How To Write For Blogs Tools To Stay Motivated To Write More

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Hmm, you have asked a very serious question. How to write for blogs? Today we will talk not only writing but also core tools you need to stay focused and motivated to blog regular and on at least a loose posting schedule. Writing by far is the easy part, it’s just research and storytelling, but staying motivated to write on a regular schedule is where the money lies. After all, we are here to learn to earn money blogging, aren’t we?

How To Write For Blogs Tools To Stay Motivated To Write More

How To Write For Blogs Tools To Stay Motivated To Write More

Writing for Blogs, your blog post ideas and where to get them. These things are easier learned over time by studying other successful bloggers, asking questions, trying out tools, and plotting your own path. A simple route to accomplish all of this can be found reading our Wealthy Affiliate Review Here. That being said there are general rules of hot to write for blogs and tools to help you learn how to write for blogs without losing your motivation.

Before we move to the tools for staying motivated and on the task we need to clear the cobwebs and dispel any idea that blogging is hard to do. The fact is we have all gone to school I hope and done at least one book report. If it was something you loved the process, if something you hated like History of the English Language, (I know a writer? Go figure.) you probably didn’t do as well with.

That is a niche selection. Any time you find a passion, especially one you have personal experience with will help you stay motivated and the topics of a post will spill off your computer and onto the posts of your blog.

How do I find my niche I like so much stuff it’s hard to choose?

I had this issue at one time since being with Wealthy Affiliate. I was experienced in writing a blog post for business and marketing and loved helping affiliates find a path to income. There is also my love Baseball and sports memorabilia, and I am passionate about the subject of early retirement. We have Domains for both of the subjects I had less experience writing for and felt the path to profits would take longer.

Bloggin in a Pssion Niche helps Motivate you

NOTE: We have those undeveloped domain names, and but my focus is here until We have at least 200 posts in place and 1,000+ Generic search engine visitors a month. The reason is if you try to wear too many hats your passions become work and work is something you are likely trying to escape.

Write about one passion and become an expert in your field. Get used to being in a flow, and keeping a posting schedule. From there is a matter of choosing automation which we will cover at a later date and scaling up on content and traffic generation through either a Virtual Assistant or outsourced content.

Tools to Stay Motivated to Write More Blog Post

Tools are only as good as the person creating them and the research into what you need and don’t need to stay on task. Motivation is fickle. For some they need to be motivated for others they have that motivation unlocked already.

Notice I said unlocked instead of built-in. I said that because we all have internal motivators that will help us stay motivated to write more blog posts. We just need to unlock them and the first 3 of 5 tools below will focus on getting and staying self-motivated. Motivation is also the biggest key to preventing the dreaded writer’s block because being motivated means you ate least write once a day, even if it’s only a few paragraphs or to add content to your social channels.

So without further due, we will start to go through the tools you need to stay motivated to write more blog posts.

Your Why Statement

The next step in how to write for blogs is to define your Why Statement. Everyone thinks they know why they are doing this but odds are you have your head in your rump and don’t know squat.

A Why is not about your children, your family, your friends, your boss. It’s the reason for you to do this. Sure I love my wife, my kids, my mom, my brother, and a few of my in-laws but I can provide a better life by simply improving my personal value to my employers. I can work a corporate job and make 200K a year as an SEO or Search Engine Optimization specialist right now but that only takes care of them not me and my needs.

If I am doing it for them I am liable to take that Just Over Broke and stay the course to make it to Executive. If I hate my boss I can change jobs by putting in a ton of resumes and networking at conferences and such. If your friends are telling me now to my dreams I need new freaking friends.

Discover your why statement to be self-motivating to write more

This article will help you understand your why statement better.

My personal why has to do with my history as a young entrepreneur as much as anything and in the post above you will see how I formulate my why and what is in it for me. After all, if you get nothing out of this you can easily quit but if the reward is undeniable you will never quit, you will live your dream.

Your Goal Visualization Letter – post you write for you or maybe even share with others who will hold you to the task.

