How to Handle Christmas As A Network Marketer

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I am often asked why my business slows down at Christmas time, about a week or two before and then picks up some mid-January. The reason is Christmas focus but how to handle Christmas as a Network Marketer exactly? Read more for the solution to your problem.

How to Handle Christmas As A Network Marketer

How to Handle Christmas As A Network Marketer – The Things Your Sponsor Didn’t Teach You.

With Network Marketing there is often a divide between wanting your team to do well and wanting yourself to do well. As a result, some Network Marketers fail to go over such touchy subjects as holiday slowdowns and instead focus on telling their people about the best holidays in which to sell products. Fact is for many Network Marketing and MLM businesses the Christmas Holidays are a boom timer until about 1-2 weeks before Christmas when all of a sudden the bottom drops out.

Why is it that for like a month to 2 months that your Networking business sags and recruiting becomes a bear?

First, you need to think about what exactly MLM and Network Marketing business models look like and they are not exactly the same so the die down on each is a bit different. With MLM, for example, everyone is required to be a customer of the company in order to make money. With this, it means Christmas Dollars tied up in a business venture that may not be making you money yet. Thus, a lot of people let their business slide for a month during the holidays and invest again come January or February.

With Network marketing the product is all of how you make money and because products are shipped people stop buying online about a week before the big day fearing the gifts may not get there in time. Network marketers feed off sales and not off auto-ships. In fact, the only real thing similar to MLM is that you have multiple tiered structures to your business.

Put Credit Card Debt In Perspective For The Prospect

Is There A Methodology For Making Money Through Christmas as A Network Marketer?

Well, be it Network Marketing or MLM the networking professional needs to be sales focused from at least November First until December 18th-20th. From there it is time to shift focus but above all give yourself a much-needed break and enjoy your Holidays. Come January you can start on that plan of action and reap the rewards of credit card billing.

That’s right! Come January your friend will be debt and your foe will be lack of product sales. Sales will be down until people start thinking about their needs again like weight loss in January and Love in February etc. But recruiting for Network Marketing and MLM becomes easier in January and February because of credit card bills and people needing extra money to pay for the extra money they spent on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Armed with the knowledge of debt you can develop a plan to recruit this year’s sellers and start building your team again. After all, there is a network in network marketing and Multi-Level Marketing or MLM.

What are some great text ads to run in January and early February for Network Marketers?

Advertise with Zest, Stop Wasting Time

I love debt ads because it is the best time to really help people with your network marketing business. Running debt ads is not sleazy, and should not be about you or greed. People need affordable, working solutions at a low cost. For that reason, they tend to jump into network marketing and ease back into MLM marketing. After all MLM folks you tend to be pricey and the last thing they need is another bill so it will take you more time to start recruiting again. Below are a few one and two-line ads I have run.

  • Still, paying for Christmas? Give me a call I can help!
  • Still, paying for Christmas? Don’t let credit card bills get you down. There is a way to pay them off at no cost to you.
  • Christmas Debt? Let’s see how I can help you pay it off in just a few hours a week.
  • Don’t forget the credit card bills. Just laugh because of your new side hustle and an easy way to pay them down.
  • Learn how to pay off credit cards with a small home-based business in your spare time.
  • Legitimate work that can be done in your spare time. Get out of Credit Card Debt starting today!

As you can see it is fairly easy to market opportunity but if people have no money to spare you may have a tougher time warming the market for MLM where they have to spend cash to earn higher rewards. Still, as they say in the business, “Some Will, Some Won’t, Who’s Next?” and that is somewhat of the attitude MLM will have to take.

Is there the best approach for Multi-Level Marketing after Christmas?

In addition to paying down debt, and selling healthy products, (especially weight loss supplements and workout programs) you need to be a friend first and help people see their way out of a bad situation. Understand it may take them a few weeks to put money together and tell them that is fine but this is an investment in their long term financial success that could see them debt free by next year.

