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Jaaxy is a keyword research tool created by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate to simplify keyword planning and search engine ranking for their million-plus members. Wealthy Affiliate Members who operate blogs and websites and need the best SEO keyword research tool without the add on features that make similar tools for search engine optimization and local SEO cost up to 5 times as much.

Jaaxy Review Is Jaaxy the Best SEO Keyword Research Tool Hands Down?

Jaaxy Review SEO Keyword Research Tool

When it comes to Keyword Planners I have used before you usually have 2 styles and they don’t interchange. Keyword Planner style 1 is the Adwords Planner which is more of a Keyword Research Tool based on Pay Per Click cost and competition. The other kind of Keywords Planner was the SEO Keyword Planner variety which is basically what Jaaxy is.

An SEO Keyword Research Tool is focused on finding good keywords with plenty of traffic but a very low amount of competition. These keywords are considered Low Hanging Fruit and are easy to rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for. The problem before Jaaxy is you often needed a degree in search engine marketing to be able to use a Keyword Research Tool for SEO. Back then you paid a hefty price for keyword research tools like competition On-Page analyzers, link analyzers, link builders and more than the average person with a brand new blog just can afford and doesn’t really need.

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Fact: Half the tools on the market are designed for professional Search Engine Optimization firms earning $2,000 a month per client or more. They are not designed for the average webmaster or blogger to even be able to understand.

Who is this Jaaxy Review For?

Well, if you have a blog or website you want to get ranked on Google for but aren’t ready for a deluxe system like the ones from aHrefs or Moz. Like you this blog is a small business blog, not a part of a large network or operated by a Search Engine Optimization company. Our earnings are too low at this point to need a keyword research tool that costs over $100 a month or more, but our demands are nearly as great. We need to be competitive but can’t pay thousands of dollars a year to compete with million-dollar sites. For us, there is Jaaxy.

Look inside Jaaxy Pro

We have needs of certain core keyword research information for SEO done In-House

  • We need to have a suggestion of keywords based on the search terms we already have:
  • There is a need for the search volume of those keywords along with approximate traffic for page 1 ranking. After all, we don’t want to chase keywords with no traffic.
  • A Must-have is a Competition index that is easy to understand. We need to know how many sites we are up against.
  • If helps to have a score that shows us how competitive the niche is in terms of difficulty to rank.
  • We need to know the term will improve our overall SEO ranking too.

Jaaxy’s Keyword Research Tool does all of these with simple helpful tips to get us started fast and adds in tools like a domain finder, and keyword list so we can save the terms we are planning to use for future posts.

Other Jaaxy Resources considered in this Jaaxy Review

Jaxxy has other tools as well as an alphabet soup tool for discovering keyword opportunities in your niche. In addition, you will find a top of the line search engine rankings trackers called site rank which tells you where your pages rank by day, week, or monthly tracking report. Watch as your site climbs the ranks and address changes if other sites begin to push your site back down the ranks.

Jaaxy Search Analysis Tool

Another great feature of the Jaaxy keyword research tool is the search analysis tool (Pictured Above). This singular tool allows you to see the information from Google of the top 10 ranked websites for a search term.

See the SEO titles they use, the Keyword descriptions, and break down the number of words on the page, number of links within the site, number of inbound links used for ranking, Alexa rank, and if they even have Google Adsense on site. The best thing is they show you the keyword density on the page for the exact search term you are trying to rank for. Sometimes beating number 1 is as simple as listing your search term one more time in the text of your page.

One of the coolest features in The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is the Affiliate Program finder.
Affiliate Program Finder inside Jaaxy

For every search term, especially product-related terms Jaaxy can find you related affiliate programs to join. While this tool is not always helpful it is a nice feature left off by the competition that can spell a lot of extra income for your website or blog. As seen in the image above you get the product name and information, a link to the sales page, the percent or amount of commission paid, a button to get the current Alexa Traffic Ranking, and a link to the network listing. Available networks are ClickBank, LinkShare, Digital River, and Commission Junction.

Jaaxy Review Pros:

  • Amazingly simple to use and understand the tool.
  • Well documented on the web through videos and tutorials on YouTube and other sites.
  • All features have a popup bubble that describes their use.
  • Tools offered comparable to or greater than the competition for less than half the cost.
  • Killer Search Analysis tool.
  • Ninja Affiliate Program Finder.
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool offers a lucrative Affiliate Program of its own 40% of the sale.


Jaaxy Review Cons:

Support Ticket/ e-mail support not available. Support is handled by on-site videos and pop-up bubbles. To request support from a human you must do so through site support at either Siterubix or Wealthy Affiliate. That said in 5 years of using the tool I have only needed direct support once.