Today for the first time I wrote a letter I had been planning to update for nearly 10 years. It’s a post about my dreams and goals for my family. It is detailed down to what cars and the van we will drive, where and what we will live in, an idea of how to kill time and relax when taking a break, and how exactly we will retire. Read that post at Wealthy Affiliate here:

How to Write For Blogs Tools to Stay Motivated to Write More Video

Your Blog Mission Statement and About Page

Another how to write for blogs, tool is th mission statement, used to keep you on your best behavior. Now that you know your why, and you have a list of what you want you to need to write a statement to your readers of what you are willing to do to get there. What promises can you make about your blog and what to expect that will define the character of your publication. I add mine to my about page when written but you can add a whole page dedicated to it if the Mission Statement is long.

These first 3 unlock your hidden self-motivation and will keep you on task more than anything left in this list, so read them daily.

A Posting Schedule

This one seems like a no brainer but you would be surprised how many full and part-time bloggers don’t have a schedule like my flexible schedule outlined here. Don’t worry here is a downloadable link from Google Docs. Be sure to hold to a tight schedule of the post. Don’t be more than 24 hours early or late. Post in the AM or Mid Day so more readers can see it, and never forsake research.

If you want your reputation to grow and to become an expert in your niche get over being shy about blogger outreach. Use a simple form letter like this. After you have been commenting the target bloggers post for at least a week.


Attn: Bloggers Name

We have been following your blog for over a week and have been really impressed by your awesome content. I especially like your articles _________ and ______ and would love to write a post for you on one of the following 3 topics if you are interested.

_______________ ________________ ________________

Here are some samples of my work, if interested get a hold of me by e-mail here ______ or by Phone:______

Work Samples at least 3 of them




I find it best to use a dedicated e-mail like to make sure I get the messages from these bloggers or a personal mail that you don’t get a ton of mail to. The blogger will likely take up your offer for free-content if your work samples are related niche and really well done so share your absolute best works.

Create a Content Calendar to Write More

Blogger outreach not just builds your reputation by getting you in front of their captive audience but it also allows you to put a link back to similar content on your blog as a reference or at least a link to your root domain in your author’s bio and signature. Very important for getting read and making money.

Your Content Calendar

The last item on the list is a content calendar. This is basically a breakdown of your Keyword Research and propose post titles. If you blog with someone else such as a spouse or partner or you are at the point of scaling up you need to note who is responsible for each article and plan your post at least 2 weeks ahead but preferably for the whole month. You are never at a loss for a topic or idea of what to write about with a good content calendar. I would show you mine but then I would have to Keel you.

Summary: How To Write For Blogs Tools To Stay Motivated To Write More

You now have some basics on how to find good article ideas, how to select a niche and visualize writing as an easy task that is fun and filled with passion. After all, you know that a niche that you love will be easy and a niche you just think will make money is a reason to quit before success can happen.

You also have 5 solid tools to keep you motivated and on task. Three of them unlock your self-motivation superpowers you didn’t know you had. The last two are about putting that motivation to good use. Learn How to write for blogs with Wealthy Affiliate Below.

Click here to and Join me at Wealthy Affiliate Now! Upgrade Today to Receive My 3 Million Monthly Visitor Formula as a Bonus!

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42 thoughts on “How To Write For Blogs Tools To Stay Motivated To Write More”

  1. Wow, great post! Staying motivated consistently has always been something that I struggled with and something I believe many other people struggle with as well. Some days I am able to write 10,000 words and other days, just one is a struggle, even if I’m writing in a niche that I am passionate about. I think part of the way to success is not just to be motivated, but also be able to discipline yourself so that on your worst days, you are still producing something. You did talk about discipline a little with the scheduling and I love that you included a schedule. I have downloaded it and am looking at how I can modify it to suit my own needs. I saw that you talked a little about guest blogging in this post, do you have any resources where I can learn more about how guest post to benefit my own blog?

    • Influencer Fast Track is the book I am reading now by Gundi Gabriel. She is a wizard at audience growth through leveraging all sorts of media appearances. She teaches guest posting and blogger outreach, social influencer outreach and even podcast outreach in this book. Thanks for asking Kevin.

  2. Having a reason set out on why I am blogging is one of the best ways that I stay motivated. With anything that one does, one must have a ‘why’ you are doing it for yourself.

    The other thing that keeps me motivated to keep writing is the fact that I love the topics that my blog delivers, and doing research for it is fun as I am learning new things about my craft all the time, as well as sharing it with others.

    • Michael, you have a firm grasp of what it takes to stay motivated and make a BIG Name for yourself and u\your craft. I wish you well in all you choose to do.

