Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit

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Today we are going to discuss the topic of, “Is wealthy affiliate a scam or legit?” based on my 5 years of experience with the company. I will also not this blog is hosted there and while all my reviews are independent and not swayed by financial gain I do earn $23.50 per sale of Wealthy Affiliate Memberships via this website. That said we will move on to our discussion.

Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Challenge Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit

I mentioned My Acceptance into the Wealth Affiliate Super Affiliate Challenge or SAC the other day on Affiliate 3 Percent. This review is part of the challenge but it’s also an update from my 2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review and there have been a few good changes in the platform. One of which is site speed has been greatly improved through a new caching system and Free SSL Certificates now come with included Managed WordPress Hosting.

I must also note that I am the owner of Pro Business Saver Hosting so promoting Wealthy Affiliate is counter-productive in many ways to promotion of my own site. I will say WA’s managed Hosting is superior to our Un-Managed product. If you have more traffic than supported on a managed service or need the freedom to choose plugins outside of those allowed by the security features at Wealthy Affiliate then choose Pro Business Saver Hosting. If you have lower volume as in under 100,000 visitors a month and are fine with choosing alternative plugins occasionally Managed WordPress Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Red Hot for 2019 Banner

What Is The Biggest Myth About Wealthy Affiliate?

Probably the biggest piece of false information about Wealthy Affiliate and one that may have lead you to ask Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit review is that you have to promote Wealthy Affiliate or that promoting the company is the path to making money presented and that only that path is presented.

It’s true that there is an Affiliate Boot Camp that deals entirely with promoting Wealthy Affiliate in the Make Money Online niche as your product but it is not mandatory in any manner. In fact, the first course you are encouraged to take is the Online Entrepreneurs Certification Course. The OECC will teach you to turn your dreams into a reality and never feel like you are working while you blog. This is done by teaching you to follow your own passions and interest.

Turn Your Passions Into Profits at Wealthy Affiliate University

The one feature that stands out about Wealthy Affiliate and the OECC is that you are taught to turn your hobbies and interest into a stunning blog you will love to write to even if you have never written a blog post before.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit WA Freedom Image
Financial Freedom with Wealthy Affiliate

 Imagine if you are into collecting currency and precious metals. There are thousands of companies who pay people like you to write content on this topic and will pay you a commission for each new customer you send them. What Kind Of Financial Freedom could you achieve like this? Limitless to your own desires.

That, in essence, is affiliate marketing. You pair people with items that fill their needs relating to their interest. In return, you get a commission or piece of the sale as payment for the content you have written.

Who Are The Owners of Wealthy Affiliate and How Long has WA Been Around?

Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim image
Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon

Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim of Canada are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They were two college students who met and shared a lot in common including a desire to not join the rat race and instead start a business of their own. They had been learning skills in College that lead to real-world earnings through blogging and set out to build a better more secure system to Earn Money Online. More than 10 years later they are still here and a leader in the affiliate training industry.

The early days of Wealthy Affiliate were not much, a list of keywords a month in hot niches and training on how to use them. It soon evolved into a more robust training program and tools like Jaaxy Keyword Research were added in. WordPress was discovered to be the superior blog platform but due to Open Source Code, there were a lot of dubious players who would virtually high jack sites and hold them for ransom.

The risk of being Hacked is more present today as syndicate crime and Government intrusion are at an all-time high. The modern Wealthy Affiliate is equipped to handle most threats and recover sites in minutes that have been hacked. That is the biggest benefit of having a Managed WordPress Hosting service. This aspect of Wealthy Affiliate alone could cost you up to $40 a month.

Wealthy Affiliate Features

  • Laser Fast WordPress Managed Hosting
  • Jaxxy Lite for Premium Users You will not need another keyword research tool.
  • Training lessons that turn any passion into profits and let you grow your own dream business.
  • Affiliate training from expert members in the peer to peer training library.
  • Hundreds of hours of over the shoulder how to videos with Kyle and others showing you how they build live websites.
  • Live Chat and Social Features like in house blog and news feed, personal messaging and discussion post.
  • 24/7 live support that has wait times under 1 hour on most days and times.
  • Kyle and Carson, the owners are active in chats and comments and answer their own PM’s
  • Affiliate Program that pays 25% commissions to free members and 50% commissions to premium members.
  • The most supportive and motivating community of over 1 million members online.
  • Weekly Live Webinars and Q&A session. Valuable training each Friday.