After all your success is dependent on their success. You must also drive home the exact training they will receive from you and their team that will lead to success in your MLM or Network Marketing businesses. They will want to know the cost, the approximate time before they can make money, and what kind of safety net or training will accompany the opportunity. DO NOT FREAKING LIE. It will take at least 6 months for their opportunity to gain traction if they can’t afford to advertise so tell them they may not see real results until at least June or July. They will respect you for the truth and be more likely to join.

A Tale of Hope for Network Markers and MLM Professionals in the New Year?

Network Marketing Christmas Slow Down Solutions

In network marketing, you have an easy sell. A free opportunity with free and low-cost training to get them rolling. You can also add additional income referring to new members to the best affiliate marketing training online as reviewed here. Wealthy Affiliate will help your referrals learn to build product-focused blogs and generate unlimited sales and networking leads starting in just a few months.

I love Wealthy Affiliate for the simple reasoning that it is all-inclusive for less than what some tools can cost by themselves like a good keyword research tool that runs the price of this membership alone. The best part is they give the first 10 lessons and 2 subdomain blogs for free with no real pressure to upgrade to premium. The member is offered within the first 10 days a $19 first month trial and after that, the membership is an affordable $49 a month or $359 a year. Be sure to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to see just what you are paying for.

My personal favorite training is the weekly live webinars and Questions and Answers from Jay Neil.

Jay is an Internet Marketing expert based in Victoria B.C. Canada. His firm Magistudios is behind the marketing of such name brands like Merry Maids and he is soon to be doing SEO training for one of the biggest names in online training.

For top sellers, 300 memberships in a year you get an all-expenses-paid including cash for gaming trip to Las Vegas Nevada each ear to enjoy the company of other Super Affiliates. All while earning up to $23.50 a month or $175 a year per referral. 300 referrals can bring in over $7,000 a month in income and make Vegas just one of many vacations you can take each year as your laptop lifestyle gets underway.

Where does this training come in?

Sales, Sales, and More Sales. Your company must-have products to be legal to promote. Promoting products is easier with review sites and training posts than it is even talking to someone face to face. The reason is the reader is looking for what you are offering already and warm to the sale. The fact is these methods are what the sales lead companies are charging you up to $30 per lead to produce. You get them free from blogging.

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Andy Anderson

If you need an example of MLM or Network Marketing professionals using blogs to generate massive free leads for their business look no further than

Higdon is one of the biggest names in MLM and MLM training teaching thousands of marketers a year how to succeed in any MLM or network marketing business. He uses his website to generate leads, sell products, and train affiliates like you in skills like phone sales and person to person marketing.

Above all what is the take away here for Network Marketers After Christmas Slump?

Christmas need not be feared in a Network Marketing business. You simply need to plan some time for the people closest to you. Keep your team in the loop, and prepare for the post-holiday marketing plans. You can survive the slump by having a good sales plan going in and a great exit strategy to get back on track come January or February.

Good Luck, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas to all.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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24 thoughts on “How to Handle Christmas As A Network Marketer”

  1. I believe that most people that have some business experience and have done their research understand that MLM is the same business structure as any  other.  Sadly 98 percent of people who get exposure to mlm quit to soon and then believe they were scammed.  When in reality they only have themselves to hold responsible. 

    • The only real differences between MLM and any other business is that they are Pay to Play forcing you to be a customer in order to be an affiliate, unlike Network Marketing which is a multi-tier straight pay affiliate program and the fact that the products tend to be inflated in price to afford their pay plan. Many see MLM as pyramid scams because simply put they don’t know what the hell a pyramid scam really is.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing article. and explanation given.

    I’m a new member on Wealthy Affiliate and i must admin that this was my best decision i made, joining here. I just got my yearly membership and now i’m ready to start my journey with full of trainings and goals. Christmas is a very important time for everyone. As you said, in this online marketing industry, we must prepare for this period before and after. We all need to have a good strategy in this period. The biggest advantage is that the members of the Wealthy Affiliate platform can help you with any questions and this period can be a success for everyone.

