Introduction to Website Traffic Generation Through Content Design.

What is your secret to Website Traffic Generation? Mine begins with the following key tips on content creation. We will cover a great topic in this post and hopefully, you will find your first aha moment in our introduction to website traffic generation. Please enjoy your read and leave a comment below if you like our content.

The key to website traffic is Content is King

Introduction to Website Traffic Generation

You might be getting your website traffic generation started already. If, you are currently publishing a blog and have more than 30 posts created chances are at least one of your posts is driving a few search engine visitors to your site. If not and you are new to blogging and need to learn basics checking out this review will make things discussed here seem a lot less daunting.

I will try my best to explain any complex terms but recommend
for anything I don’t explain in enough detail as I have been doing this 16 years and have a tendency to talk jargon, especially when related to search engines where I was a co-owner of a small social media search hybrid for over 9 years.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Common Terms we will repeat include SEO or Search Engine Optimization which is the practice of getting your blog ready to be listed in Google. Keywords or search terms are the phrases we use when looking for information on the internet. Traffic is visitors to your blog or website. Click Through is the point a person on search or reading an advertisement clicks on the link to be taken to the target website.

We also recommend that you have certain types of tools like a good keyword research tool similar to Jaaxy that I use, and an automated response e-mail marketing system called an autoresponder similar to Aweber or RocketResponder which we use for our blog posts and e-mail marketing. Website traffic generation is so much easier when you have repeat visitors.

You will need to have tools for great content creation and editing. We use Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Content Tool, in conjunction with Open Office
and Grammarly to provide the best content possible.

Some concepts you will learn are how to use social media to drive traffic to your quality content. How to write headlines that grab attention. Tools to automate social media marketing. How to do keyword research and write search ready content humans will love. How and when to scale up your blog content and how to use advertising for Website Traffic Generation and to curb cost while establishing brand awareness.

Content is KING

Is writing great content the king of website traffic generation and if so how do you write great content?

The first step to great content is great research into your future post. You need an idea or concept, then you need to check in your keyword research tool to see exactly how people are searching for your content idea, and if there is any low hanging fruit a term we will discuss in a bit to exploit. LHF Keywords are great for Website Traffic Generation.

Why is search term so important?

A search term or keyword is how your blog posts will be found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They will also tend to serve as at least part of your title, and will be used periodically in your content to remind readers what information they are there for.

Pick off Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

A Low Hanging Fruit Keyword is one with a fair to a high amount of traffic to it but under 100 sites competing. Jaaxy has a great set of ranking criteria that has my latest blog showing numerous page one listing with traffic coming instead at just over 35 posts as of the time of this writing. In fact, all posts on the blog are indexed or listed and ranked.

Search Engine Rank Pages or SERPs are free website traffic generation just waiting to happen from the place people are looking for your information. The higher you rank such as page 1 listing 1, the better your traffic will be. More website traffic generation equals more readers, and good content means more subscribers which are pure gold to your business.

What comes next?

A good post will need research and a fair bit of it. Many bloggers write a post every 2 days allowing a full day for research alone, at the least that is a 2-hour time frame to research your topic. Research for my book has taken me 16 years so a couple of hours of research for a blog post is a piece of cake.

Things you need in your research is a customer avatar. If, you are doing a review post to earn money from an affiliate link you need to know who the person buying your product is. Are they a mom? Are they middle class? What hobbies do they have? Is vital website traffic generation information as well as help in building a customer profile. Once, the avatar is written you can research their needs.

Researching your customer’s needs.

Know your audience research your customers needs.

Imagine that customer avatar. If, you are writing a post on competitive darts for example, your customer maybe a 21-45-year-old male, who is into competition darts, has a blue-collar job, and had need for a new dart set. The new dart set being your product at the focus of your review.

You need to know dart types, different balances, weights, shafts, tips, and flights as well as performance and feedback from other pro and amateur players.

Above all, you need to know something about shooting darts. It’s time to tell your story as well as give the technical specifics and list other reviews. Images that you can legally use are also needed, and if you are also a dart player some social proof such as a video of you uses the product or someone else uses the product can go a long way in creating sales.

Writing the post.

I mentioned telling your story. That story should be an experience you have either had or have firsthand knowledge of. My friend Larry for example tried his best for 3 years to play darts and his shot was always off. He bought a new set of darts in weight 16 and found he was using a weight that was not suited to his throwing style. He also found his old darts were loosely constructed and had poorly designed shafts. Since the change, Larry keeps winning the local tournaments and swears he will never buy an inferior set again.

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Andy Anderson

Not only do you give an example of someone using the darts in question but it shows the impact of choosing the right set. Your story could be something like here’s how I improved my Cricket Scores, or how this dart set fared in 30 games of 301.

Closing the post.

Summarize the pros and cons, being sure to find at least one thing you would change, and 1 thing you really like. The more the better on both. Give a score to your review and write out your findings with a brief overview of your research.

Now read the post and see if it’s fit for human consumption. Google loves posts that focuses on people rather than Google and writing from passion and experience will sell the people aspect. Don’t be salesy or Google will see your affiliate linked post as SPAM and not list it. Give no more than 2-3 chances to visit a single product and make a purchase. Occasionally do a comparison of multiple products.

