, and Twitter Ads, Webtalk and other social channels as well as native advertising like Taboola or Outbrain.

Every week we guarantee not less than 2000 visitors reach the blog and we have multiple channels driving users to our e-mail newsletter where we include the free report on the free report page above this post. Click here to get your own copy of 7 Steps to earning a full-time Income Online.

In the future, we will provide even more value through additional gifts but this report is exclusive to us.

For a great autoresponder to deliver your list at $20 a month for unlimited emails and list size choose RocketResponder.

Are there any other tips for producing a great newsletter we should know?

Be personable, don’t be a robot. Feel free to make mistakes as perfection looks like you are paying a writer instead of being a human. You know when you read a newspaper in which writers just report the news and which have passion for what they do. Have a passion for what you do.

Always over-deliver on promised content. You are great if you send a brief summary of content in your e-mail reminder but leave something out to provide intrigue. Here is a sample of your potential broadcast message.


Hey ~firstname~ Your New Newsletter Edition is Ready and Filled with Value

I wanted to let you know that in this week’s e-mail we have short reviews of two great programs and have included posts from around the web that will wet your training appetite and soothe your need for knowledge. I personally guarantee this exclusive content will not disappoint.

Click here to view online.

Your Name Here,


As a valued subscriber you will find and exclusive advertising deal on site. You will not beat the price anywhere so get your own ads secured for the next edition.


If you have 1 line ads to include you can do so after the P.S. and if possible include your logo in the e-mail to make sure the reader knows it’s you every time you send and looks forward to your Newsletter. There is nothing like getting a low open rate and since subscribers are used to the old spammy ad after ad e-mail list they will often set an inbox filter to make sure they get your next edition on time. Be sure also to train the user to look for your editions on a certain day of the week. Our newsletter publishes every Tuesday.

So How Do You Write Newsletter Copy That Sells Tome And Again?

Drive value not ads. Be personal, not robotic. Be punctual and dependable. Over-deliver on promises. Allow readers to get added benefits like their own ads in each edition. Always focus on content first and revenue second and the revenue will exceed expectations. Don’t be a jerk and only send occasional solo ads to your list.

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  1. Thank you! Creating and monetizing a newsletter is a great idea for affiliate marketers. Thank you for explaining the approach so thoroughly, there are so many ways for you to monetize your newsletter so as long as you make good content, which you clearly have a handle on, then you can make a lot of money from your newsletter.

    I always appreciate your expertise on affiliate marketing. This is definitely really helpful information for advanced affiliate marketers. Thanks again and have a great day.

    • Thank you, C. The best part is this training is for beginners too because it is never too early to start an e-mail list and you can make a small fortune off soft sells from a good newsletter. I consider it an extension to my blog and a must-have for long term earnings.

  2. Wow excellent information for those who are getting going with newsletter copy. I like your straightforward, honest approach here when saying that a lot of the marketing world has their heads up their rump. Great reference here to Hubspot, which I’ve heard a little bit about and have been to check out, and now can do so through your link here. I like that you chose and are recommended classified ads as I agree there can be great value there. Being personable, creating quality content, these are the fundamentals of email marketing as you mentioned so well here. I will check out your Hubspot link as I have may have great need for email marketing with an upcoming project, thank you for a great post and recommendation!

    • Waring, Hubspot is expensive in the long and short term for full service. You can really do your own off RocketResponder for $20 a month and come out with a better ROI using my tactics. Hubspot is geared more for larger businesses and retail sellers and less for affiliate marketers.

  3. The thought of sending a newsletter always seemed daunting to me. Although I love writing, I was never sure what to write in them, and I also thought that I had to fill them with information, but after reading your article, it all seems so much easier now 🙂 I am glad you provided an example of a newsletter, that made things very clear. I have also heard of the companies you mentioned, so when my website has grown and the time seems right, I am going to look into them, and see which one I like best. I have heard good things about RocketResponder and Hubspot. 

    • Hi Christine. How long and how do you plan to wait and how many subscribers do you plan to miss along the way? Just from this blog alone which has been gaining subscribers for all 5 months and still has low traffic has recruited over 100 subscribers to my list. At an average of $4 per subscriber in earnings I stand to make from my list during this last few months of the year, I could miss out on $400 plus in sales for a cost of around $80 to RR.

