How To Earn Extra Money? Start Blogging The Easy Way!

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How To Earn Extra Money? Start Blogging The Easy Way! Our guide to writing your way to more cash and less work. Learn how to fire your boss and live the SUPER Affiliate Lifestyle. Don’t laugh, everyone on planet earth can make money online with blog-based affiliate marketing.

Don’t be fooled, you can learn how to earn extra money and start blogging the easy way in just a few steps.

How to earn extra money? Start a blog the Easy Way!

Learning how to earn extra money online is a dream for millions of people around the world but most either don’t start or are soon discouraged because they over-complicate the process. Worse yet many more will fall into the hands of dubious players and get scammed. Our goal is to point you in the right direction to turn skills you already have into a great side hustle or full-time income.

The basics of earning extra cash online in your spare time.

In this short guide, we will be providing an outline of the basic knowledge needed to start a blog the easy way and to earn extra money online. You will do this using the things you love doing, the skills you learned in school, and a business model called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is similar to being a commissioned salesperson only the online store does the selling and you just have to get informed customers to go to the store. I know, it sounds too simple and in many ways it is. Like I said many people fail to start or just fail, try to over complicate the process. What will surprise you as well is how little money it takes to start your new business. Oh, I didn’t mention that this is a business you own and not another Just Over Broke. With a Boss breathing down your neck.

Fact is you can learn as fast or slow as you wish, do a post every week or a post every day, your choice and you can even blog naked for all I care. (Send Pics LOL)

What is a blog and what skills are needed?

Blogging and Bloggers Image

A blog is a sort of online journal or diary of thoughts. It includes instructions, stories, tutorials, recipes, images, or just about anything you would keep track of in a hobby or interest of your choice. A great example would be my blog here at where I offer a collection of articles on blogging, marketing, and home business. I also share notes on the programs I join or investigate in the form of program reviews.

The basic skills are to be able to read, and either type or verbally dictate the words you wish to use in your post. That’s right you can even leave the actual typing to a program like Dragon Naturally Speaking or do a rough outline and pay a freelancer to generate the final article.

Writing most reviews and posts is like doing book reports in school. Research your subject, find out all you can. If available to you examine the features if not find someone who has and read their findings. Compile a report on what you have found out in your own words. From there you would pick a few images related to your subject, and apply a few learned skills like soft search engine optimization and keyword research and click post.

What do you need to start a blog?

Example Blog Designs

The following is a list of things you need to run a professional blog. By professionals, we mean doing things right and not falling for some free host bull poop, some amateurs hogwash, and some scammers bait and switch. You will need a quality source of training and it needs to be ongoing and up to date, but shouldn’t cost a small fortune either.

Most courses that run $500 or more are not up to date or complete. I know I have owned quite a few of them but one community I have found offers all you will ever need. That community is Wealthy Affiliate, and you can get your first ten lessons and 7 days of free support with no cost to you. Click here to read my review of the full system.

Even though I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate if you are on a budget you can learn about many of these tools and their uses on YouTube to get started. I only offer WA as a source of complete learning and ongoing up to date training and support because I use it and promote it as an affiliate.

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Andy Anderson

Niche – Your road map to success begins here.

A niche is a topic you are passionate about. For me, it is helping others alleviate their payday woes and earn money online. I love affiliate marketing and network marketing alike and have devoted much of my 16+ years in Internet Marketing to training others in Blog-based affiliate strategies. Some of my training can be found inside the Premium Members Area at Wealthy Affiliate. These include my formula for generating 3 million monthly page views by leveraging other people’s content.

Some niche ideas that are work-related are marketing, business management, restaurant jobs, cooking, personal finance, fitness and more. Hobby interest could be sports, collecting, antiquing, garage sales, knitting, macrame, darts, toy collecting like Hotwheels or Barbie. The more direct and boiled down a niche is the better. You will learn about choosing a niche in the free lessons at Wealthy Affiliate if you take my offer.

Domain Name and Hosting Services

Often related to your niche but more importantly short and memorable your domain name is your professional address on the Internet. It’s what you will add to business cards, letterhead, flyers, online ads and more for as long as you are in business. Free websites do not give you a name that you own.

A Hosting Service is a place that will store the files that make your blog and make them available to internet users at your domain name. I will remind you that premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate includes hosting for 25 blogs on your own domains and 25 more free sub-domain blogs for a total of 50 sites. If you are not ready to take on $49 a month or $359 a year membership at this time you can get quality blog hosting for around $5 a month with a free domain name at which is the blog hosting service owned by my family and me.

WordPress Blog Content Management System

1 in 3 websites and blogs online are built using WordPress CMS. The reason being is it professional, fast, easy to extend function, beautiful and filled with easy to use tools to make your life in blogging better. It is also the most SEO friendly and will be your home for life. Ignore Blogger, Wix, Weebly, and the other free platforms which share the same IP with the thousands of scammers that use them and lock in ownership of your content by installing WordPress following the instructions on your web host. Usually, 5 minutes or fewer and you have built your first blog.

