How To Create Passive Income Streams

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How To Create Passive Income Streams With Ease Using Skills You Can Easily Unlock!

How to creat Passive Income Streams with Ease. Keys to Multiple Streams of Income

Before we start talking about our main subject I am betting you are asking if this is such an easy task why isn’t everyone doing it? Fact is over 100,000,000, yes that’s 100 million people are currently using blogs and websites to actively unlock passive income streams. Some to great success, others to great peril. Our goal by the time we are done is to tell you how you can unlock these hidden keys and learn how to create passive income streams of your own.

What are Passive Income Streams?

Passive income comes from work done today that continues to earn you money in the future. It’s a bunch of one time actions compiled to form a business that can last long after you retire from actively promoting your business. I promote products like Ecommergy the E-commerce training center and community forums from Carson Services and Strong Future International. This is a product that is sold on subscription and generates a residual monthly commission for me on sales.

Likewise, I also promote My Favorite Affiliate Training System and WordPress Managed Hosting service Wealthy Affiliate and can earn $23.50 per month per referral or $175 a year if the buyer opts to do like I do and pay by the year. These are just 2 residual income streams and residual is not the only passive income found here.

I also earn passive income through evergreen content that promotes single sale commission products like Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets program, or the sale of Dragon Naturally Speaking software. Evergreen Content like product and website reviews. Reviews are always in demand and you can rank high in Google for years to come by keeping these posts up to date. You do this by refreshing the information or writing a new post for updated products like version 2.0 or similar.

Here are some quick tips on how to create passive income streams.

Fellow Wealthy Affiliate Member Jerry Huang says

Step one begins with the right training. For this, I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate which I joined 4 years ago to study for a product review. I have been an affiliate marketer since 2003 and a blogger since 2004. I wasn’t expecting them to teach me even half of what I have learned so far. On top of learning secrets that have more than tripled my earnings in the past year I have access to a robust community of peers and experts, weekly training from Magistudios, Jaxxy Keyword Research Tool, and more. All of this for under $50 a month or in my case just $359 a year.

Wealthy Affiliate focuses on teaching you how to set up a blog based website in any niche market you are passionate about. I have this blog and 3 others in development on Early Retirement, Baseball, and Politics. All of which will be producing income in 2 years or less that will give my 7 kids options my brother and I never had. All this while allowing my wife and I to retire or semi-retire wherever we want.

So here are some quick tips.

  1. Get the training, don’t try to piece the puzzle together for free you will not get the pieces in the right order and will lose valuable time and money.
  2. Pay Attention during training and apply what you learn as you go.
  3. Don’t bounce program to program looking for instant wealth, it doesn’t exist as fast money in is always fast money out. It will take a minimum of 6 months to one year to see sizeable results and longer to totally change your life but stick with it and you will definitely see a day you can fire your boss.
  4. Pay for your tools because free alternatives are free for a reason and that is to get you to buy the features needed to make them work.
  5. Find ways to save money to invest in your home business. (updated list inside the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center)
Monetize your Passion and Creat Passive Income

More on creating multiple streams of income or passive income.

By learning to write a training post and related reviews, for example, you can generate a handsome income. Likewise, you can talk about anything you are passionate about such as my site on baseball and my site on Politics and make money recommending related products and showing advertising on your site. Any passion works, just so happen I love helping others build traffic and earn money online so you get to read this post while I sit here stress-free.

Every product related to a niche has a buyer or more like a million of them out of the 4 billion people in this world. Your job is to write the content people are looking for and let them step into your site and find the product offerings with no sales pitch.

That’s right, you do not have to know sales or do sales to make money. All you have to do is send people from your blog to the product site and let the sellers handle making the sales for you. Your next question will be how do you make money which is simple. When a sale is made through your unique referral link you are credited with the sales referral and paid a commission or percentage of the sale amount. A t-shirt on Amazon may pay you 8%, and e-book on Clickbank may pay you 75% of the sale, you might find great deals at any of over 300 million retailers selling more than 800 million different products or brands.

Summary of How to Create Passive Income Streams

You now know what you will be doing and it can be your dream job. Think of anything you love doing and you can do that and make money, Do you bake, write about it and sell oven mitts and cookie cutters, piping bags and more. Are you a green thumb? From lawn tools to fertilizer and worm kits for composting to seed storage kits you can make great money. Love fishing well you may even sell a Boat at Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas.

  • You don’t have to know how to write because Wealthy Affiliate will teach you.
  • You don’t have to know how to type because there are tools like Dragon Naturally Speaking that does voice to text.
  • You don’t have to know search engine marketing because WA teaches that too.

