How To Make Money Blogging

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How To Make Money Blogging The Beginners Guide To Success and Income Online.

The first thing to know about How to Make Money Blogging is that a blog like any other business requires time and effort to get started. Even with money behind it, there is still a labor of love to be had to make your blog successful. You need to have a passion for your subject called a niche. Without passion and genuine interest, you won’t write as often, and will not be as successful as a result.

How to Make Money Blogging Beginners Guide to Success

Breaking your 9-5 mindset.

The hardest part of getting started on your journey to make money blogging is that you can leave some securities of a JOB behind as you grow into your business. You will need to realize that in many cases it can take months or even a couple years to turn a profit on your investment but once profits begin you may find freedom as you have never known before.

Profits are compounded by solid action and consistent repetition. An example is a store with fair prices, informative marketing, and great customer service before and after the sale. Like an online retailer serving these things, your blog must also be informative, show value, and deliver before and after a sale with more of the same great service. In a JOB you may be tasked with one hat in the formula but as a blogger, you will need to be well versed in every aspect of your content (Product). That is why I recommend a strong foundation through a great training program like the one here.

Investing in your business is something that may also seem new to you.

Much like buying industry periodical subscriptions or getting updated classes and attending seminars and conferences to stay good at your job you will have investments in your business blogging too. The big part of choosing what and where to invest is in what makes the most sense time-wise in dollars. You can do a ton of things yourself for example to generate free traffic but some tasks may take the time that just doesn’t equate to good math when doing a ledger. Some task can be either outsourced or automated to reduce the number of hours you put in to get the profit you receive.

Customers react to great content with steady purchasing

We all know more pay for fewer hours is a good formula and for many, it’s why you started looking, to begin with. You will need to decide what a minimum price is for 1 hour of your work. This is your minimum self-worth. For me starting out I decided I wanted to increase earnings to $25 an hour, so is a project or aspect of promotion is going to take more time than is profitable for me, such as a task that would reduce my earnings to $20 an hour, and I can automate or outsource the item an investment may be just the thing. Advertising is almost always a win scenario as it can take countless hours to reach the same audience a few dollars a month can.

When discovering how to make money blogging you will also need to map out the initial needs of a good blog.

You will need a few things to make a site like good professional website hosting and a domain name of your own. After all, who is going to trust can’t-afford-my-own-domain.wix[.com] when they can get the same quality information from professional-and-here-to-stay[.com]? I know, long domains but you get the point. You will need training as we all do and while you can learn everything known to man on YouTube or through Google and Wikipedia, you still need to know in what order to place things in order to make them both make sense and work to earn money blogging.

Website design and development.

Instead of spending $300+ on a theme and $500+ on optimization while outsourcing ad copy and writing of post you will likely find more profit in learning to do much of this yourself. You can, for example, build a blog like mine yourself for under $100 including premium plugins with the right training and you can learn to set up that blog in as little as a few hours.

You will need to know how to source a free or paid WordPress theme that you place on a simple to install a WordPress blog. Out theme is actually a free theme as are most of the plugins we use have chosen to purchase only our advertising service and our membership to WPMUDev for social media and site speed plugins.

WordPress Theme and Plugins

Many tools come with great hosting or have free versions. Our advertising plugin, for example, has a free version and we only went paid to have a stats section for paid advertisers available to us. Kraken Image Optimization, for example, is a high value paid tool that comes free with our managed WordPress Hosting from Wealthy Affiliate. WA also comes with the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool we review here. In addition, there is a site content tool and a site speed and security center combined with world-class affiliate training. Highly recommended for $49 a month or $359 a year. I pay by the year to save more than $100 and have very simple billing.

Creature Comforts, keep them in mind. Building a blog user experience.

A clean design with few distractions, easy to read fonts, nice imagery, and smooth navigation is a must. Your blog theme should also be Mobile Responsive and clean HTML5 coding to make sure Google can navigate the pages and tell what you are saying as much as your readers can enjoy your post. Keep ads to the minimum, a link in a review post and links back to that post where they fit are far more effective than clutter to generate sales.