No Link Suggestion Tool. Other products have a suggestion tool based on the most common inbound links to your top 5 competitors pages. This is one of the best potential add-ons for Jaaxy, but again those programs cost 2-5 times as much as Jaaxy.

Affiliate Program. You don’t have banners or logo files to make banners inside Jaaxy, just a search box you can add to your website or blog and 3 link options. There is another banner available inside the affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate but the average user will need to manually save the Jaaxy logo and make their own banners for Jaaxy. The one Above I Made in a few minute’s time but most people have to get a designer to make one via Fiverr or other Freelance Jobs site.

Jaaxy Affiliate Banners needed

Jaaxy Review Summary: Jaaxy is The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool Without a Doubt!

Between the many professional features, the ease of use, the on-site training, and the lack of unused bloat that drives prices up for other tools make Jaaxy a win for small business owners like myself. I will include pricing tables below so you can finally see just how cheap Jaaxy really is but before that, I have to tell you there is a way to secure 50% OFF the price of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Pro or Enterprise Accounts and that is upgrading from Jaaxy Lite which comes free with Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership.

When you are a Wealthy Affiliate Member you get world-class managed WordPress Hosting, Jaaxy Lite, and the best online affiliate training anywhere in the world for a single price per month of $49 or by the year at $495. But if you prefer to just add Jaaxy to your business I am adding the final table below for you to see pricing as of 4/26/2019 when this original post was written.

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Jaaxy Prices and Comparrison Chart

Get the Free Trial of 30 Searches or Secure Your First Month Now!

Still here? Take a search and test the keyword research tool below and then share your thoughts in our comments section. If, you don’t love Jaaxy we want to know what your reasoning is. Found a comparable tool for under $50 a month then share in a comment, name no link and we will review it as well. Your Jaaxy Review SEO Keyword Research Tool has been fun to write, and Jaaxy will have us seeing you in the SERPS in no time.

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18 thoughts on “Jaaxy Review SEO Keyword Research Tool”

  1. Thank you for introducing such a cool tool. I have never heard of Jaaxy until recently and it’s intriguing what it can do.

    Seo is clearly a critical part of online marketing and searches and I now know that its impossible to do any business on line successfuly without the right tools to help compete and in some cases provide leverage.

    The price is very affordable, I like to imagine that there are a few things I can give up to get something I really want and this is one I may have to give up some of the morning coffe to get. 

    The rating looks great and only pulled down by the lack of online support. This is something that is probably not very necessary on this tool. it’s not a deal breaker for me, which makes the rating very high. I will start with the free 30 just to be sure. Thanks!

    • Zikora you won’t be disappointed. Jaaxy is 10 to 15 cups of coffee a month if you go to Starbucks, it’s dinner out twice a month of a movie night for 2 you have to cut back on. In the end, this tool can easily pump enough traffic into your blog to have you doubling your caffeine intake in no time at all.

  2. As a beginner blogger I’m looking for a free or the low cost keyword research tool, but I’m still not sure how exactly to use it. Can you please explain a bit more about the metrics that Jaaxy provides for each keyword? For example, what is QSR? How should I choose the best keyword?
    Also, what are the alternative tools at this price level and what makes Jaaxy a better (if you think so) choice?
    Thanks a lot

    • QSR is Quoted Search Results which is the number of sites ranked when doing an Exact Match Search for the keyword you choose. You can match this up by using Googles advanced search feature and selecting exact match but you get this for quick reference in Jaaxy. About the only other tool in the class of Jaaxy is actually a full suite of tools for Search Engine SEO that rounds a minimum $97 a month from aHrefs and depends on how many times you need it a month. For a simple blog, you are looking 2 times the funds with a scale-up needed sooner and having a bunch of tools you will likely never use inflating the price.

  3. Hi there, I stumbled across your blog post after doing a search for affiliate programs to promote. I am already using Jaaxy, but didn’t know that they offer a cool feature like the Affiliate Program finder! That’s amazing and I’m so glad I found your post as I wouldn’t have even known that this existed. Thank you so much for sharing. A great product like Jaaxy has just gone up in my estimations 🙂 Cheers, Karen

    • Thank Karen. Sad to say I often forget to use it myself. I don’t know how many times on my old blog I left dollars on the table because I didn’t use all the tools of Jaaxy.

  4. I’m glad for this site, and I hope it works. I’ve only been using it for a little over a month now, so don’t know yet. When I look up my site it says it can’t be found on page one. How do I find out what page it’s on? I enjoyed your tips, I look forward to more!

    • Jaaxy will tell you when a site is ranked for a search term on the first 10 pages of Google. It takes time for a ranking to work up and depends on factors like the relationship your actual content has with the search term(s) chosen, the use of the keywords in alt tags for images, the amount and quality of content on your blog, the number of links from other pages on your site to the new content, the number of links from other sites to your new content, and the amount your content is being shared in social media are all factors.

