How To Fire The Boss Your Guide To Making Money At Home


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What are the best ways to be boss free? We will cover these in our How to Fire the Boss post below. Boss equals a Big Old Soul Sucker at your JOB or Just Over Broke. He/she is the one deciding how much your time is worth and their ability to tell is often influenced by personal politics as much as your true value. Sure, you can get promotions and raises by adding to your personal value but as long as there is a BOSS in your life you have limits to what you can earn.

This article is on How to Fire Your Boss and start making money at home.

How to fire the boss

How to Fire Your Boss Within 3 Years

Firing the boss sounds like a pipe dream to many. They can’t see how to bridge the gap from employee to entrepreneur. They are afraid of financial risk, of getting scammed, and of failure. These miserable job trapped souls also worry about getting found out by the boss and if they might lose the security they have. Nothing about Entrepreneurship seems easy from the outside and it really gets tough for some on the inside looking out.

What you trade in security you make up for in potential as a Business Owner.

Change yourmindset from employee to affiliate marketer

If you are in a JOB you make other people rich. In my last JOB, I was earning my bosses around $5,000 a day in income. That’s $150,000 a month and while they got richer I stayed at $13.25 an hour. This is the story of Bog Box Retail, and it really isn’t that I wasn’t worth more, there just weren’t enough positions in the company for me to advance without a major relocation.


The fact is now I have no limitations to my potential earnings. I can consistently increase my value to my readers and increase my profits from a business that cost me under $700 a year to run. my business is consistently paying all my bills out of profits and am I starting to gain real traction heading back to the success I once was in this affiliate marketing business.

Imagine having a 6-hour workday and making $1200 for it. I have seen it happen time and again for affiliate marketers and while the start may seem hard and take 6 months to 18 months to see real results, you can fire your boss in under 3 years if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and work for it.

If you have pipe dreams of instant cash rewards with no work this is not for you and you really should WAKE THE HELL UP!

Work hard and earn your true value as an entrepreneur

There is no such thing as getting rich quick. That is unless you have $100,000 or more to dump into paid ads and a magic 8 ball that tells you which keywords will save you money while generating massive sales. Most of us have neither. Most of us have a good work ethic but a poor habit of letting others decide what we earn and how many hours we work to get it. Our wages seldom change and never enough to change our lives. This coming from someone with 14+ years as a business manager.

Instead, small amounts of effort applied over time can gain traction and build real success. The more time, effort, and automation you apply the greater the results and shorter the time frame. I work entirely from home now and you can too.

Unlike the Gurus trying to sell you broke training courses and magic pills I will not tell you what I make. It’s simply none of your business and won’t make a difference on your potential. You could choose a more or less lucrative niche market. You could apply 10 hours a day to my 6-8. Some can type faster, learn faster, and be more creative to earn twice what I do or you can need more time in all the above and take 3 times as long.

Never and I mean NEVER fall for payment proofs.

I will give you one short example of a friend through a training system called Wealthy Affiliate as to what is possible. Again no guarantees and this is just one program not the many available. In fact, this marketer who goes by Eddy with a Y on WA and YouTube is in more than 40 paid income streams and his true earnings may never be known except by his accountant and the IRS.

Eddy though in his first 10 years following joining Wealthy Affiliate reports to us that he has earned more than one million dollars through Google Adsense alone. His first 5 years he didn’t earn a lot but now he is beside himself with the results and the longevity of his business as he continues to scale up the results. Eddy with a Y is a real human being, just look him up on YouTube, he’s awesome.

Others I know have been in Wealthy Affiliate for 2-3 years and only earn a few hundred a months. Some people are still learning at that point and make less, and some people a lot more. I can’t guarantee you an income but I will tell you that the value you bring, amplified by the training you receive will always be rewarded fairly if you apply effort.