The affiliate program converts over 14% of free members to pro members and is residual commissions for the life of the referral. Commissions range from $23.50 a month to $175 per year per Premium Membership Referral.

Cons Against Wealthy Affiliate Membership

  1. There are programs that offer similar though not as complete training for once off pricing.
  2. Website hosting can be found elsewhere for less than the cost and eventually you will outgrow the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting
  3. The platform when you follow their training you have every chance to make serious income but still have a chance at failure.
  4. It could be 6 months to a year before you start seeing results.

No program can remove, the “You factor” from the equation. With any business, you have to stick with the training, stick with the companies you affiliate with, and keep blogging even when results are poor to non-existing and Let’s face it. Not everyone has the learning abilities of the next person. It can take 1 person 30 days to pass the EOCC and Affiliate BootCamp both and be making money in as little as a month to 6 weeks. The next person could spend 2 years on lessons and take 14 months to see any serious sales.

My own Personal WA Story is Amazing

Andy Zeus Anderson Wealthy Affiliate Member
Andy Anderson

Not only has the training improved my business and lead to the starting of an entirely new brand as Affiliate 3 Percent. We have also earned thousands of dollars along the way from search engine traffic through the small fleet of blogs I recently downsized to focus on

I started my affiliate marketing business in 2003, back before there was a Wealthy Affiliate and missed much of its growth. In fact, my path leads me to become a good blogger, but more of a social media marketer and search engine optimization man. In 2004, I was running my own social media network and met a guy with a small alternative search engine. We hashed out this crazy idea and ZTCUSA and Easy Search Live became Kooiii Social Media Search. Kooiii was a hybrid that would launch us to over 7,000 members, 3 million monthly page views, 7 million monthly ad views, and 600,000 unique visitors a month.

All we had to do was direct that traffic towards a program and it exploded in near-overnight success. Our personal best was putting 83 members into a program with over 30% conversion to a monthly upgrade inside 24 hours of promoting. We were a growing affiliate threat for 9 years until I had to leave because of a nervous breakdown from too many years of 80-100 hour work weeks.

I developed Bi-Polar Depression and Severe Social Anxiety issues as a result of my condition. When I was better, about 10 months later I set to get back into affiliate marketing on a part-time basis. I built up my Strong Future International free membership into enough income to afford to go premium in Wealthy Affiliate. I needed to get my Mojo Back and refresh the training I had used for over a decade.

How Wealthy Affiliate is Changing My Life Today

Wealthy Affiliate taught me things I never knew about search marketing and blogs, and affiliate marketing in general. I began seeing a financial light so my depression has lightened up on most days since then. I started blogging which lead me back into affiliate marketing via social media and my social anxiety was getting better for it. In fact, my blogs became the most effective therapy in my recovery.

I finally was able to take in my first Major League Baseball game last September in fact and something went from scared to death to this isn’t too bad along the way. I can now go shopping again without chest pains and we just opened up a Swap Meet Stand for the weekends through our winter snowbird season. We have been a sales monster and I owe it all to Wealthy Affiliate.

Join Wealthy Affiliate University

So if you ask me is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit I will conclude.

Hell no. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. W.A. helps people turn passions like my niche here helping you find financial freedom by following my path to a top 3% affiliate marketer, and my early retirement niche blog into a lucrative business that can scale up from a few hundred to a few thousand and even over 1 million dollars a year. There are members We have met making $40,000 a month in Wealthy Affiliate.

