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It’s time to talk traffic to your blogs and websites in our special report we cover the topic of How to Get More Traffic on Your Blog in detail. Please take 5-8 minutes of your time and read what is our 50th piece of content for your viewing pleasure. In this post, we will cover content marketing, link building, blogger outreach, and social media techniques. It’s full of great and actionable information.

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How To Get More Traffic On Your Blog today.

Generating traffic can seem like a daunting and hair-pulling task when you are just starting your blog. The average blog though with the proper niche research and keywords list can see results start happening around the 6-month area and at least 75 posts. Real traction will hit around 1 year and 150-200 posts and traffic will start climbing. By that, I mean Organic search traffic.

There are however many ways to help your site gain traffic and maintain relationships in the meantime. That is the idea behind this post is to put tools in your hand to increase your traffic and build out your personal and business branding. After all, you should be treating your blog as a business and building yourself up as an author/expert in your niche.

The first thing we need to discuss is subscriptions and e-mail marketing.

Many bloggers try to tell you to wait until you have traffic and earnings to start collecting leads for a blog. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is this blog has only been written for a few months and has 50 posts including this one. I have over 120 subscribers by e-mail already and would be down 120 subscribers if I listened to other voices.

That 120 subscriber list is typically good for 40-60 views per new post and is a huge part of my return visitor traffic which Google considers an indicator of valuable content. If I waited until I had 3-5 thousand visitors a month I could miss 300 or more subscribers. In dollars and cents, the value of an individual e-mail lead is around $4 per year so if you can afford to kiss away $1200 a year wait until you have 5,000 monthly visitors to pay $20 a month for an autoresponder.

In the beginning, you don’t have to go really fancy. We offer a free report that is only a few pages in size, easy to read, and mentions a couple of programs we are into casually. We also offer a simple form on your right that doesn’t even mention the free report. I have only recently started adding more content to the newsletter but have not yet started our weekly full publication which will begin in October.

The important thing about e-mail marketing is to not advertise to your readers. Always send the content of value such as links to a blog post and product reviews instead of advertising them to death like the average internet idiot. That will keep your building for years with high conversion rates.

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E-mail keeps visitors coming back and up to date with the post you write. It may seem like a majority of your list is dead but the fact is they come back when you write good content.

What signs is your business sending online with content your produce?

Many bloggers don’t think of their business as a business at all. They think I can take a couple of weeks off and not lose ground. I don’t have much traffic so they won’t miss me if I go on vacation or bury myself into the family, the 9-5, or party with friends for a week at the beach. The sad fact is if you treat your blog like this they won’t miss you because they won’t be reading or subscribing to your half-committed crap.

I must admit it has been an uphill battle with a couple of week-long gaps here at Affiliate 3 Percent. I have bi-polar, and social anxiety, a host of physical issues, and my health was bad for just over a month. My Apologies, but my blog is proof of the issues with inconsistency. I was up to over 1,000 visitors a month then down to 400 now back up to over 1600 since writing to you regularly. Monday I start the new blogging schedule that should have me writing at least 2-3 posts per week. Plus a newsletter.

Getting organized though is job one. A simple calendar like the one I put together as a full-time blogger is a huge step in the right direction. This will get me back in step with the, me that I was while helping build a 3 million monthly visitor website and 300K monthly visitor blog. Those were before my nervous breakdown, this blog is me just rebooting myself and getting back into the life I once lead.

Great images send an open sign to the web. You will notice in this blog we do our own images and do some fairly nice ones. If you don’t know Photoshop or Gimp it may be worth checking into Canva.com. It’s free to use, template-based graphics tool with thousands of free stock images.

Have you gone social with your blog

Have you gone social with your blog?

A great way to connect with your audience and grow your presence, reputation, and traffic is to start early with building out at least one social media platform. I have been working on this blog and one other for social media and combined have over 19,000 followers between Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

The biggest channel has over 14,000 followers on Twitter and the smallest is our fledgling Facebook Page and Group. Still, Facebook is now our focus as revenue starts coming in and we can begin promoting posts on Facebook. This will eventually be our primary medium to connect with your and share reader opinion and build a more personal dialogue.

See I am not an unreachable stuffed shirt in a boardroom. I do all my own social media marketing and will be in my Facebook Group for affiliate 3 percent at least 30 minutes a day times 7 days a week with extra time on the weekends. Every reader is important, especially when I am currently writing a Kindle book for launch in early 2020 and will need you to be my street team.

Social media is fun, but don’t overdo it. Automation can help send posts to places like Pinterest and Instagram daily, 1-3 times. I just started using Later for Instagram Only. I also started using Tailwind App for Instagram and Pinterest. For twitter, it helps to have an Auto DM system to send a message to get your free report when the follower joins your e-mail list.