  3. Everyone had the built-in Motivators, this will help us stay motivated in achieving success but the issues I think most people have is getting to know how to activate or unlock these Motivators. This article is really nice, the tools will be of great help to writers generally. Another thing that I know can really help one in being motivated is know our personal Why as you’ve said, some people do things to satisfy others, some forcefully, it’s possible to loose interest in no time, but if you know why you’re doing what you do, you’ll know the joy you gain from it and this alone can keep you motivated. Thanks for the tools, they’ll be useful. 

    • DreaJay we are all born of a servant spirit. We are taught from an early age to do unto and for others. We are told family first and never really shown an example of how to care for ourselves along the way. That is why so many starts with the standard to give my kids or my wife a better life etc.. We spend our waking hours pleasing others and when becoming an entrepreneur we are taking on a level of work that requires we have at least one selfish need to continue. Otherwise, as I said in the post it is easier and safer to just have a JOB.

  4. Awesome read! The one thing I struggle with when it comes to writing is finding motivation. I also like how you said how motivation within us is unlocked and not built-in. I also like your steps on how to choose a niche.

    Really awesome content and good motivation for bloggers. A really powerful question we need to ask ourselves is WHY and you covered that so well. I feel much more motivated to write more.

    • Awesome Dustin, I hope you bookmarked the site to come back often or subscribe to our mailing list. We have a lot here to help you keep going and be more efficient in your blogging and blog promotion as well.

  5. Hi Andy! I have come across your post at the right time. When we start a blog we’re excited. But after some time we just seem to run out of ideas to continue producing content. I particularly liked creating a posting schedule. I’ll write down mine and start following it today! Thank you very much!

    • In team blogs, they often set post by cutting strips and putting them in a punch bowl to see who gets what task of the calendar. The more fun you make your calendar task if ever in a position to scale up the better it will serve you as well. The goal of all great blogs should be to grow beyond ourselves and having great planning skills will make that move so much easier.

  6. Hello Andy, I’m just one of the people who isn’t feeling motivated to write more. I have a writer and even though she creates content for me i don’t post it until I have done some editing, put headers, links and add more flesh to it and just now I have just realised its been more than 2 weeks since i haven’t done a thing, I have been kind of occupied.

    But then it hit me, I need a schedule for my writing, I need to have a particular time that i reserve for my writing. Thanks to you this really helped I think I have to set a time table for how I do my stuff.

    • Donny, it is always nice to hear one of your tools or ideas can help a fellow blogger. The two forms of schedules, the posting schedule, and the content calendar are vital to success and you will find that using all of these tools will help unlock your inner motivators.

  7. One big question that we really need to keep asking ourselves is why. Why do I want to write, what’s my reason for writing. It’s very true that one of the biggest things that writers lose is motivation and it happens more constantly than we can really think of it and this is why I really salute your post here on how to get that motivation right in track to be able to write more. Your content here is very great. NICE POST

    • Hi Henderson. You are exactly right in that writers who are very talented artists get discouraged and lose their mojo or motivation to write easily and often. That’s why writers who do novels can take 6 months or more in finishing their first draft. As bloggers, we don’t have that kind of time to get t\our motivation back. We have readers expecting something from us every 3=week 1-5 times a week depending on how much content we tend to publish. 

      I wrote this post because coming back from illness including mental health problems I couldn’t find my place in writing again. I would post 3 times on week and the next not post at all because I had no schedule, no content pre-plan, was doing research sporadic, and answered to nobody including myself. These tools helped me regain structure and motivation and since finishing them I have posted 9 times in a week and a half, here and across the web.

  8. Why statement is one of the most integral parts of staying motivated to write more when it comes to blogging and I cannot agree less with you on it. This is thumbs up from me. Knowing your, why and seeing it every time would help to push one to achieve that desired success by being constant. Just keep digging at the information and surely success is a finger point away through consistency. Also, having a schedule for posting would ensure that no moments passed without fulfilling the daily goals meant to be achieved in the schedule. Thanks

    • Our why, visualization, and our mission drive the passion that helps motivate. The schedules build a structure that is needed to stay motivated and moving in times of self-doubt or lack of creativity. Even if you only do a few things in a day at least you have some accomplishment. For me, it has put me ahead of schedule. Yesterday, for example, I wrote 3 blog posts instead of just this one. The one updated my Visualization Letter to me. Thanks as always Rodarrick for being on point with your comments.