The cost involved in starting an affiliate marketing business:

Get up and go for it Hire The Boss

I myself pay on average $770 a year. I pay for my Wealthy Affiliate membership which I have held for 6 years now. I also pay to be in 2 other programs each month and do a small amount of advertising every tax season. my business is not rich, and I have no qualms telling you I have a way to go to be the next Eddy with a Y. But I will tell you that I have a dream of a $240,000 a year income. I have a 10-year plan based on that income for my wife and I to retire early and live a good life while also providing for our 7 kids.

See my 10-year bucket list here:

Read My Niche Ideas for People Interested in Real Estate to see your potential:

What kind of work do affiliate marketers do?

First off what is an affiliate marketer? An affiliate is someone who is contracted as a nonemployee to advertise a business and is paid a commission or profit from each referred sale of a product. The most successful method and the one employed by major blogs like Buzz Feed and Huffington Post is content marketing. In short, they write articles on niche subjects and build millions of visitors to their sites from it.

Writing on a niche or interest is easier than you think. Stop thinking about ideas you believe will make money and think about the things you love to do because for everything you might love doing you have millions and millions of other people who like the same things. Any topic from baseball and apple pie to Zebra skin rugs and clothing can generate a passive income for you.

Any niche from Baseball to Zebra Rugs can make money online

When selecting a niche you should always go with something you will enjoy writing about 10 years from now. Don’t worry about being an expert as an expert is just someone who learns things and shares them with their followers, readers, and peers. Some can apply the secret of learning something every day and share what you learn for massive clout in your industry and unlimited amounts of cash.

Interested in doing reviews but can’t see how you can afford all those products? If, you have a 3rd-grade education you have done researched book reports. Some of the best reviews online with the most accurate information are from bloggers who compile industry data and user feedback but have never tried or been biased by the product.

Summary of How to Fire The Boss, Your Guide to Making Money at Home:

You now have an idea of how simple and affordable you can start your own content-based affiliate marketing business. What you need to know is what you get when you choose a program like Wealthy Affiliate to start the business of your dreams and Fire The Boss forever.

Change Direction Get Out Of Your JOB and Fire Your Boss

We start with a free trial that sets teaches you how to create your first blog including legal pages that will save you time and money later. This blog will be ready to start adding content. The only warning is this blog is on a subdomain of and not a hosted domain of your own. With paid membership with is under $50 a month or $495 a year you get hosting for 10 domains names you own mile or your If, you purchase a yearly membership to save 2 months’ cost you also get a free domain name of your choice and 100 community credits.

In addition, you get 2 great training programs. The first is the Online Entrepreneurs Certification course which gives you the training and tools to be successful in any niche interest. This course is from day one never having built a website to be a marketing genius. You also get the option of learning to promote Wealthy Affiliate and other home business programs and products through the Affiliate Bootcamp. Wealthy Affiliate pays a generous $23.50 a month or $235 a year in commissions.

You also get Jaaxy Keyword research tool a $49 a month value included to help you rank your articles in Google and drive cash-paying customers to your business links. There is an unlimited peer created a library of information and training, community blogs, and live peer to peer support 24/7. In addition to exceptionally well-trained and friendly site support. I could list a ton more but would prefer to have you read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

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14 thoughts on “How To Fire The Boss Your Guide To Making Money At Home”

  1. My friend and I were just discussing how much money she makes for her bosses daily, and I came across your article and had to laugh out loud.  It’s so true, right?  You bust your hump day after day bringing in boatloads of money for someone else while they pay you a wage you can’t even live off of most weeks.  

    Your How to Fire The Boss Guide to Making Money at Home is spot on!  Working for yourself in the comfort of your home, your bed, your back yard, by the pool or from your hotel suite on vacation is my idea of the way to go!  It’s lucrative and fun!  I love that you are real about it, too.  It does take time to build.  It is not a get-rich-quick thing.  