I have a friend with MS who uses a computer to talk like Steve Hawkings the renown physics genius. He can do this so I guarantee you can. I am coming back from a nervous breakdown and losing everything including my health and mental health and I do this and do it very well. You too can make this happen for your family.

Start as a side hustle. Give it a few hours a week to write 2-3 posts per week. Give it a year and see how much you are making. Give it two years to know what your progress can be. Upgrade and you will get my tutorial inside Wealthy Affiliate called 3 million visitor formula. I will show you how a team of 5 took a site to over 3 million monthly page views and the ability to be an overnight success in any affiliate program we chose. As another bonus, I will personally be there for your every question. That’s all you need to be a success.

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Andy Anderson

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12 thoughts on “How To Create Passive Income Streams”

  1. Thank you very much for your article and for laying out the benefits of creating a passive income, how to do it and why you think wealthy affiliate is the go to for it. They can teach an amazing amount of information and if I did have any questions I think you have answered them all. Thanks again for such a detailed post!

    • Jade, I have seen you in the community. You are doing great and I appreciate the complements. WA is definitely the source for in-depth and focused training in affiliate marketing.

  2. Affiliate Marketing can really provide a good steady income if done properly. I agree with you on your take about following the training step by step. There were time when I had to play and pause the training video just to get the right set up. It goes way lot easier after a few times. I just wish I was as good as you and achieve a great outcome. I’m not in a hurry though, because I’m still new to this there fore I need to learn more. Thank you for sharing your tips on how to do affiliate marketing successful..Have a great day!

    • MissusB I was a newbie all of 16 years ago so we have all been there. We all learned to walk, talk, find work, find spouses, raise babies and more. Why not learn to own our own business wrapped around the things we are passionate about?

  3. The fact that these links will help us write the content and even get trained, is extremely helpful because I personally do not know much about plugins. I had heard about Wealthy Affiliate before but did not know this much. I might just give it a shot so I can try to make some extra passive income 🙂

    • Linda the training is so complete it takes you over Kyle Loudon’s shoulder as he builds an affiliate mega site. You learn how to create the blog, what pages you need, get templates for things like privacy statements and more. You will love the Wealthy Affiliate training system.

  4. Wow! A very convincing post. If I wasn’t already a Wealthy Affiliate member you probably would’ve had me sold on it. Your post was very direct and very convincing. I agree that there is a lot of opportunities to earn a substantial income through affiliate marketing. You even gave me a great idea about my next niche as I love to fly fish. I imagine it is a very saturated market with all the fisherman in North America, but perhaps there is a sub-niche that would work well.

    I am actually having to make myself be patient as I build my niche as I realize it will take time. I have the advantage of being a writer and have written 68 posts in my first two months with WA. When I get to 100 I may start a second niche.

    An excellent affiliate post. Thank you!!

    • WOW Ray, You are definitely prolific I only write 10-12 a month right now because I also write for a couple forums and another business but I still don’t write that much. I would aim for 150 at your rate and then start blog two. I will get this one to around that before starting my other niche seriously. Right now I am setting up look and feel, laying out about pages and adding policy pages and affiliate disclaimers and may write occasionally but will be to the point of income coming in with the ability to scale up here before I go at them stronger.

  5. Interesting post, what I understand is that, all I need is to join wealthy affiliate and I will learn everything I need, right? I am fairly new at wealthy affiliate and from what I can tell is that the 2 main training Don’t go in details for things like social media ads or outsourcing writers. How can I get those training? 

    so far I like the training, I am doing everything in the lesson’s task and I am pretty impressed with results. I get the sense of community assistance which has been praised and it’s really helpful.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Adyns the two main pieces of training are targeted to successful blogging and search engine marketing but Jay has done several Webinar training in your video library on Facebook and Twitter Ads, and I just did training on outsourcing and scaling up that is not alone under tutorials. While the core is on free search engine traffic you can still learn other aspects of marketing in the training center added by peers and professionals so enjoy your membership.

  6. Hi Andy, it’s Gomer here, your fellow member in Wealthy Affiliate. 

    Looking at the success stories inside our community in WA, I’m amazed at how successful some of our fellows there have become. One guy is earning around $7,000 per month in a residual income while another one earns $5,000. With their websites already established with Google, do you think late comers like us can match what they’re making? 

    • Definitely. Fact is a new niche is born every day and for every new affiliate blogger, there are millions of possibilities to earn. It all takes time and dedication to your craft. My niche is affiliate training, and until I get my own products out my main earnings will be from a handful of resources as most training materials out today are out of date and rehashed Private Label Crap. That’s why I am evangelical about Wealthy Affiliate as Kyle and Carson have updated so much of the training to keep it fresh in the last year and a half alone. The Super Affiliate Challenge has been amazing and the supper is like no other place on the Internet. I’m sold for life and hope others catch on to this great program.


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