I’m Back But Have An Apology To Give.

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apology for my Absense at Affiliate 3 Percent

The last 7 months have been hell on my family, my business, and my love of blogging.

My Apology is in order. See I hurt my left shoulder on Dec. 28th turning wrong in bed. I dislocated it and gave myself what turned out to be an AC Joint Separation. That had followed a month of illness and proceeded 6 months of recovery. In the time since I have just 1-2 articles, I have shared and they were already written just not published.

Instead of dialing it in and hiring a Ghostwriter or finding a good speech to text system to generate a post, I took the time off feeling sorry for myself. I made excuses where there was a way and let my Bi-Polar rule me. To that extent, I apologize to every reader. In the last 2 and a half weeks I started Physical Therapy as the injury has healed very well and was given permission to start writing my blog again both hands.

In that time I have been trying to find words and ways to move on. One was to just write a post and keep going like nothing happened but I owe you more than that. I love my blog and love my readers. SO expect more of me as I expect more of myself.

How do we move forward at Affiliate 3 Percent after my apology?

I will now be promising 2 posts a week. One will happen on Tuesday and the other on Friday. I will also work to have a bank of training content I can tap into if I have to take time off in the future so I can take care of affairs and you not miss an issue.

If I am late, I will be honest with you and try to gove advanced notice through our e-mail list. I am working hard to get a firm content calendar in order and will be starting back on a regular posting schedule by Monday, June 29th. Our mission this next 6 months is to bring you at least one training article a week and up to 1 hard-hitting review a week.

I want to thank you

First off you have been loyal readers and subscribers for so long I want to be able to give you something. I will develop a new free gift exclusive to you over the next few weeks so make sure you are receiving our e-mail updates. This will be made by me and exclusive to our current readers so don’t miss it. Subscription Form in the header of Every Page/Post.

Thank you again for being a part of the Affiliate 3 Percent community. Our tribe of readers, and authors, and those dreamers daring to become cutting edge and next Generation Affiliates are truly amazing. Again, my apology for taking so long to let you know what was up. It will not happen again.


As announced by our newsletter blast this weekend we now have a Facebook, Invite Only Mastermind Group. If you are already subscribed to our newsletter and missed your invite due to the 4th of July Holiday I my apology for the bad timing. I will be sending the details out later this week for those who missed the e-mail.

If you haven’t joined our e-mail newsletter yet you are in luck. You now have exclusive deals, exclusive giveaways, and our hot new Affiliate Marketing Mastermind Group to look forward to. Just scroll to the top of any page and click the green button to get started. I will be sending announcements and special reports soon that will dynamically change your 2020 income outlook so stay tuned.

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6 thoughts on “I’m Back But Have An Apology To Give.”

  1. Hey, Andy!

    Yeah, AC joint tear sounds pretty bad. I’m really sorry to hear that happened to you. I hope your physical therapy is going well. And I’m glad to hear it has healed well.

    I agree, such things are extremely hard to ignore mentally. On paper, just continuing to post as if nothing happened kind of makes sense. But from a purely mental perspective, it doesn’t make sense at all. I’m glad you made the article.

    They say that people need closure after events like this; it helps to get better faster. And the way I see it, this is that closure for you. Obviously, nothing’s kind of over as you’ll probably need to do physical therapy for a while still. But this is that necessary step to get back to writing and affiliate marketing. But above all, see it as a lesson to become a stronger person, a more resilient one. 

    I know I would. Though sometimes our egos get in a way and people feel there’s nothing to learn. But there always is. Not seeing means we’re just not looking hard enough. With everything in life, we either win or we learn.

    Glad you’re back. Looking forward to that exclusive stuff. Cheers. 🙂

    • Thanks, Mattis. The big challenge for me was in focus and with my depression, I felt like I was letting everyone down not posting. Thus the more I would try to write the further I would get from the right words to put down. I lost motivation and made excuses instead. This is closure. I will do my damndest to not be at that place again. Can I guarantee it won’t happen? No, but I can prepare in case it happens.,

  2. I like your honesty. At least you gave us clear reason why there was delay in your posting. Rest assured that we understand because humans have emotions and reactions. I can’t wait to read your next post. I really like the feel of your site. It’s like something that attracts money. Get well soon and start typing those magical words bro. 

    • Hi Brian, glad to have you here at Affiliate 3 Percent. You will be sure to find good training and more as we grow together.

  3. Hey Andy, I have been following your/this Affiliate 3 Percent blog for a while and love reading your posts. I’m sorry to hear about your injury to your shoulder, but I’m so glad the therapy is working and that it has/is healing now. I’m looking forward to your future posts and training but don’t worry if you miss your schedule, I’ll just wait until I see it arrive 🙂 Take care and look after yourself!


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