There are great incentives too. If I promote and sell 300, premium memberships in any given year I get to go to Las Vegas and spend 4 days and 3 nights in a conference with other top affiliates, Kyle and Carson as well as all expenses paid including cash money for gaming or shows held each year. The Super Affiliate Challenge I am in right now is teaching me how to get to Vegas and generate a minimum of $6,000 a month income. Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit I would say 100% Legit and the best value ever in this type of business.

My name is Andy Zeus Anderson and I would be Proud to be your Wealthy Affiliate Sponsor.

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34 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit”

  1. im really impressed by the article that you wrote about wealthy affiliate, I think lots of people have a some idea like this, wondering is it legal or scam, I knew this affiliate long time ago but I didn’t take serious of it.

    at end of  2018, Its the turning point of my life, one of my best friend told me that he started to making some money online, on this opportunity I started to understand more about wealth affiliate, and decided to be a premium member, now I can’t wait for making my own story, good article !

    • We started with the same question as this post topic. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit? I was writing a review for a different blog and discovered the program and took the initial free trial. Impressed by the training I soon went Premium having taken the special offer of $19 for your first month. By February the following year, I was paying my subscription annually and 5 years later I am excited about my business still. God bless you and your future success and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Andy,

    I enjoyed reading your post about Wealthy Affiliate. I firmly believe Wealthy Affiliate is a great product, platform, and community with a lot to offer. I believe the reason that some people believe it to be a scam is because they do not understand the product and simply see a MLM scheme where you earn an income by recruiting other members. While you can certainly earn money this way, a lot of people find a ton of value promoting other products yet are still happy WA members.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Yeah, there are no MLM aspects about Wealthy Affiliate and assuming starts with a 3 letter word momma doesn’t approve of. The biggest way past those assumptions is knowledge about what affiliate marketing is, and how it works as I outline in this post. Thank you for a well thought out comment Nick.

  3. I recently started my blogging journey and very much relate to you helping your depression and anxiety by blogging – mental health is actually why I started my blogging journey, it helps me to focus on the positives, away from PTSD, TBI and anxiety myself. I love the Wealthy Affiliate platform – without it, I don’t think I’d have trusted myself to try and build a website alone!

    • I too am borderline PTSD myself from my time as a volunteer fireman, and from seeing a couple of people killed in work-related accidents early on in life. Some images stick with you and you don’t know when you will have episodes or how you will react during them. Anxiety gets better with blogging. I mentioned being able to take in a Baseball game amid a crowd of over 36,000 Arizona Diamondbacks fans. We got loud, we got rowdy it was great. Here is to your blogging journey, may it bring as much peace to you as it has in my life.

  4. Hi, Andy, I have to commend you for doing such a detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate. As a woman who spent so much time and wasted so much money searching for a good program to learn affiliate marketing, I have to say that Wealthy Affiliate is a dream come true for me.
    I do agree with you 100% Wealthy Affiliate is legit, and I mean for the price they charge is not really worth the service, I mean hosting alone in other places would cost more than the $49 that Wealthy Affiliate charges for the whole package.
    The kind of training that Wealthy Affiliate provides you will not find it anywhere else for that price that is for sure.
    Plus all the extra help and support from the community, I have searched because even after joining Wealthy Affiliate I wasn’t fully convinced but I can assure you there is no any other platform like wealthy Affiliate with over 1 million active members, a place where the owners are communicating with the members on a daily basis.
    For anyone who wants to start an online business, WA is the place to be


    • Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the bee’s knees as mom would say. I have added up more than $500 a month in value and I pay only $359 a year for it. They have been online since 2005 and in 14 years have not hiked the price yet. They have however continually strived to make the value even more than years before.

  5. Yes, Andy and another thing I like is the fact that there is no up-sale whatsoever, what you see is what you get, You pay for your premium and that’s it. See I had problems with up sales, some programs you join thinking its one price and then the up sales start and in the end you just end up losing money.

    So I was very cautious about that, but Wealthy Affiliate does not have up sale which I love because you can budget easily without worries that things will be changed in the middle of the training.