  5. I use Jaaxy as one keyword research tool and your review accurately describes what it will do and how you can leverage the power it offers for small business owners. Whether you are working in the affiliate marketing niche, the online training niche, agency niche, etc. it can help.

    The cons you mention are not serious enough in my mind to take Jaaxy out of the running as a viable tool for operating your business efficiently. The more organic traffic you can generate the cheaper the cost per acquisition you will have with customers, and this is where Jaaxy shines for us.

    As you mention, the type of keyword research tool is also useful for paid ads (i.e. Google Adwords Planner) and our team does tap into that for YouTube, Facebook, Bing, and Google ads that we may place from time to time. Since our focus is long-term, we do tap much more into Jaaxy to use the features it offers, to increase the organic traffic.

    If someone is on the fence about the Jaaxy tool, they do have a chance to give it a try with the free searches you get after signing up, or of course, they can get the free version through membership on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. That free version is likely enough for most marketers that are just starting out.

    Good breakdown of what you get with Jaaxy, how to use it, and why you need such a tool for online business. Any niche needs it too if they are interested in getting attention to the content and offers they may have on their website. It provides a lot of value for the price.

    • Thanks, Dave, I 115% Agree and probably undersold the ability to use the same intelligence and apply it to Paid Advertising placements as well. There are so many potential applications that can bring about a great return on investment. I personally use Jaaxy Pro because I webmaster multiple sites and take 3rd party ghostwriting assignments as well, but agree most bloggers are best served to get Jaaxy Lite for free with Wealthy Affiliate membership.

  6. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing such a informative review on Jaaxy keyword .I have heard about jaaxy  before but never acquired so many details about it .Your review helped me to know much about it.I can now surely  say that Jaaxy is the best SEO keyword research tool.You described about Jaaxy keyword so nicely in the review . Your review will help new blogger to get familiar with jaaxy keyword which is fast and low cost keyword tool.

    Thank you again for sharing this article with us . I will share this with my friends and family .

    • Thanks, Fahim. You are quickly becoming a regular to these pages I appreciate all your feedback and comments. Jaaxy is definitely the best tool of its kind for the comparable results and the ease of use make it very beginner friendly. Most people can learn how it’s used within the free 30 searches and have it mastered in a month of good use.

  7. Thank you so much for this Jaaxy review. I got to know about this powerful tool when I joined wealthy Affiliate but seriously, I never knew its this powerful as highlighted in this post by you. I’m still a rookie in blogging but ive been made to understand the function of SEO as one of the main ways to quickly maintain a presence online and be recognised by google with worthy keywords and contents. I like the fact that jaaxy helps with site ranking as this helps to keep track of my progress. I have really learnt a lot from this post. I have free searches available to me on jaaxy, though yet to use it but I will engage in its usage now. Thanks

    • Be sure to use those free searches to the maximum and they just might pay for you to go pro in the near future while even putting a few bucks in your pocket. I did some math and at my current pace with the Super Affiliate Challenge, I stand to write a minimum of 144 articles in the next year. If Proper SEO gets me an average of 1 visitor a day from each of those articles and I can get a 3% conversion rate to Jaaxy of Wealthy Affiliate referrals I could make an entire business off the affiliate program at Jaaxy or WA alone.

  8. Andy, as always, you knock it out of the park. The thing I like about your blogs is they are always positive, and never get bogged down in the details. That is a problem I’m starting to notice in my writing. It helps to see how pros present topics and ideas in a blog.

    I have done a lot of keyword research lately, and many of the competition results are surprising, to say the least. For example, some keywords that are, shall we say, grammatically challenged, have a huge number of monthly searches. Yet the competition for some of these is very low. This is priceless information and just magnifies the value/cost relationship.

    • Yes, some folks just go for the main words in a search instead of a sentence you can target directly and make sense in your writing. These terms work great in a broad match search but look horrible if you write your work around them. I try to use those terms in proper English and let Google sort out the targeting, all the words are there although and I can add the mixed search term to my Keywords under All in One SEO. Thanks for your wonderful complements.

  9. Hi Andy,

    I learned from your review, and I will be watching the video, and also experimenting with the Affiliate Program finder. Your review has been super helpful as I have overlooked some of the features you mentioned here.

    I am sure it will help others compare other products with Jaaxy.

    Indeed a great service.



    • Thanks Ana,

      Jaxxy Lite comes free with Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership but I pay to upgrade to Pro for some of the added perks. I will also share that if you are a WA premium member you get a discount of 50% for upgrading to Pro or Enterprise with Jaaxy.


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