Keyword Research Tool

You will need a keyword (search term) research tool like Jaaxy (reviewed here) which is also included in a premium version with a paid membership at Wealthy Affiliate. You will also need to use headline creator tools like Blog Topic Generator from Hubspot, and EMV Headline Analyzer from Advanced Marketing Institute. Another tool you can use to build down the niche and keyword selection is Google Trends. Sorry but you really do need a range of free tools to help find good headlines and search terms.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are retail seller sites or affiliate networks which are groups of retail sellers who offer a commission for sales resulting from your online promotions. There are millions of products among millions of niche markets, and many of them offer lucrative commissions offers. I will list a few below to get you started but you can also think of a product or company you would like to promote and use the quoted tags “product+Affiliate” or “Company+Affiliate” to find offers available.

How To Earn Extra Money? Start Blogging The Easy Way! Summary.

I want to be the first to welcome you to the often high-profit world of blogging. While there is still a chance of failure, those who learn more, apply what they learn, give it at least 18 months to take hold and see desired results, and are ready to invest small sums to get going will see a far greater success rate than those expecting to get-rich-quick. I have seen small sums made in as little as one month, larger sums in as little as 3 months, most see profits in a year to 18 months.

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We all learn at a different pace and have different levels of reading comprehension. If you have difficulty read lessons and watch videos a hundred times if needed \. This is not a race. Failure is usually the result of quitting inches from the next diamond referral. Don’t give up because everyone on planet earth can do this, especially you.

Be sure to leave a comment below if you are a soon to be blogger or if this post helped you in any way.

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24 thoughts on “How To Earn Extra Money? Start Blogging The Easy Way!”

  1. Blogging is easier when done under the right environment following the right path to it. As lucrative as it is, I’m always baffled when people complained about the stress involved in it. When monetized, the stress becomes just a stepping stone to getting higher level of presence online and winning more sales commissions through affiliate marketing. I believe joining wealthy Affiliate is a great choice for any blogger. It would help to get one started and talking with gurus concerning how things workout on there really makes everything much more easier. Thanks

    • RoDarrickif there is high stress in blogging you probably chose a niche you thought you could make money in instead of a passionate niche you enjoy writing about. Either has a chance to make you a very wealthy blogger but one road has the potential for ulcers, headaches, and heart attacks. The other is your passion niche.

  2. Great advice and awesome tips you have here. Everyone wants to work at home for one reason or the other. For me, its because I am tired of the routine jobs I get every single day and there’s no fun to it. The boss can be baggy and it is very annoying too. So I told myself I’d work at home.

    Creating content that is thorough and interesting is important but one cannot create good content if the niche picked is not something they have passion for and that is why it is said that joining passion and business will definitely breed success. Wealthy affiliate is an awesome place to get going. I endorse them as I am also a premium member. This post is beautiful and also helpful. Keep up the good work.

    • Henderson I like the way you put that on content. Nobody can generate good content without passion for sure. You can try all you like but task-based on raw data and not emotion come out flat like an instruction manual instead of a love.

  3. Hi,

    Excellent article about the way to earn extra money by blogging. You explained everything very well n this article. I absolutely agree with you, Affiliate marketing and blogging are the best way to make money online. I am involved in blogging for more than a year and I am making money from there. And whoever wants to start blogging or affiliate marketing Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn and established their business. Thanks for this broad and in-depth discussion about blogging.

  4. Much obliged to you for your survey. I thoroughly concur with your viewpoint that winning additional cash online is a fantasy for many individuals around the globe however the vast majority are demoralize on the grounds that a difficulties on their part. You’ve worked admirably by giving helpful definite clarification on the required instruments to gain additional money on the web. Without having great information about specialty of what to do online it will unquestionably frustrate advance. Much thanks to you for you last end not to surrender since everybody on planet earth can do this, particularly you.

    • Crownwole, it’s great to have you here. Most obstacles one finds were man-made once you have blasted through them. In hindsight, you will find you are your own worst enemy when it comes to success.

  5. Seems this is the best option for me to consider if I’m going to make something significant online….almost all the articles I’ve found on making extra money speaks about blogging. Considering my engineering background, I presume it will be a very challenging task for me to grasp although you make it sound simple. 

    With over 15 years around your belt in the affiliate marketing world, I’m believing that you know what you’re encouraging people like me to venture. While the success I’ve read from several blogs sounds compelling, can you share some few challenges in your journey….eg. times when you felt like throwing your computer through the window and how you got over it. 

    Learnt something here….thanks

    • Even engineers have things they love DerrAd. That’s the beauty of blogging but even if you choose to write about Engeineeringthere are thousands of products, some with high-end commissions in the hundreds of dollars for a single sale. The main thing is to write about something you love and can spend countless hours rinsing and repeating this flow. Learn, Write, Share, Promote. Just do those 4 steps over and over and you will do fine in any chosen niche.