  9. Hello, thank you for sharing this post on how to get motivated. I agree that it is one of the issues faced by writers and it is something I deal with myself. I like how you have explained how to get a niche too. Your post is really helpful and I think I should try those tools. Thank you!

    • Hi John. The tools are ones that every major blog including such names as HubSpot and Darren Rowse swear by. The motivation area I learned through psychology in human resources elective when homeschooling in Barstow California. I was and am always a business and marketing geek at heart thus my passion in my post here.

  10. In truth, blogging isn’t such a monumental thing to do. Perhaps, the most difficult part for me when I started out was finding my niche. I am a person with vast interests and I found it hard to pick the one to focus on. In the end, I picked the ones that I have a personal vested interest in. So far, utilizing the blog tools to the fullest have really helped me to keep my head up in the game. 

    • Thank you, Amanda. A niche can seem complicated when we think about writing just one blog for the rest of our career online but the fact is we have 1 best passion where we have both experience or ass you say vested interest and the love to make it readable and easy to write for. I started here because of over 20 years of total marketing experience and business management experience. I have training in motivation and have always been highly self-motivated so a post like this is fulfilling but even I get where my writing doesn’t flow naturally. I run into writer’s block often but getting structure and going over the top three motivators keeps me going strong.

  11. Excellent article, thank you!  This isn’t relevant, but I had to crack up at your author bio:  Husband to 1.  I would HOPE you were a husband to only one person!  LOL!  It would have been even funnier to say “Husband to 3” though.  

    As for the article, I think having a content calendar or similar is vitally important.  I have more of a content list right now, because sometimes something comes up that week that is very relevant so I need to adjust.  I do know the next 15 or so posts I’ve got going on though!  Except I also throw in breaks in longer content for fun posts!

    I even created my OWN blog planner!  

    Staying semi-scheduled does really help you to keep a bit of focus and on track.

    So I totally agree with these suggestions!

    • Thanks, Selenity, what a wonderful name. I put the husband of one because I married the girl of my dreams and never traded up or down, it’s only been her, for 20 years this December. As to the scheduling aspects of this post, they help keep the pace the motivation aspects gear you up for. You need motivation, inspiration, and structure to stick with your project week after week. They are a GREAT balance for me. 

  12. Hi 

    So happy I received the request to check out your site, it’s well written and encouraging to keep going 

    Which is exactly what I needed, to motivate me to keep going on my journey 

    And sure that you will have many followers that will want to join and take their success to the next level

    I thank you for that and look forward to following your blogs and success in WA, and hopefully my journey will be as successful as you are👌

    Thank you 


    • Thank You, Jan. I love when newer bloggers can use the tools I find or develop to strengthen their skills, find motivation, or automate the residual task. I will keep doing my best to over-deliver on our mission statement and keep you informed.

  13. The why is very important, I agree. I used to kid myself that mine was for everyone else, well it is partly, but it’s mainly for me because I love to learn and I love a challenge.

    Motivation can be tough when you are juggling so many different things and end up really tired,it’s good to have tools that can help. Must admit I hadn’t thought of setting out a schedule like you have done, something I would like to do when my daytime is not quite so full with commitments.

    Sometimes I struggle with post ideas but then a post I read by someone else will spark ideas for a few posts and I am off and running again.

    Thank you Andy, great post, useful and informative.

    • Thank you, Linda. It sounds like you need a flexible schedule for your evenings or very early mornings whichever you prefer. I took most of Yesterday and just slept for the first time in over a week I was well rested so I worked until 4 AM. It was nice to have the kids and wife all sleeping and me some silence with my mind and a keyboard. I do this like every other weekend, pick a day and veg out then work at night. A very liberating and productive time for me. Not saying you should stay up all night but you need a time you can schedule for what you need to do as a blogger.

  14. A great motivational post with some ideas I hadn’t come across before. I’d read about the “Why” idea before but not the goal visualization letter. It’s an interesting idea to make it so detailed. This is something I will try to get down in writing soon. And I agree very much about having a schedule and making yourself stick to it, along with a content calendar. Thanks for sharing all this.

