Red Hot Lead Conversion Squared Review

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Red Hot Lead Conversion Squared Review, Is This Webinar and Work Shop Right For You?

Red Hot Lead Conversion Squared Review

In case you haven’t heard, Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely are doing it again. The will be breaking the internet-wide open for business owners of all types with the Lead Conversion System event of the year. This FREE 3-day webinar and workshop are definitely right up your alley if you need red hot buyer leads that are pre-qualified for big-ticket purchases.

LCS2 or Lead Conversion Squared Review ahead! Is this a program right for your business and what’s inside?

So you are probably asking what is Lead Generation Squared?

LCS2 is a system developed by top affiliate marketers and product authors Chad Nicely of Eversuite Elite and The original Lead Generation System event which was a massive 7-day intensive training that we will see in a minute what attendees had to say. He is an expert at all things Social Media and has pulled millions of dollars out of sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

He is partnered for Lead Conversion Squared with Daven Michaels who’s companies include, “123 Companies”, a virtual assistant center in the Philippines and has headlined dozens of speaking engagements around the globe since 2011.

Daven’s goal is to help people smartly automate the process of lead conversions through a combination of hands-on tactics, safe automation, and eventually scaling up through ethical outsourcing.

The program we are seeing unfold is a 3-day live event totally around 6 hours of evening live event training starting 5 PM Pacific Time on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of September 2020. These 3 nights will showcase skills needed for total business development including lead generation and lead conversion systems.

Lead Conversion Squared is also a workshop one should register as a free member ASAP because there are numerous bonus training resources and classes in the VIP Back office. Just 1 of 3 bonuses you get for attending the free webinar event worth over $2,000. I will include some screenshots of my member’s area below.

Inside the Lead Conversion Squared VIP Attendee Back Office

Contest and viewer interaction abound as they have opportunities for free webinar attendees to win random cash drawings and even a top prize of $3,000.

What Is The Lead Conversion Squared Facebook Group I have Heard About?

Inside the member’s area at Lead Conversion Squared we are able to join through our rewards system the LCS Facebook Group. The Lead Generation Masterclass Group, which is exclusive to those who are attending this event and will be packed with feedback on the event, communications about event concepts, and real-world tips from industry insiders on marketing your business now.

I just joined it today and haven’t been in the Lead Conversion Squared group long but engagement seems high and excitement abounds.

Facebook Mastermind Group Lead Conversion Masterclass

The fact is these guys have done this before and the fact so many are coming back for another free Lead Conversion Squared webinar event with cash in hand for the back end spells volumes. I know people who have already bought the product on the first event and are now looking on to see what is new in the 2020 version.

Lead Conversion Squared will definitely be the interactive social media event of 2020 just off the power of this Group which is nearly 10,000 members as of this morning.

What is the benefit of a Lead Conversion System and Lead Conversion Training?

If you have been in business long you know there is nothing more expensive than buying leads that don’t convert or developing leads that just sit there and do nothing. I can put out a newsletter all day long and recruit thousands of people to my e-mail list but if nobody is buying my product in my price range I am screwed!

Sorry, but that’s “SCREWED GLUED AND TATTOOED” as I watch my business fail. With lead conversion systems and lead conversion training, I can learn to not only gather leads. But target people ready to buy in my industry and weed out the fence-sitters, the broke bastards, and the not serious among them so my time is spent working real quality high ticket leads and prospects.

Lead Conversion Squared Review Testimonial 1

By automating the process, and even outsourcing some of the work I can keep my sanity and start counting profits. In my case, I am a Local Search Engine Optimization Specialist. I sell Website Design and SEO services that sometimes rang in the thousands of dollars a site.

My average client re-bills for example can be $400 a month. My lowest per hour rate is around $50-$75 per hour but my time is limited.

I have a choice in buying endless leads I still need to cultivate. Or I can learn to target the right buyer, at the right time, and get them into a funnel that will pull cash from their pockets in the least amount of time and energy from yours truly.

I also am an Affiliate Marketer who is now focusing on higher ticket sales.  This lead conversion squared training system is a prime example. If people like the free training and stick on for the full monty my commissions could be up to $900 for each of you.

Needless to say my business needs people who are pre-qualified for bit ticket purchases, for high-end product sales. I can do my own SEO for much of this recruiting but conversion is on the other end of the spectrum. That’s where a dedicated sales funnel comes in.

Who does Lead Conversion Squared work for I heard mention of SEO and Affiliate Marketers but What About Consulting firms, Lawyers, and others sometimes offline only businesses?

Example opf training for First Time Business Owners at LCS2

Chad Nicely and Dave Michaels has developed the system and lead conversion training in such a manner that it tailors to all forms of business and even people who come to the event having never started a business before. The pledge here is that by day 3 you will have a business to be proud of or at least the skills to be a success.

From what I am seeing in the training are of the Free VIP back office, one of your $2184 in bonus materials as pictured above is a state of the art and step by step system of integrated video training that is rewards and results-driven.

I have only jumped a few lessons in and can affirm by our teaching here that these guys really do understand being an Entrepreneur.

Big-ticket leads, especially pre-qualified unique to you 1st run leads can run over $30 a lead. One lead is seldom enough to make a sale. It can take 10-20 leads to get one big item lead to convert to a sale and that means your mean value per converted lead is around $300 to $600. Lawyers and Doctors pay this kind of money for clients and patients all the time.

What Kind of Return On Investment  Could I Expect If I Stay On After The Free Lead Conversion Squared Event?

Private VIP Membersip LCS2

I said as an example that if I make a high-end sale through this post I might make $900. That means my cost could be as high as 67% and in some cases more to generate a profit.

What if I told you that you could hire someone to work on lead generation full time and spit out 1,000 leads a month who are qualified and ready to spend money on products like yours for less than the cost I could spend promoting the Lead Conversion Squared system to you?

Imagine paying for the cost of 5-10 sales on a one-time basis and netting hundreds of new prospective clients every month? If you generate a $900 sale just 3 times the largest package they will be offering will be paid for.

But there is a smaller opportunity that could put you in position for results for a fraction of that cost. I will let them tell you all about the program opportunities after the free Lead Conversion Squared event.

The one thing I know for sure is I will be chomping at the bits for the rest of this training like these folks. Real Lead Conversion Squared Testimonials Below From Facebook.

Testimonial 2 for Lead Conversion Squared
Andreas Dorn LCS2 Tesitmonial

Below I have a video from the Lead Conversion Squared event presenters that will give you more details on why you should drop everything and sign up free for this 3-night event.


Summary of our Lead Conversion Squared Review is this a must-see event?

How can you ask that after all, you have read? I mean the web is buzzing and nearly 30,000 people have subscribed for details already and the Facebook Group is nearly 10,000 of us strong. I have shown you extreme value compared to just about any system at any cost as your free bonuses and Chad and Daven are multiple 8 figure marketers.

This training works regardless of if your business is online or offline and is needed by small businesses like mine and major corporations alike. No business on the planet survives without customers and these secret formulas bring lead conversion systems that could amount to thousands of dollars a sale for just pennies on the dollar of purchased leads.

Don’t delay, Visit the link on the image below to get signed up free or click here to attend the Lead Conversion Squared Masterclass.

Free 3 Day Webinar Event Lead Conversion Squared

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