Make Money In Real Estate Without A License Required

Make Money In Real Estate Without A License Required

Make Money In Real Estate Without A License Required By Starting A Real Estate Blog.

Imagine you are a Real Estate hobbyist who is thinking about getting their license but either lacks the funds, the time, or the schooling has just started and you are months away from your career beginning. Maybe you are a secretary in a Real Estate Agency and wish to tap into a larger income, or maybe even a fledgling agent looking to bridge between sales or add extra income in your spare time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a method to generate added income in the Real Estate Field without a necessary license?

I want to introduce you to real estate blogs and blogging. A means to either increase sales commissions or to get started in Real Estate with no investment and no license required. You can start learning to blog as soon as today and have a blog built and ready on the World Class WordPress Platform in just a few hours. Niche marketing is huge and the cost of entry is one of the lowest business start-up cost anywhere.

What is a blog and what are some examples of popular Real Estate blogs?

A blog or weblog is like a diary of thoughts, ideas, training, and interest. The best bloggers in the world blog out of a passion for a niche market often in line with how they are employed. Others blog about interest like investing, or healthy living, etc. A niche is a group of people who share the same interest and 4 billion people are online. Every niche has millions of people interested in it and Real Estate can be one of the most lucrative niches online.

Real Estate Blogs that Make Money Inman Screenshot

Below are some examples of popular real estate blogs.

Property Cluster is a Commercial Real Estate Company who also runs one of the most popular real estate blogs online. Know how to make money in Real Estate through successful niche marketing. They cover topics ranging from Home safety, inspection, and the buying process, to commercial contracts, financing, and Landlord-Tenant laws.

Find them here:

House call by RIS Media is another blog covering just about everything real estate. They are more heavily into Real State Investing than some others mentioned here but still show a great example of a well run niche blog for buyers and sellers. Another way to make money in Real Estate without a license.

Housecall Blog by RIS Media:

Inman Real Estate News is for Realtor, Agents, and Brokers. This power blog focuses on training topics and industry news for Real Estate Professionals and those enthusiasts who want more information about the inner workings of the industry.

Visit Inman Blog here:

Choosing a Real Estate Niche that Makes Money Online

Name any sub-sector of Real Estate and you can find products to make money within it. Below we will discuss different niche markets and the products and systems that will help you make money online with them. Here is the magic of the Real Estate Blog business.

Real Estate Niche Blog Ideas:

Click Here to Get Niche Blog Training for Licensed or Unlicensed Real Estate Bloggers.

Property Management: A niche for both private investor property owners and agents managing anything from single-family homes to multi-family apartment complexes. You can cover special landlord-tenant laws, relationship building, and rental listing tactics.

Home Services Reviews: From contractors to appliance stores and painters to appraisers and agents there is an endless supply of people and services related to homes, housing, and real estate that can be reviewed. These product reviews can be products sold online or offline by using affiliate links or promoting paid advertisers in your area.

Home Renovations and Decoration Blogs: Another big set for advertising and affiliate marketing. You know plumbers, and electricians, window repair and installers, stores that sell designer home furnishings, etc. And most will pay for ads, pay for leads, or offer commissions on sales referrals.

Home Decoration is on ne\\iche to Make Money In Real Estate Without A License Required

Home Inspection Training or How to Get Ready For a Home Inspection: Home inspections for either sale or purchase are a vital part of the buying process for both new and existing dwellings. The more you know going in about your home the better prepared you are to face some issues of homeownership. There are also topics like annual fire safety inspections for apartment buildings and commercial properties and for what to look for when inspecting or preparing for an inspection of rental homes under a lease. With each aspect, there are products such as renters insurance, license certification programs for home inspectors, and even fire alarms and extended life batteries.

Home Sales Process: Things to expect when buying or selling your home are under massive demand. People don’t want to be screwed by the process and want to get the best value for their money. The subject can cover a range of other topics and has virtually endless product applications because of it. This is a prime opportunity to sell ad space to local realtors.

Real Estate Training and Resources for Realtor and Brokers: Covering topics listed above from the professional’s aspect and offering products such as licensing courses and certificate courses, or any special training and organizations. This is an area where a ton of money can be made but also has one of the highest learning curves.

My Listings Blog: This one is for the Realtor wishing to sell more. You can write in-depth seller and buyer information, listings details, and have a directory of your listings ready to view. The best part is you can even make additional funds leasing space on your blog to other Realtor sharing your office. Call it an Advertising fee, and use a portion to promote the blogs and listings and you will all benefit from the service.

Summary of How-To Make Money In Real Estate Without A License Required

As you can see, while the real estate industry can have a ton of research required and a license could help in covering it you can start earning with just book report skills you learned in school. You can research a topic, write about an aspect of that research and then fill in the blanks in another post. You can Make Money In Real Estate Without A License Required and it can be a great sum of money. Imagine selling Central Heating and Air Conditioners each unit an average price of around $3,000 and average commissions around $200 per unit. How many units does it take to make a great side hustle? That’s one of the thousands of products related to homes and real estate.