  6. Andy,
    First I would like to thank you for telling your story, which is a fascinating one and a roller coaster of a ride for you.
    My brother has had bipolar depression for decades and I know what a debilitating condition this can be.
    My heart truly goes out to you and your inspirational journey to return to affiliate marketing after such a devastating event.
    This is a very detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate and I appreciate it.
    I have been looking into affiliate marketing but have been very nervous about all the scams out there and I cannot afford to lose thousands on a worthless scheme.
    I know that success is never guaranteed no matter what business we are in but I feel more comfortable now that I have read about Wealthy Affiliate in greater depth.
    I will definitely consider it now.
    Good luck with that challenge that you are doing and I wish you happiness and success in all that you do.

    • Thank you, Collette. I have had a good journey coming back towards full circle but many suffer, with little hope for recovery. I am open about the challenge I face because silence is deafening and you can’t hear the screams for help because of it. Wealthy Affiliate is a 110% win. Barring the You Factor, it can really turn anyone’s passions into at least a part-time income and since year one I have made more than enough to come back year after year out of profits. I did have a few months I wasn’t premium while I faced some health issues along the way but now I pay annually and haven’t had a lapse in 2 years. I have spent over $1500 on dues and it’s been tax-deductible money well spent.

  7. You have really gone through a lot Andy and you definitely came out strong. Wealthy affiliate sure is an amazing platform and personally, I think the information the platform has to offer is actually a lot more than the asking price for their membership fee. I have been a member for some few months and although I have not yet started to see progress I still believe that I am in the right place and I am getting the training and motivation to keep my online business moving.

    Wealthy affiliate is definitely not a scam and only benefit those that are ready to learn and put in the work till they get the result they are looking for.

  8. Pretty cool man you are a Internet Marketing vet for sure. You have a pretty impressive resume going back to 2003. Wow. I was just getting out of the military and working in the telecom world. That was when I first got interested in network marketing. Which I found out was not the best way for me directly at least. 

    Through my network marketing business I needed a way to market my products and business. So started building websites. Then I found Wealthy Affiliate. I can attest that I have not found a better place to host my sites. Although I do use other platforms. 

    To compare and contrast and try something new. I think that is a great idea. But Pound for Pound Wealthy Affiliate is the move! 

    So you have been in the Online Marketing business for a while now. Where do you see it going in the future? Do you think that WA will stay in the forefront? 

    • This year alone Kyle and Carson have done so much to update older training materials the site design and make things more mobile friendly. Our blogs are mobile ready and that is the real future of the internet as more people connect through phones and tablets. Banner ads get smaller, text ads get more important, and content is the forefront as always. SEO or search engine optimization will continue to get more expensive as demand for services continues to outgrow providers, and local SEO becomes even more of a force because of global competition for prime search terms.

      I see alternative search engines growing more, Bing and Yahoo already have over 30% share of the search marketing pool and Facebook search is used nearly as much as Google already, making Facebook Ads an even greater value. Twitter is on the grow again and image engines like Instagram and Pinterest are massively popular. Youtube is still the webs largest traffic source with massive user engagement. Again content sells more than ads in this realm.

      Affiliate marketing can only go up. More retailers added to the marketplace each year vying for a few billion humans on earth with internet connections and fighting to be seen will increasingly use affiliate marketing to control promotional cost and pay for action instead of raw clicks. Hoping this answers your question.

  9. Hi; I do agree one hundred per cent that Wealthy Affiliate is not a Scam, it is one hundred per cent legit!!! Not everyone will make money on the first train, but that could not be a Wealthy Affiliate responsibility

    . No one will make a sale without having visitors to their Sites. That is the responsibility of ever Affiliate including me.

    Do you know of a WordPress Plugin that drives traffic to one’s website?


    • There are a few plugins that trade Native Ads sharing your post on other blogs and their post on yours below your content but they tend to take as much traffic away as they give when your blog is new and unknown. They also may not work on Managed Hosting like WA because they are often not in the WordPress Repository and are privately updated so their security system may see them as risky. Your best bet though is to save early funds for a paid campaign on Facebook Ads or Through a native ads site like Taboola where the traffic is coming in without 6-9 more reasons to leave your site.

