How To Make Money at Network Marketing Online Guaranteed

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Before we get started I need to know I have your attention because what I will tell you in the next few minutes can save your life in Network Marketing. See 20 years ago I failed twice at network marketing in two major player companies, and I did it for pretty much the same reasons that the 80% of you who will not read this whole article will fail with your current or prospective companies. I wasn’t ready to succeed with any online business.

Want to Make Money at Network Marketing Online This Is For You.

How To Make Money at Network Marketing Online

Flash forward to 2019 and my business is growing again. In fact, I am just starting a new first-floor company this week and am excited to make my welcomed return to big-ticket Networking. Sure I am still in Strong Future International after 8 years but nothing I have done in the last 9 has the potential of where I am moving my focused efforts now. See I have a team of over 800 people in SFI and my earnings could be considered nice compared to average but just one of the active members in SFI could be worth 10 times as much income in CTFO. All because of positioning, and product timing.

If you are already in an MLM or Network Marketing Program do you know your product positioning?

Every recruiter I know is always telling you a company is on the first floor of something big. Most of the time it’s true that the product is still very new to the marketplace but if the company itself is huge your potential to earn diminishes unless you know your product positioning and how to exploit it.

A Product position would be a new breakthrough or new way of doing an old thing. For SFI the Rewardical and its connective tissues of Localvantia and ECommergy are very much cutting edge ways of doing old business a new way. As such my SFI business has nearly tripled in the last 3 months time because of product positioning. The fact is the new SFI product lineup is evergreen. People will always need training when entering a field like e-commerce and will need tools to not just drive new customers in the door like Localvantia and Rewardical Search, but to retain existing customers like the Rewardical Rewards point does for more than 900 retailers and growing around the world.

Product Positioning

I know my product position so while SFI has its new products creeping into the marketplace my income has already grown 3 fold. But the majority of affiliates there do not have the clear vision and adoption has been slow because there are little media pop driving the feeding frenzy there is around CBD Oil from 100% Legal Hemp. If you put Rewardicals attached to every Hemp Sale in the world you may crush it 10 fold in SFI but that just isn’t the case today.

Will I leave SFI and leave that money on the table? Not a chance because I know its a dream worth growing but at the same time I know CTFO is in prime position to pay my bills and build my future NOW!

What is the big difference in a popular product and how does that factor into what we do with network marketing?

Well, popular doesn’t always guarantee success but buzz does and a popular product always has more buzz. Buzz equals pop culture. Does that spell a death blow to older companies? Hell no, but it changes the way affiliates in older companies like the 22-year old SFI have to run their business. SFI has over 2 decades of success building because they predict change and supply new products for new demands but only a few of us know the secret to keeping an older Network Marketing company fresh.

Older companies get bogged down in the process of recruiting down lines and thus sales go flat or increase slowly ion new products. People are still trying to recruit into the 20-year business based on what you earn instead of what you sell and that is how the air is sucked out of the room. A company with Pop is all about the product, the product is hot, its new, its the reason to be here. The product position is clear and people want it.

What’s more is a Pop, or buzz about a product even if from an old company drives opportunity seekers. It drives them in by the bus, truck, boat, and plane and I think I hear a train whistle somewhere.

Old companies need a culture of POP to keep relevant and aid in not just new recruiting but in successful product launches.

One of the reasons for the slow adoption of the hot new products at SFI is that so many have been pop free. They have joined because the company is old, reliable, trusted, and others have made great money there. The problem is they have never been a part of a product launch. TripleClicks launched a decade back, Price benders has already run its course and the fad in penny auctions has lost steam making the Astro Auction Hybrid a hard sell on a good day. I love those auctions but they just aren’t going to pop the way Rewardical, and Localvantia have the potential to.

ECommergy Review

So why is POP so damned good?

Even an old company needs to have a method in place to rapidly deploy and position new products. They need buzz teams and evangelical members shouting their praises from the tops of every tall building. If they don’t get it lean times happen and they actually contract during a launch. That has happened a lot in the ECommergy Launch because many of the members are going from selling everything under the sun from TripleClicks to selling a strict niche item and are confused.