Content is King, and your readers are hungry for great content.

I keep stressing about training because what most people don’t know is that they have a ton of great posts and content inside them they just need to learn to put their personal stories and experience into words and structure those words so people enjoy them and search engines can find and share them. That sounds hard but I have found that with Amazon kindle it is affordable to learn and even posts like this can be written in a day with little effort once you know what your niche or target audience wants.

Below I will attach a few of the 30+ reads currently in my Amazon Reader for my Mobile Phone and PC. I am also looking to add a new device this winter like a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader because of the added benefits of reading anywhere and my aging eyes not liking my phone screen as much anymore.

Monetize your blogging for fun and profits.

Making money blogging is pretty simple once you have a good system of providing great content regularly. You can start by finding related affiliate programs for products in your niche or interest groups. An example would be a blog on Gold may find an Affiliate Deal with lucrative offering tens of thousands of Golf Related products and great commission rates from a brand name shopping site people already trust and do business with globally.

You might also find better offers through individual sporting goods companies on or ShareASale.

Products are often best presented with a review. A review you will find is much like a book report. You investigate the information of the product, the views of people who have used it, link to any related resources, and surmise whether you would or why you have bought the product yourself. Do this with depth and honesty and you will find they become easy with time and get great results.

Blog Promotion will also come as second nature in time

You will start your journey by learning to write content your readers will swoon over. Along with that will come some natural keyword selection and optimization but you will also start learning to build a keyword research portfolio or a content calendar filled with ready to use blog topics and even headlines.

Through tools like the EMV Headline Tool, you can optimize the things you say to get more reads, but you will need to learn how to get in front of the people who want to read those things. Again, training, training, and training will help you get there. From that point, you need to start really thinking of your brand and bringing in both new users and giving existing users a way to connect with you. Social media will do this while also building valuable social signals and inbound links. Don’t worry I talk jargon a bit but you will learn how to read it and explain these terms as you grow.

Advertising, branding, and traffic generation image

Paid advertising, content outsourcing, and more can also be learned as well. You will want to pick up skills in all aspects of traffic generation because what is good content and monetized blog post if nobody is reading them? Training is where it all begins. Be sure to take the free trial at Wealthy Affiliate so you can see if you are ready for a blog of your own.

Summary of the post.

How to make money blogging is simple, once you have your content in place and a good clean theme you can add related offers, build reviews, and start using marketing automation to monetize your blog. There are virtually millions of options out there for making money with a blog and earning an income online. Most of these opportunities are both free and legitimate. With good training and an ongoing quest for knowledge, you will learn to spot bad players and steer clear from scams online.

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  1. I so agree with your points about consistency and keyword targeting. The thing I love is that searching for excellent keywords and then writing helpful posts about them keeps me engaged and always learning more about my niche. That engagement keeps me motivated and inspired to write more. For me, the targeted keywords are writing prompts that keep my interest alive every day – and that helps me to write consistently! Hopefully, that’ll be enough to keep my blog up-to-date and gaining more rankings over time. 

    • Wendy, with engagement, comes from great content and great content is fed by reader interaction. The more we learn about each other the better our conversations with subscribers get, the more trust is formed, and the end result is more sales. Thanks for a great comment.

  2. Oh, a very good article! I’m impressed by how much work and training can go into making a successful blog. Yet, you make it seem so very easy and doable! Just keeping on keeping on and researching and writing and using the help available at a program like Wealthy Affiliate can eventually make someone a respectable income. I truly wish I had known about this many years ago. It can be quite a slow start. I’m going to start looking into training and taking research more seriously. I can only imagine how embarrassing it would be to have readers quit coming to your blog because of too much false information. Thank you so much for writing this!

    • What I found many years ago in affiliate marketing is we all start knowing nothing, we all have our own pace to learn, none of us has a strict deadline to learn affiliate marketing, and none of us will ever know everything. Add in the fact there was only one perfect being on the planet ever and we killed him and we can relax and make this as easy as it really is. Most people are afraid it will be complicated and hard so they set out making themselves right but the average person comes through the training saying why did I not start this years ago? Here’s to your success, Cathy.