  10. Wealthy affiliate is the best platform for affiliate marketing I have ever seen. I came across this site sometimes last year and I’m proud to tell you that I have achieved a lot of things , I run a site which I built with the help of this platform. Wealthy affiliate is not a scam it is my number one recommendation for anyone who wants to venture into the online world.

  11. Dhayours I couldn’t agree more. Wealthy Affiliate has changed and continues to reshape my life putting me back in touch with things I have forgotten and in touch with things I never knew and that’s hard considering my motto is learn something every day and teach something every day that you have learned.

  12. Hi Andy, though I have read so many reviews about wealthy Affiliate but this is the best. Why? Because all other reviews failed to pinpoint the cons of wealthy Affiliate. They only talk about the pros and it makes it look like a hype. I’m a newbie on the wealthy Affiliate platform and still undergoing trainings. I must confess, I do think blogging is a very serious task to achieve, but with WA its just another slice in the pizza. It is being presented in such a very simple and interesting way. I appreciate your success on the platform and I look forward to becoming a success too.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks, Darrick. Our mission here at Affiliate 3 Percent is to give honest reviews regardless of how much we stand to make. Some programs like Wealthy Affiliate are seriously easy to become a cheerleader over but there is not one program online today that is impossible to fail in. I know some people have lost money because they didn’t give themselves enough time to learn the ropes and get the practice in to make it big. There are others of us turning traffic into opportunity already with small blogs like this one which is only on post 19 for what will be hundreds of post by this time next year. It all goes into work ethics and realistic expectations. This is the You Factor I talk about as the biggest issue among the cons. Many people will fail but the issue is almost always them, they just don’t want it bad enough or want it too fast to be realistic.

  13. Hi Andy,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative review with all the necessary information about “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit”

    I totally agree with you that wealthy affiliate is not a scam.It is a 100% legit program by which one can earn a pacific money.Wealthy affiliate is the best affiliate market and it is very friendly for beginners.I am a premium member of wealthy affiliate. I believe that this is the best platform to earn money from home.It offers a lot more than the asking price for their membership.Wealthy affiliate offers training,live chat for their members.I think i am on the right path of earning a passive money as wealthy affiliate is offers a great opportunity to earn money.This review is very helpful for those people who want to know perfectly about the wealthy affiliate as you highlighted the review so nicely.I have gained all the thorough details of wealthy affiliate after reading this review.I am going to share this review with my friends and relatives so that they can also learn that wealthy affiliate is a 100% legit program.

    • In 16 years online there have been only two programs that I have gone totally Gaga over and Wealthy Affiliate is the strongest of them. I like the fact that it teaches my teams in other opportunities to be strong affiliates and thus as a team we all make more money. If you are into MLM, or Network Marketing it is a near must to have a blog and know how to use it to drive traffic and convert leads but even as a product based affiliate there is massive potential and I love how people just like you and me are totally changing their lives with Wealthy Affiliate.

  14. I have benefited greatly by reading your article.I enjoyed reading your post about Wealthy Affiliate. I firmly believe Wealthy Affiliate is a great product, platform, and community with a lot to offer. I believe the reason that some people believe it to be a scam is because they do not understand the product and simply see a MLM scheme where you earn an income by recruiting other members. While you can certainly earn money this way, a lot of people find a ton of value promoting other products yet are still happy WA members.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Not sure where they would see an MLM scheme when no part of Wealthy Affiliate has anything to do with MLM. Affiliate marketing is like the door to door salesman without having to make a sales pitch. You work on commissions for introducing new customers to an existing store or program. It’s not rocket science and shouldn’t be confusing but some people assume too much and know too little.

  15. Hi Andy,

    I Loved your post very much. I found your post really inspiring. I am a beginner at Wealthy Affiliate and I loving it day by day. I started making from here since the 4th day of joining. I am fully agreed with you that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It is something more than legit and the best place for earning and learning affiliate marketing.

    Thank you so much for such a nice post. 