Speeding up Search Engine Indexing

Google is by far the most popular and best way to generate free blog traffic and you can shorten indexing time for the post by using Google Search Console site check. In addition, you can manually submit URLs to Bing and Yahoo using Bing Webmaster Tools. This can save you a week or more before a single post starts the process of being ranked. This is an SEO Ninja Trick that really works, especially for time-related content like Halloween articles and Black Friday Deals.

Link Building and Blogger Outreach

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Andy Anderson

The last thing I will teach your today to prevent mental overload is Link Building Basics and Blogger Outreach. The first part, link building for increased blog traffic and search engine optimization involves using social tools like WordPress.com blogs, Blogger, and Tumblr, and popular content bookmarking sites like Reddit and TechCrunch to build simple links with moderate authority.

You will also want to do some blog and blogger outreach to news sites and blogs like Fox News, CBS Contributors, and Huffington Post where contributors and editorial positions are free for the taking and can lead to regular columns and a side hustle to your blog. You can also reach out to other bloggers in your niche and offer to write a piece of content for their blog. This will help brand you as an expert in your field and get valuable backlinks from the other blogger via your Author’s Box. That’s a little section your have that reads something like this.

Andy Zeus Anderson is a contributor to blah blah blah and has a blog at blogurl.com

You attach this at the end or beginning of the post, it doesn’t matter just don’t make it sales or overly obvious. Bloggers love free content and you can boost authority by allowing guest posts on your blog as well.

Summary of “Special Report! How To Get More Traffic On Your Blog”

While there are dozens of ways to build traffic to your blog these are the methods that get us results that positively impact our SEO rankings and grow the most organic traffic through Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Please be aware that traffic exchanges, a safe list, and other quick traffic methods will harm your relationship with Google. It will still take 6-12 months to see big results but the results will be greater following the tips in this Special Report.

For more training in blog based affiliate marketing, traffic generation, and to get my 3 million visitors formula training click on the link below and join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member. Your first month is just $19 and you will thank me for the referral.

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22 thoughts on “Special Report! How To Get More Traffic On Your Blog”

  1. Thank you for this great post.

    I wish I had come across this sooner.  Sadly I waited to start my mailing list.  I should have started sooner.

    Linking is a shortcoming of mine too.  I really need to work on that.  I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to talk a bit about it.

    My social following isn’t as large as your but it is building.  Still, I need to devote more time to it as well.

    Thanks again.  I’m bookmarking this post to refer back to.


    • Hi Scott. The big thing in social media is not all of it is traffic to your post. You have to give attention to get attention which means likes and shares of other users’ content. Related content can also help boost your presence and win you more followers. Using Facebook groups well can be a long term investment into lifetime rewards.

  2. Thank you very much for this nice write-up, Your post was interesting and very easy to read. You have provided bloggers with first hand information on how to generate traffic, thou am Just starting out as a blogger but Io will follow every of your tip and guide. – Edited for grammar and spelling – Andy

    • Thank you, Charles, It means a lot to catch bloggers at their beginning and help them improve their journey. I hope you find some of our other posts helpful as well.

  3. Thank you for your post. It is very useful post for me. I started my online business for a while now and have several websites. Site traffics are the biggest headache for me.

    Here comes your article on how to get more traffics on my blogs. I agree with you that email marketing is the number one tool to create traffic. Also it is well-known that money is the list. Email not only bring visitors to our site but also can be used to broadcast our offers. I remember your advice that don’t try to advertise to my readers, but provide a lot of useful information to my readers.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful tips with us.

    • Anthony, I appreciate your words of wisdom. You seem to have taken away the essence of that section of the post which is to gather subscribers, treat them as a valued guest, and not just numbers to throw ads at. Your content will do a ton of selling, the trust will build a very responsive list and while it is acceptable to send an advertisement out periodically make sure it too adds value to the life of your readers. Above all, this technique will keep them coming back to your blog time and again where new offers and opportunities can shine.

  4. Traffic is everything when it comes to a blog for sure, and the more organic traffic the better. It’s nice to know that after a year organic traffic will start climbing. I appreciate you providing a target number in 150-200 posts. That is an ambitious number but an attainable one. E-mail marketing is a powerful instrument that I’ve been reading more and more about. 3 million monthly visitors is outstanding. There is a lot of valuable information here and I’ll definitely be saving your post to refer to in regard to things like indexing. Thanks for a great post and keep up the good work!

    • Just remember Pentrental that  3 posts a week is 156 posts in a year. Add in some newsletter editions and you could see 160 to 175 in 12 months with time to rest between post. In 4 and a half months’ time, we have hit our 50th post with this one despite my illnesses. I will make sure I have 150 come to the 12-month mark of active posting.

  5. Thank you very much for all the information you share. I’m quite new to blogging and are trying to figure out how to get more traffic on my blog. As I have learned I need to learn a lot about TAGS, SEO and as well create contents that will live forever on my website. With your info I understand the important of a few elements much better.