  3. You have done a good job of giving us an overview of what we need to do to earn money blogging. There is so much to learn, and I see you have given Wealthy Affiliate as a recommendation for a good place to do so.  I’ve looked them over thoroughly and am inclined to agree with your choice.  They have so much to offer in the way of training.  If you need to learn how to set up your business, with them you should have everything you need to get started.

    My own blog is coming along, but I need to do some things in the area of promotion.  It’s often hard to get traffic at first.  Do you have some good tips as to how to do so?  I’m on social media, but haven’t seen a great deal of results.  That is the one area I think I most need to work on.

    • The big thing is not to expect much until around month 6 and at least 100 articles. I get aroun1800 page views a month because I have been doing this since 2003, have a huge social media following between a range of accounts including one Twitter account with more than 14,000 followers. This is my 3rd major blog project having lost one blog when I had my nervous breakdown that was over 800,000 page views a month. I have partnered to build one site that was getting over 3 million page views on 600K unique users a month when I left and here are a few tips to get rolling Fran.

      Worry more about content quality and readers will not only come but they will return, and return with friends and family. Learn to add e-mail marketing as soon as possible. Many say to wait until you have traffic but why miss countless subscribers because you want to hit an arbitrary number before building an e-mail list. The return visitor rate for e-mail automation and increased sales well outweigh waiting so if you have $20 a month get Rocket Responder ASAP.

      Build your Niche related following on Twitter and Facebook. Having a million subscribers does nothing if they aren’t interested in what you are saying. Don’t wait for them to start the interaction, retweet, share, quote, and reply your way to a great engagement in social media and people will respond within the kind readership. For more on traffic generation, I wrote a Premium Members report called the 3 Million Visitor Formula you can find on the training center at Wealthy Affiliate if you have upgraded.

  4. Last year, I also tried to build a blog to make money. At that time, I didn’t see the same post as the beginner’s guide you wrote, and there was no basic knowledge of affiliate marketing. I work busy so that the knowledge of affiliate marketing is very fragmented, I almost gave up.
    One day, I accidentally saw Wealthy Affiliate on google. I signed up for a free account to experience it. I liked Wealthy Affiliate. You know, Wealthy Affiliate is very good.

  5. Hi, Andy!  What a very thorough and comprehensive article!  I am new to affiliate marketing/blogging, so I learned quite a bit from you.  Thank you for being so detailed and helpful as you explained the steps.  You make it sound like something anyone can try if they put their mind to it!  I am ever so thankful to have found Wealthy Affiliate.  The training within the platform is taking my dreams and turning them into reality.  Also, the community is nothing like I’ve ever witnessed; everyone is so eager to help.  Thanks again for sharing your thoughts here.  Blessings!

    • Sadly the community is one of the last things most reviews mention but is one of the most powerful tools in the Wealthy Affiliate program as you have peers who have been or are exactly where you are in your journey mixed with real expert voices. The fact every Premium Member can add to the training library with tutorials, training, and video training has lead to one of the largest and most complete libraries of affiliate marketing online.

  6. Blogging has its own difficult aspects. It should be well researched, thorough and could cater the needs of your niche’s audience. With the help of tools and softwares to assist your website, a blogger must be knowledgeable and smart on which affiliate program can help the best.The total cost must be considered too and without bias, i have to say that Wealthy Affiliate provides the greatest and most affordable service to this platform. It assists bloggers with training, webinars and online community to help newbies to be equipped in this challenging job. Thanks for sharing your views regarding a successful blogging. Have a nice day! 

    • MissusB I couldn’t say it better myself. Wealthy affiliate packs tools and training worth over $350 a month into a $49 a month price tag. The Jaaxy membership alone is worth $50 a month, more if bought elsewhere and is one of the leading keyword research tools. Add in the professionally managed hosting for 25 domains and 25 subdomains a $45 a month value, Content tool $20 a month value, Security Suite $25 a month value, $39 a month value site speed suite, nightly backups, and so much more you can not beat WA.