    • Proud to see you are finding success in such a short period of time. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a blessing for those looking to start a business while lacking the money to do so.

  16. Hi Andy
    I think you answered your own question pretty conclusively there, WA is 100% legit. Speaking from my own experience you definitely only get out what you put in though and I like that you acknowledge there is no set time to becoming a success in this business. I myself tinkered around the edges for a couple of years, not really jumping in because I found excuses not to. Once I made up my mind however to give it my best sot I found that WA was just the best and most unique platform I have ever come across and whilst the training element is the foundation to that commendation, it is the community at WA that sets it apart for me. I have never experienced anything so supportive and knowledgeable anywhere else.

    I would say to anyone reading your review, and wondering is this for me or not, ‘What do you have to lose?’ because the answer is nothing. You get the first course absolutely free and don’t need to take out your credit card unless you decide to continue. It really is a no brainer for anyone serious about wanting to create a lucrative income from home.

    Thanks for sharing your personal journey Andy, I am sure you will inspire a great many people with your honesty as well as your success.

    Best regards

    • Thanks Alison. I have to agree that the community surrounds Wealthy Affiliate really sets it apart. That and the fact they teach you skills you can use to turn anything you love doing into an extra income or even a full-time business.

  17. Hi Andy, OK I get that WA is not a scam or “get rich quick “ scheme. How long, on average, does it take for a person with zero IT skills to be earning say a modest $5,000 per month?
    I understand the community gives ongoing moral support, however do they help with technical issues? Yes, you guessed it, I am a bit freaked because I have zero tech skills.
    Another question? I believe traffic is somewhat challenging to grow. Did you come up with a formula to grow traffic quickly and would you be willing to share?
    Look forward to your hearing from you.
    Cheers Jill

    • Hi Jill, talk about some great questions.

      As to how long to grow a modest $5,000 a month in income I can’t answer that without being YOU. That’s because the YOU FACTOR is what sets every affiliate apart. It’s why some people lose money while others reach that top 3% of affiliates who earn the bulk of the commissions earned online. The You Factor can have one person do more work and another does less, one focus on quality, and another focus on quantity. I can tell you it is very possible to reach those numbers in 2 years time doing an average of 3 articles a week with the right product(s) to promote in a niche they are passionate about.

      Traffic can grow fast once you have enough doorways on the Information Superhighway we call the Internet. Just 144 articles on your blog have the potential to draw over 86,400 unique visitors a year to your blog. Need more traffic you can scale up by hiring a ghostwriter to create more posts or doors on that highway. Compound this by using social media ads and native ad campaigns on sites like Taboola, and your traffic will explode affordably. All you have to do is learn to target low hanging fruit keywords, capture leads, get social with your followers, and get paid. I personally put at least 50% of my earnings back into my business either through advertising or content generation. For more information on scaling up your business read this post.

  18. Awesome article and great collection of information and options. Not a lot of people know about affiliate marketing, and it can be very complicated, so it is awesome to have people like you, and the creators of Wealthy Affiliate who are there to help in the process. 

    I was skeptical before joining, but it is now one of my favorite platforms. The tools and information they give is simply amazing! Thanks for the great write-up, take care 🙂

    • Thank you, Gabriel. Wealthy affiliate has been the home of training and stellar website hosting for me for over 5 years now. I just paid my annual membership at the first of the month of March 2020 and am set to begin a new year still in the running with the Super Affiliate Challenge and as excited as ever. I have even learned the skills to start my own Local SEO business and develop WordPress blogs for others. These skills will alone have me on the path to 7 figures even before my affiliate income.

  19. Thanks for this wonderful article, wealthy affiliate is not a scam, and it is a very legit business. WA has training lessons that turn any passion into profit and let you grow your own dream business. I love the site because it creates room for quick learning in business and also for-profit….it also have other great features too.

    • Hi Joy. I love the flexibility of earning money from the training of Wealthy Affiliate. Other programs teach you only how to make money in the Make Money from home Niche and not from general niche marketing. As you stated, with WA you can earn from any interest, hobby, training, or natural ability you choose.


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