They don’t see someone paying a monthly fee for information in the age of Goggle. They know its nice to get rewards but don’t know why a store would spend money on them. So they promote what they do understand which is the old way to join, buy, find others and get them to join and buy.

There are two ends of a network marketing company.

The first end is the Product and the second is the opportunity and it should always be in that order. SFI has lost that order in about 85-90% of its affiliates. They are so busy building down lines most don’t even realize the company sells 5,000 other products not called a Tcredit. No Bull Poop I just spoke with an affiliate the other day that had to ask if there was something else he could buy besides t-credits because he was no good at winning auctions and his sponsor’s plan was just bid them off to cash out Rewardicals.

You have to have your product first and foremost in your mind or you will contract and shrink.

Opportunities may put 2 million boots on the ground selling but products put 20 million or more people into the business buying. At the end of the day, you can have a million-member team and not one damned soul will make a dime without sales. Network marketing is a sales business, it doesn’t have an MLM crutch.

What CBD Does - Network Marketing Opportunity

With MLM you have no choice, to be a seller you have to have an auto-ship. Every opportunity seeker is a mandatory customer, but with Network Marketing the program is free to join so tons of people will join free and stay free until some fine day they realize there is something worth buying.

If Network Marketing is done right every network marketer will start as a customer and be an evangelical for the product and then discover how much money their passion for the product allows them to make. I have an ECommergy subscription and am neck deep in Rewardicals and as of the 18th when SFI pays me I will be all about CBD Oil as well because I want to continue this shout about the hot new trend in healthy living.

Buzz and Pop also mean a product can sell for more and pay greater commissions so it pays big to be a big customer and total passionate fool shouting everywhere to come to see this. CTFO has an average ticket over $80 a month per customer where SFI is lucky to get $30 average tickets from those who do decide to buy something. With CBD Hemp Oil you can sell a complete product line package for $700+ to a single buyer. You have true big-ticket potential but most of it is because the company has Product positioning and POP.

So how does that affect my team building in Network Marketing?

When training your new recruits teach them to promote sales at least 60% of the time and the opportunity no more than 40% of the time. Show them the fever surrounding product launches and teach them about product positioning and building BUZZ. If you do this as your company grows older you won’t have to worry about sales stagnating because your team will be putting more effort into selling already.

CTFO Independent Affiliate

When an older company releases updates to products and new product lines you will be ready with a trained unit schooled in POP. As other teams scramble to patch leaks you will continue to triple your income because of being in the right position at the right time. Your team will make any time, the right time.

Andy Zeus Anderson

20 year veteran of network marketing with plenty of failure in my portfolio, writing my ticket to success and taking your booty with me. If you loved this post leave a comment, liked it hit share, want to join me in my new or old endeavors click a link. Hate me, well I get that a lot.

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12 thoughts on “How To Make Money at Network Marketing Online Guaranteed”

  1. Hey Andy, thanks for the tips on being successful with network marketing. I have also tried and failed with network marketing companies. I’ve decided to try one again as a supplemental income because I don’t feel comfortable putting my entire business into an MLM for the simple reason that if it goes under I’m screwed. I do like the concepts and have learned valuable business skills with each one that I’ve been a part of. I will be referring to this article regularly. Thanks again!

    • Marlinda I understand your fears of one basket marketing but please also check out some of the other posts on my site because it sounds like you might be prime for another failing point and that is being half out of something you are doing. You have a fear it sounds of being all in and that will show in your pitch. If you are a skeptic it makes it that much harder to get people to give your program a chance. If you still have doubts you may not have found your passion product yet.

  2. Thanks for the advice on how to make money online with network marketing, you definitely know what you are talking about after so many years in the business. Having that experience and also belonging to some companies that have been in the network marketing business for years also brings lessons for us all.

    You seem to be advocating mixing the old with the new and leveraging the advantages that each offers from the tried and true aspect to the newer, fresher, companies that have products that are getting the buzz and publicity, am I interpreting this correctly?

    Do you try to get the same line of people in more than one network? That is an interesting concept if so, I have not heard that until now (but it makes sense in many ways if that is possible). I just think that any company where the focus is more on the recruiting than on the products is likely not a good model to be a part of over the long term.

    There are companies where they provide support to affiliate marketers with selling materials, but their main focus is on the product or services they are selling. Most definitely there will be some that claim this is not good too, but truthfully most companies provide at least some marketing materials.