    Thanks again for this article. I recommend to all the people to read this and come to join us on this wonderful platform. If you don’t mind, i will share this article on my social media accounts.

    • Thanks, Nimrodngy,

      I am glad to see that you see the value of membership at Wealthy Affiliate. It truly is the difference marker for Affiliates, Network Marketers, and MLM Professionals as well. Here’s is to your newfound success and a great 2020.

  3. I love this article since I have ever experienced as a marketer related some product. There is a product that the revenue is going down from October – January like Medicine products. So, I managed to have a product that the revenue is high on that month like Clothing. 

    But, related with the article mentioned that we need to prepare for post-holiday marketing plan. Could you please share some of the strategy that I can use to?

    • Since it sounds like you are a product-based affiliate marketer Ronny, you can get a Retail Marketers Calendar which will show you a marketing timeline for different products at different times of the year for around $30 on Amazon. These calendars are priceless because it will put your marketing in time with the major retailers so you can take advantage of added search traffic and product interest. For January and February think jewelry and teddy bears for example.

  4. Interestingly, I always had the thought that mlm was strictly based on scams and all but later on, I understood that it requires patience, timing and proper actions before anything worthwhile can be gotten from it. Thanks for sharing all these detailed tips that may help any mlm personnel to knowing how to balance up in whatever they lay their hands on. Thanks

    • While legitimate MLM is mentioned my main focus is on Affiliate Marketers who earn off sales by Affiliates they recruit as well. These are the Network Marketers of the world and yes the pyramid is a shape, no a pyramid is not a scam, only a scam is a scam. A Pyramid Scheme is the sale of the ability to earn cash instead of sale of the product of value. There are tens of thousands of legitimate companies using the MLM and Network Marketing business Models and never have an issue with the FTC. Yet others they focus 110% on the money-making opportunity and might be selling toothpaste at $12 a tube to try and appear legal. These are the scams of the system that you read so much about.

      Think of this. How often do you hear about Wal-Mart unless the sales are below projection, they are being sued, there are Unions trying to force their way in, there’s something negative like a robbery, etc.. Now how many times do you read good press about them? Bad news sells news ads and brings public interest so all you ever hear about is the bad companies.

  5. Thanks for this post on how to handle Christmas as a network marketer, I could remember last when I joined online marketing I saw a post like this and it really helped me in making more during Christmas and how to handle my Christmas with my family me seeing this post now really got me back to the track and makes me think like a real online marketer, thanks so much for this post 

    • I write a similar post here or on forums and social media channels every year to do exactly that. Keep me on track and remind myself that the slow down is just a reminder to switch gears and refresh my marketing. Thanks for being here Rose.

  6. Hi Andy! 

    What a great and awesome share, giving direction to all marketeers, not just NetWork Marketeers.
    Especially for the after holiday season! 
    How would you evaluate the results of your marketing strategy during this time of the year?  
    I noticed that New Year has a great impact as well and that people shift from physical shipping to digital products to fill the time gap. Like online courses and long term investments. 

    Being part of the  Wealthy Affiliate community, I can only subscribe your recommendation. 

    Time to relax now…


    • Hi Fleeky. I would go into the season promoting any physical products with a goal to increase year over year sales on parr with retail projections which are usually between 4 and 8 percent. Plan a small vacation between the 19th of December and up until January 1st where all I do is write content or make videos that will roll around the first of the year. I typically start with a Christmas address and a set of New Year Resolutions for business. I expect little to no return during that time.

      I measure the success of the campaign in January by last year’s recruiting plus 15% growth. If I recruited 20 affiliates in January last year I aim to recruit 22 this year for example. I can judge success by any undershot or overage on this projection. Recruiting should be something that grows year over year and grows faster in a bad economy than a good one so if sales are flat you recruiting numbers should go up. Hope this helps.