  6. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for me. I would like to make money online by blogging.

    Your article gives me the detailed description on how to proceed. It is a clear four step way, find your niche or passion, build a website, promote my website, and monetize my efforts.

    I see that wealthy affiliate provides all tools for me to do this. I am going to join the program.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

    • Anthony, you will love every minute of Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate Membership. Glad we could be of service.

  7. Hello Andy. You’ve given a very useful detailed information about how to earn extra money through blogging. I consider blogging as my passive source of income and it has been working for some time now. I also went further in branching into affiliate marketing. This business is not the type of business that can bring quick profit. It need good and unique time investment in order to get good results. This website will be very helpful for people looking for a way to expand their blogging carrer inorder to gain more returns.

    • Stella, I love affiliate marketing so much because it is something anyone can do. We just need to send informed potential customers on to the sites they are already looking to shop from and the companies close the sales. Time, as you state, is the operative but the harder you work the less time it takes. Thanks for stopping in.

  8. Hey, Andy. I just wanted to say that I really loved the overall breakdown of the very essence of affiliate marketing. In that sense, I liked A LOT how you went about explaining the whole process. Meaning, it really isn’t that complicated at all (certainly not as much as people make it to be). 

    Research the subject, find out all you can. And then teach people about it in your own words. And sure, this may come in many other forms as well – based on that knowledge create new ideas that explain the topic better, conduct your own study or do a plethora of other things all with the purpose of educating and helping other people.

    That said I do see your article as a prime example of this – one that is all about helping people and making their lives better, helping them earn extra money and escape that poopy rat race (I refrained from the more direct word cause you did, haha), and essentially offering a number of ways to do so. Which I hope people will appreciate.

    Keep up the great work!

    Cheers, and have a Great One!


    • Hi, Mattis. I couldn’t agree more, the rat race is pure crap and letting someone else decide your worth is never good for building wealth. Affiliate marketing levels the playing field and can be done in your spare time until built strong enough to become your full time.

  9. Haha, I loved the idea of working naked. Not sure I will share the pics though, LOOOOOL. 🙂

    I really think that this is one of the best blog posts I’ve ever read on affiliate marketing as a form of earning extra money. And what I liked most about it was that it was highly actionable. I mean, I could just take all of your advice and run with it.

    In that regard, one of the best things I got from this was that you don’t actually have to be a typer to be an affiliate marketer. You can just use your voice. Furthermore, it’s probably way faster than even the typing of experienced bloggers.

    Other than that, I feel that the blog post itself had a nice flow. I really enjoyed it. Didn’t feel like reading at all. But above all thank you for all the insights.

    Have a Wonderful Day, Rasa. 🙂

    • Hi, Rasa, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Like you, I like the idea of blogging naked but hate the fact that pictures may be requested. As to Dragon Naturally Speaking for those who can’t or don’t enjoy typing it really can change lives. I have a friend who has Cerebral Palsy and uses Dragon with Grammarly to do fantastic poetry blogs and a fan blog for a Bollywood starlet. He’s amazing and fights far greater challenges than 99% of the people who will read this post.

  10. Any people have been talking about blogging and how many people have made millions by blogging. Its true that many people have but I thought one needa to be popular or have a big fan base to make it from blogging. You have cleared my doubts now and I know all I need to to five into blogging fully. I will most definitely checknout your recommendation, maybe I too can become as successful as those that have made it here.

  11. Thank you for this great article. You describe exactly what I do in order to create great content on my blog. I learned how to make a great blog at wealthy affiliate. They taught me how to write for my blog and also taught me how to actually start my website. I was able to start writing onto free websites and it was going great and then I signed up for premium and got even more value out of it.

    Thanks for your article it was full of great reminders and really boosted my writing ability.

    • C I love the freedom in blogging. I love to express myself and share my thoughts and blogging allows me to do that from the security of my home where I spend most of my time due to bipolar and severe social anxiety issues. I can be the open and crowd loving me I use to be here without the stress of large groups in the real world and it’s helping me come out of my shell offline.

  12. Blogging has always been an area of interest to me but I thought it was for the tech savvy type, I never realised it could be done by just anybody so far there’s willingness and passion. It is surely integral to inculcate the habit of learning and practising while learning how to blog going by what I read here. Indeeed, this article has been bookmarked and I will always check back to it when I begin the blogging journey soon

    also, I think creating content should be very easy if the niche selected is an area of one”s interest and passion. It would improve the desire to create way much better contents since one would be more knowledgeable on it. Thanks

    • Tracy, I post about my niche’ for each blog with total passion and it’s like sharing tips and my journey with friends who share my interest. The human connections are amazing, just a look at the comments on my blog there are some major players here who really get affiliate marketing for example. The feedback is priceless.


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