CLICK HERE to learn how to turn your skills or interest into a lucrative real estate blog.

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18 Comments on “Make Money In Real Estate Without A License Required”

  1. This is a good idea and I think it is very important for us to understand that real estate is now a very prominent and promising business, what draws most people back from it is the requirements and now it’s been made easy for us by creating a blog that has its niche in the real estate business. I Love the list you gave for the examples of real estate blogging sites. I’ll share this to some platforms, who know who might see it 

  2. Blogs can definitely create money and I could totally see someone that loves interior design making a killing in recommending items for staging homes for sales or rentals. Much like a mannequin in the window of a retail store the interior furniture can dress up a space to make it more appealing to the buyers.  All great ideas in generating money in the world of real estate without a license

  3. Hello Andy Zeus Anderson, this is a really good motivation and life transforming post for those looking into making money in real estate without a license required. It’s not easy to get a licence/cash to start a real estate business. Real estate is a really nice business; I know this because my dad does this as part of his business. He looks for properties and sells them, remove his profits and give the owners their money. Blogging is however easier than that. Good stuff.

  4. Hi! I hadn’t seen this huge possibility you have presented here. I have read some real estate blogs in the past and they have helped me with specific decisions. But creating my own real estate blog sounds exciting. And these examples of other real estate blogs have been very useful.

  5. Hi! Choosing a niche is difficult. At least it has been for me. And real estate isn’t a niche because it’s to broad.

    These ideas for choosing a niche inside real estate have been very useful. I personally have liked the idea of Real Estate Training and Resources for Realtor and Brokers. Thank you very much!

  6. Thank you for your post. I started online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities. I thought about business on real estate, but feel it is tough since I have no experience and license to practice.

    Here comes your article. There are so many real estate associated businesses, which are not required to have license. I particularly like the ideas of blog and home services reviews. I own my house and have a lot of experiences dealing home equipment and their repair etc. Home services reviews is certainly the subject I could diving into.

    It is kind of you sharing the valuable ideas with us.

  7. I was once interested in real estate business before now; I was thinking about building a blog on it but I became sort of afraid because of what people told me about it when I told them my plans. They told me real estate is a very risky business and that due to the nature of my country, I can easily be prosecuted for it if I fall victim in any way. What do you have to say about this? Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the comment and the Shares KingAndrea. Real Estate is a lucrative niche market for bloggers. I love to see people become a success and it’s an enjoyable niche to cover.

  9. Thanks, Jane. I agree, there are a ton of design blogs alone making 7 figures or more. Imagine mixing in first time home buyers to the niche and writing post about home decor for the first time home buyer? Cha-Ching.

  10. Vwegbah it’s nice to hear from someone with a family history in real estate. You know the kind of money that changes hands in this market and it can be a total life changer even if you aren;t a seller or realtor.

  11. Hello, again Henry. I know you have been there with niche selection and the goal of post like this is to open the eyes to possibilities. Some people make investing, or home buying life goals and are passionate about real estate. This post shows how to earn money to get to their dreams and goals even before licensing.

  12. Paolo, I know you have seen serious challenges in niching down. If I can help be sure to drop in a question or two.

  13. Hi Anthony. It is surprising how much we can know about something but not realize it when choosing a niche idea for a new blog or website. Anything we know can go with anything we can learn and be a powerful life-changing and money-making blog.

  14. Colonel Davy Crockett of the Tennessee Volunteers and a former U.S. Senator said it best. “Be sure you are right and then go ahead”. Every industry has laws you can run afoul of but you wouldn’t stop being a cook because you might give someone food poisoning and be held accountable you would just learn to be a better cook. People try to talk you out of your dreams, especially if they are not living theirs. If it’s right for you to learn about the laws and work within them.

  15. Hey Andy! Thank you for sharing such useful information. This is a great post and I can’t wait to read the rest. Just so happens, a couple of weeks ago I was talking about how I would love to find a way to get into the real estate business. I see a lot of great ideas and now blogging a bit more clearly. Thank you and I wish you the very best.

  16. Its a great article you have here, the internet has done a really great job in providing people with opportunities that are life changing, making it easy to make money online. What makes it hard sometimes to work aside online is he license stuff, sometimes it gets too much and when you don’t have them, you’re illegal at that job so it’s a great advantage for online users to so business online as all you need is there for you online.

  17. Wildecoll, this post is about working inside the law as an information broker instead of as a licensed agent. The Internet lets everyone become a teacher through the practice of learning something new every day and teaching what you learn to others. Thanks for your thoughts on the journey.

  18. Hi Tracy, I am glad to help. The best part is if you decide to become an agent or investor a blog can help you finance the journey plus learn those things you need to know even before the lessons are delivered making your odds of success just that much greater. Here is to years of Making Money In Real Estate Without A License Required.

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