  7. Thank you for explaining how you can make money from sales and marketing. How much training costs and where can I get the right information that interests me in this business. Writing a blog is not difficult with your help. I only care who we actually advertise that he pays us for our work and how can we get money from our work?

    • I won’t work with just anybody. I care that the readers of this blog get value for their investment. Even scams pay until they become insolvent and unable to because it takes winners to breed suckers. Who would you rather join? A program with 50 people touting making $10,000 or more or one where everyone is saying they haven’t been paid yet? Never once in my 16 years have I seen a scam that didn;t pay a lot of people a lot of money before it failed.

  8. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. You really blew my mind away with the possible headlines you picked. It was already a concern to me, how to expand and get more traffic and attention. These ideas are priceless and they seem like my Christmas present. Thanks

    • Merry Christmas Benny. I am glad to be able to help. These sample text ads are just a beginning. You can attack similar interests year-round like student loans, mortgages, and more. But focus on your products 2 to 1 over your opportunity to make sure you stay on the right side of the law.

  9. Hiya Andy

    That was my second ever article on MLM, I’m learning so much about it and network marketing. You laid everything out clearly so even I could understand most of it. 

    I found your mention in the comments of a marketing calendar interesting so I looked it up and uncovered a treasure trove of dates for different marketing opportunities – brilliant! Just the sort of inside tip I need, do you know if there is a similar thing for the UK as obviously all the dates were in the US and my website is a dot

    I have bookmarked your site for future reference, thank you for teaching me something I can really use, krs PurpleLioness 

    • Yes, I would start by looking at Amazon’s UK version and also checking any UK industry retail sites. You also have a very diverse culture so getting a calendar of religious holidays for multiple faiths might help as well. BTW I love that username PurpleLioness.

  10. You’ve certainly summed up the internet marketing Christmas scene for us. Understandable, though, that there’s a slump, as people who buy gifts online have to allow time for shipping. But it’s so good that you point out that after Christmas is an ideal time to find new folks to join your online business, as they will be looking for a way to earn extra cash then. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that folks come flocking to my sign-up page and decide to join me.

    Meanwhile, back to the drawing board. I want to enlarge my plan; add detail; try to think of ideas that will help my business grow in 2020. So much is possible! I do love this business, don’t you?

    • Fran, I have loved this business for over 16 years, 17 on the 3rd of January to be exact. I love the fact we are all brokers of information taking people with needs and pairing them with products of value that offer them working solutions to their problems. Through my favorite affiliate programs, I can match any need with any product and both the reader and me come out ahead for the time involved. Helping people is my business is exactly what I tell people.

  11. Wow! I’m really excited about this post. Do you know I hate MLM with all of my heart? Over here, when you are recruited, they don’t teach you what you need to know. As a matter of fact, you’d be lied to that making money with MLM is not hard. I am beginning to fall in love with MLM because of the ways and manner you approached it in this article and I am very sure I’ll get started in no time. It is always safer to tell people the truth as this will build trust. I love this method with which MLM is being done; taking it online and via a website is the best way to easily reach out to the world. Those debts ads idea are so cool. I love them. Thanks for sharing this article.

    • MrBiizy please use due diligence if you choose MLM as a business model. I much prefer Network Marketing because inflated prices and payment plans you need a lawyer and a CPA to navigate don’t appeal to me. I have been a network marketer for over 8 years with SFI or Strong Future International. It’s a much better opportunity than most MLM.

  12. Excellent article on the reasons network marketing business slows 2 weeks before the holidays, and great tips on how to ramp it up after the New Year again:)

    Also a well-planned segue into the best offer of all:)

    • Thanks, Kaju. Here’s a bit of as promoting for you my friend in Karaoke. Be sure to click on Kaju’s name and follow his link to where you can get web updates on his New York area TV show. I am positive it will get syndicated soon for all of us how love to release stress with songs written by people smarter than we are. LOL.


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