Beyond Restaurant Reviews Make Awesome Money With Your Foodservice Experience

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Beyond Restaurant Reviews Make Awesome Money With Food Service Experience As A Niche Blogger!

Beyond Restaurant Reviews Make Money With Doos Service Experience

Today we will be going beyond restaurant reviews and explore your relationship with food and how it can make you money online. Your foodservice experience need not go to waste even if you are recently back to work in this Covid-19 world.

Hello there, my name is Andy and for the better part of 16 years, I was in food service, mostly as a restaurant manager in either my own sit-down restaurant or via fast food management at just about every level.

Along the way, I learned a massive amount of skills that have helped me generate a great deal of success online as a blogger and affiliate marketer. While I don’t have a food service or Restaurant Review blog at this time I do have some ideas in store for you that can put thousands of extra dollars a year in your bank account. All from your foodservice experience.

Restaurant Reviews and Cook Books

Restaurant reviews and cookbooks used to be thought of as the fastest profit for cooks and wait staff in making money online. They are high competition niche markets but also high demand. Who wouldn’t want to be making money from a best-selling Cook Book on or having a profitable foodservice review site that brings in advertiser revenue every month? A Good recipe website is like having a cookbook that pays you for life for example.

Recipe Blogs turn your food service experience to cash online

The problems we often face though are in getting started.

The big hurdle inputting your personal restaurant service experience into a new home-based business and making money online. Is that you likely have never seen yourself as a writer or know nothing about blogs and making online cash.

It can be terrifying to think of writing for others to read because we don’t do it all the time and we have forgotten that we have mad skills that got us through school. We used to do essays and book reports did poems and had to write over 500 words a day for all kinds of subjects we knew nothing about until the lessons of the week taught us about them.

Being a blogger puts all of those skills to work but also includes your foodservice experience. Restaurant reviews for example require your knowledge of food, a unique relationship with customer service, and the desire to improve the dining experience of others.

Training is out there for bloggers to put your skills into play and get started with Wealthy Affiliate.

Another hurdle is that most of us have never built a blog or website before in our lives. We don’t know how to structure the site, what is legally required, or were to come in contact with people who will pay for our work. Without some of this training, we are left ion the open and with few ideas on how to turn our foodservice experience into cash money online.

Lucky for you I am going to offer you a free trial today to learn the basics of how to set up your blog and start writing content. I am offering the free trial because I know you will find in that time frame that you can do this because the skills are rusty but already there. You will then likely stay on as a premium member and like other affiliates, I will get paid for my work informing you of how to turn your food service experience into online income.

Since 2005 Wealthy Affiliate has taught over 2 million people to develop blogs of their own. Some earn modest amounts and some have struggled, but many have gone on to earn an extra 5 to 7 figure income online. Many of our members like me work entirely from home doing the things we love to do. You can write about any niche or interest you are passionate about even if you have little to no experience. So please take the time to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review when you are done with this post.

It all started with a niche idea.

Food Niche Blogs

My personal relationship with online marketing and turning my experience into money online began in 2004 when I went from writing on business and management to specializing in affiliate marketer training, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

I have had blogs on all 3 of those niches and have even co-owned a search engine and social media network hybrid. My success has seen me make a considerable amount of extra funds while holding a real-world job and also turning my food service experience into a full-time income online even though I am not in a food niche yet.

So what is a niche?

Niche, are interest or passions people share. If you are a foodie you fit a niche, a restaurant management career in your future? This too is a niche. Are you starting a restaurant of your own? Yep, another niche. In short, a niche market is anything you love to do or share an interest in with others. Turning your food service experience into a niche blog is a matter of recognizing something in there that you really love to do.

How do I turn my Food Service Experience into income?

For much of the rest of this blog post we will explore restaurant and foodservice niche’ and the products you could promote to make money but first let’s talk about income and how it is earned as a food service blogger.

In your blog’s infancy income will be hard to come by. You will have little traffic and few followers so Affiliate Marketing Programs will be hard to qualify for. Once you have around 30 blog posts though you can take on Pay Per Click advertising systems like Google Adsense or

Google Adsense, just one way to turn your food service experienc into cash

Chances are you will make money here before making money as a highly paid affiliate marketer, and may even continue to carry some of these ads through the long term of your blog(s). Later though as you grow you can add your own products like insiders clubs, or books, etc. And for most of us, the big money with the least hassle is promoting other people’s products through affiliate programs.

What is an affiliate program you ask? Remember when I said I get paid a commission if you stay on past the free trial of Wealthy Affiliate? As an affiliate, I earn a commission or a percentage of every sale of a product offered by a 3rd party on my blog. In the foodservice industry, there are virtually hundreds of thousands of products to promote. Think every fork, dish, pot, pan, table cloths, uniform, etc.

Everything in a restaurant has a company that sells it and an affiliate program that allows you to make money. Just sell one Master-Chef Refrigerator and you could earn as much as a $700 commission. I have a friend online who referred the outfitting of a chain of wine bars and they have made over $100,000 for one referral through their blog.

Do I need to know how to sell things?