  7. I really enjoyed reading your post! You offer a lot of great advice! I like the products that you offer to expand my knowledge on making money online. With so much information out there it’s nice to have some guidance on which one to steer clear of and which ones to even consider spending precious time on. What is the best way to get ranked on google or other search engines?

    • Malia the best way to get ranked is to write consistently great content, which is why I say to be a student of the content of others, blogs, books, digital magazines, and training courses all add up to a picture of success. The 4 books I list in my Amazon box are among the best I have read on their related subjects and are all highly recommended with 2 of them being under $1 each. I have over 30 titles in my library already I paid under $75 to obtain and have made thousands of dollars in return for some of the tips and that will grow as the blog grows. Wealthy Affiliate training covers all of these topics but seeing how each author applies the training is in itself worth the money.

  8. Hi there Andy, I am in the process of building my own online affiliate marketing business at the moment, my website is progressing slowly but I am still learning and I’m always looking for tips and new ideas on how to make my business grow and be successful this is why I’m pleased to have stumbled across your post here today it has given me inspiration and some new ideas, thank you for sharing.  

    • Thank you, Russ. This blog is starting out slow as well it seems after having done this twice before though I know the grind of an early start-up blog. When I built My Viral Blog it took nearly a year to see any real progress and I was all but a pioneer in my niche at the time. That was 2003 after all and blogs were working to overtake forums for top rankings and it was a real battle. Google was google infant, the algorithm was about the dumbest thing we had seen and really mixed up sites a lot for what was supposed to be related content to our search terms. Still, I know 6 months to a year from now I will love this more than ever and within 2 years this blog will be drawing amazing traffic and generating monster sales.

  9. This is an interesting topic. Previously, I thought successful blogger need to spend a lot of money to develop a good blog (and I just heard about outsourcing content. Pardon for my lack of knowledge). I’ve checked a bit about Wealthy Affiliate and it really sounds possible to make money with blog with small investment. My question is, how long do you usually start earning money with this little investment? Thanks

    • Some report commissions though small in as little as a month, for most the first commissions, are around 4-6 months in and the first substantial months around the 12-14 month area. That said I know two people who sold blogs under 2 years old for $18,000 and $23,000 just flipping them. Others are here less time than me and earning a 6 figure income from their production. What is more important is what you look to put into your blog to get out of it. Some people try to blog 20 hours or less a week and see real earnings around 2=3 years online. Others like another friend of mine crush 100 posts in 3 months and head straight for the top of the food chain. In all it depends on you.

  10. I would like to learn how to make money blogging but do not know how to get started. I have no experience in building a website.
    You have recommended Wealthy Affiliate as a training platform. I will read your review for more information.
    I have a full-time job. If I spend 1 or 2 hours a day doing the training, will I be able to build my own website?
    Thank you.

    • If you have 2 hours today you can have a fully functional blog by tomorrow moring it just depends on if you can apply what you learn as you learn it and how dedicated you are to get it done. Wealthy Affiliate has the best training online for affiliate marketers, you can and will do this if you believe in yourself and don’t give up. Thanks for a great comment, Christine.

  11. Hi, Andy.
    Thanks for sharing the Beginners’ Guide to get success through Blogging and make that extra cash.
    We know that everything is available on Internet at free of cost through Wix, YouTube, Google, Quora and Wiki, but we still need a system which can be followed and duplicated to save a lot of Time Resource.
    The points shared by you are highly authentic and I am bookmarking your site for further reference. Thanks for all the help.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • You can follow the videos on to set up a blog in a few minutes, but they can’t teach you how in baby steps to create content that sells and makes 6-7 figure blogs. Kyle and Carson are multiple 7 figure earners and build a site with you looking over the shoulder in each of the two training programs, the online entrepreneur’s certification, and the affiliate boot camp. You can not go wrong with that degree of training, the set task to complete each segment, and ongoing support and assistance of your peers, the professionals, and Kyle and Carson themselves.


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