Introduction to website traffic generation

Now that you have done the research and put things together in a human-friendly structure you need to utilize your spell check, human proofreader, and or Grammarly a browser app to make sure your content is readable to the public. Double-check afterward because none of these tools can help if you have the wrong correctly spelled word in a sentence.

The rest is simple, rinse and repeat at least twice weekly until you have at least 200 post on your blog and are starting to earn some income. The Website Traffic Generation strategy is flawless, the more post and unassisted traffic the better your later scale-up will be.

Here is to hoping you enjoyed our Introduction to Website Traffic Generation. Be sure to subscribe to us in our footer for more editions and website traffic generation secrets. See you next time.

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14 thoughts on “Introduction to Website Traffic Generation Through Content Design.”

  1. Yes, content is King, you can have a good looking website, create a great social media marketing campaign but if your content is not good, visitors will bounce out as fast as they came.

    And I completely agree with you that good keyword research can help you come up with a topic that will interest your readers. After you are here to serve your readers so make sure to give them exactly what they are looking for.


    • Thanks for the great comment. Finding a good low hanging fruit keyword is just part of the battle. The next step is turning that keyword into an attractive headline, a catchy description, and a killer piece of content. All of this process should start with your reader who will decide the keyword success and ultimately the effect of the entire article.

  2. Hi Andy,

    As one in online marketing and such I appreciate the simplicity with which you laid out the process of developing successful posts with great keywords and excellent content. Sure, content is everything. Being honest with people and making it our ambition to transparently and dutifully assist others in making quality and informed decisions about a product or service is the reason we exist. What you said about writing posts not being about selling to people, but about helping them, I couldn’t agree more. And I think it’s not just a mentality for those writing blogs and doing online marketing, but I want to learn to be more “others” conscious. It keeps us healthy and the benefits are there without fighting for them. Great article and information. 

    Thanks Andy!

    • Hi Darrin and welcome to Affiliate 3 Percent. I know in my own buying choices I choose to deal with blogs and companies that are transparent and informative and hold my best interest at heart. If you think in this business you can fake that your audience proves you wrong. Sales will be CRAP!

  3. Thanks for your post. Traffic is such an ongoing issue, trying to be heard over all the noise on the Internet. I am also interested in another post you have about building a full time income on the Internet. As that is my goal I will read that post next. I’m starting getting into Facebook Ads to generate more traffic and that is a mine field, so a post on that would be great. Also using social media is another area of traffic generation that I have resisted, but which I’m now getting into. There are so many areas you need to keep focused on when trying to build traffic to your website. It is such a big area that we need all the help we can get. Your post will be very helpful for newbies, I’d love it if you would continue with this and give us more information. Or maybe this is covered in your post about making a full time income online?

    • Hi Deb. Great comment and your request will be in the works. For the time being, I have a post here about Facebook Page Promotions and using them effectively and another is linked above on using the tool Jaaxy which is great for finding people to market to on Facebook as well. Additionally, I have 7 tips for marketing effectively on Facebook here. I will definitely write a tailored post on Facebook Ads in the near future, thanks for the post idea.

  4. Wow🤩 this is an awesome article you’ve got here, it’s informative. For me, as a newbie in blogging, I had to sign up for wealthy Affiliate programs just to follow up with their teachings on Search Engine Optimization which was my major stress before now. SEO is very important if you want to make success online.


    • SEO starts with people is the big mistake marketers and bloggers often make. They start with a short technical term and forget that the term may be what they are aiming for and instead people are asking exact questions about those terms. Learn that an you will have already profited from this post as well as all of the things you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate.

  5. Thank you very much for this article. it has just come at the right time. I just finished creating my website a few weeks ago and that was when I realized that without traffic to your website, the website is as good as useless. I really want to know more about SEO and engage it. I am going to use the guide that you have given.

    • Be sure to use our other post on SEO you can find through the search bar at the top of the page. Search Engine Optimization begins with these steps but is a far more vast undertaking. Thanks for stopping in.

  6. Hello, I must say that I am amazed at this website. there is so much attention to detail and this article that you have created on SEO and traffic generation is really superb. I have been looking for a clear and explicit explanation for SEO as I plan on creating my website very soon. thank you for this

    • While only a small portion of the post is about SEO I am seeing how the whole thing relates to people optimization which will get you more click through and visitor interaction. That and the return visitor factor are really the main things one needs for SEO. The rest is the mostly technical stuff that most blogs can handle using plugins like Rank Math or Yoast.

  7. This was a well-written post with lots of good information. You have laid it all out for us nicely; now all we have to do is some good research and some good content writing and we’ll be in ’em!

    I do think your readers will appreciate your instructional post, as we are all looking for ways to increase our traffic. You’ve given us good ideas.

    • Hi Fran. This is one of man planned that have to do with making great content, choosing a good niche, monetizing the work you do, and driving a hefty amount of traffic to that post and those all important cash sites. Glad to have friends like you along for the journey.


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