NO! in fact, that should be the least of your concerns. Look at what I offered with the Wealthy Affiliate Membership mentioned above. I am offering FREE BASIC BLOG TRAINING and I only mention it in a quick non-sales paragraph. The companies offering products know how to sell their product. Your job is to answer the questions people are asking, suggest or inform them of related products, and let the company take care of sales.

Restaurant Reviews and other Food Service Niche Ideas

Restaurant reviews and recipe sites are in massive demand but the money in them is tough to come by because they also have high competition. It can take you years to cut off a sizable chunk of these foodservice niche ideas but they are still on the list because there is always room for something better. Below I will list Niche Ideas for your Food Service Experience and then products that you might include and profit from.

Restaurant Reviews

Turn your taste buds and explorer’s spirit into a lucrative income reviewing local, regional, or even global dinging experiences. Some of the best travel blogs in the world are actually foodies looking into the best cuisine anywhere who have found a way to turn local restaurant reviews into funds for travel and growth. Income generation comes from programs like Groupon, dining clubs, credit offers, advertising sales, and diners guides as well as a strong Pay Per Click market and a launching place for cookbooks and more.

Recipe Sites – Niche Related

As opposed to a general recipe site we highly recommend you specialize in a niche like Mederterrainian Food, Italian Cuisine, or similar or even attack healthy or vegan eating. The smaller segment you break off the more success you will have in it. Making money with your foodservice experience can be done writing out the recipe of yesterday as much as creating tomorrow’s go-to dish. You can sell cookbooks, kitchen appliances, food service utensils, and even get advertisers such as catering and wedding planners looking for new clients with a vested interest in food.

Restaurant Management Advice

Restaurant management niche

You have many talents and a lot of experience to offer and you can choose any type of dining to apply your management skills in. From fine dining to fast food managers we all need tips on how to manage difficult customer experiences and keep employees happy. We have budgets to maintain, payroll software that we need to learn, or even purchase, and we all want to better our income. Money for this niche comes from a range of services like Serve Safe, and Farmer Brothers, or from products like Point of Sale systems, training guides, menu designers, and more. This is also a gateway to big-ticket sales of restaurant equipment.

The Restaurant Owners Blog

These blogs cover everything from design concepts, to franchise offerings. They cover equipment, commercial real estate advice like which makes sense to buy or lease in today’s economy. You also hit things like Payroll, and Human resources and cover a lot of financing topics. Everything from equipment sales and rentals to buyers guides and software is up for grabs in this fast-paced and very demanding niche. your only challenge is to scale up your business to keep pace with the demands of business from an owner perspective.

Restaurant Jobs Blog

From every position starting with dishwasher people are looking for work, or needing tips to simplify the common tasks, learn customer service skills, and more. In short, they need your food service experience in order to do their job easier or even get promoted to something bigger.

What separates a waitress making $75 a day in tips from making $150 a day in tips could just be your blog. That Dishwasher to prep cook to master chef journey begins with you. So what is a good example of things that can earn you money? Guides, serve safe, resume software or services, training courses, Shoes for Crews, and even grooming aides like tooth whitening strips. If it improves skills or images it can help career and don’t forget job boards like Indeed or

restaurant equipment blogs make money online

Restaurant Equipment Blogs

From blogs on cooling units to utensil reviews, there is great money to be made helping restaurant owners and managers decide on purchases ranging from POS equipment to whiteboards, menu covers to catchup bottles, silver was to 3 compartment sinks, stoves, broilers, and more. You have an endless opportunity to specialize and the affiliate opportunities are some of the highest paying in Food Service Blogging. Like I said my friend made over $100,000 from a single client and that is the potential for a blogger who refers to a chain of restaurants.

Franchise Opportunities Blogger

While franchises are more apt to either direct advertise some do pay finders fees which are similar to an affiliate commission. Reviewing top franchise opportunities can turn your food service experience into a 6-7 figure full-time business in short order. The advertising fees in this niche alone are astronomical with a good publication raking in sometimes $10,000 a month per ad on site. You can also still get serious traction on equipment sales as well but the big money finders fees and advertising opportunities are the big tickets here.

Beyond Restaurant Reviews Make Money With Food Service Experience As A Niche Blogger Summary

From the restaurant reviews to the big-ticket restaurant equipment and franchise opportunity blogs we have covered several great core niche and many sub-niche ideas with lucrative potential. You may be thinking I am a mother of 4 with two witnessing jobs trying to make ends meet today but have an empire of your own within a few years. All it really takes is desire, commitment, and a minor investment under $70 a month.

You and you alone decide if you will be a success. The skills are simple, research, write, rinse, repeat. As your Wealthy Affiliate sponsor, I am here to guide you through the rest, including scaling up to more readership than you could imagine for a publication of your own. Put your foodservice experience to work for you today and be more even if restaurant reviews are a challenge, there is always something you know and have a passion for in what you do.

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  1. You’ve shown some exiting new ways to put restauranteur experience into an entrepreneurial venture, helping people with their experience and passions.

    This is very cool!


  2. First of all, You’ve shown some exiting new ways to put restauranteur experience into an entrepreneurial venture, helping people with their experience and passions.