  6. Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Being an affiliate marketer is cool but having customers to buy your stuff makes it all better. However, in getting this customer there has to be traffic on one’s site which is a very essential aspect of being an affiliate marketer. Going by the tips you have given on gaining traffic to one’s sites, I must admit I’m impressed. One important way I concur here, in the aspect of social media. It is one of the most effective means I have seen so far. Best regards. – Post Edited for Grammar and spelling – Andy

    • Dane, it is a pleasure to have you on my blog. Traffic on your blog is essential not just to gain sales but to grow as a blogger. Even those who come with negatives to the table make us stronger and better. When I first started I was bad about not editing my finished product and had a ton of typos and grammar issues. I now use tools like Grammarly to fill in what I don’t know and also be a second set of eyes on my post. This too can improve your traffic and definitely will help you with blogger outreach.

  7. Hi Andy

    I found your post very interesting indeed and I know for me any form of marketing is great as we all need visitors to our site

    I have been using Pinterest as a valuable tool to get traffic and it exceeds FB which is great as FB can delete your post if they feel it is pushing Affiliate Marketing. You have to be a little bit clever to get around this with them.

    I agree joining places like Huffington and others gives you more credibility and of course places like Quora as well as people are always looking for answers there.

    Affiliate Marketing is a great business model and even though I am a relative newbie I am making money and building strong but will bookmark this post as I need to pull more readers to my site and this post will help immensley so thank you

    • Vicky, I believe I have seen you around Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member. Make sure to look up my 3 Million Visitor Formula in the training there. This post likely tells you a lot of what you already know but that Premium only training will show you how to scale up and do other things you might not be doing now that you do have income coming in. Good luck and God Bless.

  8. A really nice post you have put up here, and truly it mean alot to us affiliates. There isn’t a blogger of a site owner who doesn’t wish to have massive traffic on their site as its a big step to marketing your products. Some really nice suggestions you have here, and I must commend the importance of using search engine, because keywords means alot when searching for something online. Also taking to social media is really helpful in this aspect. Cheers.

    • Social media is your first line of link building and the mainline of social signals as well as a traffic driver. All 3 elements go into your page rank in a search engine in addition to strong SEO which we will start to cover soon on this blog. Without proper SEO when forming a post like our “How to get more traffic on your blog.” you are not likely to get found, but it’s not as easy as stuffing one keyword as Google frowns on that so watch for post on LSI Keywords or Latent Semantic Indexing which are keywords that relate directly to your main search term. Thanks again Chloe for being one of our most valued readers.

  9. Hi Andy,
    Actionable blogging tips are always appreciated, and I enjoyed this compelling read on how to get more traffic on your blog today. Traffic generation can indeed result in hair-pulling frustration and requires every bit as much consistency and persistence as blogging itself.

    I recognized several areas where I need to step up my game. For example, I’m a semi-regular contributor on Quora, but I could do a lot more in terms of link building and blogger outreach. I also need to focus on social media automation. You have some impressive follower numbers!

    Thanks for supplying some much-needed motivation!

    • Hi Linda,

      As an affiliate marketer, my following is a bit small compared to some of the big fish but I love my followers so I probably get a bit better return engagement than many of them. Engagement comes from offering quality, consistency, and value to the conversation but also from making it a conversation and not broadcast. Always make time to follow up with questions, reply or comment, and be social with your audience.

  10. This is very timely as I am into the Wealthy Affiliate Program for about 9 months. My niche is in MMO and my main thrust is to show people the value WA offers in helping to create a business online. My traffic is not where I thought it should be at this phase. The tips you provided could be very helpful. So far my efforts in using social media are weak. And I have not even started Email marketing. My budget is very low so I shall be looking at the free stuff available.

    I do have one question. I am getting views. But no organic engagement. Do you think that at this phase my expectations are too high?

    Thanks for creating this great article that I shall be reviewing  often.



    • Hi Edwin,

      It all depends on the number of posts your blog has, their overall quality, the length of your lead-in paragraph and how compelling it is, and the age of the blog. But using these tactics will definitely help you grow more organic traffic.

  11. Great post. I especially like your take on email marketing. I can personally attest to this since I have done it wrong for years before I even realized I was doing it wrong. Lessons learned the hard way. Absolutely provide good value to your readers by sending them blog posts and reviews from your blog and stay away from sending them directly to affiliate offers. They will certainly appreciate this way more. I also agree not to wait to build your list. It doesn’t hurt anything to start right away. I totally see value in your blog and will return for updates.

    • Hi Ralph,

      I love the fact you hit on the e-mail marketing. I just upped my game with this by offering an online newsletter at https://newsletter.affiliate3percent.com where you can not only get great training, and additional mini-reviews of programs but you can also advertise for as little as $5 for 90 days. In fact I will likely be writing about it and newsletter creation today ad my newest blog post rolls off the press.


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