    You have experienced the ups and downs you said in your short bio snippet at the end, and it sounds very much like you have learned the lessons and are on the way to some really good times ahead, as we all can if we pay attention to the markets and look for the products that have that buzz and pop going on that you mention. 

    • Dave I would never cross solicit one program to build a team in another but most of my team dow follow me outside of these companies and are exposed without intent to the things I move into. Half my team reads my blogs for example for training and so naturally they need to make sense of why I am in more than one program. For me, that answer is to gain experience while offering other readers a spectrum of choices.

      Not every reader of this blog will be into marketing e-commerce related products to online stores and offline businesses gaining their first online presence. Thus they may not join me in SFI, but they might be into health and wellness or have a hip that hurts and need CBD’s painkilling properties. Most will need neither but might sample a training material I list on the site or need Wealthy Affiliate to help get their other passions off the ground and making them money.

      The point of this post is regardless of the age of concept the product has to have a pop, and that comes with how you bundle what you offer and share it with the public. For me, this happens by developing team culture and showing evangelical marketing or buzz marketing tactics to even people joining decade-old businesses as SFI Wealthy Affiliate can adopt for greater sales. In a way, it is learning from the new to keep the old fresh.

  3. Congratulations on what you’ve accomplished in Network Marketing… very well done. You’ve offered up some great points and tips for success here and it’s obvious that you’ve learned from what you’ve done before and have really made it pay off.

     It seems like now is a better time than ever to build a Network Marketing business with the online world available, easy to navigate and growing every single day. Wishing you lots of success going forward. Exciting times for sure and thanks again for a great post!

    • With trust at an all-time low because of Internet scams an informed marketer who knows their product and its placement in the market is more important than ever. I applaud those marketers who have been at this 10 to 30 years and can take an older company and keep it relevant. For that, I will always be a part of SFI. I am looking forward to the CBD market because of the Launch Style Buzz but at the same time SFI has been amazing.

  4. I am in a program and I do indeed know my product. But just because I’m already in a program, doesn’t mean I won’t explore.

    I do try out different network marketing programs to test it and if my findings are good enough to publish, I do just that. 

    But overall this is a great article about Network Marketing. I will bookmark this page to share.

    All the best.

    • Aadudah thank you for coming in and offering your insight. It’s always healthy to keep an open mind about new products but more important to know your products and placements well. I will start boiling down prospective programs and reviews by looking at product and positioning. Unlike some reviewers I don’t think all big claims are signs of fraud, some are legit such as the lofty claims of companies like KaratBars where the single sale could bring 10,000 or more to a member. It all depends on the product and how well it is placed in it’;s market.

  5. Im not going to lie.  I just cant bring myself to explore MLM anymore.  Years ago I was doing pretty good with a company called Berry Tree and then poof wake up one morning and  its no longer there.  Lost my entire down line, all my hard work and obviously lost my umff.

    Did try again and it was SFI but unfortunately I just didn’t have the ambition to promote it.  So I joined a cycle that guaranteed shared signups.  Now I know they weren’t going to fall from the sky but in a year I never got one of those shared sign ups that were being raved about.

    Anyways i guess my point is that SFI was affordable but like I said just didn’t have the drive.

    I have now chosen affiliate marketing and that seems to be working better for me.

    If I were interested in SFI what kind of team are you actually on


    • SFI is not an MLM, it’s network marketing to be clear. There is no pay to play with SFI or Strong Future International. Berry Tree vanished because of stubborn owners who insisted on going to court over their pay plan instead of making required changes. I remember all too well them and Mellaluca getting a fried in court and forced to close doors. If they made the changes to the pricing structure and comp plan and swapped to a network marketing system they would be alive and well and nobody would have lost money who really worked the system.

  6. Great post in how to make money through network marketing. After spending so much years in this field, I m sure that everything you’ve spoken about here are really effective tips. I am already Ina programme and I am really willing to check out more product out there and explore the availability to make more. This is a really great post and I’ll be sure to put in mind everything you’ve highlighted here

    • Thanks, Henerson, The goal of this post is to help people just like you find their way to profits in any business. Glad I was able to help.


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