    QUESTION:  When people click on the icon for the Affiliate Mastermind Group, do you find that the majority of click-throughs understand what affiliate marketing is, or do you find a high percentage of people who either a) are asking what this is all about, or, b) just exit the site?

    QUESTION:  I’m really looking to learn here:  Is this working for you to bring numbers of new Affiliates into WA?

    I look forward to learning from your response!


    • I may be able to explain a bit with the page on what an affiliate is but Affiliate 3 Percent does a good job of explaining affiliate marketing on pages like this that are designed for new members as well. I have had a great deal of success with niche breakdowns like this bringing people to WA and it makes sense, you lead into a features rich and complete review of one of the best programs online the progression is natural.

  3. What a wonderful blog about food and how to take that experience and make online money.  Food bloggers is such a huge market.  There are plenty of people who have taken their passion and made money off it.  I don’t see why food would be any different.

    Do you know if one food line is any better of a niche like say Keto etc? 

    Thanks for all the helpful information and I am sure that this is going to help so many people.  Great job

    • While I don’t pretend to know about trend diets like Keto I do know that every one of the billions of people on the planet including the 4 billion online needs to eat. A growing number of us need to eat better, and every food topic has a future. I read a blog post yesterday talking about social media days this week and one is even for Junk Food. If people can drive massive interest with Junk Food we can all trend something better.

  4. I love this article and I love eating out so I will read things like this for ages. Given the food market and the amount of high profile failures in the restaurant market there has probably never been a better time to focus on what they know and adding value.  As you point out, you can really niche down into an area of expertise.

    When I am out I love talking to people at restaurants from the waiters to chefs and I am always amazed by the knowledge in their head. If they took half of what they know and created value online they would eventually see a good income from it. I love the way you explain this and your focus on specilizasims.I totally get it and will shout about this to people I know in this industry, post covid if there was ever a time its now. 

    Thanks for an interesting read you clearly know your stuff combining the industry with blogging.

    • Hi Phil. I couldn’t agree more. Some of the most knowledgeable and experienced hard workers I know are in the foodservice industry. They have the work ethic to go far beyond careers that often have a limited upside because of the nature of the industry. Not everyone will get hired by an upscale establishment and make $100k a year or more but that is certainly out there for those who take their experience to the blogs.

  5. Ah, this is a great opportunity for food lovers and those who know a lot about being able to cook and everything about restaurants as well. I find this a very good niche that will blossom really well for anyone who jumps in it. I would have given this a try but I’m not a fan of cooking. Anyway, wealthy affiliate really does have good training and I can say this because I am a part of the training as well.

    • The nice thing is there are so many topics in foodservice and restaurants that have nothing to do with cooking. Even a dishwasher can take the things they see and learn to the web, a waitress can blog about the service experience, a manager can write about the management of staff, payroll, and more. This however is one small set of millions of niche, you too can find the blogger in you.

  6. Hello – This was really an immersive article. Untill I read your article, I had not idea that there was a way one could make money from food service experience. All the niches you mentioned I have heard about them. I wonder what would be the payout i.e. roi on investment on these. 

    • Ultimately the ROI is up to you. Some work harder than others and have more drive but the upside is massive with this industry. One Hobart mixer could add $200 in income to your bank account for example. It doesn’t take a huge imagination to figure commissions like these add up quickly.

  7. Here is an opportunity for you to start doing what you want to do. Read this article and it will tell you all you need to know. how you can start a business that will make you a success. As the image shows the choice can be Wealth Affiliate or no money or little money. Or you could say a choice between spare time and no time. We all come across good opportunities in our life, Successful people are ones that read articles and then take action.

    • Wealthy Affiliate is only a part of the equation. The core point of the post is about bringing experience and passion to your aid in making money online. Foodservice professionals, especially those who choose this as a career tend to have a deep passion for service, and love of the industry. They definitely have work ethics.

  8. Really an insightful blog about food. But, I was not aware about how to take that experience and make online money. Earlier I have heard about food bloggers. There are plenty of people who have taken their passion and made money off it.

    If you have a passion for food, really you can make it your nice.

    • In this food service post we hope you were able to see more than one set of niche ideas as there is a fair bit of range to be explored and even those with no restaurant experience can still learn all they need to get into any of these niche blogs on the hospitality industry. Thanks for your kind comment.

  9. Hello. There are some people I know that are making money online and I really didn’t see how making money from cooking and seeking on the Internet can be helpful until I saw this article. It is really nice to have a vast knowledge base knowing this can bring you so much money rather than stay home all day. 

    • The best part is that even if all you have is a desire to cover the topics of food, food service, customer service or food service management, you can still build a quiet second income or full-time internet lifestyle with this set of niche.

  10. Hello Andy, your article ‘Beyond Restaurant Reviews Make Awesome Money With Your Food service Experience’ is really insightful and helpful to those who are interested in making money through their experience working in food service. Thank you for taking your time and effort in getting enough information to put this out there 

    • Thank You , Sean. This was actually one of the most delightful posts to write because most of the information was in my head already from more than 14 years of mostly food service management prior to taking my skills online as a blogger and affiliate marketer.


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