  4. Hi! I really appreciate how you have explained what a newsletter is and what it’s not. Thank you for this strategy of over delivering before we do our very first pitch. Trust is one of the most valuable acets and we can only build this trust by giving a lot of value to our readers in exchange for nothing. From there on they’ll convert easier.

    • Yes and trust can be won in weeks but if you are not collecting subscribers you don’t have weeks to build that trust. It’s darned if you don’t necessity to build a list early and use every tool in the book to over-deliver and gain that trust and deliver that value.

  5. Hi Andy – This is an interesting concept, I think, but I’m not quite getting it.  I’m a newbie and I want to fully understand.  Is this selling ads to the readers of the newsletter?  If so, where does the affiliate marketing tie in or does the ads take the place of affiliate links?  Does this work in all niches?

    • You can set one up for any niche, and you can use all ads for your own marketing too. You don’t even have to use the classifieds form, it is just my chosen delivery vessel. The point I am trying to get across is that in your newsletter you want to be 90% information and 10% sales pitch.

  6. I love the last paragraph, just sums it all up really nicely. I strongly believe in over-delivering and providing value to make great relationships and also sell more in the long run.

    Thanks so much for sharing

  7. Hi Andy

    It seems like a good idea to write newsletters but it is up to the individual to what is interesting and what is not. This is why newsletter can be great if a person find something interesting, whilst others will no matter what you write will be turned off. It is a balancing act, as newsletters can break or make a business, depending it the ads have been pitched at the right level. Too many and people will run a mile.I think the key is to get to know your readers, what they like and don’t, and use it to write your next newsletter. I think a quietly approach will be more successful.

    How long should a newsletter be?



    • There is really no answer to the How long Should it Be question. If you post a short one some people will see it as undervalued, and a long one some people will see it as too much to read. For our own, I wrote 2 mini-reviews around 200 words each and included links to 3 around the web training. Next week will likely be around the same or maybe a little longer as we do want generic search traffic as well as industry-related ads.

  8. Hello there, thanks for sharing this very useful post. There have been some huge growth in the affiliate market which is as a result of new people trooping into it to make money. However having a profitable niche is one major key to making money online, and looking at making newsletter see so much like a beneficial one. There are wide range of request for this product which will help in making the niche yield money coupled with the tips you have given of which I see ads as a vital aspect. Nice being here.

    • The best part is the formula I teach in this post is that it brings back the old-time eZine format which was so valuable for advertisers as well as the authors. All I have done is modernized what they use to do all by e-mail before the SPAM police cracked down on the number of affiliate links in a single mailer. The old eZines started with multiple items of value with link ads in between and everyone turned a profit as they were mailed to a list of thousands of readers. If it’s a Make Money Online blog I do recommend at least using a subdomain instead of your main blog if you intend on taking in link-based advertising as you can hurt your root domain if you use free traffic sources and have too many affiliate links. SettheeZine up as a separate entity.

  9. I enjoyed this post. I am blogging, I never thought about doing a news letter. But after reading your post I am going to start one. You have also given me ideas for my blog. 

    I Had never heard of HubSpot until this post. After a brief visit I like what I saw. I will investigate further. Thanks for this post.

    • Hubspot is a great enterprise solution but their blogs are very actionable and they have a lot of free tools you can use if you say start doing some types of freelance work or consulting on the side as well. Cost-wise they are on par with their level in the industry, cheaper than most but offering extreme value unique to them. Hope to see you here again soon Robert.

  10. That is a great idea. I never thought of creating a newsletter with ad space. But now that you mentioned it, it makes total sense. I will have to grow my email list now. Thanks for the article and great idea. I look forward to reading more of your ideas in the future.

    • Thank you Desiray. BTW love the spelling on that great name. There is never a wrong time to start building a list and once you have the time to put together a proper ezine you won’t regret it.

  11. This is a very useful information to me. I really love to start affiliate marketing and email marketing, although I have never written a newsletter online since I haven’t started my website, but will do that soon. I am still going through the learning curve, learning about everything about this subject. Do I have to set up a mailing list before sending them a newsletter?

    I have not fully grasped how to set up a mailing list and at this stage, I try to find free or cheap tools to avoid spending so much as a beginner. Do you think think newsletter can be sent without spending so much?


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