    Thanks for a great read!   ~ Babs

    • Thanks, Babs, long time no see. Firing the boss is the most liberating feeling. The day you walk out on the job and start living your life is the big event most stuck workers look for. Wealthy Affiliate helps you get the training required, just bring your work ethic.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing with us a beautiful and informative article. The main content of this article is How To Fire The Boss Your Guide To Making Money At Home. It is truly remarkable that you have presented this topic so well in your article.Those who work in the office make their boss rich day by day and their hard work is not properly evaluated. What is written in your article is realistic? Only by being an entrepreneur can you become your own boss and give a proper answer to the previous boss.

    Wealthy Affiliate Training helps anyone to become self-reliant by teaching affiliate marketing what they can do at home.I am also a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I have learned a lot from the training on this platform which has helped me to become proficient in the world of affiliate marketing.

    So I would say that those who want to be entrepreneurs or become self-sufficient through affiliate marketing must join the Wealthy Affiliate Market and become proficient in training.

    • Thank you. Wealthy Affiliate has helped over 100,000 people fire their boss out of over 1 million members who have either come and gone or have called the place a permanent home like me. I have been here for 6 years and will be here for the life of my business. I love my Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

  3. Well, I must definitely say that I am very impressed, I found the title very interesting and the article even more fascinating. I always looking for ways to make money online and I’ve been thinking about quitting my current job but let’s be honest it’s easier said than done. But, your article give me hope.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • The same effort is required to fire a boss that is required to work for one, just the long term cost and projected outcome favor the self-employed. Thanks for the great comment.

  4. Wow! I would really be glad if this works out well for me though. My boss is somehow a narcissistic person. He know s how to always get inside the skin and always push you till you overwork yourself and still the pay is not worth it. I have been looking for a way out but die to financial constraints and all, I had to stick with this. I would really be glad if this can really be possible for me to rwlaly leave off working from home

    • The big thing is making a decision to make it work, not think wow if this could but to want it as much as you desire to breathe. Because then you will be a success. Being a boss you have to always demand more because whether you are the owner or the manager it is your job or money on the line but some bosses are just pricks and witches. Firing the boss is often a clear path to maintaining one’s sanity.

  5. Excellent article and highly empowering. t is worth every minute of sweat equity for the next 3 years to embark on “firing the boss” and starting our own affiliate marketing business. The lifetime payback will be worth it. Touche!

    • Definitely Kaju, it may seem like it takes forever but it really doesn’t in the grand scheme of things. The investment is small under $600 a year and the upside is massive with no limitations. It just takes time to learn, time to apply what you learn, rinse, and repeat until traction takes hold and your life begins to change. Have a great week ahead and for those who don’t know, Kaju host Karaoke Pub Crawl on Youtube. Check out his videos ASAP.

  6. Wow, the story you wrote about making your boss money at a high rate while you make little is very similar to mine but I must say that I didn’t make as much as you did. I have harbored the thought of leaving this job for a while now but now seeing that you can give me an idea of making money in a better way says it all. I think joining wealthy affiliate should give me a whole lot of help. Nice work here.

    • Hi Peyton. The story is real and realistic. a Business owner can extract up to $150,000 a month from each $3,000 a month or under laborer. Granted they likely only take home around 15% of that but it is still math that boggles the mind when you can start in affiliate marketing, and earn numbers greater than your boss is counting profits from your sweat equity.

  7. I can’t believe I’m reading this article posted by you and it reminds me of what I started to feel at work, and what I’m thinking of doing in the future. As you said, my boss earns a lot and even if I work maybe more, my earnings are very small and insignificant. For almost 1 year I started learning about affiliate marketing and I can say that my dream is to work from home and be my own boss. Wealthy Affiliate teaches me every day how to fulfill my dream and most importantly to become a successful entrepreneur.
    Hope to see many articles from you and read them with great interest.

    • When being honest with yourself I think every employee has at least once felt like they are undervalued by their employers. They know there is more out there but are afraid for one reason or another to explore this area outside of the comfort zone. Glad you found Wealthy Affiliate.


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