    • Hi DrinkTeaHub, sorry I don’t have your real name. The goal visualization is an important factor as it gives a loose timeline as well as a sense of what you want in life. Example: I know it will take around 3,000 to 5,000 to repair my bad credit and buy that van. I am betting within 1 year we can make that happen though, two to 3 even won’t be bad. The rest falls in line with scaling up the income generation which happens as more content is added to the blog, higher ticket items or just lower range products doesn’t matter as long as we consistently move forward.

  15. Truly a helpful article! I always tend to stress so much when it comes to writing. I love to write but it makes me so nervous actually sharing my words with someone else and that alone doesn’t help me with the brainstorming process. I try to write down every idea so when I’m not so overly stressed I start writing from there 

    • Stephanie, I can fully relate but will tell you adding these tools and getting into the habit will help alleviate so much of that stress. I was just on your blog the other day and you have so much talent you just need to be confident and let the creativity flow.

  16. Hey. Great post. I started blogging a little over a month ago, so I found this very helpful. Even though I love the niche I chose, it is still hard to keep my motivation up. I will start keeping a writing schedule for sure after reading this. This was very helpful, Thank you. 

    • Simon, I am glad we can help. If you need further advice I am always available to our members through our Facebook page and Group just go to… and make sure to follow, and set it as the show first on your timeline to make sure you get new updates and then click groups and join us there.

  17. Thanks a ton for these tools! I know they will be super helpful for me. 

    I have heard several times: “Know your why.” What I haven’t heard or thought to do was to write a visualization goal letter. On the surface it may sound sort of corny but I can see how referring back to this letter time and again can be quite powerful. 

    I really love the steps you gave to create relationships with other website owners for guest blog appearances. I can see how this method would be very successful in helping to get your content read and ultimately more traffic to your site. 

    I now have your page bookmarked so I can refer back for other great tips and so I never miss any of your new posts. Thanks again for your input and expertise!

  18. This is just what I needed. I am blogger and I enjoy blogging more than anything. Of course, sometimes I feel really down and I just hate on doing anything, including my passion – blogging. I think posting schedule helps. I have it as well and I never broke my schedule. Of course, this sometimes means I will pause for a day and then do the double work the next one – but my posts are always on time.

    Awesome tips by the way.


    • Strahinja, I applaud your drive. You are right, even when you feel blah you have a commitment to your readers. There is a limit though, and that is when health really does play a role in things. I have diabetes and this week I missed 2 post dates because of blood sugar issues. You are only human and your health has to play a role as well.

  19. Sorry, but I forgot to add one thing.  Motivation depends on your final dream goal. What I mean by this is that we need to always have our ultimate goal in our heads. This will keep us from any small mishap or lack of motivation we might experience. From my own example, I always try to imagine myself as an affiliate marketer guru, who helped thousands of people and is making 5 digit income per month. 

    Everything I do is dedicated to that goal and this is what makes me stay on the run.

    Thank you.

    • Strahinja, I agree. We need to be able to picture us in our role as we accomplish success. Great addition to the post.

  20. Hello,

    A great motivating post!

    It is hard sometimes to be able to remain motivated and stay on track, what ever it is we do for a living. Blogging and writing is difficult in terms of, working alone, working online. There is no one really pushing you along, so to speak. Self motivation therefore is a key element in our success.

    Some good tips in your article for staying motivated. I like the one about making a blogging schedule so that posts are regular and therefore your readers know when to expect new articles.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Lousie and welcome to the Affiliate 3 Percent. I have always been a believer in setting goals and making the small ones attached to a monetary level that is easy to imagine and accomplish as a great motivator. With Wealthy Affiliate, for example, we are spending October learning how to run our own Local SEO companies on the side which can be a business in itself worth $3800 to $12,000 a month. Jay Neil of Magistudios is teaching a hell of a course in the weekly webinars well worth the month to see. That would practically put us in that van on just 3 clients a month.

  21. This is a great article! I really struggle to motivate myself to write blogs on a daily or even sometimes a weekly basis. Reading this has made it clear as to why I can’t get motivated. I don’t have a schedule! I just write as and when I can and although I have plenty of knowledge about my passion I don’t have the drive to do as much as I should.

    I have downloaded your schedule and although I work full time there is still a way that I can work around it. 

    I also love the idea of a goal visualization letter. To actually have my dreams written down in black and white along with a schedule should be enough to motivate me. 

    Thank you for all the advice in your article


    • The nice thing about a schedule is you can move parts around to fit your life when you are the BOSS and not someone else.


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